Issue 28
13 May 2016
Be Ambitious
Message from the Head of Early Years Centre
Dear Parents,
This week, as the summer and the end of the school year beckons, we have
welcomed many of you into school to discuss your children’s progress and
to make plans for next year. Here at Dabrowskiego the groupings are a
little different to Limanowskiego in terms of the numbers of classes in each
year group and also the children leaving us at the end of the year to begin
exciting new adventures all around the world.
To this end, we have made the decision to divide the year groups as they
move up through the Early Years centre this year because many of the classes are now a little uneven
in terms of the spread of children. We will, of course, be keeping friendship groupings together as the
children go up.
I would echo Ms Richardson’s sentiments and ask that, if you feel that your child has a specific need
in the classroom, please let us know as we will always do our best to place the children in a class and
with a teacher where they will flourish.
Our assembly this week centred on the importance of looking after our own belongings in school
and returning any items found at home to school. It has been a pleasure to see our school lost
property box reducing in size this week during the parents’ evenings and many ‘lost’ reading books
have come back to us. Please have another look at home this weekend just to see if there is anything
that needs to be returned. We welcome back all items of sports kit, books, water bottles, odd gloves,
socks………………thank you.
During our assembly we also practised some very special songs for a very special day in two weeks
time, but we can’t tell you anything else, because it is a secret.
I hope you enjoy another lovely weekend.
Kind Regards,
Deborah Hopper
Head of Early Years
Photos from Dąbrowskiego
Message from the Head of Primary
Dear Parents,
Over the past three months we have focused on the recruitment of
exceptional teachers. Mr Waterhouse, Mrs Hopper and I have spoken to
dozens of applicants for positions at Dabrowskiego and Limanowskiego.
Our expectation is that teachers will be exceptional practitioners and
have a proven track record of creating exciting and inspiring learning
environments. In September, we will be welcoming a number of new staff
members across the school. They will be joining us from UK schools as
well as several highly respected international schools abroad. New staff
profiles will be added to the School website in the coming weeks.
This year we will not be making any major changes to class groupings. Obviously there will
be minor changes when the number of classes in a year group is increasing (Year 1 to Year 2, Year
5 to Year 6). Primary staff found that this was very successful in September 2015, with students
settling very quickly into their new year groups. In the majority of cases, students have formed
firm friendships over the past 12 months and it is important that as they commence the new
academic year, they feel secure in their social circles.
I urge parents NOT to send emails to the school making requests for certain teachers. Rather I
encourage parents to provide us with information regarding the specific needs of your child. It
is the responsibility of the Head of Primary and staff members at The British School to use our
professional judgement for class placements. Our staff know and understand our students they work with them every day, observing, talking and learning with them. Please rest assured
we will do the best for you and all of our students.
Zoë Richardson
Head of Primary
Save the date!
4 JUNE 2016
Primary News
Passion and Enrichment at The British School, Warsaw
Here at The British School of Warsaw, we not only seek to deliver the highest academic curriculum
but we aim to provide a vigorous holistic and enriching curriculum. Last week, Year 5
had a guest speaker, Mr. Maciejewski, to talk about his job as a photographer. Mr. Maciejewski,
part of our talented parent community at TBSW, kindly gave up this time to come in and speak
to the children. He spoke about his photography and what is required to be a photographer (an
aspect which Year 5 are covering in Computing this term) but he also delivered a message that
all children, parents and teachers should never lose sight of – a message of ‘Passion’ and
The meaningful change in this creative age, which we all seek as educators, parents and pupils,
can mostly be found through independent and collaborative creativity. This is ignited by passion,
in all that we seek to undertake and do. We need and seek to instil passion in our teachers,
parents and most importantly the pupils we facilitate in becoming ‘The Best That They Can Be’.
The past few weeks (and on a daily basis) we have seen a host of examples of passion – some
examples include: daily teaching and learning, the Primary drama production, the Year 6 visit to
MIT and the upcoming talent show (arranged by our very active and passionate pupil council!).
What was also importantly highlighted, through Mr Maciejewski’s own experience, was the
emphasis on it never being to late to find or change your passion. Passion is what will and
should shape our future society for the ‘greater good’.
“The only way you can do great work is to love what you do” - Steve Jobs
David McCammon
Learning Leader for Year 5 and KS1 Science
(Photos copyrighted by Bartosz Maciejewski, courtesy of
Message from the Head of Secondary
Dear Parents,
As the weather took a turn for the better there seemed to be a spring
in everyone’s step. We have achieved some marvelous things of late
and I have included some articles in this newsletter to let you know of
some of our students’ achievements.
The examination season is well and truly upon us now. Both IB and
IGCSE students have begun external examinations and now the rest
of the Secondary school are gearing up towards their internal exams.
I have already sent some information out to parents regarding these exams and would like to
highlight a few important points below.
• Internal school examinations form only a part of a pupil’s overall assessment.
Teachers assess throughout the academic year in other ways too such as:
- classwork
- homework
- effort, participation and behaviour.
• School examinations are also of procedural importance giving our pupils the opportunity to
organise their notes and resources, consolidate learning and practise vital exam skills.
• Time should be spent reviewing the topics covered however, this does not mean that every
conceivable moment should be spent pouring over school books; breaks and recreational
time are extremely important too.
As well as exam and report preparation, teachers are also busy preparing for some other
major events taking place in June such as Green Camp, Sports Day, a History trip to Lublin, a
cultural trip to Berlin as well as an ongoing sequence of Form bonding trips which are focused
on educational outings.
Busy times for all and so much better now the sun is shining!
Enjoy your weekend.
Alison Fox
Head of Secondary
Secondary News
Do your ‘bit’
Along the theme of the above quote
one of our students has certainly been
thinking of others when she had her
hair cut and donated it to charity.
Picnic benches have arrived!
Huge thanks to the generous support of our PTA
– (to which our whole community contributes
through various school events throughout the
year) and also to the school for providing the
funds for these. The benches are already being
well-used and give students a great spot to sit
and chat, sit and work or sit and eat. A welcome
addition to our outdoor area.
We are proud to announce that Sara Anna Demkow,
Anna Kamińska, Natalia Łozowska and Weronika
Uszyńska (Year 9) have been awarded a prize in an
interschool competition on road safety.
The competition was open to all secondary schools
from the Mazovian voivodship, an area stretching
from Ostrołęka to Radom. 15 projects have been
selected as the best representatives of their subregions.
The list of the laureates is available here. Each of
them is a winner in their sub-region.
The prize includes free tickets to Speedway Poland
vs The Rest Of The World at the National Stadium
on Sunday 15th May, including lunch and attractions
such as a motorbike simulation ride, a bicycle ride
on an obstacle course, meetings with a rescue team
and with experts on road safety.
The competition was an optional extension to PSHCE
- Safety Education. The award is a remarkable recognition for our ambitious students and for the whole
school. Congratulations!
Ms Diana Szyperska
Below are the ‘before’ and ‘after’
photos of Tiegan (Yr7) whose trip to the
hairdresser not only resulted in a new
hair style but also a good deed when
she donated her hair to a charity.
Do your little bit of good where you are;
it’s those little bits of good put together
that overwhelm the world.
Desmond Tutu
Congratulations to Juliana S (Yr 7),
who won the Children’s Grand Prix in
International show jumping in Austria
on the 3rd of May. She has also been
called up for the Polish National team
and is pictured here competing with
her mare Aloubette. Congratulations
and very well done Juliana!
Secondary News
Wednesday, May 25th
Dress up for the day. Become a princess or a frog, a king or a beggar
or whatever you wish. Your imagination is the limit. Or simply wear
your favourite casual clothes and feel relaxed. No matter what you
decide your donation of 10 PLN will contribute to a good cause - all
the money raised will go to needy people of Tanzania. Be a part of it.
Tanzania Team
Secondary News
Forty-seven Year Nine students from The British School departed for Iceland on
Wednesday May 4th for a five day journey to see waterfalls, volcanoes, geysers, and
swim in hot springs. The students were able to explore a landscape very different
than the one in Poland. They were also able to learn about the Icelandic culture
and language. Upon returning to school the Year Nine students were able to share
their experiences with the rest of the school at Tuesdays assembly. Special thanks
to Ms. Ellis, Mr. Pukos, Mr. Hapon, Ms. Hoyland, and Mr. Marwood for organizing and
supervising the trip!
After a twelve-hour journey, we were positively exhausted, much to the delight of our teachers,
who for once had no trouble getting us to sleep. Also, some of us were worried because of the
supposed ‘tight itinerary’ of the upcoming day; however, we would later find that it was all
worth it. Next day, after an early breakfast in Keflavik, we rode off to the south coast, where we
would head eastwards, to Hotel Dyrholáey, named after a nearby cliff. On our way, we made
numerous stops, including the waterfalls Gljúfrabúi and Skógafoss, as well as Sólheimajökul
(the ‘sun-house glacier’).
On Friday, we started our day by walking on a black sand beach by the tiny coastal settlement
of Vik, whilst our tour guide, Gunnar, told us about the volcanic plugs. Folklore tells a different
version of how the spectacular monument was formed. Next we walked on a different black
sand beach near Reykjavik, where we spent the time looking at the magnificent basalt cliffs
and caves. After this, we drove to Reykjavik to stay in the Hotel Cabin.
On Saturday, we took a break from touring the beautiful countryside to discover the capital
city, Reykjavik. In the morning, we headed for an outdoor swimming pool, a common
attraction in Iceland. Jumping from the ice cold water to the naturally heated pool, both
teachers and students had a great time. After a quick lunch, we headed to the Icelandic
equivalent of Nowy Świat, Bankastraeti, for some shopping. Next, we saw an interesting video
on the history of Iceland and the Northern Lights. After roaming the city streets a little longer,
we ate at the Burger Factory and returned to the hotel to enjoy the rest of the day. At 11:30p.m,
those of us who were still awake went outside to the waterfront, as we had heard there was a
chance the Northern Lights would be visible that night. Unfortunately, we weren’t very lucky,
although we did get to see a beautiful sunset.
Secondary News
On our last full day in Iceland, we started off with a visit to the National Park . One of the
main attractions there is the site where Iceland’s first parliament was held, as well as the lake
in which female criminals were drowned. The area’s geology is also very interesting, as it is
located between the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates, which move apart at an
average of 3 cm per year. At noon, we visited the site of Geyser, a sprouting hot spring which
gave its name to all the world’s other geysers. There is also another geyser, Strokkur, which
we saw erupt multiple times, reaching an impressive height of 30 metres. Next, we visited a
double waterfall, which drops around 33 metres and then plunges into a mile long gorge. Our
last stop was the Secret Lagoon, a natural hot spring and bathing pool which stays 38 to 40
degrees all year round. We enjoyed a relaxing hour there before heading to dinner and then to
the airport, ready for our 12-hour journey.
With dances, pull ups and lots of sleep and coffee, even the way back to Warsaw (which took
a whole night!) was fun. Overall, the five days in Iceland were a huge success and everyone
enjoyed it immensely. A huge thanks to Ms Ellis, who organized the trip, Ms Hoyland, Mr Pukos,
Mr Hapon, and Mr Marwood, without whom this trip would not have happened, as well as to
Gunnar and Kalli, our tour guide and driver in Iceland.
Nika, Marek, Kaat, John, Santiago, Leon, Adam
Photographs: Lisa Illgenstein
Secondary News
Secondary News
On Saturday the 7th May a group of students for 10M and Mrs Fox embarked on
a small community service venture. A Vistula river bank clean up. The area we
focused on was a strip of the river bank near Saska Kempa. During the course
of 1.5 hours we managed to fill 13 bags of rubbish, mainly glass and plastic
bottles. The day was then finished off with a bbq of chicken and sausages and
good company. 10M hope to get the whole class involved in September, as
those that attended had fun and enjoyed the afternoon more than expected.
Happy summer vibes
Paul Mitchell
10M Tutor
School News
A Note From The Music Department
Solo Recital
A reminder that the final solo recital of the year will take place on Thursday 19th May.
Primary students will perform from 17:00 and secondary from 18:15.
Any students wishing to take part should contact Mrs Porter - [email protected]
for further details. Please note that the deadline for signing up is today Friday 13th May.
International Children’s Fair
The Dabrowskiego “Tiny Trebles” Choir and Limanowskiego Primary Choir are invited to perform at the children’s day picnic which will take place at Limanowskiego on Saturday 4th
June. The Tiny trebles will sing at 12:00 followed by the Primary Choir at 12:15.
Emails containing all details were sent home this week to parents of choir members. Please
click on the Google forms link to indicate your child availabilty.
Summer Concert
The end of year celebration concert will be held at the Teatr Studio Buffo on Tuesday 14th
June at 18:00. All music clubs will take part in the concert including our new Dabrowskiego
“Tiny Trebles” choir. Emails will be sent home shortly with further details and a link for giving
permission for participants to take part in the rehearsal at the theatre on the 14th June.
Kindest regards,
Alison Porter
Head of Music
Be Ambitious
Solo Recital
19 May 2016
Primary students will perform from 17:00
with secondary following at 18:15
News from the Sports Desk
It has been another interesting week here in the PE department and you can be
amazed at how busy a week can be. This week we celebrate some truly outstanding
sporting performances from students in both the Primary and Secondary School.
TBS Crowned Mokotowska District Schools Champions!
This week the football world saw two amazing happenings. The first was of course Leicester
City winning the Premier League. As a long suffering Everton fan (nil satis nisi optimum) I looked
on in sheer joy and admiration as the hardest working and very much the best ‘team’ were
crowned champions. How their supporters must love this moment.
More importantly last week the U13’s Boys football team were crowned Mokotowska District
champions, the first time in our schools history! In a thrilling final, the lads found themselves
down 6-1 and looked out of it. One half-time team talk later from the inspirational Mr. Marwood
(surely a contender for FIFA Coach of the Year)and a little shift in tactics saw the boys fight back
to win 7-6! What a come-back, what a game!
The journey however was not over, as we went to represent Mokotowska District in the Warsaw
Schools district playoffs. Winning and drawing two further matches moved us on to the quarter
finals before a draw and a 2-1 loss (to a team, who on another day we would have beaten) put
us out. To get that far has been a great achievement and while we returned home frustrated,
this reflects the belief in the school that we should be aspiring to be the best in Warsaw. COME
Last weekend Alyssa (Year 4) and Nathan (Year 5) Firla competed in an Area athletics competition here in Warsaw, running 800m. Both incredibly finished second in their respective races
and attained personal best times at the same time. Congratulations to both and it’s great to see
TBS students competing and putting our school on the map. Check out their times below:
Nathan Firla: 2mins 39 seconds
Alyssa Firla: 2mins 51 seconds
I am informed that if we convert this into KM/H then Nathan averaged 18.3KMH while Alyssa
was a shade under 17KMH… that’s amazing!!!
TBS Swimathon
Thanks to all who have paid in their Swimathon money. The deadline for handing was Friday
6th May and while we may take some stragglers early next week we would now like to count
everything that we have raised pass this on to our selected charities. I will let you know all of
the final amounts next week
News from the Sports Desk
A reminder that once the money is collected it should be placed in a sealed envelope with the
following details written on the front of it:
- Childs name
- Childs class
- Amount of money enclosed
Primary students should hand their envelopes into Mrs Sikorska in the Primary School Office,
while Secondary students should hand in their envelopes into Mrs Miazga in the Secondary
Nord Anglia Key Stage 2 Tournament
A gentle reminder to those who have been selected for the Nord Anglia KS2 tournament in June.
Signed return slips and payments should have been made by Thursday 12th May. If you have
any questions please contact Mr Michalak who is running this trip this year.
Deichmann Cup Action
This weekend sees our 7 teams in action in the Deichmann Cup. Currently one of our teams is
sitting high in the rankings and we are looking forward to more success in the coming weeks.
Good luck to all taking part.
Matt Lennon
[email protected]
Head of PE and Sport, Global Campus Coordinator
School Notices
Mr Porter is looking for a "Hotwheels"
track for the Physics Department
(an IB student is writing an extended
essay on aerodynamics and needs a
track to construct an experiment)
Does anyone have an old track lying
around at home they'd like to donate?
Please contact Mr Porter at
[email protected]
Thank you!
News from Nord Anglia
We’re very excited to announce the lead artists for this year’s
music and dance programmes at Summer Performing Arts
with Juilliard – both of whom are masters of their craft.
Leading the music programme is renowned violinist Annaliesa Place. Annaliesa is the director
of strings at Dwight-Englewood School in New Jersey and has performed across the US, Europe
and Asia with ECCO, Classnotes, Alarm Will Sound, ACJW, Absolute Ensemble and Metropolis
Ensemble. She has also performed and recorded around the world with Paul McCartney, Bruce
Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, The Roots and Michale Bublé, among many others, or you may
have seen her Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, The Late Show with
Stephen Colbert and David Letterman. We are honoured to have her as a guest artist and teacher.
We are also privileged to have Hilary Easton as Dance Lead. Hillary has been part of the Juilliard
faculty since 2012 and has previously taught at Princeton University and NYU Tisch School of
the Arts. In addition to her own contemporary dance company, Hilary has choreographed for
companies/artists including the
Talking Band, Joffrey II, and Headwaters Dance Co. Hilary’s dance style has been described
by The New York Times as “intelligent and engaging…She choreographs like a poet, weaving
together piercing, elliptical observations.”
Summer Performing Arts with Juilliard is a unique opportunity for your child to study
music, dance and drama with exceptional artists from the world’s leading performing arts
educator, The Juilliard School. The two week programme is taking place in Geneva, Switzerland
from 9-22 July, and is suitable for beginners to more advanced young artists.
A special discount of 10% will be given to Nord Anglia families and their friends so we
encourage you to sign up now!
For more information about the Summer Performing Arts with Juilliard and to register your
interest, visit
News from Nord Anglia
Nord Anglia
Summer Leadership Academy
Oxford 2016
Your child will follow a stimulating programme of lectures, debates and
excursions designed to build their understanding of current political issues
as well as nurture transferable skills such as leadership, collaboration and
debating. This two-week summer school will equip them to take an active role
in their schools and wider society, whilst also giving them a flavour of life as a
student in Oxford.
Your child will be taught by leading academics and Rhodes Scholars, who will work with
prominent national and international speakers to deliver a course based around the UN’s
Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Bespoke activities will develop their leadership and
teamwork skills, as students research the political and economic contexts of assigned countries.
The programme culminates in their own version of the 2015 Paris Climate Change Conference,
where they will debate their peers and experience diplomacy in action.
Additionally, your child will participate in fun and informative excursions to central London
where they will visit the heart of British politics at the Houses of Parliament, and learn about
history and culture at the British Museum. Your child will also gain first-hand knowledge of the
Oxford application process from current and former students, along with advice on interviews
and personal statements.
Dates: 31st July – 13th August 2016
Location: Balliol College, Oxford, UK
Programme: Leadership Age: 16 – 18
Places: 100
Residential: Boarding only
Cost: US$ 5500 plus flights
Polish Corner
Chocolate is made from tropical Theobroma cacao tree seeds. The earliest use of chocolate
dates back to the Olmec civilization. After the discovery of the Americas, chocolate has become
an incredibly popular food product that millions indulge in everyday for its unique, rich, and
sweet taste.
Year 4 has visited oldest and best known in Poland chocolate factory “Wedel”. Below you may
find a sweet projects about their dreamed chocolate factory “W raju łakomczuchów”.
We also would like to recommend the musical “Piotruś Pan” in Studio Buffo Theatre.
Drinking hot chocolate read a review written by Ania Then –Stępień.
And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest
secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic
will never find it.
Roald Dahl
I wish you all a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.
Joanna Milewska
Head of Polish Department
Polish Corner
“W raju łakomczuchów”
Moja niesamowita fabryka czekolady znajduje się na Syberii. Cała zbudowana jest z ogromnych
bloków czekoladowych, a dzięki syberyjskiej temperaturze nie topi się. Fabryka zajmuje
powierzchnię 3 km2 i ma 20 pięter. Każde piętro zrobione jest w innym smaku czekolady, na
przykład: białej, deserowej, gorzkiej, mlecznej, miętowej i truskawkowej. Cały budynek ma
kształt kostki czekolady. W środku są ogromne maszyny, które mielą czekoladę i zamieniają
ją w tabliczki o różnych wyśmienitych smakach. Dzięki nowoczesnemu wyposażeniu, każde z
pięter produkuje czekoladę o innym smaku.
Moja fabryka bardzo mi się podoba, ponieważ uwielbiam zapach i smak czekolady.
Kostek Augustyniak, Year 4
"W Raju Łakomczuchów "
Dawno, dawno temu istniała największa w historii fabryka czekolady, która znajdowała się na
samym środku suchej, piaszczystej pustyni. Produkowana tam był czekolada najwyższej jakości.
W fabryce można było spróbować przeszło 200 smaków czekolady. W zależności od tego, do
którego pomieszczenia się wchodziło. W jednym pachniało mleczną czekoladą, w innym gorzką,
jeszcze w innym białą. W pewnym skrzydle roztaczał się zapach truskawek w czekoladzie i
czekolady karmelowej. Można było w tym gigantycznym budynku odnaleźć właściwie każdy
smak na świecie. Po wejściu do dużego pokoju moim oczom ukazały się większe i mniejsze
maszyny do produkowania czekolady. Pracowały tam tajemnicze karły, które ubrane były w
biało zielone bluzki w kratkę i czerwone spodnie. W fabryce znajdowała się również maszyna,
która mieszała czekoladę. Obok niej znajdowała się także maszyna, która segregowała nasiona
kakaowca, krystalizowała żeby była twarda, a później pakowała ją z w małe pudełeczka. Był też
tester odpowiedni dźwięk przy przełamywaniu. Jeżeli nie wydawała odpowiedniego dźwięku
to od razu odrzucano ją do pokoju z odpadkami. Później pakowano i wrzucano do wielkich
kartonowych pudeł i dostarczano do…… Nikt nie wiedział gdzie. Było jeszcze pomieszczenie,
gdzie produkowano posągi z czekolady. Kiedy po wizycie w fabryce wyszłam na zewnątrz
znalazłam się w pięknym ogrodzie. Obejrzałam się za siebie i zauważyłam, że nad wejściem
do fabryki widnieją inicjały właściciela. Inicjały pochodziły od mojego imienia i nazwiska. To
ja byłam właścicielką. Bardzo podobało mię się to miejsce. Na pożegnanie zapakowałam całą
walizkę mojej ulubionej gorzkiej czekolady.
Maya Komar-Fletchar, Year 4
Polish Corner
W mojej fabryce "Smaki Wszechświata" pachnie niebiańsko. Codziennie wymyślamy nowe
rodzaje czekolady, na przykład trawowy, kwiatowy i koperkowy (dla fanów zieleniny). Mamy
też czekolady kolorowe, ze składników naturalnych. Fabryka Smaki Wszechświata jest
supernowoczesna, pracuje w niej 90% robotów, ludzie tylko ją nadzorują i dowożą towar do
sklepów. Fabryka ma 60 pięter z czego 50% to pokoje sortujące. W fabryce ciągle produkujemy
nowe kształty (takiej jak podpowiada nam wyobraźnia). Wytwarzamy tysiące rodzajów czekolad,
ale nasza ulubiona to czekolada domowa, nazywamy ją czeko-krówką.
1 szklanka cukru
½ kostki masła
2 łyżki kakao ( może być więcej)
200 g mleka w proszku
Wszystkie składniki z wyjątkiem mleka w proszku zagotuj i przestudź. Po przestudzeniu wsyp
mleko w proszku (najlepiej wsypywać przez sitko żeby nie było grudek i małymi porcjami)
miksująca całą masę ( mieszaj intensywnie drewnianą łyżką). Na koniec można dodać bakalie.
Keksówkę ( lub inne naczynie) o wymiarach 10cm x 20 cm wyłóż folią aluminiową (my używaliśmy
papieru do pieczenia) I przełóż do niej masę czekoladową. Wstaw do lodówki I poczekaj aż
stężeje. Krój na plastry o grubości około 0,5 cm.
Stanisław Sidor, Year 4
„W raju łakomczuchów”
Fabryka czekolady, którą miałem szczęście zobaczyć znajduje się w Warszawie w dzielnicy Praga.
Jest to fabryka "Wedla", która jest ogromna i przepiękna. Budynek Wedla to przedwojenna
konstrukcja, w której znajduje się mnóstwo sal i korytarzy. Podczas wycieczki zobaczyliśmy
jak wyrabia się słodycze, których mieliśmy okazję spróbować. Zwiedzając fabrykę czekolady
napotkaliśmy na różne postacie i przedmioty, wykonane z czekolady które miało się ochotę
zjeść . Wycieczka do fabryki czekolady to przepiękna podróż, która pozostanie w moim sercu
na zawsze. Będę pamiętał ten niesamowity dzień i zapach płynnej czekolady unoszący się w
Rocco Cane, Year 4
Polish Corner
Fabryka Antoniny
Fabryka Antoniny jest średniej wielkości i ma starodawny charakter. Fabryka otoczona jest
pięknym ogrodem botanicznym, który też nadaje charakter fabryce. To fabryka czekolady, w
której produkuje się na dzień 100 tabliczek czekolady. Drzwi do fabryki przypominają tabliczkę
czekolady. W mojej fabryce słychać muzykę POP. Moja fabryka jest jednopiętrowa. Jak wchodzisz widać mini kawiarnie, w której można kupić napój czekoladowy.Sama produkcja jest z tyłu.
Czekolada jest zrobiona z ziaren kakaowca, które sprowadzane są z Afryki lub Ameryki Południowej.
Dookoła jest magiczna atmosfera. Pomyślcie 40-50 ziaren dla jednej tabliczki. W mojej opinii ta
fabryka ma przyszłość.
Antonina Jarczyn, Year 4
Polish Corner
Recenzja przedstawienia pt. „Piotruś Pan”
„Piotruś Pan” to niebywały, ekscytujący i fantastyczny spektakl, który przedstawia Teatr Buffo.
Jest to świetny musical dla małych i dużych dzieci, a także dla całej rodziny.
Z radością go obejrzałam!
Książkę „Piotruś Pan” napisał James Barry, a polskie libretto – czyli słowa do piosenek – Jeremi
Przybora. Wspaniałą muzykę do spektaklu skomponował Janusz Stokłosa, artysta związany z
Buffo. Cały musical wyreżyserował dyrektor teatru – Janusz Józefowicz.
W spektaklu występują nie tylko zawodowi aktorzy, ale także dzieci (gra Witek, Leon, Amelka –
moi znajomi). Wszyscy grają swobodnie i naturalnie. Aktorzy tańczą, co bardzo mi się podobało.
Układy taneczne są trudne, ale precyzyjnie wykonane.
Chciałam się przyczepić… ale naprawdę nie było do czego!
Kostiumy są kolorowe, śmieszne, dzieci wesołe. Najbardziej zabawny jest Golden Retriver, który
w przedstawieniu gra suczkę Nanę. Jest absolutnie cudowny i można się w nim zakochać.
Trochę nudziła mnie na końcu dorosła Wendy. Mówiła monotonnie, dość długo i to nie było
zajmujące. Nie podobało mi się także, że nazwy miejsc, które znam z książki brzmiały nieco
inaczej, np. Nibylandię nazwano Niebywalencją. Za to Indianie byli bardzo aktywni i posługiwali
się śmiesznym językiem. Wódz Indian ze swoimi gestami był przekonywujący.
Musical jest naprawdę lekki i zabawny, nie można na nim ani zasnąć, ani się nudzić (patent z
panem Darling w budzie spróbuję wykorzystać w domu).
Chętnie poszłabym zobaczyć ten spektakl jeszcze raz!
Gorąco polecam!
Ania Then-Stępień 7Z
School Notices
Dear All,
Every year The British School, Warsaw produces a Yearbook – a type of book
published annually to record, highlight and commemorate the past year of a school.
We give the opportunity for companies to advertise in our Yearbook.
There are two options: full page advert and half a page advert.
There are over 1,000 students attending our school, therefore your advertisement
will reach out to thousands of parents and their colleagues from the international
business community through to the diplomatic core.
If you are interested in advertising in our Yearbook, please do not hesitate to contact:
[email protected]
Szanowni Państwo,
Każdego roku The British School, Warsaw wydaje Yearbook - album upamiętniający
kończący się rok szkolny, zawierający zdjęcia poszczególnych klas, z ważnych
wydarzeń oraz imprez szkolnych.
Oferujemy firmom możliwość zareklamowania się w naszym Yearbooku.
Do wyboru są dwa formaty: reklama całostronnicowa lub reklama na pół strony.
Do naszej szkoły uczęszcza ponad 1000 uczniów, dlatego też Państwa reklama dotrze
do tysięcy rodziców naszych dzieci oraz ich znajomych z kręgów międzynarodowego
biznesu i korpusu dyplomatycznego.
Jeżeli są Państwo zainteresowani umieszczeniem reklamy w naszym Yearbooku,
prosimy o kontakt: [email protected]

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