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pytania -
26 września obchodziliśmy Dzień Języków Obcych
Uczniowie ZS nr 5 w Wałbrzychu mieli okazję do wzięcia udziału w ciekawych zajęciach języka
obcego przygotowanych z okazji dnia języków obcych. Lekcje języka obcego w tym dniu były
poświęcone quizom dotyczącym wiedzy na temat trzech państw: Wielkiej Brytanii, Niemiec i Francji.
Każdy quiz został przygotowany w języku angielskim, który stał się już dla większości europejczyków
łaciną XXI w. Dla tych uczniów, którzy nie mogli uczestniczyć w zajęciach a chcieliby sprawdzić poziom
swojej wiedzy na temat trzech wybranych państw prezentujemy pytania:
Question1: What is the title of the British national anthem?
Q2: What is the Polish equivalent of the English proverb. “to make hay while the sun shines”
Q3: Name at least 3 famous writers, apart from Shakespeare, who wrote in English?
Q4: Can you decode the abbreviations VAT or SOS
Q5: “There’s so much life running through my veins.” Whose song are the words taken from?
Q6: What are the two shortest English words?
Q7: What’s the British equivalent of the American word “elevator”
Q8: . What does this slang sentence mean in Standard English? “I ain’t gonna be kidding you no
Q9: Establish the correct order of the university degrees from the lowest to the highest: MA, BA,
Professor, PHD
Q10: Who is a sandwich man?
a: somebody who sells sandwiches
b: a person who carries adverts in front of and behind him
Q11: What are the original titles of the Lord of the Rings trilogy? Name all three.
Q12: What’s this vegetable? Decode: GEBCABA
Q1: Which German word is the name of a very popular fast food?
Q2: What does “Volkswagen” mean?
Q3: Translate into German the title of a well-known Christmas carol “Silent Night, Holy Night”
Q4: What’s the second highest grade in German schools?
Q5: Which nationality was the famous Dr Frankenstein in the book by Mary Shelley?
Q6: Which American president said: “Ich bin ein Berliner.
a. Ronald Regan
b. Jimmy Carter
c. John F. Kennedy
Q7: How do you call “a plane” in German?
Q8: Which sea do the German people have in mind when they say “Ostsee”?
Q9: What is “Die Toten Hosen?”
Q10: In Polish there are 7 grammatical cases – how many are there in German?
Q11: Which of the following would you NOT want to eat: Pommes Frites, Becher, Wurst, Gemüse?
Q12: What does a German person say if something is broken?
Q1: Give the meaning of at least one of these French phrases: “haute couture” or “Pret-a-Porter”
Q2: What are some other countries where French is the official language? Name two.
Q3: How do you behave if somebody gives you a “carte blanche”?
Q4: Who created the story about the Three Musketeers?
Q5: What French words are used by the English? Name at least 2
Q6: How do the English call the “La Manche” Channel
Q7: How do you call “ a frog” in French?
a. frogelle
b. grenouille
c. courgette
Q8: Name at least one title of a French newspaper.
Q9: What is the meaning of the phrase “Cest la vie”?
Q10: What is TGV in France ?
Q11: What are the original French titles of Kieślowski’s trilogy “Blue”, “White”, “Red”
Q12: What is the a C-shaped, sweet bun (or roll) called by the French?
Anna Kucemba

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