Unimog U 3000/U 4000/U 5000. - Mercedes-Benz


Unimog U 3000/U 4000/U 5000. - Mercedes-Benz
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U 3000/U
4000/U 5000.
Mercedes-Benz Military Vehicles.
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Handles everything with ease – including tough conditions.
Our Unimogs U 3000/U 4000 and U 5000 excel in all terrains. Whether on or off-road, Unimog gets
personnel and material to where they are needed. Unimogs master gradients of up to 100 % for 45°
climbing capability.
Plenty of horsepower. With power to weight ratios of
15–17 kW/t (20–23 hp/t) and 13 kW/t (17.6 hp/t), Unimog
delivers more than enough horsepower for all military applications. And now the Unimog transmission is equipped
with Electronic Pneumatic Shifting (EPS), for even easier
operation. Customers who prefer the Electronic Automatic
Shifting (EAS) two-pedal system can choose this as an
Robust and reliable. The enormous torque of the environmentally-friendly 4-cylinder diesel engine OM 904 LA/
OM 924 LA (Euro 4) from Mercedes-Benz with 110 kW
(150 hp) – 130 kW (177 hp) / 160 kW (218 hp) delivers
ample traction whatever the situation may be. This engine
has proven itself in countless other commercial vehicles
from the Mercedes-Benz range.
Unmatched off-road performance. Unimog’s crosscountry mobility comes mainly from its portal axles and
all-wheel-drive with differential locks that the driver can
engage and disengage electropneumatically while on the
move, without having to press the clutch. Other advantages include low-pressure tyres, long travel coil springs
and large-volume telescopic shock absorbers. A Central
Tire Inflation System (CTIS) is available as an option. This
enables the driver to adjust the tyre pressure while travelling, for better traction on all kinds of surfaces and in any
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Unimog says it all.
Unimog offers even more advantages with its advanced
technical design. A low centre of gravity, large angles
of approach and departure front and rear, high ground
clearance and a favourable ramp angle. The ladder-type
frame is very flexible, thanks to its welded tubular cross
members. All aggregates are fully protected against dust,
sludge and water; the drive shafts run in sealed torque
tubes. This provides a fording ability of up to 1.2 metres,
so that the Unimog can cross water with ease. All these
features make Unimog a popular and universally adaptable vehicle that performs well in all kinds of terrain.
Mercedes-Benz Unimog in service all around the world.
It’s used as a transport vehicle for personnel and materials, as a towing vehicle for trailers, artillery and aircraft,
and as a military engineering tractor equipped with attachments like hydraulic winch, snow plough, dozer blade
or crane. Platforms, box-type bodies and flats for shelters
can be mounted on the chassis by means of a torsion-free
sub-frame. This prevents any torsion from being transmitted to either platform or superstructure, even in difficult
terrain. Middle or side seat benches for up to 16 soldiers,
tie-down points for pallets or shelters and twist-locks for
containers are optionally available for the platform.
Ramp angle
Angle of approach and departure
1.20 m
Tipping angle
Fording capability
Safe over all kinds of terrain, with excellent angles of approach or departure
at front and rear, climbing capability of up to 100 % and fording capability up
to 1.20 m. Unimog gets you to wherever you want to go.
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Giving a safe ride.
Unimog gets the job done – no thrills, just tough and
reliable. The all-steel semi-forward cab is mounted at
three points and offers the vehicle’s crew a high degree of
safety (certified according to ECE R29). Getting in is easy
and through-cab access is unobstructed. The comfortable
driver’s seat and a double, fold-away passenger bench
(optional) that also serves as a platform to reach the roof
hatch helps the crew get on with their work. A newly
designed dashboard, featuring a large instrument panel
with LCD displays and an ergonomically positioned
middle console with the EPS shifting lever, characterises
the optimised cockpit.
Envelope A, Stanag 2832*
Unimog lets the driver concentrate on the job at hand.
The truck’s Electro Pneumatic Shifting (EPS) system is
easy to operate and relieves the driver of much of the
workload, enabling him to focus fully on the road or rough
terrain. Even if the Unimog is damaged on the battlefield
and the vehicle electronics fail, an emergency switch
allows the driver to engage some gears pneumatically to
ensure that vehicle and crew get out of the firing line.
A 12 cm longer cab option improves the ergonomics and
provides more room for the seats, a much better sense of
space, plus extra storage for personal equipment.
*International Railway
Gauge – wagon height
1300 mm
Unimog U 3000/U 4000/U 5000
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Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 3000/U 4000/U 5000 4x4.
Technical Data.
Unimog U 3000/U 4000
Unimog U 5000
Unimog U 3000/U 4000/U 5000
OM 904 LA Euro 4 (option: Euro 3)
OM 926 LA Euro 4 (option: Euro 3)
Emission class
Four-stroke diesel with direct fuel injection system
Four-stroke diesel with direct fuel injection system
Mode of operation
Turbocharger and intercooler, watercooled
Turbocharger and intercooler, watercooled
No. and arrangement of cylinders
4, inline, upright
4, inline, upright
4, inline, upright
Max. output
U 3000
U 4000
U 5000
(RREG 80/1269) kW (hp)
115 (156)
130 (177)
160 (218)
At engine speed
2200 rpm
2200 rpm
2200 rpm
Max. torque
610 Nm (kpm)
675 Nm (kpm)
810 Nm (kpm)
Fully synchronised MB 8-speed Electrical Pneumatic Shifting (EPS)
gear box with integrated transfer box and pneumatically engageable
4-wheel-drive. Emergency mode to select gears pneumatically. Electronic speed limiter/cruise control. 6 gears are reversible. Working
gears are optional. Synchronised forward/reverse shifting mode.
Electronic Automated Shifting (EAS) optional.
Chassis frame
Extremely torque-resistant ladder-type frame consisting of
2 U-shaped longitudinal members and tubular cross members.
At engine speed
1200 –1600 rpm
1200 –1600 rpm
1200 –1600 rpm
Trailer couplings
Front: towing eye, integrated in bumper. Rear (optional): trailer
4250 cm3
4250 cm3
4800 cm3
coupling, automatic with jaw or hook-type (NATO standard).
Fuel tank capacity
145 l
145 l
145 l
Fording capability
Basic vehicle 800 mm. Fording device (optional 1200 mm)
Service brake: Pneumatic-hydraulic twin circuit disc brakes with
Electrical system 24 V
Alternator (reinforced)
28 V, 80 A (28 V, 100 A)
28 V, 80 A (28 V, 100 A)
4-channel ABS (disengageable). Automatic load responsive brake
Battery capacity (increased)
2 x12 V, each 66 Ah (2 x12 V, each 125 Ah)
2 x12 V, each 66 Ah (2 x12 V, each 125 Ah)
system (ALB). Parking brake: Spring brake system acting on the
Trailer socket type
rear wheel brake discs. Four wheel parking brake (optional). Engine
Driving speeds
ca. 102 km/h (optional)
ca. 110 km/h (optional)
Axles and suspension
ratio 6.53
ratio 6.94
brake: Actuated pneumatically by a lever positioned on the steering
column; 2 stage, with exhaust flap and constant throttle.
Hydraulic power-assisted steering: ZF 8095.
Basic execution (optional)
12.5 R20 (a) 335 / 80R 20 (b) 365 / 80 R20
14.5 R20 (a) 335 / 80 R20 (b) 365 / 85 R20
Turning circle ø: (a) at wheelbase 3250 mm approx. 14.5 m
Wheelbase 3250/3850
405 / 70 R20
405 / 70 R20
(b) at wheelbase 3850 mm approx. 16.3 m
U 3000
U 4000
U 5000
Standard version GVW, max.
7.5 t
8.5 t (9.5 t)
12.5 t
(a) at wheelbase 3250 mm = approx. 3250 mm
FA load, max.
4.5 t
4.0 t (4.4 t)
5.5 t
(b) at wheelbase 3850 mm = approx. 4100 mm
RA load, max.
4.4 t
4.6 t (5.3 t)
7.5 t
Empty weight chassis
4.1 – 4.6 t
4.1 – 4.6 t
4.8 – 5.3 t
Recommended body length:
On board diagnosis system available
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Mercedes-Benz has a lot more to offer.
• World’s Leading Truck Manufacturer
• Full Line Military Program (0.5 to > 100.0 t military payload)
• Advanced Vehicle Technologies (focusing on life cycle costs)
• Logistic Support Analysis (LSA)
• Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)
• Logistics Field Service Proven Worldwide
• Established Supplier to Armed Forces Worldwide
• Financially Strong & Reliable Partner
• Financial Services (financing, leasing, fleet management and a great deal more)
For further information please contact your
Mercedes-Benz representative or:
Daimler AG
Special Trucks Division
Mercedes-Benz Military Vehicles
76742 Wörth, Germany
Unimog U 3000/U 4000/U 5000
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We reserve the right to make modifications to the design and equipment. The data contained in this brochure should be regarded as approximate.
This brochure shows an excerpt of the Mercedes-Benz vehicle range, other specifications according to customer requirements are possible.
Please note that some models and services may not be available in certain countries due to local legislation.
Daimler AG · Special Trucks Division · 76742 Wörth, Germany · 6703.9105.02-00/0508 · Printed in Federal Republic of Germany · Imprimé en République fédérale d’Allemagne.
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