Parish Events - St. Thomas of Villanova



Parish Events - St. Thomas of Villanova
Parish Information
Rev. Tom Rzepiela, Pastor
Rev. Marcin Zasada, Associate Pastor
Rev. Martin Luboyera, Weekend Assoc.
Rev. Ray Yadron, Pastor Emeritus
Permanent Deacons
Deacon John Breit
Deacon Tom Dunne
Deacon Len Marturano
Deacon Rich Willer
Director of Bereavement
Connie West
Director of Ministry of Care
Deacon Thomas Dunne
Music Minister
Marcy Weckler Barr
Parish Manager
Ron Schaefer
Parish Office Staff
Joseph Spano, Admin. Assistant
Meaghan Spano, Admin. Assistant
Suzie Walczynski, Bulletin Editor
Carol Wilson, Financial Secretary
Youth Minister
Jeff Walczynski
Pastoral Council
Norbert Krogstad, Chairman
Tom Heidenfelder Kathy Sauerland
Ann Johnson
Rev. Thomas Rzepiela
Steve Lundell
Ron Schaefer
Jane Murguia
Rev. Marcin Zasada
School Information: 847-358-2110
Mary Brinkman, Principal
Stephanie Hardy, Assistant Principal
Darcy Moder, Morning Admin. Asst.
Sheila O’Shea, Afternoon Admin. Asst.
1141 E Anderson Dr. Palatine, IL 60074
FAX 847-776-1435
email: [email protected]
1201 E. Anderson Drive, Palatine, IL 60074
Phone: 847-358-6999 Fax: 847-934-4919
7:30am, 9:30am, 11:15am
1:30pm (Polish)
6:30am (Communion Service)
8:00am (Including Saturday)
Saturdays 8:30am—9:30am
BAPTISM: Parents are required to attend a Baptism Preparation class preferable before the
baby is born to avoid babysitting concerns. Baptisms are celebrated on most Sundays following
the 11:15am Mass. Call the Parish Office for more information.
Upcoming Baptism Prep Classes : Aug 24—Donna & John Breit 847-359-2870;
Sep 7—Brigid & Marc Janiak 847-826-5493; Sep 28—Brigid & Marc Janiak
MARRIAGE: Arrangements for the celebration of marriage should be made at least six (6)
months prior to your planned wedding date. Call Deacon Tom Dunne for more information.
NEW PARISHIONERS: All are welcome! Call the Parish Office to set up an
appointment to register and learn more about our Parish.
BECOMING A CATHOLIC: Adults who were never baptized in any faith, who were
baptized in another Christian faith and who wish to become Catholic, and baptized Catholics
who have never received the Sacraments of Confirmation and/or Eucharist. Contact Tom at
847-971-4419 / [email protected] Brochures are in the Gathering Area.
COMMUNION FOR HOMEBOUND: Ministers of Care are available to bring
Communion to the homebound. Contact Deacon Tom Dunne for more information.
PRAYERS FOR THE SICK: Call the Parish Office to add your name to our sick list.
Due to patient privacy (HIPAA Law), only the ailing person or, in case of their incapacitation, the
person delegated for their medical care, can add their name to the sick list.
PRAYERS FOR MILITARY PERSONNEL: If you know someone serving in the
military, please contact the Parish Office so our faith community may pray for them.
BULLETIN DEADLINE: Articles for the bulletin are due by Friday—9 days before
publication date and can be emailed to: [email protected]
Our Websites
Religious Education: 847-358-2386
Mary Strybel, Coordinator
Lisa Lechowicz, Admin. Assistant
Meaghan Spano, Admin. Assistant
1141 E Anderson Dr, Palatine, IL 60074
email: [email protected]
Religious Education:
Youth Group:
Second Homily
Dear Parish Family of St. Thomas,
Yes, that was me you saw at our Palatine Police Station recently—minus handcuffs. I had a
most delightful appointment with Police Chief Alan Stoeckel and with Deputy Police Chief
Mike Seebacher. On your behalf, I promised them your prayers of protection and your
prayers of gratitude for all that the Police Department does for our parishioners and townspeople. They were most pleased when we presented them with your signed poster boards. They were going
to present the posters to all personnel at their next shift’s roll call. You will see pictures in today’s bulletin of
the new special medallion which they presented to me! I accepted the medallion on behalf of all of you! You
will notice that it shows badge number 1 from the Palatine Police Department from 1866. Once again,
remember to pray for all the Police Personnel of Palatine, Arlington Heights, Chicago and all of our cities.
I would like to share with you another Pastor’s column from his parish bulletin. Father John Clemens, a very
good friend of mine for fifty-five years and a priest classmate of mine, is the Pastor of Our Lady of Hope
Parish in Rosemont. He recently wrote:
“I don’t have that much to write about today, but I have a great deal that I want to get off my chest. I am
appalled at the constant violence that occurs in our city streets and all countries of our world. I am sick of
waking up and hearing the latest murder or terrorist bombing or mass shooting. I am tired of people dishonoring the fine policeman who defend us because of a few cops who should be in jail for what they have
done. I feel the same way about these accusations about the police that I did about the priest’s scandal.
Sure there are some bad apples in the bunch, but not all of the crop is bad. I don’t think all cops should be
targeted because of the actions of a few. How do all these guys with automatic weapons get them? I am all
for the rights of Americans to bear arms, but I don’t see why you need an automatic weapon to hunt a deer
or defend yourself. I don’t understand why we can’t get a compromise between the people who want to
carry guns and those who want automatic weapons to be banned except in the hands of the police.
I don’t get why we have so little respect for life that we accept violence as a way of life. We are followers of
Christ and, as such, we need to be campaigners for life from conception to natural death. I just want to say
that we are all a part of this world, and we need to do something about changing the culture of death that
allows these atrocities to occur in our world. We cannot accept this behavior from anyone; and for
whatever reason, we must continue to pray and work for peace in any way we can. We need to support
whatever brings peace and forgiveness, and love and life. We need to continue to fight all things and
peoples that promote death and hate and violence. I am sorry to rant, but I can’t get these things off my
mind. I hope that all of you join me in praying for peace and an end to violence in all situations. I would
suggest that all of us spend one hour in prayer each week for the sole intention of peace and an end to
violence in our world. I hope you will join me.”
All I can say is… Amen.
Your Pastor,
Rev. Thomas R. Rzepiela
P.S. Our STV School started Wednesday! Some preschoolers were crying, but more moms were in tears.
Parish Events
Sunday, August 21
9:00am VOICES Car Wash
9:40am Children’s Liturgy of the Word MRD
YOUTH GROUP CAR WASH 9am—1pm; School Parking Lot
Monday, August 22
STV School Athletics
Knights of Columbus MRA & B
First Degree Ceremony
Tuesday, August 23
∼ Wednesday, August 24 at 1pm; Lunch at Sam’s in Arlington Heights—
STV School Athletics
Catechist Meeting
MR1 & 2
STV Sports Parent Mtg
K of C—ID Drive Meeting MRC
1863 W Central Rd. Call Don: 847-991-3569
∼ Wednesday, August 31st at 8am; Mass will be offered for all living &
deceased Golden Villanovans
Wednesday, August 24
Eucharistic Adoration
A.A. (Closed Meeting)
Thursday, August 25
STV School Athletics
STV School
Curriculum Night
Saturday, August 27
Sunday, August 28
9:40am Children’s Liturgy of the Word
ART & ENVIRONMENT MEETING Thursday, August 25 (See below)
MARILYN’S BOOK CLUB Saturday, August 27. Noon at Café 14,
Pala ne. What She LeŌ Behind by Ellen Marie Wiseman.
SCRIPTURE STUDY SIGN-UP Weekend of August 27/28. (Page 10)
No Activities
Morning Bible Study
Prison Ministry Meeting
& B. Cost: $3 per person; $5 per person plus guest. RSVP to Maureen
Penkava by Thursday, September 8 847-358-2586
Friday, August 26
∼ Wednesday, September 14 at 1pm; Annual Picnic in mee ng rooms A
After School Care
Our School is hiring! We need caring,
fun and energe c A er School Care
helpers. Must be at least 18 years
old. Virtus trained. Flexible days;
hours from 2:30pm to 6pm. Please
contact the School Office at
847-358-2110, if you are interested.
The residents and Li le Sister of the Poor invite you to share in
their celebra on of 50 years of Loving Care at St. Joseph’s
Home for the Elderly. A Mass of Thanksgiving will be celebrated by Most Reverend Gerald F. Kicanas, Bishop of Tucson on
Saturday, August 27, 4:30pm at the Chapel of St. Joseph’s Home, Pala ne.
A recep on will be immediately following. Please RSVP : 847-358-5700 x136
Do you like the décor in our worship space? Do you
have a knack for making things look nice? Do you enjoy
tending plants and flowers? Or do you just like to pitch
in wherever you can?
Our Art & Environment Commi ee gratefully invites
you to our annual INFORMATION AND PLANNING SESSION. This is your chance to meet the team and take stock of what we will be doing
over the next year. PLEASE BRING A FRIEND...we can always use more volunteers.
Pam Maloney's House – 261 Clark Dr, PalaƟne
Thursday, August 25 from 6:30pm – 8:00pm or thereabouts
If you have ques ons, contact Vera Muir at [email protected] or 847-991-5249.
Parish Events
I cannot believe it is already here! Summer has gone by way
too fast! Over the course of this summer, I have experienced
a lot of useful ps and general knowledge while working for
the Archdiocese of Chicago in four different capaci es: as an
administra ve assistant at both the Archbishop Quigley
Pastoral Center and the Catholic Cemeteries of Chicago, and
con nuing being a sacristan at Holy Name Cathedral and
being a Master of Ceremonies for Bishop Rassas. I am very
grateful for the countless opportuni es God has given me this summer, for
the people I have met and the memories I have made. I am confident that
this summer has posi vely allowed me to grow as a follower of Jesus Christ
and desire more earnestly to be ordained a priest.
This week, I move back to St. Joseph College Seminary at Loyola University
Chicago for my SENIOR YEAR! I am very excited to begin the classes for the
fall semester. I will be taking Spanish, Women and Religion, Introduc on to
Buddhism, Math, Voice, and Catholic Music in Liturgy. Pray that the inevitable
seniori s does not get the best of me these final two semesters of my college
Please con nue to keep me close in prayer, as I enter my final year at the college seminary, and also as I begin to apply to St. Mary of the Lake/Mundelein
Seminary for the next four years of my studies. At the end of those four years,
I will God-willing, be ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Chicago in May
of 2021. If you wish, you can contact me for any reason, or just to say hi.
Andy MaƟjevic
St. Joseph College Seminary
1120 West Loyola Ave
Chicago, IL 60626
andy.maƟ[email protected]
Be assured of my prayers for you and those you love!
See you at the Table of the Lord!
Seminarian Andy Matijevic
YAM—Northwest Chicago is gathering young adults in their 20s
and 30s for the following events. Come join us and meet other
young adults in the area!
Thursday, Aug. 25, 7pm : Adam and I Concert, Holy Family Parish,
Monday, Aug. 29, 7pm: Praying in Color , St. Julian Eymard, Elk Grove
Friday, Sep. 9, 7:45pm: Feed My Starving Children Service Night,
To RSVP or informa on: or email us at
[email protected]
If you had a child bap zed more
than one year ago, please remove
your felt "li le person" from the
display in the narthex. Otherwise,
our ministry will remove them on
October 1st to make room for new
"li le people."
Have you been looking for a way to
get involved at STV? Do you love
the sacrament of bap sm? Our
ministry is looking for a new host
couple! The me commitment is
minimal, but the blessings you'll
receive are boun ful. If you are
interested in joining our team,
please call Lisa Korney at 630-9457753. She'd be happy to answer
any ques ons you might have.
Have you completed the homework assigned to you by this year's
Lenten mission priest, Father Tom
McCarthy? You might recall that
he challenged each of us to a end
the bap sm of a child to whom we
have no rela on. We want to
remind you that a bap sm is a
great event to a end to show your
support of a child's ini a on into
our faith - whether or not you
know the child personally!
Growing Your Faith
STVSS 2016-2017
FRIDAY MORNINGS; 9:30am—11:15am
Beginning September 23, 2016
TUESDAY EVENINGS; 7:00pm– 8:45pm
Beginning September 27, 2016
Doors of Mercy (8 weeks) - $30
Luke: The Gospel of Mercy (18 weeks starƟng Friday, November 18
or Tuesday, November 22) - $47
SATURDAY MORNINGS; 8:45am—10:45am
Beginning September 24, 2016
The Prophets: Messengers of God’s Mercy (10 weeks) - $24
MONDAY EVENINGS; 7:00pm—9:00pm
Beginning September 26, 2016
GalaƟans: Set Free to Live (8 weeks) - $24
SATURDAY MORNINGS; 8:45am—10:45am
Beginning January 7, 2017
Exodus: Called to Freedom (10 weeks) - $24
MONDAY EVENINGS; 7:00pm—9:00pm
Beginning January 9, 2017
The Prophets: Messengers of God’s Mercy (10 weeks) - $24
Please Join Us!
Scholarships Available. Flyers in the Kiosk in the Gathering Area
QuesƟons: Contact Nancy Hulsebosch [email protected] or 847-705-9314.
2017 Fiscal Year Sunday Sacrificial Giving
Over / Under
August 7
$ 30,426.91
$ 2,913.00
$ 34,918.33*
$ 11,218.33
August 14
$ 22,133.39
$ 1,758.00
$ 23,891.39
$ 191.39
Budget: $23,700
August 21
YTD Budget
$ 165,900.00
YTD Actual
$ 162,593.89
Over / Under
(- $ 3,306.11)
August 28
* Includes a $1,578.42 stock donaƟon
Changes for the 16th Annual Mission Trip
Last year for our 15th annual mission trip, we raised over $6000 and sent 27 volunteers to Chavies
Kentucky to help two families with much needed repairs inside and outside of their homes. I want
to thank the generosity of our parish once again for helping make last year a successful trip.
A er 15 years of leading the ASP Ministry, JP Hulsebosch officially stepped down from that roll at the end of last year’s trip.
Unfortunately plans for a new team leader to con nue the ASP Ministry at St Thomas have fallen through, leaving the ministry
leaderless heading into this year’s trip. In order to s ll have a mission trip this year, the scope of the trip is being cut back.
This year there will ONLY be a full week trip, which is scheduled from Sunday October 9th to Saturday October 15th. There will NOT
be any planning mee ngs to coordinate this year’s trip. JP has agreed to coordinate volunteers and trip logis cs and answer
ques ons to make this trip s ll occur. Therefore, if you are interested in a ending the trip, please contact JP Hulsebosch to get on
the list. He will provide details of logis cs, costs, car pools, etc. If you have ques ons or want to know more about the trip,
contact JP as well. He can be contacted by email or phone: [email protected] or 847-208-8420
There are only 18 slots available for this year’s trip, so please sign up ASAP. Registra on for the trip will close September 19th or
when all slots are full.
The 2nd big change this year is in response to the terrible floods that occurred in the spring in West Virginia, which devastated one
of the poorest areas served by ASP. As a result, ASP redirected much of their summer program this year to help those
affected by these floods. Unfortunately, with the amount of devasta on caused, this s ll wasn’t enough to help everyone.
Therefore ASP has decided to redirect the resources that would normally assist in Chavies KY for the next year into the West
Virginia area. At the request of ASP, we will be sending our volunteers to Guyan Valley, West Virginia for this year’s mission trip.
We again are asking for your financial support for materials and supplies. Look for the ASP envelope in today’s Church bulle n for
your ASP contribu on (or use any envelope and write “ASP” on it). Drop it in the baskets or return it to the parish office by Friday
September 30, 2016. Your generosity has helped us do much more on our trips than we would otherwise be able to do – please
be generous again!
Please pray for the mission volunteers and especially the families they will be helping who are in desperate need of a Warmer,
Safer and Drier home. Add a prayer asking for new leaders for the ASP Ministry to ensure that there are future mission trips.
Of Guns and Pacifism
The Gospels tell us that a er King Herod
died, an angel appeared in a dream to
Joseph in Egypt, telling him: “Get up!
Take the Child and His Mother and go to
the land of Israel, for those seeking the
Child’s life are now dead.” (Ma hew 2,
19-20). The angel, it would seem, spoke
prematurely, the Child, the InfantChrist, was s ll in danger, is s ll in
danger, is s ll mortally threatened, and
is s ll being tracked down, right to this
God s ll lies vulnerable and helpless in
our world and is forever under a ack.
All forms of violence, of aggression, of
in mida on, of bullying, of egoparading, of seeking advantage, are s ll
trying to kill the child. And the Child is
threatened too in less-overt ways,
namely, whenever we turn a blind eye
on those who lie helpless and exposed
in war, poverty, and economic injus ce,
we are s ll killing the Child. Herod may
be dead, but he has many friends. The
child is forever threatened.
protec on, believing that there was an
unbridgeable incongruity between what
they had vowed themselves to and the
presence of guns inside their
monastery. Moreover, a er that ini al
encounter with armed terrorists, their
Abbo , Chris an de Cherge, introduced
a special mantra into his daily prayer:
Disarm me! Lord, disarm me! Living
under the threat of arms, he prayed
daily to remain disarmed, physically
helpless against poten al a ack, to be
like a newborn child, like the newborn
Jesus, exposed and helpless before the
threat of violence.
But that’s not an easy thing to imitate,
especially since most everything in our
world today beckons us towards its
opposite, namely, to arm ourselves, to
counter every threat, gun for gun, to
meet all poten al threat with armed
resistance. It’s the mes: Like Chris an
de Cherge and his community of monks,
we too live under the threat of
terrorism and widespread violence.
And our paranoia is heightened as,
Many of us are familiar with the story of daily, our news reports give us images
the Trappist monks in Algeria who were of terrorist shoo ngs, bombings,
beheadings, mass-shoo ng, street
martyred by terrorists in 1996. Some
months before being taken cap ve and violence, and domes c violence. We live
executed, they had been visited by the in violent mes. Understandably there’s
an itch to arm ourselves.
terrorists; ironically on Christmas Eve,
just as they were preparing to celebrate
So how realis c is it to refuse to arm
the Christmas Eve Eucharist. The
ourselves? How realis c is it to pray to
terrorists, heavily armed with guns, le
be disarmed?
a er a tense standoff wherein the
monks would not agree to give them
Chris anity has always defended both
the medical supplies they were
demanding. But the monks, understand- jus fied self-defense and just war.
ably, were badly shaken. What was their Beyond even this, no prudent society
would ever choose to disband its police
response? They went immediately to
force and its military and these,
their chapel and sang the Christmas
mass, pu ng special emphasis on how necessarily, carry guns and other
weapons. Indeed it might be said that
Jesus entered this world radically
those who argue for radical pacifism can
vulnerable and helpless and was
do so only because they are already
immediately under threat. Their
measured, eventual response honored protected by police and soldiers with
guns. It’s not too much of a stretch to
this immediate reac on: Living now
under the threat of death, they refused say that, except for the guns and
weapons that protect us, we all stand
to arm themselves or accept military
helpless before the criminals and
psychopaths of this world. But, that
needs some nuance.
Among other things, there’s s ll a
powerful case to be made for remaining
personally disarmed. The late Cardinal
of Chicago, Francis George, argued it
this way: We need pacifists in the same
way as we need vowed religious
celibates, that is, we need gospelinspired persons to give a par cular,
some mes-singular, witness to what the
Gospels ul mately point to, namely, to a
place beyond our present imagina on, a
heaven within which we will relate to
each other in an in macy which we
cannot yet imagine and where there will
be no arms or weapons. In heaven, we
will be u erly defenseless before each
other. There will be no guns in heaven.
This reality is already imaged in the
newborn Christ, helpless and vulnerable
and already so threatened.
It is also imaged in our own modern-day
pacifists, from Dorothy Day to Mar n
Luther King, from Mother Teresa to
Chris an de Cherge, from Daniel
Berrigan to Larry Rosebaugh, we have
been gi ed by the witness of Gospelinspired persons who, in the face of
physical threat and violence, chose to
risk their lives rather than pick up a gun.
The mes are forcing us too to choose:
Do we arm ourselves or not?
Because those seeking the life of the
child are s ll around, paranoid folks, like
King Herod, killing indiscriminately for
fear that a helpless child might soon
threaten their throne and their
Oblate Father Ron Rolheiser, theologian, teacher,
and award-winning author, is President of the
Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, TX.
God Bless Our Police Personnel
O Almighty God,
Whose great power and eternal wisdom embraces the universe,
Watch over all police and law enforcement officers everywhere.
Protect them from harm in the performance of their duty
to stop crime, robbery, riots and violence.
Help them keep our streets and homes safe, day and night.
We commend them to your loving care because their duty is dangerous.
Grant them strength and courage in their daily assignments.
Dear God, protect these brave men and women.
Grant them your almighty protection.
Unite them safely with their loved ones at the end of shift. Amen.
Our School
From the Principal’s Desk
We’re back! And ready for another year of learning at St. Thomas of Villanova School. Appropriately, we started our
first official school day by praying—praying in thanksgiving for our wonderful school and praying to grow in faith,
knowledge and wisdom during the school year ahead of us. We will be a ending 8:00am Mass every Wednesday and
hope you can join us, as we pray together as a Parish and School.
Gosh, we have so much planned
for this school year. I’ll be sure
to try and share some news each
week in the bulle n so you can
keep up with all the school
As always, thank you for your
support of our STV school. I feel
blessed and privileged to be
principal here. God is good!
Blessings to you,
Mary Brinkman
P.S. Save the date…
Sunday, November 13, 2016
will be the FOSTOVS (Friends
of St. Thomas of Villanova
School) Bears vs. Buccaneers
Fundraiser. Mark your
calendar now!
1st, 5th and 8th graders showing off our new school
uniform dress code after the first School Mass on Wednesday, August 17, 2016.
Navy blue shirts for grades 6, 7 & 8; Red shirts for Primary grades.
(White shirts will be phased out—not enough bleach to keep those clean!)
Kids’ Corner
Jesus said that things would change.
Fr. Tom Rzepiela
Fr. Ray Yadron
Fr. Marcin Zasada
Fr. Tom Rzepiela
Fr. Marcin Zasada
Tom Dunne
Len Marturano
Rich Willer
Fr. Tom Rzepiela
Fr. Ray Yadron
Fr. Marcin Zasada
Fr. Tom Rzepiela
Dennis Young
Jean Pope
Randy Schappert
Frank Maher
Derek Oliver
Jackie Nogle
Chanelle Savich
Ray Savich
Louis Akins
Carol Gabiner
Layne Gabiner
Mick Lasiewicz
Sharon Lasiewicz
Andy Matijevic
Sharon Reiber
Mary Bragiel
Peggy King
Jeanne Monson
Mark Orr
Carole Parsons
Mila Quiaoit
Sarah Rauen
Gay Sladky
Bob Slanicky
Lori Smithe
Rita Snyder
Marilyn Marturano
Theresa Narantic
Jackie Nogle
Kate O'Connell
Kathy Schappert
Randy Schappert
Beth Stowick
Susan Weres
Alice Witt
Eddie Wojek
Rich Willer
Jeanie Landeweer
Laura Klotz
Barbara Hedrich
Bob Haas
Lynn Haas
Tom Cavenagh
Mary Carlson
Karen Barrett
Maureen Treanor
Will Hamilton
Sam Hamilton
Joey Steffens
Ruth Hall
Gabe Pribilski
Ben Pribilski
Mia Martino
Nate Carlson
Michelle Weber
Billy Sloan
Timmy Sloan
Matthew Sloan
Sylvia Schaffer
Bill & Helen Scott
Maureen Penkava
Karen Froelich
T & M Greener
Boni & Mila Quiaoit
Ann Johnson
Mary Ann Kenesey
Donna Koehler
Brian & Sheila O'Shea
Howard Pettinger
B & C Romaniszak
Fr. Marcin Zasada
Our Weekly Prayers
Monday, August 22
6:30am Communion Service
8:00am For All Who Are Sick
Tuesday, August 23
6:30am Communion Service
8:00am  Cheryl Watson
Wednesday, August 24
6:30am Communion Service
8:00am  Greg Baluk
Thursday, August 25
6:30am Communion Service
8:00am For All Police Personnel
Friday, August 26
6:30am Communion Service
8:00am  Richard Thompson
Saturday, August 27
8:00am  Raymond Eme;
 Jennifer Jones
5:00pm For All Living & Deceased
Sunday, August 28
7:30am  Rosemary Vlk;
 Marie Johnson
9:30am  Margaret Selin
11:15am  Marie Kay;  Steve Berry
1:30pm Mass—POLISH
Mon: 2 Thes 1:1-5, 11-12; Ps 96:1-5;
Mt 23:13-22
Tue: 2 Thes 2:1-3a, 14-17; Ps 96:10-13;
Mt 23:23-26
Wed: Rv 21:9b-14; Ps 145:10-13, 17-18;
Jn 1:45-51
Thu: 1 Cor 1:1-9; Ps 145:2-7; Mt 24:42-51
1 Cor 1:17-25; Ps 33:1-2, 4-5, 10-11;
Mt 25:1-13
Sat: 1 Cor 1:26-31; Ps 33:12-13, 18-21;
Mt 25:14-30
Sun: Sir 3:17-18, 20, 28-29; Ps 68:4-7, 10-11;
Heb 12:18-19, 22-24a; Lk 14:1, 7-14
Daily 6:30am Communion Service:
Monday-Friday in Church
Daily 8:00am Mass: Mon-Sat in
EucharisƟc AdoraƟon: Every
Wednesday 6-7pm in Church
Ava Sue Collette
Hunter Harry Hasen
Lou Anderson
Kathy Bell
Cherie Bott
Andy Bouchonville
Baby Billy Callahan
Baby Ray Callahan
Anna Marie Candorla
Leo Casarez
Baby Seamus Cullen
Brenda Darling
Jason Dean
Emily Dempsey
Joyce Diewald
Beth Dix
Kaylyn Dunne
William Dvorak
Daniel Fegan
Jeanne Formanski
Kirk Forseth
Parker Forseth
Mel Gass
Lena Grieco
Ronald Grieco
Adeline Kaczmarek
Mary Anne Kiesel
Wesley Knutson
Mary Alice Kobler
Susan Kordell
Lauren Lambert
Sue Langowski
Sharon Laziewicz
Gene Lazich
Harold Lewis
L.J. Marak
Bob Maruska
Elayne Maruska
Joan Mayer
Candida Morales
Paul Moser
Mary Obey
Ken Oeschger
Boni Quiaoit
Pa y Reynolds
Jack Riedy
Elaine Romanchek
Ken Romanchek
Shawn Smith
John Socha
Joyce Sukowicz
Anne Swaw
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Trudy Unterfenger
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Informacje po polsku (Polish Information)
XXI Niedziela Zwykła – Wejść przez ciasną bramę…
Słyszymy dziś pouczenie Jezusa, zbudowane w oparciu o reguły ówczesnej retoryki.
Ciasną jest brama i wąską droga, która prowadzi do tej rzeczywistości którą my nazywamy Niebem, i niewielu ją znajduje… Przestronną natomiast jest
brama i szeroką droga, która prowadzi człowieka ‘w pole’, na manowce, ku destrukcji i zniszczeniu, i wielu nią, niestety, kroczy…
Co wybierasz zatem…? Alternatywa ta wydaje sie pozornie prosta; nikt przecież nie chciałby doświadczyć ‘zniszczenia’ i zostać pozbawionym
nieprzemijających wartości… tylko dlaczego tak często wybieramy tą ‘przestronną bramę i szeroką drogę…’ dobrej koniunktury, sukcesu i zamożności, dobrobytu i
bogactwa – czyli wszystkie te płaszczyzny i przestrzenie aktywności na których można się pogubić… bo przecież kreują często fałszywe poczucie bezpieczenstwa
i niezależnosci, bo generują nierzadko postawy egoizmu i arogancji, alienacji i izolacji…
Krótka i dosadna jest wypowiedź Jezusa w dzisiejszej Ewangelii i zapadająca w pamięć… Oby zapadła i w nasze serca…
Jednak szybszy i bardziej dramatyczny odwrót polskich
wojsk wymusił wybranie nowej lokalizacji.
Bitwa Warszawska toczyła się w dniach 13-15 sierpnia
1920 r. Rozegrana została zgodnie z planem operacyjnym,
który na podstawie ogólnej koncepcji Józefa Piłsudskiego
opracowali szef sztabu generalnego Tadeusz
Rozwadowski, płk Tadeusz Piskor i kpt. Bronisław
Regulski. Głównym celem operacji było odcięcie korpusu
Gaj-Chana od armii Tuchaczewskiego i od zaplecza oraz
wydanie skoncentrowanej bitwy na przedpolu Warszawy.
Operacja składała się z trzech skoordynowanych, choć
oddzielonych faz: obrony na linii Wieprza, Wkry i Narwi - co
stanowiło rodzaj działań wstępnych; rozstrzygającej
96. rocznica ‘Cudu nad Wisłą’
ofensywy znad Wieprza (na północ, na skrzydło sił
13 sierpnia 1920 roku rozpoczęła się Bitwa
bolszewickich) oraz wyparcia Armii Czerwonej za Narew,
pościgu, osaczenia i rozbicia armii Tuchaczewskiego. W
Na przedpolach Warszawy 13-15 sierpnia 1920 r.
czasie polskich przygotowań do ostatecznego
rozegrała się decydująca batalia wojny polskorozstrzygnięcia bolszewicy zbliżali się do Warszawy.
bolszewickiej. Określana ‘cudem nad Wisłą’ i uznawana za Sądzili, że podda się ona w ciągu kilku godzin. Stolicę miały
przełomową 18. bitwę w historii świata zadecydowała o
bezpośrednio atakować trzy armie: III, XV i XVI, natomiast
niepodległości Polski i uratowała Europę przed
IV Armia wraz z konnym korpusem Gaj-Chana
maszerowała na Włocławek i Toruń z zamiarem przejścia
Konflikt polsko-bolszewicki rozpoczął się właściwie tuż
Wisły na Kujawach, powrotu na południe i wzięcia stolicy w
po odzyskaniu przez Polskę niepodległości. 18 listopada
kleszcze od zachodu. Bitwa Warszawska rozpoczęła się 13
1918 r. przywódca bolszewickiej Rosji Włodzimierz Lenin
sierpnia walką o przedpole stolicy, o Radzymin, który
wydał rozkaz o rozpoczęciu Operacji ‘Wisła’. Dla
kilkanaście razy przechodził z rąk do rąk.
bolszewików pokonanie Polski było celem taktycznym 14 sierpnia działania zaczepne na linii Wkry podjęła 5.
głównym było wsparcie komunistów, którzy w tym samym
Armia gen. Władysława Sikorskiego, mająca przeciw sobie
okresie próbowali rozpocząć rewolucję w Niemczech i w
siły sowieckiej IV i XV armii. W zaciekłej walce pod
krajach powstałych po rozpadzie Austro-Węgier.
modlińską twierdzą wyróżniała się 18. Dywizja
Pierwszy etap walk polsko-bolszewickich, rozpoczęty w Piechoty gen. Franciszka Krajewskiego. Ciężkie boje,
lutym 1919 r., trwał do października 1919 r. Przerwały je na zakończone polskim sukcesem, miały miejsce również pod
trzy miesiące rozmowy pokojowe, które toczyły się w
Pułtuskiem i Serockiem. 16 sierpnia gen. Sikorski śmiałym
Moskwie i w Mikaszewiczach na Polesiu. Rozmowy te były atakiem zdobył Nasielsk. Mimo to inne jednostki sowieckie
swoistą ‘zasłoną dymną’ ze strony bolszewików, którzy cały nie zaprzestały marszu w kierunku Brodnicy, Włocławka i
czas przygotowywali plany inwazji na Polskę. Wstrzymanie Płocka.
działań wojennych z Polską pozwoliło Armii Czerwonej
Jednym z ważnych fragmentów Bitwy Warszawskiej
zadać ciężkie straty wojskom ‘białego generała’ Antona
było zdobycie 15 sierpnia przez kaliski 203. Pułk Ułanów
Denikina, a także zmusić ukraińskiego przywódcę Semena sztabu 4. armii sowieckiej w Ciechanowie, a wraz z nim Petlurę, walczącego zarówno z Rosjanami, jak i z
kancelarii armii, magazynów i jednej z dwóch radiostacji,
Polakami, do wycofania się na terytorium Polski. W
służących Sowietom do utrzymywania łączności z
kwietniu 1920 r. rząd polski zawarł porozumienie z Petlurą - dowództwem w Mińsku. Szybko podjęto decyzję o
w zamian za uznanie przez Ukrainę praw Polski do
przestrojeniu polskiego nadajnika na częstotliwość
Małopolski Wschodniej (zwłaszcza do Lwowa), Polska
sowiecką i rozpoczęciu zagłuszania nadajników wroga,
uznała rząd Ukraińskiej Republiki Ludowej. Podpisano też
dzięki czemu druga z sowieckich radiostacji nie mogła
wspólną konwencję wojskową.
odebrać rozkazów. Warszawa bowiem na tej samej
7 maja 1920 r. siły polsko-ukraińskie wkroczyły do
częstotliwości nadawała przez dwie doby bez przerwy
Kijowa. W tej sytuacji Armia Czerwona rozpoczęła
teksty Pisma Świętego - jedyne wystarczająco obszerne
ofensywę, dowodzoną przez Michaiła Tuchaczewskiego,
teksty, które udało się szybko znaleźć. Brak łączności
jednego z najzdolniejszych dowódców sowieckich.
praktycznie wyeliminował więc sowiecką 4. Armię z bitwy o
Zdecydowany atak Tuchaczewskiego miał na celu zdobycie Warszawę.
Warszawy, jednocześnie armia Siemiona Budionnego
15 sierpnia trwały zacięte walki wojsk polskich z Armią
zaatakowała Polaków w rejonie Lwowa, a korpus kawalerii Czerwoną pod Radzyminem, Ossowem i Zielonką.
Gaj-Chana miał opanować północne Mazowsze, aby w ten Ostatecznie polscy żołnierze, za cenę wielkich strat,
sposób otoczyć i ostatecznie pokonać siły polskie.
utrzymali Radzymin i inne miejscowości, odrzucając
Wydawało się, że stolica jest nie do obrony. Jednak w
bolszewików daleko od swoich pozycji.
czasie, kiedy Armia Czerwona zbierała siły do ostatecznej
16 sierpnia dzięki działaniom marszałka Piłsudskiego
bitwy, Polacy przegrupowali wojska. Marszałek Józef
nastąpił przełom. Dowodzona przez niego tzw. grupa
Piłsudski już w pierwszej połowie lipca planował
manewrowa, w skład której wchodziło pięć dywizji piechoty
doprowadzenie do wielkiej bitwy. Początkowo zamierzał
i brygada kawalerii, przełamała obronę bolszewicką w
zatrzymać odwrót polskiej armii na linii Narwi i Bugu.
rejonie Kocka i Cycowa, a następnie zaatakowała tyły
wojsk bolszewickich nacierających na Warszawę.
Tuchaczewski musiał wycofać się nad Niemen.
Ostateczną klęskę bolszewicy ponieśli pod Osowcem,
Białymstokiem i Kolnem. Według nowej koncepcji polska
grupa uderzeniowa miała zgromadzić się nad dolnym
Wieprzem, między Dęblinem a Chełmem, i wejść w skład
gruntownie zreorganizowanych polskich oddziałów. Liczącą
około 800 km linię obrony Piłsudski oparł o rzeki: OrzycNarew-Wisła-Wieprz-Seret. Podzielił ją na trzy fronty,
przydzielając dowództwo generałom, do których miał
największe zaufanie: Józefowi Hallerowi (Front Północny obrona Warszawy), Edwardowi Śmigłemu-Rydzowi (Front
Środkowy - uderzenie na armię Tuchaczewskiego) i
Wacławowi Iwaszkiewiczowi (Front Południowy).
18 sierpnia, po starciach pod Stanisławowem, Łosicami i
Sławatyczami, siły polskie znalazły się na linii WyszkówStanisławów-Drohiczyn-Siemiatycze-Janów PodlaskiKodeń. W tym czasie 5. Armia gen. Sikorskiego, wiążąc
przeważające siły sowieckie nacierające na nią z zachodu,
przeszła do natarcia w kierunku wschodnim, zdobywając
Pułtusk, a następnie Serock.
19 sierpnia jednostki polskie na rozkaz Piłsudskiego
przeszły do działań pościgowych, starając się uniemożliwić
odwrót głównych sił Tuchaczewskiego, znajdujących się na
północ od Warszawy.
21 sierpnia rozpoczęła się decydująca faza działań
pościgowych: 1. dywizja piechoty z 3. Armii polskiej
sforsowała Narew pod Rybakami, odcinając drogę odwrotu
resztkom XVI armii sowieckiej w kierunku na Białystok,
natomiast 15. dywizja piechoty z 4. Armii polskiej, po
opanowaniu Wysokiego Mazowieckiego, odcięła odwrót
oddziałom XV Armii sowieckiej z rejonu Ostrołęki. Podobnie
5. Armia polska przesunęła się w kierunku Mławy.
IV Armia bolszewicka, nie wiedząc o klęsce pod
Warszawą, zgodnie z wytycznymi atakowała Włocławek zamykając sobie w ten sposób drogę odwrotu. W tej
sytuacji jedynym wyjściem dla oddziałów sowieckich było
przekroczenie granicy Prus Wschodnich, co też zrobiły 24
sierpnia. Tam część z nich została rozbrojona. 25 sierpnia
polskie oddziały doszły do granicy pruskiej, kończąc tym
samym działania pościgowe.
W wyniku Bitwy Warszawskiej straty strony polskiej
wyniosły: ok. 4,5 tys. zabitych, 22 tys. rannych i 10 tys.
zaginionych. Straty zadane Sowietom nie są znane.
Przyjmuje się, że ok. 25 tys. żołnierzy Armii Czerwonej
poległo lub było ciężko rannych, 60 tys. trafiło do polskiej
niewoli, a 45 tys. zostało internowanych przez Niemców.
Według odnalezionych w ostatnich latach i ujawnionych w
sierpniu 2005 r. dokumentów Centralnego Archiwum
Wojskowego, już we wrześniu 1919 r. szyfry Armii
Czerwonej zostały złamane przez por. Jana
Kowalewskiego. Manewr polskiej kontrofensywy udał się
zatem dzięki znajomości planów i rozkazów
nieprzyjaciela, a także umiejętności wykorzystania tej
wiedzy przez polskie dowództwo.
Bitwa Warszawska została uznana za 18. przełomową
bitwę w historii świata. Zadecydowała o zachowaniu
niepodległości przez Polskę i zatrzymała marsz rewolucji
bolszewickiej na Europę Zachodnią.

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