Matura Prime Time Pre-intermediate Quick Test 3.1B (3a


Matura Prime Time Pre-intermediate Quick Test 3.1B (3a
SCORE: …………………………… / 15
I. Uzupełnij wyrazy. (5 pkt)
1. After the Battle of Hastings in 1066, the Normans conquered Britain.
2. Juan Sebastián Elcano was the first man who sailed around the world.
3. The Vitruvian Man is one Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous drawings.
4. Some people believe that an ancient curse killed those who entered Tutankhamun’s tomb.
5. It is important for farmers to harvest their crops on time.
II. Uzupełnij zdania czasownikami z listy w czasie past simple. (6 pkt)
1. We don’t know who invented the wheel, but imagine how it changed everything.
2. Ancient Greeks never ate meat unless it was sacrificed to a god.
3. Princess Elizabeth, the King’s eldest daughter, became Queen Elizabeth II in 1952.
4. According to tradition, St George fought against a dragon.
5. Do you know who designed the first website?
6. Neil Armstrong was the first astronaut who landed on the moon.
III. Zadaj pytania do podkreślonych części zdania. (4 pkt)
1. Thomas Alva Edison designed a light bulb in 1879.
When did Thomas Alva Edison design a light bulb?
2. He stayed at home because he had a lot of homework.
Why did he stay at home?
3. Queen Victoria ruled over Britain for over sixty years.
Who ruled over Britain for over sixty years?
4. Charles Dickens wrote The Great Expectations.
Which book did Charles Dickens write?
Matura Prime Time Pre-intermediate
Quick Test 3.1B (3a-3d)