Difference Making a 2009 ANNUAL REPORT


Difference Making a 2009 ANNUAL REPORT
Making a
This publication Making a Difference will be published annually by the Foundation and replaces the Gazette. It will focus on the
status of our fund-raising efforts, on our generous donors, and on areas
where your donations have made and continue to make a difference at
Copernicus Lodge. The past and current events at Copernicus Lodge,
previously featured in the Gazette, will be addressed by the Board’s publication, The Copernican, which will be published quarterly.
This annual report will now list all of the donations received
in the past year rather than cumulative life-time totals. Cumulative
totals can be obtained from the Foundation Office. These changes are
in keeping with our policy of reducing our administrative overhead.
The Foundation Office has been relocated to a more accessible
location for donors (main floor, Long-term Care Facility, room 167A,
opposite the elevators). You are very welcome to drop in and discuss
your donations or provide us with feedback and suggestions. Our new
office hours are: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday - 10 AM to 3:00 PM.
We hope that you enjoy the new format of our report and we
solicit your input and feed-back. Telephone: 416-536-7122, ext 252
email – [email protected].
Nowa publikacja, Making a Difference, będzie wydawana raz do
roku i zastapi Gazette . W centrum uwagi nowej publikacji znajdą sie nasze
starania o nowe fundusze oraz szlachetni dobroczyńcy. Przedstawimy także,
w jaki sposób zebrane fundusze wpłynely na korzystne zmiany w Domu Kopernika. Natomiast aktualnościami i wydarzeniami z przeszłości, opisanymi
wcześniej w Gazette, zajmie sie wydawany przez Radę Dyrektorów The Copernican.
Roczne sprawozdanie zawierać bedzie listę zebranych funduszy z
poprzedniego roku, a nie skumulowaną sumę z wszystkich lat.
Tę informację będzie można uzyskać z Biura Fundacji. Powyższe zmiany
zostały podyktowane redukcją profilu administracyjnego.
Biuro Fundacji zostało przeniesione w bardziej dostępne miejsce (główny parter budynku opieki dłgoterminowej, pokój 167A naprzeciw
windy).Serdecznie zapraszamy do odwiedzenia nas, jestesmy zainteresowani
wszelkimi sugestiami i komentarzami na temat przekazywanych funduszy i
ich przeznaczenia.
Biuro czynne: wtorek, czwartek i sobota w godz.10:00-15:00
Mamy nadzieje że nowy format naszego sprawozdania spodoba się
Państwu. Nasz telefon: 416-536-7122 wew. 252: email – [email protected].
Annual Report compiled and written by Manny Radomski, Andrew Chomentowski, and
Michelle Duklas
Board of Directors
Andrew Chomentowski- President
Andrew Chomentowski, BA, is the owner of Image Professional Photography. In addition, he is the Vice-Chair of the
Roncesvalles Village Business Improvement Area (RVBIA)
and chair of the Roncesvalles Polish Festival Committee in
Dr. Manny Radomski- Vice-President
Dr. Manny Radomski, PhD, is the former Director General of the
Institute of Environmental Medicine in National Defence, Professor emeritus at the University of Toronto, and the first Vice Chair
of the Board of Directors of Copernicus Lodge. He has served as a
director on various national Boards, and international committees.
Andrew Poprawa-Treasurer
Andrew Poprawa, CA, C. Dir., CGFM, is the President and CEO of
the Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario and has over 30 years of
experience in financial service. He has been a senior financial services
regulator with the federal and provincial governments. He is currently
Chair of the International Credit Union Regulators Network.
Dr. Ray Mathews- Secretary
Dr. Ray Mathews, MD, is a former Assistant Professor of
Surgery at the University of Toronto. He is also the former
Director of Medical Faculty of Hillcrest Convalescent Hospital. He joined the Foundation Board in 2008 to ensure that
the Lodge continues to build for the future.
Andrew Papierz-Director
Andrew Papierz, MBA, is the Executive Managing Director of the Financial Products Group of BMO Nesbitt Burns in Toronto. He has 25
years of experience in the banking and investment sector and serves
on two boards in addition to the Copernicus Lodge Foundation. Both
his parents currently reside at Copernicus Lodge.
Emily Krula- Director
Emily Krula is the owner of a family-run business. She has
been a member of the Foundation Board and the Board of
Directors since their inception. She was a founding member of
the Copernicus Lodge Auxiliary and continues to be an active
Tracy Kamino-Ex-officio
Tracy Kamino, B.A., is Executive Director of Copernicus Lodge responsible for the overall management of Lodge operations. She is a
Certified Long Term Care Home Administrator with extensive experience working with various populations in providing quality healthcare
programs and services to seniors.
Jesse Flis-Ex-officio
Jesse Flis, M.Ed. is a former Canadian politician. He served in the
House of Commons (1979-1984 and 1988-1997) during which time
he served as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Transport
and to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. He currently serves on four
boards as well as the board at Copernicus Lodge.
Helen Hull- Honorary Director
Helen Hull is the wife of the late Murphy Hull who was one of
the key founders and architects of Copernicus Lodge. Helen
Hull, owner of Hullmark Developments Ltd., continues in the
footsteps of her late husband, propagating the legacy left behind by Murphy.
Dear Friends,
The Copernicus Lodge Foundation was incorporated on February 11, 1983 as a charity. Our major
goal is to raise and maintain funds solely and exclusively
for the benefit and support of Copernicus Lodge.
Twenty-six years later, the Foundation continues
to evolve and thrive with the changing needs of Copernicus Lodge, new government regulations and the economic
downturn. The year 2009 has proven to be a significant
milestone in our history. The plunging economic environment and its impact on our donors and supporters has
caused us to re-evaluate our method of operation.
The Foundation reached the inevitable conclusion
that its overhead had to be slashed in keeping with reduced
revenues, and a new agreement was negotiated with Copernicus Lodge for provision of services and space. These changes were instituted successfully with minimal impact on the
day-to-day operations of the Foundation.
We recruited two directors to the Foundation, Andrew
Poprawa and Andrew Papierz, who come with a wealth of experience in the financial sector. We are also pleased that Helen
Hull, wife of the late Murphy Hull, our original founder and
builder, has agreed to join us as Honorary Director, thus propagating the legacy of Murphy Hull.
We have completed the update of our donor wall
and designated the Long Term Care facility as the ‘Helen
and Murphy Hull Wing’ in recognition of their generous
donations to Copernicus Lodge.
In 2009, the Foundation received $290,932.00 in donations in addition to $32,695 in interest and dividends. Since
virtually all of our assets were in cash in 2009, the Foundation’s capital was unaffected by the economic downturn.
After completing the restructuring in 2010, we plan to insti-
tute new fundraising initiatives to meet the continuing needs
of maintaining Copernicus Lodge as a world-class facility of
Thank you for supporting the Foundation.
Andrew Chomentowski
President, Copernicus Lodge Foundation
New Foundation office- Main Floor Long Term Care Facility
Room 167A
Donor Recognition Program
The Donor Recognition Program acknowledges individuals and organizations that donate funds, gifts, services, or
property to the John Paul II Care Centre of Copernicus Lodge.
It consists of two donor recognition walls which recognize and
honour donors who have significantly made an impact at Copernicus Lodge.
One wall recognizes donors who have contributed a
total of $1,000 to $24,999, and the second wall, “Shooting for the
Stars”, recognizes major donors who have contributed more than
a total of $25,000. The “stars” are progressively larger for larger
Construction workers re-clad the outside of Phases One and Two.
Your Donations at Work
Your funds have contributed substantially to help build and equip
our facilities. Here are just a few examples of what your support
has made possible:
200 Independent living apartments (Phases 1 and 2)
Long-term care facility housing 228 people (Phase 3)
Library expansion and modernization – a continuing source
of inspiration and intellectual stimulation for our residents
Adult care program and facility providing interactive programs
for 25 people living in the community with physical or mental
challenges to provide much needed respite for their caregivers
Retrofitting of 60 independent living apartments
Renovation of lobbies and hallways on all eleven floors of
Phases 1 and 2
Dining facilities – renovation and new dining room furniture
Rehabilitation devices for long-term care to assist residents
and staff in their daily activities
Recladding of the exterior of Phase 1 and Phase 2 towers
and window replacement – to provide increased thermal
insulation and decrease utility costs
The categories of “stars” are:
Grand Founder
$1,000,000 and above
Grand Benefactor
$500,000 to $999,999
$100,000 to $499,999
$50,000 to $999,999
$25,000 to $49,999
The second Donor Wall consists of three categories
with names listed in alphabetical order on acrylic discs.
$10,000 to $24,999
$5,000 to $9,999
$1,000 to $4,999
The donor walls are updated annually by the Foundation.
Recognizing your gift to The Copernicus Lodge Foundation
with a naming is our special way of thanking you for investing
in our care facility.
With a minimum gift or pledge of $25,000 you can honour a loved
one, celebrate your family or demonstrate your company’s investment in our community with a plaque prominently displayed in
Copernicus Lodge. We will work with you to structure your gift
in a way that is financially comfortable to you.
New Challenges Underway
Upgrade and repair of exterior stairs, ramp and patio
Reconstruction of roadway entry and exit
Landscaping as a result of city-imposed relocation of TTC
platform in front of Copernicus Lodge
Interior lobby/reception redesign and renovation
Replacement of outdated/worn/soiled furniture
Construction is ongoing with the new entry from Marion St.
for the
Grand Founder ($1 Million Plus)
Helen & Marian Hull
Grand Benefactor ($500,000 Plus)
Copernicus Lodge Auxiliary
Oblate Fathers of Assumption Province
Benefactor ($100,000 Plus)
Zdzislaw Banasiak
Carlo Fidani Foundation
Angelo Del Zotto-Tridel
Elvio Del Zotto-Tridel
Leo Del Zotto-Tridel
Felician Sisters
Roman Grodzki
Maria Grodzki
St. Stanislaus-St. Casimir’s Polish Parishes
Credit Union
Universal Worker’s Union- Local 183
Estate of Halina Zaluski
Patron ($50,000 Plus)
W. Bilman
Maria Bonczuk
Harvey Fruitman-Tridel
Jan & Irene Gorecki
Knights of Columbus Cardinal
Wyszynski Council #9296
Marie Curie Sklodowska Association
Stanley Podkowa
Victor Sibinski
Phil Stefaniak
Fellow ($25,000 Plus)
Anna Anuszewski
Stella Bajac
Bevel Stamping Co. Ltd.
Walter & Adele Bielaska
Dr. Joseph Bielawski
Walter Cudny
Zorzi Del Zotto
Katarzyna Duplaga
Ben & Gladys Grys
Emily Krula
Zofia Landowska
Mieczyslaw Luszcz
Masters Insurance Limited
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Piatkowski Sr.
Rafael + Bigauskas Architects
Sigmund Soudack & Associates
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Slaby
Joseph & Kazia Solarski
Richard & Gisela Styka
Turner & Porter Funeral Directors
Mr. & Mrs. Oskar Wiorkowski
During a turbulent economic year, we were inspired by the unflag-
ging generosity of the donors who continued to give to Copernicus
Lodge. Thank you for your exceptional support! The listing of our
donors which follows reflects gifts received from January to December 2009. If you wish to know the total amount that you have
contributed to Copernicus Lodge, please call the Foundation office. We continue to actively raise funds for the upgrade of Copernicus Lodge for the benefit of our community and residents.
Thank you to all of our generous supporters for your pivotal role
in moving us to new levels of excellence in care.
The Hospitallers Sovereign Order
of St. John of Jerusalem
Mr. & Mrs. Gabriel & Yolande
Ms. Stella Tylkowski
Mrs. Maria Wieczorek
Ms. Irene Wilowski
Mrs. Halina Wojcik
Mrs. Wanda Wyrzykowska
Mr. Mitchell Wywiorski
Mr. Andrew Zarebski
Mr. Jerzy Zralski
$500 plus
$50,000 plus
Copernicus Lodge Auxiliary
$10,000 plus
Dr. Joseph Bielawski
Mr. Victor Sibinski
Estate of Martha Spyra
Josie & Phil Stefaniak
$5,000 plus
Mrs. Lucy Juszynski
Mrs. Emily Krula
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Uba
$2,500 plus
Classic Care Pharmacy
Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Flis
Mr. Mieczyslaw Luszcz
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Papierz
Mr. Wiktor Patoka
$1,000 plus
Ancan Construction Inc.
Mrs. Maria Babijczuk
Dr. & Mrs. Janusz Brzozowski
Mr. Edward Bucovy
Mr. & Mrs. Wieslaw Burghardt
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Ciupak
Mr. Stan Czudek
Futuremed Health Care Prods Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Gawenda
Mr. Walter Glanc
Mrs. Helena Homych
Rev. Edward Koroway
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Krasic
Mr. John W. Krzysz
Mr. & Mrs. Witold Kukiel
Mrs. Helena Misztal
Motion Specialties
Mr. John Nieweglowski
Mr. Joseph Paluch
Mrs. Christina Peterson
Mr. & Mrs. Mike & Frances
Mrs. Wanda Plachta
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Plata
Mr. & Mrs. Tad Putyra
Quality Life Service Inc.
Helen & Jozef Rajski
Dr. & Mrs. Edward Rzadki
Mrs. Barbara Sawaszkiewicz
Mrs. Irena Smiarowska
Mr. & Mrs. Jan Stawecki
Dr. Richard Styka
Mr. & Mrs. Walter & Sophie
Mrs. Stella Bajac
Mr. Waldemar Biernacki
Ms. Theresa Blazik
Canada Brokerlink Financial Inc.
Mrs. Anna Charenza
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cybulski
Design Plan Services
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Dubicki
Dyson Canada Inc.
Eglinton Bayview Physiotherapy
Mrs. Halina Garczynski
Mr. Mark Garczynski
Mrs. MaryAnne Gugula
Halsall Associates Limited
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon & Alina Healey
Mr. & Mrs. Kazimierz Jozwin
Mr. & Mrs. Chester Justin
Mrs. Czeslawa Kaminski
Mr. & Mrs. Ted Karas
Mrs. Waleria Koszela
Ms. Wanda Krawczyk-Krane
Mrs. Cecilia Krzyzanowski
Mrs. Emilia Kshanowska
Mr. & Mrs. Stan Kulig
Mr. Larry Lagowki
Marie Curie Sklodowska Association
Dr. & Mrs. R.E. Mathews
Mathews, Dinsdale & Clark
Mrs. Gigi Merek
Ms. Elizabeth Morgan
Mrs. Stanislawa Nowak
Ms. Wanda Nowakowska
Drs. Elizabeth & Norbert Perera
Mr. Ted Piekarz
Mrs. Anna Piekut
Mr. & Mrs. Stan & Jennie Pilat
Mr. & Mrs. Antoni Radwan
Mrs. Regina Sadowski
Mrs. Jean Samborski
Mrs. Jadwiga Sarnacki
Mr. & Mrs. Tadeusz Sawicz
Mrs. Alicja Sieciechowicz
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Smialek
Standard Life
Mrs. Diane Stefaniak
Mrs. B. Anna Swiat
Mrs. Janina Szafranski
Mrs. Barbara Szwejkowski
The Restorer’s Group Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Wacyk
Mr. & Mrs. John Wakulat
Mrs. Irene Waskiewicz
Mrs. Irene Wojcik
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Wojcik
Mr. Walter Wolak
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Wolnik
Judge & Mrs. E.F. Wren
Mrs. Stanislawa Wysocki
Mr. Andrew Zarebski
Mr. Zygmunt Zielinski
$250 plus
Mrs. Mary Anikejew
Mr. & Mrs. Romuald Azgin
Mrs. Kazimiera Bielecki
Mrs. Alina Bienkowski
Dr. & Mrs. Roman Bladek
Mrs. Lois Borowy
Mr. Stan Burdzy
Mr. & Mrs. Nick Charny
Ms. Wanda Chmiel
Mr. Andrew Chomentowski
Consulate General of the Republic
of Poland
Mrs. Jeanette Dodson
Mrs. Ann Dwornik
Mrs. Anna Dzieciolowski
F. Wallace Clancy & Son Ltd.
Mr. & Mrs. Chester Gajewski
Mrs. Jean Granat
Mr. Juliusz Gryguc
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Holowka
Mrs. Irene Jakubowski
Mrs. Veronica Jankiewicz
Mrs. Barbara Jasinski
Mrs. Mary Keller
Mr. Alfred Krol
Mrs. Irena Lubczynski
Mr. Henry Malec
Mrs. Regina Malkiewicz
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Marchut
Mrs. Stanislawa Masiewicz
Mrs. Alice Piotrowski
Mrs. Kunigunde Pomorski
Dr. & Mrs. Manny Radomski
SCA Personal Care
Dr. & Mrs. Jack Simpson
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Smialek
Mr. & Mrs. John Streich
Mr. & Mrs. Leszek Struzik
Mr. & Mrs. John Switzer
Mrs. Julia Szymaniuk
Mr. Rob Turjanica
Mrs. Irena Woloszczuk
Mr. Mark Zaremba & Mrs. Beverley
$100 plus
Mr. Edward Allard
Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
Atlantic Windows
Mrs. Karolina Augustowski
Ms. Lillian Augustowski
Bader Landscaping & Snow Removal
Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Lucy Badida
Mr. & Mrs. Wieslaw Baginski
Ms. Kazimiera Bajdo
Mr. & Mrs. E. Bardecki
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Barycki
Mr. & Mrs. Mike & Alexandra Barylo
Mrs. Christine Bates
Mr. & Mrs. John Baxter
Ms. Elizabeth Bennett
Mrs. Adele Bielaska
Mr. Stanislaw Bieniek
Mrs. Zofia Bieniek
Mr. William Black
Mrs. Ewa Bocek
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin & Mitzi Bogacz
Mrs. Anna Borys
Ms. Teresa Borysewicz
Ms. Nancy Brodniewicz
Mrs. Helen Buchkowsky
Mrs. Jagwiga Buchnat
Mr. & Mrs. Jerzy Burski
Ms. Sophie Ching
Mr. & Mrs. Ted Cieciura
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Clark
Mr. Joseph Czajka
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Czapran
Ms. Anna Czentorycki
Mrs. Jozefa Czerwinski
Mr. & Mrs. T. Czubak
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Czudec
Mrs. Janina Czulo
Mr. & Mrs. Zbigniew Dabrowski
Mr. Ian Dale
Mr. & Mrs. Andrzej Damiecki
Mrs. Michalina Daniluk
Mrs. Regina Debicki
Mr. & Mrs. Eugeniusz Dec
Ms. Grace Denny
Mr. & Mrs. Andrzej Derkowski
Mr. Peter Didiano
Michael Dobrowolski
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Doktor
Mrs. Augustina Domagala
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Dominick
Mr. & Mrs. Zenon Drapiewski
Mr. Bohdan Dubniak
Mr. & Mrs. James Dufton
Mr. & Mrs. Julian Duklas
Mrs. Maria Dybczak
Endress Hauser Canada Ltd.
Mrs. Maria Fiutowski
Mr. & Mrs. Stan Franczak
Mr. & Mrs. Stan Futa
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Galas
Dr. Jerzy Ganczarczyk
Genstar Development Co.
Mrs. Stefania Gertler
Mrs. Anna Gill
Mr. & Mrs. H. & T. Glowacki
Mrs. Maryla Gondek
Mrs. Ludmila Gonta
Mrs. Maria Gorna
Mrs. Elma Graham
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Gray
Mrs. Honorata Grela
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Grotek
Mrs. Eugenia Grudzinski
Mr. & Mrs. Michal Grygatowicz
Mrs. Lily Gurney
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Guziewicz
Mrs. Diane Haag
Mrs. Natalie Haidasz
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Hercun
Mr. Jan Holowko
Mrs. Helen Hristienko
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Hunt
Mrs. Stefania Jacus
Mrs. Stefania Jakubowski
Mrs. Anna Jankowski
Mr. & Mrs. Ted Jarema
Mrs. Waleria Jaworski
Mr. Mike Jozwik
Mrs. Wanda Juraszek
Mr. & Mrs. Boguslaw Jurek
Mr. Theodore Justyn
Mr. John Kaminski
Mrs. Josephine Karpowicz
Mr. Kazimierz Karwowski
Isabelle and Wincenty Kazanczuk
M. Kazmierczak
Mrs. Marianne Kelly
Ms. Terry Kelly
Mrs. Zofia H. Kepinski
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kinal
Mr. & Mrs. Jan Klawiter
Mrs. Krystyna Klemensowicz
Mrs. Wanda Klincewicz
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Klochek
Mrs. Stella Kmiecik
Mr. & Mrs. Marian Kobialko
Mrs. Ada Kocinska
Mr. Walter Kolek
Ms. Irene Komorowski
Dr. & Mrs. Stefan Kopytek
Mr. & Mrs. Z. Korwin-Kuczynski
Mrs. Cecile Kos
Ms. Ethel Kosian
Mr. & Mrs. Bronislaw Kosiba
Ms. Krystyna Koziarska
Mr. & Mrs. Alex Krajicek
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Krasic
Ms. Lydia Krechowicz
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Kremblewski
Mr. Z. Kremblewski
Mrs. Zina Kret
Ms. Janine Krolewicz
Ms. Lily Krowiak and Mr. Lari
Mrs. Aniela Kucharski
Ms. Sophia Kuczyk
Mrs. Alfreda Kukiel
Mrs. Helena Kulig
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Kuszelewski
Mrs. Mary Kuzan
Mr. & Mrs. Zbigniew Kwadrans
Mr. Jozef Labedzki
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Lachoski
Mrs. Krystyna Lahaie
Mr. Albert Lampa
Mrs. Anna Lapczynski
Mr. & Mrs. Ted Lewiecki
Mrs. Krystyna Liersch
Mr. & Mrs. Jerzy Lis
Ms. Jenny Liu
Mrs. Helena Lomnicki
Mrs. Mary Lopatko
Ms. Genia Lorentowicz
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Lukasik
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Lychowyd
Ms. Eva Mahut
Mr. & Dr. Greg & Maryla Makowiecki
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Malec
Mrs. Helen Matich
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Matsalla
Mr. Pawel Miczajka
Mrs. Barbara Milan
Mrs. Janina Milisiewicz
Molson Canada
Mrs. Iwona Mooney
Mrs. Stefania Moskwa
Mrs. Wanda Mucha
Mr. & Mrs. Jerzy Myszkowski
Mr. Rick Naranowicz
Ms. Halina Nawrocki
Mr. & Mrs. William Neely
Mrs. Ksawera Neuff
Mr. & Mrs. Stanislaw Ogorek
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Olech
Mr. Stefan Oliver
Mr. & Mrs. Jerzy Orlanski
Mr. & Mrs. Jerzy Orzechowski
Mrs. Anna Ostrowski
Mr. Arthur Pagel
Mr. & Mrs. Adam Panczakiewicz
Mrs. Sophie Papierz
Mrs. Helen Peard
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Petko
Ms. Jean Philchuk
Mr. & Mrs. Casey Piekarz
Mr. & Mrs. Leszek & Anna
Mr. Henryk Piotrowski
Ms. Kataryna Piotrowski
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Piworowicz
Mr. James Planeta
Ms. Diane Pogorzelski
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Pogorzelski
Mrs. Zofia Pokora
Polish Canadian Women’s Federation—Branch 1
Mrs. Alicja Poupa
Ms. Vivian Prus
Mrs. Halina Pustjak
Ms. Elizabeth Rejman
Mrs. Janina Rejman
Mr. Michael Robinson
Mr. Roman Rogulski
Mr. & Mrs. Leon Rokicki
Mrs. Zofia Rosol
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Rusek
Mr. Casey Rzadkowski
Ms. Sophie Rzepka
Mrs. Wanda Saczkowski
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Sado
Prof. Chester M. Sadowski
Mr. Stanley Samulewski
Sani Chute
Mrs. Stanislawa Sarga
Mrs. Genevieve Sasowski
Dr. Adolfina Schmidt
Mrs. Johanna Schubert
Mrs. Jadwiga Sedlar
Mr. John Seeto
Mrs. Mary Semanyshyn
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Sklar
Mrs. Mary Skomra
Mr. Richard Skomra
Mr. Michael Skora
Mrs. Anna Skowronek
Mr. Zbigniew Skroczynski
Mr. & Mrs. Mikolaj Skrouba
Mrs. Stella Slaby
Mr. & Mrs. Ted Slavin
Mr. & Mrs. Stanislaw Sliwinski
Mrs. Halina Slomek
Mrs. Martha Smart
Smile by Design
Mrs. Christine Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sobura
Mr. Josef Socha
Mrs. Maria Soja
Mr. Joseph Solarski III
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Solarski
Mr. & Mrs. Stan Solarski
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Solecki
Lesena Steel
Stevans Sales & Marketing
Mr. & Mrs. Allan Stewart
Mrs. Janina Stolarski
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Streich
Dr. & Mrs. Edward Stroz
Sunnyside Medical Pharmacy
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Surman
Mrs. Halina Szkolka
Mr. & Mrs. Bronislaw Szolopiak
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Szpak
Mrs. Stanislawa Szudy
Mrs. Maria Szulik
Mrs. Kazimiera Szwed
Mr. Stanley Szydlik
Mrs. Leokadia Szylak
The Polish Ursuline Sisters
Mr. & Mrs. Albin Trella
Turner & Porter Funeral Directors
Mrs. Alvena Tyrala
Universal Workers Union Local 183
Mr. & Mrs. Tadeusz Uranowski
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Waldeck
Mrs. Antonia Walicki
Mrs. Stefania Walocha
Mr. & Mrs. Leopold Wasilewski
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Watroba
Mrs. Genowefa Weglik
Ms. Juanita Weremi
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Willett
Mr. & Mrs. John Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Zygmunt & Jean Wnuk
Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Helena Wood
Mr. Waclaw Zankowicz
Mrs. Joanna Zarebski
Mr. & Mrs. Kazimierz Zawadzinski
Mr. Larry Zdan
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Zelma
Mrs. Filomena Zielinski
Miss Bernice Zub
$50 Plus
Mrs. Halina Andrecka
Mr. George Ankowicz
Mrs. Sylvia Arias
Mr. Jerzy Bandurski
Mrs. Joanna Battiston
Mrs. Halina Bazydlo
Ms. Teofila Bednarski
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Benn
Irma Bialowas
Mr. Ron Bielaska
Dr. Iwona Bogorya-Buczkowska
Mrs. Maria Bohdanowicz
Mr. George Borecki
Mrs. Danuta Budzyna
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Bugdahn
Canada Life Assurance Co.
Mrs. Pat Cara
Mr. Renato Caravaggio
Mrs. Mary Checko
Mrs. Robin Clark
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Coleman
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Cooney
Mrs. Bernarda Czarnecki
Mrs. Daniela Debowy
Mrs. Mary Dlugosz
Mrs. Sabina Dobosz
Rev. & Mrs. Michael Doder
Ed Gruscyk Insurance
Mrs. Elizabeth Emanuele
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Fernandes
Mrs. Hanna Filarska
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Flis
Mrs. Anna Florczyk
Mrs. Kazimiera Folcik
Mrs. Janina Frankiewicz
Ms. Wanda C. Galica
Mrs. Helena Galus
Mr. Adam Gardzinski
Mr. & Mrs. Jozef & Barbara Gdula
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Gemza
Mrs. Marina Glista
Mrs. Jadwiga Gniewecka
Ms. Wanda Gola
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Goldsmith
Mrs. Helen Gole
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Greene
Mr. & Mrs. George Grodecki
Mrs. Marianne Gross
Mr. & Mrs. Henryk Grzywacz
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Guca
Mr. & Mrs. Andrzej Guzkowski
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Hachborn
Ms. Karen Hachborn
Mr. & Mrs. Stan Haliniak
Mrs. Antonina Haydar
Mrs. Betty Hellwig
Honorowe Kolo Przyjaciol Harcerstwa #1
Mr. & Mrs. Mladen Huterer
Mrs. Edwarda Ignatkin
International Data Technologies
Mrs. Jean Jablonski
Mrs. Sophie Jachymiak
Mrs. Janina Jackiewicz
Mrs. Stephanie Jemiolo
Ms. Wanda Jurashek
Mr. Lukasz Juszkiewicz
Mrs. Jeanne Kalich
Mrs. Tracy Kamino
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Cash Gifts
Gifts of cash, whether paid by cheque,
money order, credit card or cash itself, are
the most common gifts to the Foundation. A cash gift may be a one-time gift or
a long-term pledge broken down in payments over a period of time. The Foundation issues a charitable donation tax
receipt for each donation.
Planned Giving
Planned Giving is a means of structuring your gift to maximize tax benefits
and achieve personal financial goals
while giving vital support to a cause
you believe in.
Each year, Copernicus Lodge is grateful
to receive bequests from the estates of
people who really cared for this community. By being included in a person’s
will or estate plan, an individual is considering us as a part of their family.
Tribute Gifts
Gifts of Real Estate
Occasionally, donors have presented
gifts of property/real estate to Copernicus Lodge. The donor of real estate
is entitled to a donation tax receipt for
the fair market value as determined by
a qualified appraisal.
Gifts of Security
Securities include stocks, bonds and
mutual fund units. The donor of the securities is entitled to a donation receipt
for fair market value. This can result in
significant tax savings to the donor. In
contrast, if the securities are sold by
the donor and the cash is then donated,
50% of the capital gain is taxable.
The Copernicus Lodge Foundation recommends that you consult with your
financial advisor before initiating any
type of donation. This will ensure that
you receive advice that is tailored to
your situation.
A gift in-kind is a donation of tangible property such as art, books or
equipment. Tangible property must
be appraised to determine fair market value. The donor will receive a
charitable donation tax receipt for
fair market value.
Gifts of Life Insurance
A gift of life insurance can provide a
significant future gift to the Foundation
at a very modest, present cost to you.
You may also give the death benefit of an existing policy by naming
Copernicus Lodge Foundation as
the beneficiary. When you make the
Copernicus Lodge Foundation the
owner and beneficiary of a policy,
you receive a donation receipt for
every premium you subsequently
pay. At your death, the Foundation
will receive the proceeds.
Gifts In Memory
With the support of local funeral homes, the Copernicus Lodge Foundation’s memorial giving program allows family and
friends to commemorate the lives that have touched them.
Gifts In Honour
Showing people how much you care is a special part of life, yet finding just the right gift to express your feelings can sometimes be
difficult. Every year, people make commemorative gifts to the Foundation that celebrate a momentous occasion in a loved one’s,
friend’s or colleague’s life such as the birth of a child, a wedding, anniversary or special birthday.
Can I designate my donation to a specific area of Copernicus Lodge?
Yes. You may choose to keep your gift unrestricted, which means that Copernicus Lodge will be able to use it where the
need is greatest or you may choose to focus your donation on a specific area of interest to you.
When an in memory or in honour gift is made, is the amount of the donation disclosed?
No. This information is kept strictly confidential unless the donor instructs otherwise.
Will I receive a tax receipt for my donations?
All donations are tax creditable. Monthly donors will receive one receipt per year.
How can I update my donor information with you?
If you would like to update your name, address and phone number, you can contact the Foundation office via phone, fax or
Sposoby przekazywania darowizn
Upominki w naturze
Upominki w naturze są darowiznami
w postaci dóbr materialnych, takich
jak: dzieła sztuki, książki czy przedmioty użytkowe. Dobra materialne
muszą być wycenione, aby okreslić
ich wartość rynkową. Ofiarodawca
otrzyma zaświadczenie do rozliczenia
podatkowego na wartośc darowizny
przekazanej na cele dobroczynne.
Darowizny Planowane
strukturę pozwalającą zmaksymalizować
oszczędności w podatku dochodowym
z jednoczesnym osiągnięciem planowanego celu, jakim jest wsparcie finansowe
Każdego roku Dom Kopernika jest
bardzo wdzięczny za otrzymane zapisy
spadkowe od ludzi, którzy dbają o naszą
spoleczność. Traktujemy te dary bardzo
Dary w postaci Nieruchomości poważnie, bo ponad wszystko bycie
Czasami, darczyńcy darują swój spadkobiercą cudzego majątku oznacza,
majątek/nieruchomość dla Domu Ko- że ktoś uważa nas za członka swojej ropernika. Darczyńca nieruchomości dziny. To jest dla nas wielki honor.
ma prawo do odpisu podatkowego w
wysokości wartości wolnorynkowej Dary w postaci Investycji
ustalonej poprzez fachową wycenę.
Inwestycje Finansowe są to: akcje
Dary dla Uhonorowania
giełdowe, obligacje finansowe i fundusze
Dary dla Uczczenia
zbiorowe. Osoba darująca takie papiery
Przy poparciu miejscowego domu pogrze- wartościowe jest uprawniona do otbowego, Fundacja Domu Kopernika rzymania zaświadczenia o darowiźnie
prowadzi akcję dawania dla upamiętnienia na wartość wolnorynkową darowizny.
pozwalającą rodzinom i przyjaciołom To daje znaczne oszczędności podatuczcić życie ludzi, które miało dla nich kowe dla darczyńcy. W innym przypadznaczenie.
ku, gdy papiery wartościowe są najpierw
Dary dla Uczczenia
sprzedane przez darczyńcę i gotówka jest
Pokazywanie ludziom, jak bardzo się darowana, wówczas musi być zapłacony
o nich troszczymy, jest czymś specjal- podatek od wzrostu wartości papierów
nym w życiu, a znalezienie odpowied- wartościowych w wysokości 50%.
niego podarunku dla wyrażenia uczuć
może być trudne. Każdego roku ludzie
Dary w postaci Polis
składają podarunki na rzecz Fundacji,
aby uczcić szczególne okazje w życiu
postaci ubezpieczenia na życie jest
bliskich, przyjaciół i kolegów, takie jak
podarunkiem dla Fundacji na
urodziny dziecka, śluby, rocznice lub
przyszłość przy małym koszcie dla Ciebie.
szczególne urodziny.
Możesz także podarować już istniejacą
polisę poprzez wymienienie Fundacji
Fundacja Domu Kopernika radzi,
Domu Kopernika jako beneficjenta.
aby skonsultować się z doradcą finanGdy czynisz Fundację Domu Kopernika
sowym, zanim podejmie się decyzję o
właścicielem nowej polisy, otrzymujesz
rodzaju darowizny. To zapewni, że otzaświadczenie o dokonywanych wpłatach.
rzymasz poradę fachową uzależnioną
Po śmierci Fundacja otrzymuje całą kwotę
od Twojej osobistej sytuacji finansowej.
ubezpieczenia na życie
Darowizny pieniężne
Darowizny pieniężne przekazane za
pomocą czeku, przekazu pieniężnego,
karty kredytowej lub gotówki, są najczęściej
wykorzystywanym sposobem przekazywania darowizn dla Fundacji. Wśrod nich
wyróżniamy jednorazowe darowizny i
zobowiązania długoterminowe w postaci wpłat okresowych. Każda darowizna
zostanie potwierdzona przez Fundację
wydaniem zaświadczenia do rozliczenia
podatkowego o darowiźnie na cele dobroczynne.
Czy mogę zdecydować, na co zostaną
wydane moje pieniadze w Domu Kopernika?
Tak, możesz zdecydować, czyli zastrzec
na co zostaną wydane pieniądze,
czyli Dom Kopernika może je wydać
tam, gdzie są największe potrzeby lub
możesz zdecydować, żeby przekazać
je na konkretny cel. Skontaktuj sie z
Fundacją, aby przedyskutować, jakie są
plany i projekty do sfinansowania.
Gdy dar jest dla upamiętnienia lub
uhonorowania, to czy jego wartość jest
Nie, taka informacja jest poufna, chyba że darczyńca życzy sobie inaczej.
Czy otrzymam zwrot podatkowy za
moje podarunki?
Wszystkie dary są uprawnione do zwrotów podatkowych. Dotacje wpłacane
miesięcznie są poświadczone na piśmie
raz na rok.
Jak mogę uaktualnic moje dane jako
Dla uaktualnienia danych osobowych,
takich jak nazwisko, adres, numer telefonu lub karty kredytowej
czy informacji bankowej dla darów
miesięcznych, proszę skontaktowac
się z biurem Fundacji telefonicznie,
faksem lub przez e-mail.
Toronto, 7 February 2010
To: Tracy Kamino, Executive Director,
Board of Directors, Staff and Residents
of Copernicus Lodge,
On behalf of my family and myself I
wish to express my heartfelt thanks
for your condolences, support and the
beautiful flowers on the occasion of
passing away of my mother, Janina
Helena Mazur.
But it is more than that. It is your
thoughtfulness that touched our
hearts. Her passing away in her 108th
year is great loss to us, but I am comforted by the knowledge that in her
last years she was given excellent and
loving care, so personal and caring.
She was always treated with dignity.
Thank you with all my heart.
-Grace Kopec
Please give to Copernicus Lodge Foundation:
Telephone: (416) 536-7122 ext. 252 E-mail: [email protected]
In person: Rm 167A Long Term Care building
Copernicus Lodge Foundation
66 Roncesvalles Ave.
Toronto, ON M6R 3A7
Sent to:
No. 40039914

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