advance notice - Sail Training International


advance notice - Sail Training International
The Tall Ships Races 2016
Organised by Sail Training International
(7 JULY to 14 AUGUST)
This Advance Notice is to provide owners, vessel operators and Masters/Captains with information about the
plans made so far for The Tall Ships Races 2016 and associated events. Further information is available at and will be issued by Sail Training International in the “Arrival Arrangements”
document, which will be posted on the website approximately six weeks before the start of the Race Series.
The following files are to be downloaded from the Captains’ Page on our website at
The current edition of the Racing & Sailing Rules
Crew List Form (EXCEL spreadsheet)
Vessel Life Saving Appliance Check List
Sail Training International Memorandum on Safety
Race Captains’ Documentation Paper Trail
Owners and Captains/Masters MUST download and read these documents to help them prepare for this year’s
If you have any queries, or need further information, please contact: Amanda Goodden
Race Directorate Administrator
Sail Training International
Charles House
Gosport Marina
Mumby Road
Hampshire, PO12 1AH, UK
+ 44 (0) 23 9258 6367
+ 44 (0) 23 9258 4661
E-mail: [email protected]
The current version of the Racing & Sailing Rules and Special Regulations is available to download from the
Captains’ Page on our website:
Race One (Antwerp to Lisbon) is designated as Category 1, and Race Two (Lisbon to Cádiz) and Race Three (Cádiz to
Cabo de Sines) are designated as Category 2 in accordance with Rule 2.02 of the Racing and Sailing Rules. Please
note that there are parts of the following safety equipment Rules that are specific to Category 1:
3.07.2 Marine Radio
4.01.3 Liferafts
4.06.1 Pyrotechnic Signals
Participants are urged to make sure they study and use the Current Edition of the Racing & Sailing Rules and
Special Regulations.
Each registered vessel will be issued with a Rating Certificate which will be calculated by Sail Training International’s
unique Rule of Rating which ensures that all vessels will be able to race equally on corrected time. All new vessels
to Tall Ships Races will be provided with a Measurement Form which will need to be completed in advance.
Trophies will be awarded for first, second and third places per class on corrected time, and for first on elapsed time
(line honours) and overall on corrected time for each race leg. There will be many other special prizes for
competing vessels, including for the best crew in the crew parade. Vessels from all classes competing in all race legs
will be eligible for the overall race series prizes.
The principal award will be the Tall Ships Races 2016 Friendship Trophy which will be awarded to the vessel which,
in the opinion of the competing captains and crews, has contributed the most to international understanding and
For safety reasons, and to help the interest of the young crews during a race, Sail Training International organises a
twice-daily radio schedule. Vessels’ positions are passed over the radio and logged by the communications vessel.
The corrected placings are then re-broadcast so that they may be plotted for all on board to see. Results and charts
showing the fleet’s positions are also posted onto the race websites at
Full Sailing and Communications Instructions are to be collected by Captains/Masters on arrival, from the Sail
Training International Mobile Office in Antwerp for Race 1, Lisbon for Race 2 and Cádiz for Race 3.
Radio schedules will be conducted on MF and VHF. The MF frequency used will be 4146 KHz. The VHF frequency
used will normally be channel 72. Any change to these frequencies will be notified in due course. Race starts are
normally conducted on VHF channel 72. Please note that a VHF radio and type approved 406 MHZ EPIRB are
compulsory for these races.
Sail Training International will again provide participants with a ‘YellowBrick’ satellite transponder for The Tall
Ships Races 2016. There will be no charge to the participating vessels but the ‘YellowBrick’ transponder will be
the responsibility of the Captain/Master until they return it to Sail Training International at the end of the last
race that they participate in. Captains/Masters will need to sign to this effect.
We hope that everyone will appreciate the significant benefits that this scheme brings to vessel operators and
their sponsors, as well to the crews and their family and friends ashore who wish to follow their vessel’s
For more information about the ‘Yellowbrick’ satellite transponder, please go to:
Additional information about fitting these units etc. will be posted on the Captains’ Page on
Vessel operators and Captains/Masters are reminded that the social programmes in each of the four ports are
designed to a similar pattern [see “Draft Port Programmes” below]. The main crew activities - sports, prize-giving
and crew party – are usually held on the second day of the official port dates.
In order to allow a vessel’s trainee crew to gain maximum benefit from the social programme and, in particular, to
take part in the prize-giving and crew party which follows it, it is strongly recommended that crew changes are
conducted on the third day of the official port dates.
Many vessels do this already and crew changes often take place in the very early hours of day three. Our
experience is that trainees who have to leave their vessel before the prize-giving and crew party feel they are being
deprived of an important part of the whole “experience” and would much prefer to have the chance to stay for
those events, even if it means having to travel late at night or early in the morning. For 2016 the recommended
crew change dates are:
Antwerp: 9 July; Lisbon: 24 July; Cádiz: 30 July; A Coruña: 13 August.
A Cruise-in-Company is planned between Cabo de Sines and A Coruña, giving ships the chance to visit some guest
harbours between the two ports. These guest harbours are busy working to welcome the fleet with the best they
have to offer. The Cruise-in-Company brochure can be found at the Captains’ Page on our website:
All vessels will be required to conform to the Sail Training International Special Regulations in the Racing & Sailing
Rules and Special Regulations, Current Edition. The Vessel Life Saving Appliances Report form can be viewed and
downloaded from the Captains’ Page on The Vessel Life
Saving Appliances Report form MUST be completed prior to each race and signed by the captain/master and
presented to the STI Mobile Office within 12 hours of the official start of the event (see draft port programmes).
Sail Training International will endeavour to inspect all vessels before the Race start.
Visa Requirements for Belgium, Portugal and Spain
Individual race entrants are responsible for ascertaining what visas or other documents will be required by their
ship’s company when arriving in Belgium, Portugal and Spain and to obtain such visas themselves.
Captains/Masters should note that ships or crew originating from any EU and Schengen countriesNote1 do not need
visas to visit any of this year’s ports. However, they are advised to check that individual crew members conform to
this requirement. Lists of countries whose citizens do require visas can be obtained from any of the host ports.
Note 1: The Schengen countries are: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany,
Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal,
Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. All these countries except Norway and Iceland are European
Union members.
Please be aware that Russian ships and some other nations outside the EU will have to contact the relevant
countries’ consulates since they will need visas for entering the Schengen area.
Military vessels taking part in the Races will need diplomatic clearance to enter foreign territorial waters.
Captains/Masters of military vessels are reminded to make sure that the period of time they have applied for takes
into account the possibility of their vessel finishing the Race early and arriving in port outside the published official
port dates. They are also advised to ensure that they have clearance for the Cruise-in-Company area of sailing and
intended visit ports.
The Tall Ships Races usually attract hundreds of thousands of visitors during the festivities in the host ports, and
there is often huge interest in visiting ships. It is therefore greatly appreciated if ships would open their decks to
the public.
Whilst it remains at the discretion of the Captain/Master to decide ship opening times, ports have suggested that
the following times would be appropriate for ships to be opened to the public:
A Coruña
Times between 1000 and 2100
Times between 1000 and 2100
Times between 1000 and 2100
Times between 1000 and 2100
7 July to 10 July
(Local Times)
Thursday July 7
All participating vessels to be in Port
Ships are open to the public
Free cultural program (Programme will be formalized in March)
Sports competitions for participating crews
Opening Ceremony (City Hall, Grote Markt 1)
Captains’ Dinner (Location: RYCB - TBC)
Friday July 8
Ships are open to the public
Sports activities for participating crews
Free cultural programme
Reception Young Belgium Crew (City Hall, Grote Markt 1 - TBC)
Crew Parade (Route TBD)
Prize Giving Ceremony (Outdoor stage MAS)
Crew Party (Location TBD)
Saturday July 9
Ships are open to the public
Free cultural programme
Captains’ Briefing, Marquee at Eiland Rijnkaai
Afterguard Party (Optional – TBD)
Sunday July 10
Official Fleet Undocking Time
Tall Ships Parade
22 July – 25 July
(Local Times)
Thursday 21 July
Cultural/Sports programs for participating crew arriving early
School Field trips / sponsors / partners /VIP´s - 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Sponsors Only – Night
Friday 22 July
Event area Open
Opening Ceremony
Deadline for participating vessels to be in port
Sports Competition
Navy Band Concert
Captains´ Gala Dinner
Event Open
Lisbon folk
Crew Parade and Prize Giving
Crew Party
Event area open
Lisbon folk
Mass Celebration
Closing Night / Fireworks
Event area open
Tall Ships Parade
Saturday 23 July
Sunday 24 July
Monday 25 July
28 July to 31 July
(Local Times)
Thursday 28 July:
1200 – 0300
1800 – 2000
Event area open
Official Opening Event area
Deadline for participating vessels to be in port.
Crew activities
Captains’ Dinner
1100 - 0300
1100 – 1400
Event area Open
Crew Activities
Crew Parade
Prize giving
Crew Party
Friday 29 July:
Saturday 30 July:
1100 – 0400
Event area open
1100 – 1400 Crew Activities
Captains Briefing
Sunday 31 July :
1000 – 1800
From 1400
Event area open.
Official undocking
Tall Ships Parade
Race Start
11 to 14 August
(Local Times)
Wednesday 10 August
Early arrivals
1000 – 1900
Crew activities
1000 – 1900
Deadline for participating vessels to be in port
Opening Ceremony
Crew activities
Captains’ Dinner
1000 – 1400
1700 - 1900
Crew activities
Crew Parade and Prize Giving
Crew Party
Thursday 11 August
Friday 12 August
Saturday 13 August
1000 – 1400
1600 – 1700
Crew activities
Captains’ Briefing
0900 - 1100
1200 - 1400
Official Start of Fleet Undocking
Tall Ships Parade
Sunday 14 August
The courses given below are provisional and may be changed. Confirmation of the courses to be sailed will be given
during the Captains’ Briefing in each race start port. Confirmation of the courses is also published in the SAILING &
COMMUNICATIONS INSTRUCTIONS which Captains/Masters collect from the Sail Training International Mobile
Office in Antwerp for Race 1, Lisbon for Race 2 and Cádiz for Race 3.
(Please note that the Race Committee reserve the right to change these race courses)
Race One
Antwerp (7 - 10 July) to Lisbon (22 - 25 July 2016)
Race Start Wednesday 13 July
WP 1
WP 2
WP 3
WP 4
50° 20’ N
003° 23’ W
49° 06’ N
005° 40’ W
48° 45’ N
006° 10’ W
43° 03’ N
009° 23’ W
39° 29’ N
009° 36’ W
38° 42.7’ N
009° 29.2’ W
Depart Antwerp Sun 10 July. 300 n. miles transit to
Torbay for race start.
North of Ushant TSS to PORT
West of Ushant TSS to PORT
Off Cabo Toriñana to PORT
Off Farilhao lighthouse to PORT
Distance of 8 miles at 270°T from Cabo Raso
Race Two
Lisbon (22 – 25 July) to Cádiz (28 – 31 July 2016)
Race Start Monday 25 July
38° 36’ N
009° 29’ W
36° 57’ N
009° 02’ W
36° 35’ N
006° 35’ W
Off Cabo Raso
Off Cape St Vincent to PORT
From this position for a distance of 5 n. miles at
Race Three
Cádiz (28 – 31 July) to Ponta de Sagres (31 July – 3 August 2016)
Ponta de Sagres (3 August) to A Coruña (11 – 14 August)
Race Start Sunday 31 July
36° 36’ N
006° 29’ W
36° 59.6’ N
008° 57’ W
Off Cadiz
From Ponta de Sagres Lighthouse 5 n. miles at
Cruise-in-Company from Ponta de Sagres to A Coruña 3 – 11 August
The addresses below are the official addresses for any mail being sent during the Races either to a vessel or an
individual crew member on board. When addressing mail to anyone in the fleet it is imperative that the NAME OF
THE VESSEL is clearly given in the address.
Fleet’s last full day in port: Saturday 9 July
Fleet’s last full day in port: Sunday 24 July
Name of Individual
Name of Vessel
The Tall Ships Races Antwerp 2016
Port Authority Antwerp
Entrepotkaai 1
2000 Antwerp
Name of Individual
Name of Vessel
The Tall Ships Races 2016 Lisboa-Aporvela
Avenida Infante D Henrique
Portaria LCT
Gare Marítima de Santa Apolónia
1900 Lisboa
Fleet’s last full day in port: Saturday 30 July
Fleet’s last full day in port: Saturday 13 August
Name of Individual
Name of Vessel
The Tall Ships Races Cádiz 2016
Instituto de Fomento
Cuesta de las Calesas 39
11006 Cádiz
Name of Individual
Name of Vessel
The Tall Ships Races A Coruña 2016
Palacio de Deportes de Riazor
Avenida Buenos Aires, s/n
15011 – A Coruña
ANTWERP: Arrival/Transfer Information
By Train
You can easily get to Antwerp by train. National and international trains such as Thalys and Eurostar (as of 2016)
stop in Antwerp-Central Station and Antwerp-Berchem. There are fifteen trains to and from Antwerp every hour.
Eurostar - Thalys - DB -
For travel around Amsterdam: NS -
By Air
Antwerp is situated near two airports. Zaventem is 45 kilometres from Antwerp, or 30 minutes by car. Deurne
Airport is a 15-minute drive from Antwerp. Brussels South Charleroi Airport and Eindhoven Airport are two other
airports from which you can reach Antwerp easily.
Antwerp Airport (7 km from Antwerp City Centre)
Bus (De Lijn): 51, 52, 53 to Antwerp Berchem (15 min.) + transfer to bus 21, 32 or tram 9, 11 to Antwerp
City Centre (Rooseveltplaats). Bus station next to terminal - Fare: € 3
Taxi to Antwerp City Centre (+/- 15 min.) - Fare: +/- € 15
Brussels Airport (45 km from Antwerp City Centre)
Train: “Brussels Airport Express” (34 min.) Antwerpen Centraal (Central Station)
Railway station (NMBS) at level -1 - Fare: € 12,40
Bus: “Airport Express (+/- 45 min.) Antwerpen (G. Le Grellelaan – Crowne Plaza hotel and Koningin
Astridplein – Central Station) Bus station at level 0 - Fare: € 10
Taxi to Antwerp City Centre (+/- 40 min.) - Fare: +/- € 75
Brussels South Charleroi Airport (115 km from Antwerp City Centre)
Train (+/- 120 min.) Antwerpen Centraal (Central Station)
Bus station to Charleroi train station next to terminal - Fare: +/- € 17
Taxi to Antwerp City Centre (+/- 75 min.) - Fare: +/- € 170
Eindhoven Airport (87 km from Antwerp City Centre)
Bus DB Bahn (+/- 75 min) Antwerpen Centraal (Central Station).
Bus station next to terminal - Fare: from € 9
Taxi to Antwerp City Centre (+/- 60 min.) Fare: +/- € 110
By Car
Antwerp is located at a central junction of several European motorways and can be easily reached by car. Bear in
mind that traffic on the Antwerp Ring road can be heavy at times and that various large construction projects are
planned in the period from 2015 until 2022, which will cause significant traffic disruptions.
From Amsterdam-Breda (E19) or from Bergen op Zoom (A12)
Take exit 1, Antwerpen-Centrum (Merksem). Follow the signs for Antwerpen-Centrum, along Groenendaallaan and
the Noorderlaan viaducts. For the historic city centre - continue along Londenstraat and Amsterdamstraat after the
Noorderlaan viaduct. At the top of Amsterdamstraat, turn left at the traffic lights onto the Scheldt quays.
For the Meir/Central Station - continue along Italiëlei and the boulevards (Leien) after the Noorderlaan viaduct.
From Cologne – Aachen – Liège – Hasselt (E40 - E314 - E 313)
From Eindhoven (E34)
From Paris - Brussels (E19)
From Brussels (A12)
From Lille - Kortrijk - Ghent (E17) or Ostend - Bruges (E40), via Ghent (E17)
More information
LISBON: Arrival/Transfer Information
The event will be held on the antique part of the city, 15 min away from the airport, right next to the city’s main
train station and has really good accesses by public transports like bus and the metro.
The Village for the Tall Ships Races Lisbon 2016 is located at the new Lisbon Cruise Terminal, nearby the historical
and cultural city center.
GPS coordinates: 38.713328, -9.121635
By Air
Besides Lisbon Airport (15 min away from the event site) there are two other airports in Portugal with several low
cost companies operating:
• Faro Airport, 300 km south of Lisbon
• Oporto Airport, 300 km north of Lisbon
On both cases, there are good connections to Lisbon either by train or bus.
How to get to the event from Lisbon airport
The Aerobus connects Lisbon International Airport to the City centre and main road and rail terminals.
Buses passing by: 208 (dawn service), 705, 708, 722, 731, 744, 750, 783.
Metro: Red Line to São Sebastião // Blue Line to Santa Apolónia
To view other routes and timetables for Buses
By train
As mentioned above, the city’s main train station called “Lisboa - Santa Apolónia” is located 2 min walking distance
from the berthing area.
From Cascais: Cascais Line CP direction Cais do Sodre | Metro or bus directions below;
From Azambuja: Azambuja Line CP towards Alcântara-Terra to Santa Apoónia;
From Alcântara-Terra: Azambuja Line CP direction to Santa Apolónia.
From Oriente: Regional, Urban or InterRegional trains to Santa Apolónia.
For further information on schedules and routes (national or international) visit
By Road
There are several international bus companies operating trips to Portugal/Lisbon.
From Martim Moniz: no 734
From Portela de Sacavém: no 728
From Cais do Sodré: no 206, 210, 706, 781, 782
From Alcântara: no 712
From Oriente: no 759, 794
From Aeroporto: Bus AEROBUS
To view other routes and timetables
For further information on schedules and routes inside Portugal, visit
By Metro
From Amadora, Sete-Rios, Marquês de Pombal and Baixa-Chiado: Blue Line to Santa Apolónia.
From Oriente: Red Line to Alameda // Green Line to Baixa-Chiado // Blue Line to Santa Apolónia.
From Odivelas: Yellow Line to Marquês de Pombal // Blue Line to Santa Apolónia.
From Telheiras, Areeiro, Rossio: Green Line to Baixa-Chiado // Blue Line to Santa Apolónia.
From the Airport: Red Line to São Sebastião // Blue Line to Santa Apolónia
To view other routes and timetables
By Boat
From Trafaria: To Belém // Cascais Line CP direction Cais do Sodre // Metro or bus directions above.
From Cacilhas or Seixal: To Cais do Sodré // Metro or bus directions above.
From Montijo or Barreiro: To Praça de Comércio // Metro Blue Line to Santa Apolónia.
To view other routes and timetables
Santa Apolónia (Vessels – class A and B)
Pedrouços (Vessels – class C and D)
CÁDIZ: Arrival/Transfer Information
Cádiz is situated in the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula on the Atlantic coast in the region of Andalusia. Cádiz
has very good communications by air, rail and road.
By Air:
The nearest airport is Jerez de la Frontera 40 kms. There are direct flights to Jerez from Madrid and Barcelona as
well as charter flights from the UK , Germany and some other European countries. In high season Ryan Air operate
a direct flight from London. There is a train that links the airport with Cadiz. There is no bus service.
Seville airport is 100 kms away, with many direct flights to European destinations, London, Paris, Frankfurt etc
Malaga Airport. is 250 kms away with many direct flights from all over Europe. By car it takes under 3 hours to
drive to Cdiz.
Gibraltar Airport is about 100 kms away and has good flight links with the UK: London Gatwick, Bristol, Manchester
etc. There is a good motorway connection with Cádiz.
By Rail:
Cádiz has a high speed rail link with Madrid that takes about 3.5 hours. There are also direct services to cities north
of Madrid such as Zaragoza or Barcelona.
There is a regular service from Seville that takes about an hour and also a service to and from Jerez airport.
By Car:
Cádiz has excellent motorway links to major cities such as Seville (1.15 hrs), Malaga (3 hrs) Madrid (5hrs).
There is also a good motorway link with Portugal to Lisbon.
By Coach:
Cádiz has a coach station with direct services to Seville, Malaga, Madrid and many other cities.
Car Rental: All airports provide a wide range of Car Rental Services.
A CORUÑA: Arrival/Transfer Information
Extra and detailed information on the following link:
A Coruña is situated on the Northwest coast of Spain and has excellent access to transportation, which makes it an
ideal location for the TSR.
By Air
A Coruña Airport, Alvedro (LCG), is situated just 9 km from the city centre and the harbour. There are daily flights
to and from London/Heathrow (LHR), Madrid (MAD), Barcelona (BCN), Lisbon (LIS), Sevilla (SVQ), Bilbao (BIO) and
Valencia (VLC). Low-cost to other destinations in summer. For flight information check the airlines and the spanish
airports websites:
Airport Bus operates every 15 minutes Monday to Friday and every 60 minutes on Saturday and Sunday from
outside the airport to the city center of A Coruña in front of the harbour. The service operates between 0715 and
2200. Tickect €1,50.
Taxi. The trip to/from A Coruña costs between €15 and €20.
Closest airports:
Santiago de Compostela (SCQ), 75 km from A Coruña
Vigo (VIG), 175 km from A Coruña
Asturias, Avilés (OVD), 245 km from A Coruña
Porto (OPO), 285 km from A Coruña
By Train
Daily route from Madrid. Plenty of frecuencies from Vigo and Santiago de Compostela. The train station is located
in 2,5 km from the harbour. Buses and taxis available.
More information on the following link:
By Bus
Several companies have direct daily bus connections with Madrid, Vigo, Santiago de Compostela, Avilés and other
destinations in NW of Spain. The bus station is close to the train station, with easy to access to the harbour.
Useful websites:
By Car
A Coruña is connected by motorway up to the Portuguese border (187 km), up to the French border (660 km) and
Madrid (591 km), among other destinations.
In A Coruña, the principal company, Car Rent, operates with offices in the city centre, train station and airport.
DelfSail, Delfzijl
The Netherlands
Wed 29 June – Sun 3 July, 2016
The Tall Ships Races
Antwerp, Belgium
Thurs 7 to Sun 10 July
Lisbon, Portugal
Fri 22 to Mon 25 July
Cadiz, Spain
Thurs 28 to Sun 31 July
A Coruña, Spain
Thurs 11 to Sun 14 August
Race 1
Race 2
Race 3/Cruise-in-Company
North Sea Tall Ships Regatta
Blyth, UK
Fri 26 to Mon 29 August
Gothenburg, Sweden
Sat 3 to Tues 6 September
SCF Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta
Constanta, Romania
Thurs 8 to Sun 11 September
Novorossiysk, Russia
Fri 16 to Mon 19 September
Sochi, Russia
Wed 21 to Sun 25 September
Varna, Bulgaria
Sat 1 to Tues 4 October
Den Helder
The Netherlands
Thurs 22 – Sun 25 June, 2017
The Tall Ships Races
Halmstad, Sweden
Fri 30 June to Mon 3 July
Kotka, Finland
Thurs 13 to Sun 16 July
Turku, Finland
Thurs 20 to Sun 23 July
Klaipeda, Lithuania
Sat 29 July to Tues 1 August
Szczecin, Poland
Sat 5 to Tues 8 August
Race 1
Race 2
Race 3
Rendez-vous 2017 Tall Ships Regatta, Quebec – Canada
Royal Greenwich, UK
13 to 16 April
Sines, Portugal
29 April to 1 May
1 – 6 June
Boston, USA
17 to 22 June
Gulf of St Lawrence Ports
30 June to 3 July
Quebec City, Canada
18 to 23 July
Canadian Race Start Port
28 to 31 July
Le Havre, France
31 August to 3 September
Race 1
Race 2
Race 3
Race 4
Guest Ports Programme 1
Guest Ports Programme 2
Race 5
Biscay Tall Ships Regatta
25 May – 18 June (TBC)
Ports to be announced shortly
The Tall Ships Races
Sunderland, UK
Wed 11 – Sat 14 July
Esbjerg, Denmark
Wed 18 – Sat 21 July
Stavanger, Norway
Thurs 26 – Sun 29 July
Harlingen, The
Fri 3 – Mon 6 August
Race 1
Race 2
The Tall Ships Races
Aalborg, Denmark
Dates TBC
Fredrikstad, Norway
Dates TBC
Bergen, Norway
Dates TBC
Aarhus, Denmark
Dates TBC
Race 1
Race 2

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