Memories of the Future The Future is as Bright as the



Memories of the Future The Future is as Bright as the
January 31, 2016
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Memories of the Future
The Future is as Bright as the
Promises of God
St. John Brebeuf Parish
8307 N. Harlem Ave., Niles, IL 60714
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Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
January 31, 2016
Dear Parishioners,
“Faith is confident assurance concerning what was hoped for, a conviction about things you do not see.”
Hebrews 11:1
Today, we begin Catholic Schools Week at St. John Brebeuf Parish! Congratulations and best wishes to
Ms. Matson and our faculty and staff! May God Bless our children and their families. I hope you enjoy the
activities, the Ice Skating and the Open House. We have good people here at SJB!
Our school is primarily about passing on the Catholic Faith! The contents of faith are images of our lives.
At SJB we try to follow the advice of St. Ignatius of Loyola who invites us to “find God in all things.” Our
prayer and service helps the children to develop a spirituality that hears the “cry of the heart, cry of hatred,
cry of joy, cry of love.” Hopefully, we teach our dear children not to fall into “Gumption Traps,” ie. anxiety, boredom and impatience. These are things which are escapes from the real moments – from God!
Pam Perez, our Youth Minister and Mac Karaban, our Director of Religious Education/Pastoral Associate
support our school’s efforts. We are grateful for their ministry.
All knowledge of God is a reflection and it only gives us a partial view. It is only a stepping stone...God is
mystery. All our ideas and concepts lead to silence before the mystery. We can never have therefore THE
theology but rather A theology. Hopefully, SJB School gives our young families the skills and the spiritual
imagination to enter the union with Christ more deeply!
Father Mike Meany
Feast of St. Blaise is Wednesday, February 3. Blessing of throats will take place after
all masses.
First Reading — In a vision Isaiah
is called to be a messenger for the LORD
of hosts. Isaiah responds, “Send
me!” (Isaiah 6:1-2a, 3-8)
Psalm — In the sight of the angels I
will sing your praises, Lord (Psalm 138).
Second Reading — Paul reminds us of the gospel he
preached through which we are saved, if we believe it
(1 Corinthians 15:1-11 [3-8, 11]).
Gospel — Jesus directs Simon to take his boat into deep
water for a miraculous catch of fish. Simon and his partners
leave all to follow Jesus (Luke 5:1-11).
Altar Bread and Wine will be
Offered in Memory of
Robert Bienias
2nd Anniversary of Death
Donated by
Wife, Celina Bienias
during the week of
January 31, 2016
January 31, 2016
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Thank you for your
donations to the
Christmas Season Flower
The following loved ones
will be remembered.
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred & Stella
Mr. & Mrs. John & Anna Quaranta
Mr. Mike Roppo & Son
Mr. Marino Liberio & Grandson
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond & Mary
Michael & Hildegard Filipil
Mieczyslawa Wojcik
Tadeusz Wojcik
Henryk Czopek, Sr.
Maryana Czopek
Teresa & Orlando Marini
Armando Massimini & Family
Charles Chilla
Mr. & Mrs. James P. Melfi
Mr. & Mrs. Chas M. Huet Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Jan Popek
Mr. & Mrs. Piotr Tatkowski
Helena & Jan Kurpisz
Zophia & Czeslaw Garbarz
Marie Helen Lohrmann Hess
Amalia Belmonte Zumpano
Elizabeth Kelly
Zbigniew Jurek
Ryszard Sosin
Stanislawa Placek
Maria Wiechec
Laureana Guira
Fortunato Guira
Deceased Cedilla Family Members
Stanislaw Romanowski
Jozef Kosoir
Janina Dziedzic
Zofia, Stanislaw, Sabina, Stanislawa
& Kazimieiz Komosa
Likvan Family
Balogh Family
Josef Kepes
Kaszubski Family
Kierzek Family
Christian Family
Bosowski Family
Jeannette T. Rauscher
Richard T. Rauscher
Philip Karavakis
Maria McElroy
Franciszek Ryciuk
Tadeusz, Maria & Waclaw
Anna Madura
Arthur Kapchinski
Marie Merkel
August Merkel
Joseph I. Zirko
Ann Larson
Les Family
Grzelak Family
Jacek Swiergula
Chester Goczeski
Pluska Family
Jozef Pudlo
Krystina Leoni
Kedzia Family
Dybowicz Family
Kazimierz Komosa
Naumowicz Family
John P. Cierny, Sr.
Mary S. Cierny
John P. Cierny, Jr. (7 yrs. Old)
Ralph A. Spera
Henry & Florence Kieldykowski
Charles Dessent, Sr. & Charles
Dessent, Jr.
Robert S. Dessent
Richard Baron
Larry & Hilda DeCorrado
Zofia Kamiska
Stanislawa, Roman Pietrzyk
Wladyslaw, Stanislaw, Boguslaw
Marianna & Jan Lolo
Szczepan & Marianna Pietrzyk
Jerzy Lapinski
Adam & Stanislawa Zajac
Stefania Bojda
Creslawa &Tadeusz Kuleszywski
Piotr & Felicja Urczykowski
Stanislaw Mikek
Stanislaw Joszczyk
Wojciech Manski
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Franciszek Nicpon
Rozina Martychewicz
T. Piech
Marian Ksiazkiewicz
Edwina Thompson
Paul M. Janis
Family & Friends of the Sanks
Maria Aeta Simonides
Jozef Maleta
Irena Maleta
Maria Oles Maleta
Ronald Derengowski
George Weinzierl
Charles Ross
Steve Jazwiec
Helen & Jas Handzel
John & Victoria Jazwiec
Wladyslaw & Josefa Operc
Walter & Anna Kowalzyn
Thomas Gramarossa
Irene Cieslakiewicz
Henry Cieslakiewicz
Richard Gonet
Donald & Florence Pecko
Paul Komosa
Thomas Begale
Lorenz Gfesser
Barbara Volpe
Sam & Carmela Fallucco
Sal Fallucco
Paul Fallucco
Gunnar & Shirley Johenan
Krystyna & Stanley Wojciak
Bronislaw Symczak
Jozefa Krolczyk
Wladyslaw, Stefania & Stanislaw
Wladyslaw & Bronislawa Swiecicki
Demianczyk Family
Stachurski Family
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Szwedo
Stanley, Ann & Bruno Augustyn
Stanley & Bronislawa Kiwak
Janina Skowronska
Felicidad M. Beltran
Demetria B. Serain
Mr. & Mr. Cresencia Medriano
Mr. & Mrs. Alejandra Beltran
Seweryna & Stanislaw Kurdej
Zofia Mazur
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Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Devotions in the Church
Monday through Friday
After 8:30 AM Mass
After 7:30 AM Mass Saturday
Every Wednesday
Mother of Perpetual Help Devotions
Ave Maria Polish Prayer Group
After 7:00 PM Mass (Including Benediction )
First Friday Devotions
To the Sacred Heart of Jesus
After 8:30 AM Mass and
After 7:00 PM Polish Mass
First Saturday Devotions
To Immaculate Heart of Mary
After 7:30 AM Mass and
After 6:30 PM Polish Mass
Devotions in the Adoration Chapel
Marian Prayer Group
Monday 7:00 PM
Godzinki Ave Maria Prayer Group
Thursday 8:00 AM
January 31, 2016
Liturgical Calendar
Sunday, January 31
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Annual Catholic Appeal—Commitment
(2nd Collection—St. Vincent de Paul)
9:00—Catholic Schools Week Begins
10:00—School Open House
Wednesday, February 3—St. Blaise
Blessing of Throats after all Masses
Thursday, February 4
Sunday, February 7
Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Annual Catholic Appeal—Follow-up
Wednesday, February 10—Ash Wednesday
6:30, 8:30, 12:00 Bilingual Service, 3:30 Service
6:00pm English Mass, 7:30pm Polish Mass
Hour of Divine Mercy
Friday 3:00 PM (Includes Stations of the Cross)
Pray for priests every Thursday
The Marvelous Rosary
Join in Rosary Prayers daily,
Monday through Friday,
immediately following the 8:30
AM Mass; Saturday following
the 7:30 AM Mass; Sunday
before the 7:30 AM Mass.
Praying the rosary
together in front of the Blessed Sacrament
gives many graces and is so peaceful.
Christ's followers were
skeptical when He preached
the reality of His Body and
Blood as food and drink. St.
John said, "many of His disciples withdrew and no longer
went about with Him."
Seeing this, Jesus asked the Twelve, "Do
you also want to leave me?" Simon Peter did
not understand any more than those who left
Christ, but his loyalty was more firm. "Lord,"
he said, "to whom shall we go? You have
the words of eternal life."
We have the "Word of Eternal Life"
right here with us day and night in our
Adoration Chapel. Do you have something
you want to ask Him? There are several
hours needing adorers. Please pick one for
your personal hour with Him.
Altar Server Schedule Week of February 1—7
8:30—Kamila Kawa, Renz Yuson
8:30—Anthony Genualdi, Alex Gandeza
Wednesday: 8:30—Vincent Macam, Stanislaw Swiatek
8:30—Shane Tarjan, Jake Wargo
8:30—Brandon Manogura, Peter Seitzinger
7:30—Caitlin Aguada, Adam Cudzich,
Adam Gucik
5:00—Lucas Teng, Steven Bronder
Denise Gomez
6:30—Karolina Dyczko, Gloria Majka
Simon Majka
7:30—Merril Philips, Johnny Bialorudzki
Joshua Vernon
9:00—Suraj Mesquita, Billy Fabbri
Joshua Vernon
10:45—Nathaniel Caamoan, Arabella Gomez
Connor Fallon
12:30—Ian Duda, Aleksandra Duda
Tomasz Bartyzel
6:00—Gabriella Vos, Jackie Buczkowski
Colleen Griffin
January 31, 2016
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Edward Matuszewski
Aleksander Kurdej
Michael & Seweryna Wojtaszek
Anthony Mazik
Bernice J. Wojtaszek
Boleslaus & Gertrude Wojtaszek
Regina Wojtaszek
Joseph Pranczake
Franciszka Borowa Zona
Rodice Borowy i Bracia i siostry
Roma Ptoszewska
Edward Przydzial
Julia Bujak
Stanislaw Bujak
Ladislaw Bujak oraz Wszyskich
zmartych z rodzin Przydzial,
Czosnyka, Bujak Gostek i Jakubas
Leynes, Leoncia, Crisanto,
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Page 5
Spalonio & all the Gallibu, Maltus,
Talosig, Bitanga, Apolonio, Faustino,
Jacinta, Bitangas, Velnias, Basingo
& all Family Members
Raymond Solis
Briones Family
Mr. & Mrs. Solis
Renata Solis
Agnes Bored
Sister of Dolores Merek
Ernest Marciniak
Helena Zientek
Janina & Karl Babies
Helena Nowak
Stefan Nowak
Peter Czerniejewski
Budzik Family
Lesniewski Family
Pikul Family
Jankowski Family
Jozef & Maria Obrochta
Agnieszka & Michal Szubor
Krys Gnatek
Grazyna Duniecka
Mikolaj Kaczuk
Jan Kaczuk
Michal Kaczuk
Anastazja Kaczuk
Marian Duniecki
Lina Kaczuk
Aleksander Kaczuk
Walter Sewruk
Edward Slojder
Leon i Wiktoria Slojder
Rodzina Martychewicz
Evenor Piech
The Ministry of Sacristan
Consider becoming a Sacristan at St.
John Brebeuf. This ministry is crucial
to the daily functioning of the church,
and today we have a special need for
sacristans for the funeral masses held
on weekdays and Saturdays. You might
consider working in pairs with another
sacristan to make the time more fun.
What does the Sacristan do?
Many things need to be done before
liturgy can take place. Bread and wine
must be in place, vessels and vestments
available, books set out and candles lit,
guiding the younger altar servers into
place, occasionally reading from Scripture. The ordained ministers often do
some of this work, but sometimes they
need an extra hand. Don’t worry - you
won’t need to take care of everything:
the lectors, altar servers, ushers and
Eucharistic ministers have responsibilities for making ready the materials that
they themselves use. We invite you to
consider this ministry of holy duties,
serving the liturgy and serving the
entire community. Call the office and
ask for Barbara or leave your phone
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Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
January 31, 2016
Children’s Liturgy of the Word
Children's Liturgy of the Word is a worship experience geared
especially for children ages 6-10. It is a special opportunity for
children to understand and appreciate Scripture at Sunday
Mass. Basically, after the opening prayer (Collect) at the 10:45
a.m. English Mass and 12:30 p.m. Polish Mass, the children are
invited to come forward with two adult Catechists and go to the
Music Room in Church to participate in their own Liturgy of the
Word. Children’s Liturgy of the Word offers an experience for
children to hear Scripture in words they understand and to share
their own understanding of God's word. The children return to the
main parish assembly for the Liturgy of the Eucharist. We
warmly invite all children in the parish to participate in the
Children’s Liturgy of the Word.
We are in need of several adults who would like to share their
faith with the children at Mass. A catechist has a very important
ministry in the church as a teacher of our children. Please give
prayerful thought to this volunteer opportunity.
The Children’s Liturgy of the Word ministry will continue until
June of 2016. We welcome all of our children ages 6-10 to participate in their own Liturgy of the Word!
If you are interested in this ministry, please contact
Maciek Karaban at 847-966-3269. Thank you!!!
There will be a meeting for the parents
of children preparing for First Eucharist
to review the program; to learn more
about the theology of the Sacrament of
Eucharist, and examine ways in which all
members of the family can support the
child. At least one parent or guardian of
each child is expected to attend this meeting; however, both parents are encouraged to attend. This meeting will be on
Tuesday, February 2nd at 7:00 p.m. in
the Parish Ministry Center. This meeting
is for parents only; babysitting will be
provided. If you have any questions,
please call the Religious Education
Office at 847-966-3269.
Theology of Park Ridge
The Beginning of the End?
Pauline Viviano, Ph.D. will be the speaker at
the Wednesday, February 3, Theology of Park
Ridge presentation at 9:15 am at Our Lady of
Hope Parish, 9711 W. Devon. Her talk/
discussion will be on “When an Ending is a Beginning:
Creation to Consummation to New Age is the Bible.” As
Theology of Park Ridge ends its theological adventure, it
is appropriate to reflect on “endings” in the Bible. We will
explore how it is that endings in the Bible have a way of
lending to new beginnings. Cost is $10. Coffee and… is
served. Please call Judi Stephens for information or if you
need a ride: 847-842-9295.
January 31, 2016
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Page 7
January 31: Fourth Sunday in
Ordinary time
In the Gospel today, Jesus shows us
that we are called to place gospel values before any other values and to be willing to put
our lives on the line for them. Taking care of God’s
poor is indeed living gospel values.
Last month, through your gifts, the Society of
St. Vincent de Paul was able to provide $438.00
in food, $300.00 in Rent Assistance, $1,162.00 for
Utilities, $1,000.00 Twinning with St. Turibius,
JANUARY 31ST! Join SJB Youth Ministry for $4,975.00 in Gift Cards, and $550.00 in Misc
our summer service trip “ALIVE IN YOU
Client Aid. Thank You!
2016”. We are traveling to Milwaukee, Wisconsin July 12-17, 2016. Pay $120 to register
for camp, so don't wait. This registration fee
goes up after January 31st! Contact Mrs.
Perez for more details and forms via email or
texting (847-239-2379). ALL TEENS 13
Parish Office: (847) 966-8145
Email: [email protected]
2. SJB Youth Ministry is selling WORLD'S
School's OPEN HOUSE this Sunday, January
31st. All sales will go towards our Summer
Service Trip! Thank you for your support!
3. Our next OPEN ROOM on Sunday, February
7th has been CANCELLED. Enjoy time with
your families and friends! Our next OPEN
ROOM is Sunday, February 28th in the Youth
Ministry Office. See you then!
Sunday, February 21st. We gather in Church
for the 6:00PM Mass. Then we proceed to the
Youth Ministry Office and Extended Day Area
for our evening activities until 8:30pm. Enjoy
food, games, witness talks, music, and more!
The next Council business meeting will take place on Wednesday,
Find us on Facebook! Search for St John YM or our
February 3 at the St. John Brebeuf
group St John Brebeuf YM
Questions? Contact Pam Perez, Youth Ministry Direc- Parish May Ministry Center at 7:30 P.M.
tor, 847-966-9815
For more information or if you're interested in
[email protected]
joining contact Grand Knight Steve Baggio at
Check out the parish website on 773.315.1621. Please visit our website
at for our calendar of events.
Find upcoming Youth Ministry events on our
Calendar. Check us out!
Page 8
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
January 31, 2016
January 31, 2016
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Page 9
Nominations are now open for our SJB Woman of the Year for 2016. There are so many deserving women in
our parish who may be nominated for this award. The officers of the Catholic Women’s Club will vote on March 1,
and announcement of our Woman of the Year will be made on Tuesday, March 8, at the CWC Ladies’ Night Out
meeting. In making your nomination, please include information about your nominee’s family, her activities in the
parish and community, and the reasons you feel she should receive this honor. Nominations may be dropped off at
the parish office to the attention of Judi Stephens, our ACCW representative, c/o CWC. Deadline is Sunday, February 28. Please contact Judi at (847) 842-9295 if you have any questions. Following is a list of the women still active in our parish who have received the award in the past: Lois Kozeny, Clara Weiss, Charlotte Lindquist, Judi
Stephens, Alicia Janis, Barbara Bronder, Dorothy Mimp, Penny Guerrieri, Lois MacAdam, Barbara Swift, Donna
Ellwanger, Sandy Galassi, Shirley Koenigs, Sue Doczekalski, Connie Sparkowski, and, most recently, MaryAnn
Page 10
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
January 31, 2016
Ladies Night Out will be March 8.
More information will be published in
the bulletin in the coming weeks.
Please call
Judi Stephens
if you have
This event will be the commemoration of Fr. Patrick Marshall’s 25
years of service to the Newman
Center and 50 years of the Newman
Center serving the University of
llinois at Chicago Campus.
January 31, 2016
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Page 11
The Archdiocesan Council of
Catholic Women (ACCW) offers
a $1,000 (renewable for 4 years)
scholarship to a senior girl in
high school (Catholic, public or
home-schooled) who is continuing her education at a college or
university. Deadline is March 1.
Please call Judi Stephens for information or an application, 847842-9295.
Science has
determined that
at conception, a
new individual comes into being,
possessing a unique genetic code
that has already determined that
individual’s sex, fingerprints, hair
and eye color, facial features, etc.
It truly is a human life; so we must
end abortion.
Let us continue to pray daily:
Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I love
you very much. I beg you to spare
the life of the unborn baby that I
have spiritually
adopted who is in
danger of
Niles Senior Center, 999 Civic Center Dr., Niles
Tuesday, February 9, 2016
12:00 Noon to 2:00 p.m.
SPONSORED BY: the Niles Senior Center Women’s Club
Open to everyone—men, women, members $15.00 ea.; Non-members $20.00 ea. Tickets must be purchased no
later than Friday, February 5th from the Niles Senior Center. Price includes lunch, beads, mask and entertainment
provided by the Dixieland Jazz Cats. Menu consists of: Pulled Pork, Rice, Red Beans, Salad, Cornbread, Mixed
Vegetables, King Cake and Punch.
For information, contact Lois MacAdam, 847-692-9338. Join us for an afternoon of fun.
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Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
January 31, 2016
January 31, 2016
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Page 13
Drodzy Parafianie,
”Wiara zaś jest poręką tych dóbr, których się spodziewamy, dowodem tych rzeczywistości,
których nie widzimy” (Hbr 11:1)
Dziś rozpoczyna się Tydzień Szkół Katolickich w Janie Brebeuf! Gratulacje i najlepsze życzenia
dla Pani Matson i naszego wydziału i personelu! Niech Bóg błogosławi nasze dzieci i ich rodziny.
Mam nadzieję, że skorzystacie z różnych imprez tj. jazda na łyżwach czy dni otwarte w szkole.
Mamy tylu dobrych ludzi tutaj w SJB!
Nasza szkoła to przede wszystkim troska o przekazywanie wiary katolickiej! Wszelkie "rzeczy"
związane z wiarą są obrazem naszego życia. W SJB staramy się iść za radą świętego Ignacego
Loyoli, który zaprasza nas do "znalezienia Boga we wszystkich rzeczach." Nasza modlitwa i
służba pomaga dzieciom rozwijać duchowość, która słyszy "krzyk serca, krzyk nienawiści, płacz
radości, wołanie miłości." Mamy nadzieję, że uczymy nasze kochane dzieci, aby nie wpaść w tzw.
”sprytne pułapki”, tzn. niepokój, znudzenie i zniecierpliwienie. Są to rzeczy, które odbiegają od
rzeczywistych momentów - od Boga!
Pam Perez, nasza koordynator młodzieży i Maciek Karaban, nasz dyrektor edukacji religijnej oraz
duszpasterz świecki, wspierają wysiłki naszej szkoły. Jesteśmy wdzięczni za ich posługę.
Cała wiedza o Bogu jest tylko odbiciem, który daje nam częściowy widok. To tylko droga... Bóg
jest tajemnicą. Wszystkie nasze pomysły i koncepcje doprowadzają do milczenia przed tajemnicą.
Nigdy nie możemy mieć teologii, ale raczej teologie. Mamy nadzieję, że SJB Szkoła dodaje
naszym młodym rodzinom umiejętności i duchowej wyobraźni, aby wejść do zjednoczenia z
Chrystusem głębiej!
Ks. Mike Meany
Duszpasterstwo Zakrystianów
Prosimy rozważyć zostanie zakrystianem w St. John Brébeuf. Służba ta ma kluczowe znaczenie dla
codziennego funkcjonowania kościoła, a dziś mamy specjalną potrzebę zakrystianów dla msze
pogrzebowe odbywające się w dni powszednie i soboty. Można rozważyć pracę w parach z innym
zakrystianami, aby razem było raźniej.
Czym się zajmują zakrystianie?
Wiele rzeczy trzeba zrobić przed rozpoczęciem się każdej liturgii. Chleb i wino musi być na swoim
miejscu, naczynia i szaty dostępne, przygotowanie określonych ksiąg i świece zapalone, przygotowanie
młodszych ministrantów do służby, a także od czasu do czasu czytanie z Pisma Świętego. Nasi wyświęceni
duszpasterze często wykonują niektóre z tych prac, ale czasami potrzebują dodatkowej pary rak. Nie
martw się - nie musisz dbać o wszystko: lektorzy, ministrantów, szafarze eucharystii czy tez porządkowi
mają obowiązek przygotowywania materiałów, z których oni sami korzystają. Zapraszamy do rozważenia
tej posługi świętych obowiązków w służbie liturgii jak tez i całej wspólnocie. Zadzwoń do biura i poproś o
Barbarę lub zostaw swój numer telefonu.
Page 14
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
January 31, 2016
January 31, 2016
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Rapcia lub
ks. Samborskim (847.966.8145)
Page 15
Page 16
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
John Hoerrmann
Michal Klimaj
If you would like to
remember a deceased relative
or friend in a special way, here
is your opportunity. We are
accepting donations for the
altar breads and wine that are used at Mass each week.
Every week in the bulletin we will post who the bread
and wine was donated in memory of. Suggested donation
is $50. You can drop off or mail your donation to the Parish Office, marked “Altar Bread Memorial.” Make sure
to include your name and the name/s of whom you would
like to be remembered.
Requests are published in the bulletin in the order
that they are received.
Celebrating our SJB Military
St. John Brebeuf Parish is in the
process of establishing a military
remembrance presentation for all active
and fallen since September 11, 2001. We are accepting
family members names, branch of service and photo.
Please bring them to the parish office, attention Legion of
Please remember in prayer the
following who are currently
serving in the Armed Forces:
Timothy Casey
Mark Honsa
Joseph Merkel
Peter Merkel
Robert Monaco
Chief Ryan Morrow
Thomas Neuhengen
Scott Rodberg
Christopher Vick
Sgt. Daniel Cunningham
Pvt. James Cunningham
Susanne Connolly Tutwiler
CDR John Tutwiler
Dominic Carrabotta
Col. Barbara Jones (Wiltgen)
May they return safely to their families.
January 31, 2016
Pray for all our ill Members
Diana D’Costa
Angela D’Costa
Anthony D’Costa
Jr. Walter D’Souza
Cajetan Fernandes
Walter Przybysz
Aidan Stotz
Virginia Penkala
Barbara Donovan
Kathy Berresheim
Henryk Stankiewicz
Michael Curtis
Bob Biewald
Lorraine Bielat
Dolores Perales
Mary O’Toole
Irene Dodaro
Madeline Albano
Sally Raphael
Clem Juris
Shahla Lahijani
Anna Chacko
Terry DiVito
Margaret Lach
Souk Tha Phone
Rose Ugel
Cathy Neff
Donna Miller
Albert DeLorenzo
Dorothy Cichon
Kim Travaglio
Pamela Sobie
Charlene Green
Betty Weiss
Henry Zajac
Kamillus Urban
Patti Maher Tyska
Stanley Kogut
Zdzislaw Puacz
Laura Begale
Lorna Alba
Annette Schubert
Patrick Leahy
Eugene Mangan
Adam Rowel
Varant Minatiskan
Madeline Pukal-4 yrs. old
Cyril & Peg Maher
Elaine Friedman
Dolores Gruzynski
John Peter Rolwes
Nanette Sadorra
Oscar Malabanan
Jeff Sefcik
Lita Rosales
Alma Kort
Randolf Abana
Noli Failma
Christina Curtis
Bernadyne Semmerling
Jerry Brazkowski
Michael Likvan
Madeline Hendricksen
Mario Colosi
Ruben Pactol
Mitchell Miklas
Marcelino de la Cruz
Donna Kornovich
Barbara Zonsius
Patricia Jablonski
Linda Karno
Butch Reeder
James Kurtzer
John Nawodylo
Wladyslaw Policht
Franciszek Policht
Dorothy Pedtke
Brian Brown
Roy Wolf
K. Kozeny
Bernard Warchol
Mario Loraya
Janette Mendoza Atienza
Virginia Brekke
Dena Ruazol
Alex Hernandez
Ed Bielski
Stella “Stasia” Magdon
JoAnn Morici
Dolores Uhlig
Colin Drexler
Frank Rosienski
Rosaura Pegan
Linda Bennett
Catherine Kosina
Cajetan Almeida
John & Helen Muniak
January 31, 2016
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Mass Intentions for the Week
Monday, February 1—Weekday
6:30—Damian Bertrand
8:30—Adam Zalak
Tuesday, February 2—The Presentation of the Lord
6:30—Damian Bertrand
8:30—Patricia Clausen
Adam Zalak
Stanislaw Selwa (53rd Anniv. Of Death)
Wednesday, February 3—St. Blaise
6:30—Albert & Georgiana Dorsch
Claire Lee
8:30—Concy & Sunita Mesquita (23rd. Wedding
Adam Zalak
Diana Chico
7:00—O Zdrowie dla Matki Anity i Dziecka
Joseph & Catherine Kasprzyk
Thursday, February 4—Weekday
6:30—For All Parishioners
8:30—Walter Tymczuk
Maria Frances Fernandes
Adam Zalak
First Friday, February 5—St. Agatha
6:30—Albert & Georgiana Dorsch
Jolanta & Jan Bialobrzewski
Marie Merkel (32nd Anniv. Of Death)
8:30—Rosemary Thariath
Dorothy Daoud—We Are Thanking You for
Service in the Chapel
Mildred Marie Hindes
Adam Zalak
7:00—O Milosierdzie Boze i Zdrowie dla Syna Za
Wstawiennictwem Sw T. Judy
First Saturday, February 6—St. Paul Miki
7:30—Adam Zalak
3:00—Wedding: Andrzej Lach & Julia Galitskaija
5:00—Celebrant: Fr. Michael Meany
Emily Kramarczyk,
Josephine Kolososki
Anna & George Richter
Adam Zalak
6:30—Celebrant: Fr. Piotr Samborski
William i Kazimiera Balorski
Jadwiga i Waclaw Sempkowski
Wedding Banns
Page 17
Eugeniusz Banek (7th Anniv. Of Death)
O Milosierdzie Boze i Zdrowie dla Syna Za
Wstawiennictwem sw t. Judy
O Zdrowie dla Matki Anity i Dziecka
Jozef, Leokadja i Piotr Zajko
Lucyna, Henryk, Bronislawa i Jozefa Rotkowski
Sunday, February 7—Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time
7:30—Celebrant: Fr. Robert Banzin
Albert & Georgiana Dorsch
Caroline Marchok
Adam Zalak
9:00—Celebrant: Fr. Michael Meany
Alfredo Dizon (11th Anniv. Of Death)
Bronislawa & Felix Kielar
Noreen LeClair
Richard Sparkowski
Celerina, Nilo Montesclaros, Sr. & Jr.
Ma. Raye & Igor Janes
10:45—Celebrant: Fr. Michael Meany
Josephine Basile
Ruben Nery
Betty Martin
Bill Gruzynski
Danuta Stach (1st Anniv. Of Death)
12:30—Celebrant: Fr. Piotr Samborski
Tomasz Boczar (31st Anniv. Of Death)
Zofia & Wladyslaw Boczar, Michael Puacz
Za Duszami Ktore Najbardziej Potrzebuja
Helena, Stanislaw i Wladyslaw Siwiec
Helena Jozwiak, Jozef & Agnieszka Tutaj
Jozef Wilk, Lucjan Wiszniewski
Bruno Bochenek & Deceased Members of the
Roman Rodak (3rd Anniv. Of Death)
Stefania & Jozef (3rd Anniv. Of Death) Waz
Blessings for Tom Bartyzel on Completing
First Year of College
Wiktoria i Stanislaw Dudek
Genowefa Podpora (6-sc. miesiecy po smierci)
O Boze Blogoslawienstwo zdrowie Dary Ducha
Sw. Opieke Matki Bozej z Prosba o
Uzdrowienie malutkiego Lukaszka Kaleta
6:00—Celebrant: Fr. Samborski
Francis Cardinal George
1—Brandon Wilkerson & Jennifer Bonaccorso
Page 18
St. John Brebeuf Church
Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
January 31, 2016
Pastor: Rev. Michael Meany
Associates: Rev. Piotr Rapcia
Rev. Piotr Samborski
Pastor Emeritus: Rev. Robert Banzin
Weekend Asst.: Rev. Patrick Marshall
Deacons: Larry Skaja, Andy Beierwaltes,
Mariusz Kosla, Pavel Jurkulak
Pastoral Associate: Maciek Karaban
Music Director & Liturgical Coordinator:
Marek Rachelski
Associate Music Director: Mariusz Kosla
Children’s Choir Director: Ewa Fair
Business Manager: Joseph Wojtowicz
School Principal: Elise Matson
Director Youth Ministry: Pam Perez
Staff Secretary: Charlotte Lindquist
Bulletin Editor, Parish Secretary:
Barbara Bronder
Rectory: 8307 N. Harlem Ave.
Parish Office: 8305 N. Harlem Ave.
Niles, IL 60714
(847) 966-8145 Fax: (847) 966-0014
School: (847) 966-3266
Religious Education: (847) 966-3269
Youth Office: (847) 966-9815
Mass Schedule
“We are a people of faith who offer each
other and those touched by us the
means to experience God through prayer,
sacraments, education
and mutual support in light of the
Gospel and Catholic Tradition.”
Saturday: 5:00 PM, 6:30 PM (Polish)
Sunday: 7:30, 9:00, 10:45 AM,
12:30 PM (Polish), 6:00 PM
Monday—Friday Morning: 6:30 & 8:30 AM
Wednesday: 7:00 PM (Polish)
Saturday Morning: 7:30 AM
Holyday: 5:30 PM (English); 7:00 PM (Polish)
Vigil: 7:00 PM English
Reconciliation - Saturday
11:00 AM—Noon (English & Polish)
First Friday, 6:00 PM (English & Polish)
Last Sunday of each month during
10:45 AM Mass or 2:00 PM Service
(Polish): First Weekend of each month:
at 12:30 PM Mass on Sunday &
Third Sunday of the Month at 1:45 PM
Parents must attend pre-baptism instruction.
Four months notice is minimal.
January 31, 2016
Eucharistic Adoration
24 Hours a Day In Parish Ministry Center Chapel
St. Vincent de Paul—[email protected]

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