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Newsletter - Nord Anglia Education
Issue 26
22 April 2016
Be Ambitious
News from IB Front
Congratulations to our Year 12 students for their fantastic work
on the Model United Nations which took place on April 14-16.
The four musketeers Aleks Florczak, Viola Fur, Ola Olszewska and Blazej
Raszewski were the driving force behind the project and, together with the
help of other students, they organized a great event which will be remembered
for a long time.
With 130 participants from Poland and abroad (Turkey, Romania, Serbia,
Nepal, India, Hungary, France, Greece, Netherlands, Slovakia, Belgium, Russia,
Morocco, Netherlands, Mexico) this was the most international TBS MUN
conference ever. Delegates came to Warsaw in order to debate some crucial United Nations issues and
to reach law binding resolutions (Security Council, Human Rights Council, International Criminal Court,
Office on Drugs and Crime, World Bank, Economic and Social Council, World Health Organization).
The opening ceremony took place at The Palace of Culture and Science while all committee work was
conducted at the Millennium building in central Warsaw.
A great event and well done !!!
Kind regards,
Dr Jacek Latkowski
Vice Principal
Message from the Head of Early Years Centre
Dear Parents,
Week two of the term is nearly done and the birds continue to noisily build
their nests. The small birds have returned from their winter away and are
suddenly very busy. The weather is improving and the wind is suddenly
warmer. It was such a lovely morning on Thursday that the children took
their snack boxes outside to eat in the glorious sunshine. Let’s hope that the
good weather will continue.
This week, we have welcomed many new parents in to school to show them
our facilities here at Dąbrowskiego and how the school day operates. We are looking forward to
seeing them all again in September.
The hard work is continuing this week as Year 1 have been writing acrostic poetry about Spring and
composing songs to the tune of Frère Jacques. Reception classes have been weaving baskets like the
one from the story in Handa’s Surprise and the Nursery and PreNursery have been looking at jungle
animals through the story Walking through the Jungle.
In assembly this week we talked about the importance of looking after things we find around the
school that might not belong to us and how we should return them to a grown up or to the person
we know they might belong to. Then we sang our house song with Mr. Daniel. Mr. Daniel also brought
his ukulele to assembly and sang a song about the postman knocking on the door with letters for us.
We had a very successful Usborne Book Fair, held over two days, on Wednesday and Thursday, in the
music room and the PTA coffee morning also took place on Friday morning.
Also, on Friday we thought about waste and recycling and the importance of looking after our
environment as we celebrated Earth Day.
Finally, we welcomed a new student into Year 1, all the way from Australia, as Olivia joined 1MB and
also Daria has joined us as an assistant for classroom support and afternoon sibling support in our
second room with the smallest children.
So, another busy week all round and hopefully a restful weekend to come.
Kind Regards,
Deborah Hopper
Head of Early Years
Photos from Dąbrowskiego
Photos from Dąbrowskiego
Message from the Deputy Head of Primary
Dear Parents,
We’ve had a busy week…again! We’ve been collecting food for the Warsaw
Mission to help families who, for a variety of reasons, are struggling. The children
have been bringing in non-perishable food items which are going to be boxed
up and distributed through the Warsaw Mission.
There are two strands to this exercise, one is to help folk who are in obvious need;
and the other is to get the children to consider others, develop their empathy,
and to experience the good feeling you get from just helping. Yesterday in
assembly they were very proud when they “won” their free dress day and other children who forgot
brought in more items today.
The small pictures don’t really do justice to the true amount as they make the boxes look small but each
heap was at least 2 metres long! Well done to the children and thank you for supporting this, it is part of
the “better citizenship” side of their education.
But that was just one event. We also had the Swim-a-thon for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 this week. It provided
another opportunity for them to have fun and also help others. The swimming pool administration
threw an extra challenge at the PE department by changing the timings for us at the last minute,
though again, thanks to cool heads and helpful parents (you), we managed to get through it. It is worth
mentioning that the PTA was also helping with the swim-a-thon. We do have a great community here.
We are missing a dozen children and two key people this week because they are all in Boston, USA.
Taking part in the MIT Science Fair. Ms Richardson and Miss Bastone have taken a group of Y6 and Y7 to
America and will be back next week. I’m sure there will be an exciting report in next week’s newsletter.
The Upper Juniors, years 4, 5 and 6 are putting on their annual production next week,” Oh What a
Night” and they have been practicing and gathering props and costumes so there has been a buzz of
excitement around them too.
So, the final term has hit the ground running, sports days, productions, concerts, trips, exams…all to
come in the next few weeks, are you ready for it.
Michael Waterhouse
Deputy Head of Primary
Primary News
Saturday, 30 APRIL
900 - 1200
Visit the Primary Library!
Read as a family
Story time at 1000 & 1100
Book swap for parents
(please bring books you have already read)
All Primary and EYFS students and parents
are welcome!
(children must be accompanied by an adult)
Music Department Notices
W ght!
Book, Music AWES
Message from the Deputy Head of Secondary
Dear Parents,
Today is the last day of lessons for Y11 and Y13 students before their written exams
begin. Y11 exams begin next Tuesday with Maths and Y13 begin the following
Monday. We wish all Y11 and Y13 students the best in their exams. Over the next
few weeks, many parents of Y11 and Y13 students will be asking themselves
the question that many parents ask themselves at some time or another:
Is my child studying hard enough?
This is not always an easy question to answer. What does studying hard enough look like? Students
study in different ways. Some look frenetic and frantic whilst others look quiet and laid back, but you
can’t see what is going on inside the brain, whatever they look like on the outside. You can attempt to
judge by results – if they are getting good results then they must be studying hard enough. However,
you then need to ask whether they could have got even better results, if they had studied even harder.
You can count the number of hours and minutes your child spends at their work, but this is not a good
measure. We all know that sometimes you can spend hours sitting at a desk being ineffective and then
in a few minutes achieve a great deal. Rather than judging by time it is better to ask a different question
Is my child studying effectively enough?
What is your child doing when they study? Are they passively reading material or are they engaged
in active learning? It has been said that we only learn 10% of what we read. Although there is some
doubt about this actual number, it is certainly true that just reading something is not an effective
way to revise. It might fill hours but will not give the desired results. Active revision techniques make
a real difference to how much stays in our mind. One of my personal preferences is for mind maps,
popularized by Tony Buzan -, but even relatively
simple techniques, such as making notes and summaries, making bullet point lists, making summary
tables, drawing pictures and making little revision cards are more effective study techniques. Testing
oneself and getting a parent to test you is a good way of checking whether the information has gone in.
Other techniques that are worth exploring include chanting, recording oneself, using parts of the body
to count things off, mnemonics, rhythms and rhymes. If your child is actively doing some of these things
when they are studying then they are going to be more effective than if they are just sitting reading.
There are lots of good sites on the internet with good advice about study skills, but do make sure your
child doesn’t waste too much time looking through them all!
Louis Bezodis
Deputy Head of Secondary
School News
A Note From The Music Department
Primary Production
Thursday 28th April - SOLD OUT
Due to tickets demands there will be an extra show on Friday 29th April at 8:45.
Tickets will be on sale at reception from Monday 25th April.
Solo Recital
The final solo recital of the year will take place on Thursday 19th May. Any students wishing
to take part should contact Mrs Porter - [email protected] for further details.
Please note that the deadline for signing up is Friday 13th May.
Summer Concert
Diary Date - the end of year celebration concert will be held at the Teatr Buffo on
Tuesday 14th June at 18:00. All music clubs will take part in the concert including our new
Dabrowskiego "Tiny Trebles" choir.
Kindest regards,
Alison Porter
Head of Music
Photos from What A Knight Rehearsal
Photos by Roberto Cura
News from the Sports Desk
It has been an incredibly busy week here in the PE department. Clubs started again with record
numbers of students, The IGCSE PE students have been finishing off their video assessments
and of course let’s not forget the TBS Swimathon which has been a huge success.
TBS Swimathon 20th and 21st April
Congratulations to all those who took part (or supported) the swimathon this week. We are
currently crunching the numbers for final totals and I know that everyone has been mightily
impressed by the efforts of everyone involved. Thanks to the PTA for supporting the event and
we will do a big feature on this in next week’s newsletter.
Now that the swimming has been done it is time to collect the sponsor money. Once the money
is collected it should be placed in a sealed envelope with the following details written on the
front of it:
Childs name
Childs class
Amount of money enclosed
Primary students should hand their envelopes into Mrs Sikorska in the Primary School Office,
while Secondary students should hand in their envelopes into Mrs Miazga in the Secondary
The final date to hand in money will be Friday 6th May.
Mokotowska District Local Schools Football Tournament
Congratulations to the girls U12 team that qualified for the District semi-finals this week. They
played and won both of the group matches and will compete in the next round next week. The
boys are in action on Tuesday and we are hoping for very similar results. Good luck to all those
Matt Lennon
[email protected]
Head of PE and Sport, Global Campus Coordinator
Polish Corner
Spring begins
There is no doubt that all seasons of the year have one and only charm and may have their fans, but
spring is clearly one of the best seasons.
After cold winter finally temperature are moderate, days become longer that means you have more
time in the day to get thing done. The animals are coming back and it is nice to hear those sweet little
birds. Thanks to longer day the exposure to sunlight increases and it makes you feel happier and more
organized. Trees and plans suddenly becoming green, fruits and veggies are ready to eat. There is
nothing more pleasant than eating an apple right off a tree. Blooming flowers and small spring rain
makes you relaxed and ready to open all windows at home and feel that freshness of spring.
Below you may find some good advices written by Year 4 students, how to enjoy spring using all senses.
Wishing you all a very happy and sunny weekend.
Joanna Milewska
Head of Polish Department
Przepis na idealne przebudzenie
Otwórz oczy. Rozciągnij się i poczuj całe swoje ciało. Jeżeli obudzisz się o właściwej porze, poczujesz
gorący płomień słońca na swoich policzkach. Otwórz balkon i daj zimnemu oraz świeżemu powietrzu
wpaść do pokoju. Usłyszysz niepewne śpiewy ptaków. Śniadanie zacznij od przygotowania ciepłego
kakao z pianką. Podgrzewaj mleko w rondelku. Do ciepłego mleka wsyp kakao i zamieszaj. Do przygotowania piany będzie Ci potrzebne jajko. Oddziel białko od żółtka, a następnie ubij trzepaczką białko na
sztywno, żeby wyszła piana. Na śniadanie zrób sobie tosty z szynką i serem.
Maya Komar-Fletchar, Year 4
Ptasie Przedwiośnie
Przedwiośnie to koncert ptaków. Klekot bociana słychać od rana. Trele skowronka od samego dzionka.
Jajko kukułki, gniazdo jaskółki, piórko zięby, żurawia i jerzyka wkładamy do wiosennego koszyka. Gdy
myszołów poluje na myszy to trznadel zatyka uszy i udaje, że nic nie słyszy. Oto ptasie przedwiośnie.
Patrycja Gorzelak, Year 4
Polish Corner
Wiosenne Przebudzenie
Dużo słońca, łyżka nadziei, szczypta uśmiechu, garść ptasiego śpiewu, dużo pączków, szczypta kwiatów,
dużo dobrego humoru, rower i kask. Z mojego przepisu wyszła piękna wycieczka rowerowa do lasu.
Zofia Orłowska, Year 4
Wiosenne Przebudzenie
- sok z dwóch pokrzyw
- trzy szklanki porannego wietrzyku
- dwie szklanki porannej rosy
- po trzy łyżki płatków przebiśniegów, krokusów, tulipanów, sasanek i żonkili
- trzy klekoty bociana
- pięć kropli śpiewu skowronka
- miska kiełków traw zmieszanych z pąkami drzew
Wszystko razem wymieszać łyżką z brzozowego drewna. Pić jedną szklankę codziennie rano po usłyszeniu budzika. Po wypiciu zamknąć oczy i nasłuchiwać śpiewu skowronka. Regularne stosowanie jest
gwarancją wiosennego przebudzenia.
Laura Adamkiewicz, Year 4
Przepis na wiosenne przebudzenie
Wiosenne przebudzenie warto zacząć od rannego wstawania. Świetnie rano budzą ćwiczenia. Kiedy
jesteśmy już rozruszani, to czas na kolorowe, zdrowe, wiosenne śniadanie. Później warto posprzątać
nasze pokoje i dom. Gorąco zachęcam na "fajowy" spacer. Teraz pora na spotkanie z przyjaciółmi,
możecie z nimi poszukać wiosny. Na obiad polecam wiosenną sałatkę. Zimowe kurtki trzeba schować,
nie będą już potrzebne. Nowa dekoracja też jest potrzebna na przykład piękne fiołki. Wiosną pracujemy
też w ogródku.
Postaw kwiatki na parapecie. Spróbuj!
Maria Rutkowska, Year 4
Polish Corner
Stanisław Sidor, Year 4
Secondary News
Children curate National
Museum exhibition
A new exhibition curated by children at the National Museum in Warsaw.
It took six months to prepare and covers a variety of periods and subjects ranging from ancient
artefacts to contemporary sculpture, the museum says on its website. Sixty-nine children
between the ages of six and 14 (two of them - Nel and Jan - are TBS students!) were given
access to the building's storerooms, and some of the 300 items that they selected for display
have never been shown to the general public before. The youngsters "found and liberated" the
pieces, the museum says.
Called "Anything Goes", it's getting top billing at the National Museum as the main temporary
exhibition between now and May. "Children want a museum visit to be an adventure, they want
to create impressions, and to engage," museum director Agnieszka Morawinska tells Niezalezna.
pl website. "They don't just want to tell a story, they want to stir emotions and infect people
with their feelings."
As well as digging around behind the scenes, the youngsters have prepared multimedia
presentations, chosen the exhibition's layout and design, written information leaflets and
recorded audio guides. Among the attractions visitors will find is an exhibit exploring historical
and everyday heroes, and one called The Ghost Room where "the objective of the junior curators
was to scare the visitors", the museum says.
Image copyright
National Museum in Warsaw
Children worked with
museum experts
to find out about the artefacts
School Notices
Dear All,
Every year The British School, Warsaw produces a Yearbook – a type of book
published annually to record, highlight and commemorate the past year of a school.
We give the opportunity for companies to advertise in our Yearbook.
There are two options: full page advert and half a page advert.
There are over 1,000 students attending our school, therefore your advertisement
will reach out to thousands of parents and their colleagues from the international
business community through to the diplomatic core.
If you are interested in advertising in our Yearbook, please do not hesitate to contact:
[email protected]
Szanowni Państwo,
Każdego roku The British School, Warsaw wydaje Yearbook - album upamiętniający
kończący się rok szkolny, zawierający zdjęcia poszczególnych klas, z ważnych
wydarzeń oraz imprez szkolnych.
Oferujemy firmom możliwość zareklamowania się w naszym Yearbooku.
Do wyboru są dwa formaty: reklama całostronnicowa lub reklama na pół strony.
Do naszej szkoły uczęszcza ponad 1000 uczniów, dlatego też Państwa reklama dotrze
do tysięcy rodziców naszych dzieci oraz ich znajomych z kręgów międzynarodowego
biznesu i korpusu dyplomatycznego.
Jeżeli są Państwo zainteresowani umieszczeniem reklamy w naszym Yearbooku,
prosimy o kontakt: [email protected]
School Notices

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