Fjalor Anglisht Shqip



Fjalor Anglisht Shqip
Fjalor Anglisht Shqip
abat - abbot, ABAT, the ABAT, the Abbot
abdikim - disclaimer, disavowal, disclamation, abdication, demise
aborti - abortion is, abortion, the abortion, abortions, an abortion
abrogim - the abolition, abolition
absolutisht - utterly, absolutely, is absolutely
absolutizëm - enlightened absolutism, of absolutism, absolutism
absorboj - absorb, absorb the, offset the
abstrakt - an abstract, abstract, the abstract
absurd - ludicrous, nonsensical, absurdly, farcical
acar - the frost, freezing cold, bleakness, frost
acaroj - sharpen, chafe, nettle, fluster, peeve
acid - acidic, the acid
aciditet - of acidity, level of acidity, acidity, acidity of
adapt - ADAPT
adaptoj - adapt the, adopt, adapt, simple adapting
aderim - accession by, adherence, accession, accession to
aderoj - adhere
adet - mode, habitude, manners, custom
adhurim - worship, delight, adoration, deification, idolatry
adhuroj - worship, adore, and worship, deify, bow
adhuronjës - idolatrous
adhurueshëm - adorable, be adorable, charming, it adorable
administratë - the administration, administration, administrative
administroj - manage, superintend, husband, administer, administrate
administronjës - administrator
admiral - Adm, Rear Admiral, admiral in, the admiral
admiroj - admire, worship, admire the, delight, adore
admirueshëm - an admirable, Wonderful, admiring, the admirable, admirable
adoptim - an adoption, the adoption, legitimation, adaptation, adoption
adresë - e, address, the address, addressed, email address
aeronautikë - aerostation, aeronautics
aeroplan - airplane, the plane, the airplane, plane, aircraft
aeroport - the airport, airports, airport
afishë - Only Tradition
afresk - mural, fresco, the fresco
afro - close, about, Afro, approximately, nearly
afrohem - approximate, draw near, approach, near, impend
afsh - oestrus, heat, odor, fervor, fever
aftë - fit, proficient, capable, able, skilled
aftësi - capability, ability, capacity, proficiency, skill
afër - close, nearby, about, by, near
afërsi - near, vicinity, the vicinity, close, closeness
afërt - close, near, closer, closest, nearby
agim - daylight, dawn, daybreak, sunrise, morning
agjenci - agencies, the agency, agency
agjent - the agent, agent of, agent, an agent
agjërimi - of fasting, fast, the fasting, the fast, fasting
agoni - moribund, the agony, agony, an agony
agrokultura - Co Agrokultura, agriculture, Agrokultura, agriculture presented
ahur - stable, cots, cot, cowshed, Cribs
ai - it, one, that, him, he
ajo - it, what, that, she
ajros - ventilates the, ventilate, ventilates, it ventilates
akademia - academics, academies, the academy, academia, academy
aksident - crash, accident, casualty, the accident, wreck
akt - an act, act, act of, action, acts
aktivitet - activities, business, event, activity, swing
aktivizohem - activate
aktor - player, stakeholder, an actor, actors, actor
aktori - actor, star, the actor
akull - ice, the ice
alfabeti - script, the alphabet, alphabet
alkohol - of alcohol, drinking alcohol, alcohol, alcohol there
alpinizëm - the mountaineering, mountaineering, mountain climbing, climbing
ambasadat - embassy, the embassies, embassies
amfiteatër - bowl, circus, amphitheater, the amphitheater
amtar - native, maternal
analiza - analyzes, tests, the analysis, analysis of, analysis
anatomia - the anatomy, Anatomy of, anatomy, dissection, Anatomia
andaj - so, hence, therefore, thus
andej - from there, away, there, thence
anekënd - throughout, around, across, around the, throughout the
anestezi - the anesthesia, anesthesia, anesthetics, analgesia, anesthetic
anethum - hyphen
ankesë - a complaint, an appeal, appeal, complaint, grievance
ankohem - grouse, moan, whine, complain, growl
ankth - nightmare, distress, anguish, anxiety, jitters
anonim - anonymous, Anonim, the anonymous, Us, named
ansambël - ensemble, ensemble of, the ensemble
antidoti - antidote to, antidote
antik - Antik, antique, the ancient, antic, ancient
antikitet - the antiquity, ancient times, ancient, antiquity the, antiquity
antropologjia - anthropology, the anthropology, anthropologies, Systemz
anulloj - invalidate it, cancel, invalidate, cancel my
anë - part, side, through, hand, by
anëtar - a member of, member, member of, members, a member
apartament - the apartment, apartment, flat
apo - or, or the, and
ar - gold, of gold
ardhshëm - next, the future, prospective, future, upcoming
arenë - theater, arena, an arena, scaffold, the arena
argjend - of silver, and silver, up silver, silver
argjendi - the silver, of silver, silver
argjendtë - a silver, silver, the silver, silvery
argjilë - earthenware, pug, Pug The, clay
argëtim - recreation, entertainment, pastime, amusement, fun
ari - gold, of gold, bear, the gold, golden
arkeologjia - archeology, Archaeology, archeology is, the archeology
arkeologjik - archeological, archeology, the archaeological, archaeological site, archaeological
arkitektura - architectural, architectures, the architecture, architecture
arkitekturor - architectural structure, architectural, architecture, an architectural structure, The
arkitekturë - architectural, architectorial, architecture, architecture of
arkëtar - checker, cashier, treasurer, booking clerk, paymaster
armik - hostile, the enemy, an enemy, foe, enemy
arnoj - vamp, cobble, doctor, mend, patch
aromë - aroma, odor, fragrance, scent, flavor
arrij - reach, catch, achieve, overtake, arrive
arritje - arrival, accomplishment, achievement, success, attainment
arrë - walnut, the nut, nit, nut
arsim - the education, educational, educated, education
arsye - reason, why, cause, reasons, therefore
art - the art, workmanship, arts, art The
arteria - artery
arti - the art, arts, of art, art
artificial - the artificial, synthetical, bait, false
artikull - the article, item, article, item has
artisti - the artist, artist, artists, entertainer
artistik - artistic, an artistic, feature, the artistic, art
artizan - artisan, handicraftsman, artisans, workman, craftsman
artë - gold, golden, the golden, the gold
arë - the field, arable, field
asgjë - is nothing, nothing, none, anything
ashensor - the elevator, elevator, the lift, lift
ashpër - sharply, severely, hard, harshly, roughly
asht - bones, bone
ashtu - so, well, also, as, just
askurrkush - nobody, none, no, cipher, nonentity
askush - no one, nobody, no, one, none
asnjëherë - never, ever
aspak - none, no, far from, not at all, nothing
aspirin - aspirin
astar - saddle, lining, spacer, the liner, liner
asteraceae - the Asteraceae, to the Asteraceae, Asteraceae
astronomia - Astronomia, astronomy that, astronomy, EX, Goose Hunting
atdhe - native land, country, motherland, homeland, fatherland
ateizmi - atheist, atheism, of atheism, the atheism
atje - out there, thither, there
atmosfera - atmosphere, atmospheres, the atmosphere
atomi - atoms, atom is, atom, the atom
aty - therein, there, thither, it
atë - him, that, father, her, it
atëherë - then, then it, then the, it
autobus - coach, bus, omnibus, buses, the bus
automobili - the automobile, the car, automobile, of the car, car
avokat - attorney, counsel, lawyer, barrister, advocate
avokati - solicitor, attorney, lawyer, counsel, advocate
avull - a steam, the steam, vapor, steam
azerbajxhani - Azerbaijani, Azerbaijan
baba - papa, sire, daddy, dad, father
babalok - daddy
bagëti - livestock, cattle, of cattle, the cattle
bajat - stale, stuffy, moldy, threadbare
bakri - copper, cooper
balet - the ballet, ballet, flying ballet
ballë - brow, forehead, front, forefront, fore
bambuja - Bamboo
banane - bananas, banana, the bananas, the banana
banjë - toilet, bathroom, bath, restroom, closet
bankë - a bank, bank, banks, the bank, bench
banoj - reside, dwell, inhabit, live, lodge
banor - dweller, habitant, a resident, resident, inhabitant
bar - the grass, the bar, grass, drug
barabar - evenly, indifferently, equally, equal
barakë - shelter, booth, shanty, hut, barrack
bardhë - the white, white
bardhësi - whiteness of, the whiteness, whiteness, white, the whiteness of
bari - herder, grass, herdsman, shepherd, the grass
barishte - greens, herb, herbs, the herb, grass
bark - belly, midriff, stomach, tummy, abdomen
barometri - manometer, The Barometer, barometer of, barometer The, barometer
bashkim - union, coupling, reunion, fusion, merger
bashkë - co, together, along, jointly, the co
bashkësi - communion, communities, community, the community, congregations
bashkësitë - community, the communities, communities
basketboll - basketball, the basketball
basketbolli - basketball court, a basketball, basket, the basketball, basketball
batakçi - gyp, knave, fiddler, blackguard, grafter
batanija - as covers
batanije - blankets, the blanket, blanket
baticë - high tide, influx, flow, flux, tide
be - swear, the EU, EU, European Union, oath
befasishëm - surprise, Coup, surprising, sudden, suddenness
bela - trouble, pickle, mess, mishap, disaster
beqar - single, celibate, bachelor, unmarried, batch
berber - shaver, barber, hairdresser, coiffeur
besnik - devout, loyal, faithful, the faithful, true
besoj - entrust, confide, consign, trust, believe
bestytnia - the superstition, the superstition of, superstition, superstition of
besue - reliability is well known
betejë - battle, the battle, warfare, combat, fight
betohem - vow, I swear, sworn, swear by, swear
bibla - Bible, the bible, bibles
bibliotekë - library, a library, the library, libraries
bie - drop, fall, flop, decline, tumble
bija - the daughter, daughters, daughter
bijë - the daughter, child, daughter
bilardo - billiards, pool, billiard
bilbil - whistle, nightingale, the whistle
bile - and even, even, indeed, nay
biletë - ticket, tickets, the ticket
bimor - the herbal, plant, herbal, vegetable
bimë - plants, the plant, plant
bimësi - lush vegetation, flora, the vegetation, vegetation
bindje - obedience, conviction, persuasion, assurance, submission
biografi - curriculum vitae, memoir, the biography, biography, biographies
biri - the son, son, son of
birra - the beers, the beer, of beers, beer, beers
birrë - beer, brewer, malt, of beer, the beer
birë - puncture, bore, puncture the, hole, the puncture
bisedoj - talk, confabulate, converse, confab, socialize
bisedë - the conversation, conversation, interview, chat, talk
bisht - tail, flagellum, ponytail, stalk, scape
biznesmen - businessman, the businessman, businessmen, a businessman
biçikletë - the bike, bicycle, bike
bjeshkë - mountains, mountain, the mountains, mountaineering, the mountain
blegëron - bleat
blej - buy the, buy, buy it, purchase
blerim - Azhar, verdure
blertë - tree, glaucous, verdant, green, signee
bllok - unit, the block, block, bloc, book
bluaj - grind, digest, crush, flour, bray
bombë - the bomb, bombing, bomb, bomber
bordurë - hem, edging, Shooting, border
bori - toot, horn, hooter, bugle, trumpet
borxh - indebtedness, debt, arrears, owing, borrowing
borë - the snow, snowy, snowing, snow
bosht - axle, shaft, spindle, axis, fulcrum
bota - the world, world, around the world, over the world
botoj - print, serialize, bring out, publish the, publish
botë - earth, world, globe, the world
braktisje - desertion, apostasy, abandonment, dereliction, neglect
bravë - hasp, lock, keyhole, the lock, fastening
bredh - wander, ramble, spruce, roam, fir
breg - bank, shore, hump, coast, side
bregdet - seashore, seafront, beach, coast, seaside
bregore - swelling, hummock, riparian, mound, hillock
brej - corrode, canker, gnaw, crunch, nibble
brenda - within, inside, inside of, in, into
brendshëm - inner, indoor, interior, internal, domestic
breshkë - the turtle, turtle, the tortoise, tortoise
breshër - the hail, hail, hail stones, hailstones
bretkosë - frog, a frog, breaststroke, frog and
bri - prong, horn, the horn
brinjë - ribs, side, hillside, ribbing, rib
britmë - hue, yell, shout, cry, ejaculation
brohoras - acclaim, rooting, cheer
brumbullak - plump, chubby
brumë - paste, pasta, strass, the dough, dough
brymë - hoarfrost, hoar, frost, rime
bubullin - fulminate
budalla - nerd, fool, gaga, stupid, silly
bujk - tiller, husbandman, farmer, a farmer, cropper
bujqësi - farming, agricultural, agriculture
bujqësor - agriculture, rural, farm, the agricultural, agricultural
bujë - the fuss, fuss, rage, the rage, furore
buka - the bread, bread
bukur - beautifully, nicely, the beautiful, nice, beautiful
bukuri - the beauty, splendor, charm, the charm, beauty
bukë - food, of bread, bread, loaf
bulmetore - diary, dairy, dairies, creamery
bunar - a well, the pit, the well, pit
burg - jail, the prison, prison, imprisonment, in prison
burim - resource, fountain, source, source of, spring
burrë - male, man, husband, a man
bursë - stock market, scholarship, exchange, stock exchange, stock
bushtër - the bitch, bitch
bust - bodice, torso, the torso, the bodice
busula - compass
butë - soft, mild, smooth, gentle, gently
buza - edge, the edge, lip, rim, brim
buzagaz - beaming, beam
buzë - brim, rim, skirt, hem, edge
buzëqesh - smiles at, smile, smiling, smiles
buças - roar, thunder
byrek - the pie, patty, pie
bythë - prat, fundament, ass, bum, buttock
bëj - make, fabricate, wreak, cause, do
bëmë - we did, did, have made, made, We made
bërryl - elbow, loop, the elbow, oxbow, toggle
bërtas - whoop, cry, scream, yell, shout
ca - few, several, couple, some
caktuar - appointed, certain, set, assigned, fixed
carpinus - Carpinus, Hornbeam, by Carpinus
cekët - superficial, shallow, the shallow
cep - prominence, nook, cusp, corner, tip
ceremoni - ceremonies, ceremony, rite, the ceremony
chess - shah
cicërin - prattle, peep, pip
cigare - smoke, of cigarettes, cigarette, cigarettes, weed
cila - which is, what, which, that, who
cili - which is, that, who, which
cilësi - qualities, capacity, texture, quality
cipë - peel, pellicle, membrane, husk, integument
copë - chunk, morsel, piece, loaf, shred
dajë - uncle, my uncle
dallgë - eddy, wave, surf, water wave, breaker
dallim - contrast, discrimination, differentiation, difference, distinction
dalloj - trace, discern, individualize, differentiate, distinguish
dalluar - distinguish, distinguishing, undetected, outstanding, distinguished
dalëngadalë - is slowly, slowly, gradually
dardhë - pear, the pear, pears
darkë - supper, dinner, the dinner, evening, night
darë - tongs, nippers, claw, pinchers, pincers
dash - the dash, ram
dashur - loved, wanted, dear, loving, beloved
dashuri - beloved, love, love the, affection
dashuria - the love, love, love of
dasmë - marriage feast, the wedding, nuptials, marriage, wedding
datë - on, date, dated, th
daulle - drums, drum, the drum
degë - subsidiary, branch, branches, offshoot, affiliate
dehur - drunk, screwed, drunken, intoxicated, pissed
deklaroj - stated, proclaim, declare, told, claim
dekor - decor, decoration, décor, the decor
dele - sheep, fold, of sheep, the fold
dem - neat, bullock, ox, bull
demografia - demography, demographics, the demographics, the demography, demographic
dentar - the dental, dental
dentist - the dentist, a dentist, dental, dentists
depërtim - insight, seepage, penetration, permeation, breakthrough
depërtoj - perforate, infiltrate, seep, thread, permeate
derdh - pour, shed, pour out, spill, ejaculate
derisa - while the, while, until the, until, till
derr - swine, guinea, boar, the pig, pig
dertim - plight, trouble
derë - door, door to, to door, the door
det - the sea, sea, seas
detar - maritime, seagoing, marine, nautical, sea
detyrim - obligation, constraint, liability, bond, compulsion
detyroj - dragoon, constrain, impel, bully, coerce
detyrë - duty, office, job, assignment, task
dhe - and the, and
dhelpër - Charley, Reynard, tod, fox goes, fox
dhembje - pain, dolor, sorrow, have sorrow, ache
dhi - the goats, the goat, goat, goats
dhjetë - of ten, the ten, ten, tenth
dhomë - the room, room, chamber
dhunë - violence, of violence, violent, violently, force
dhuratë - present, a Gift, gift
dhëmb - tooth, dent, fang, tine, cog
dhëndër - bridegroom, fiancé, fiance, groom, son in law
di - I know, know, knows, know the
dialekti - dialects, dialect is, dialect of, the dialect, dialect
dializa - dialysis
dialog - a dialogue, dialogue, the dialogue
diamant - brilliant, the diamond, solitaire, diamond
diametër - the diameter, in diameter, diameter of, diameter, a diameter
diarre - looseness, flux, diarrhea
diell - sunshine, sunny, the sun, sun, the sunny
dielli - the sun, sun
dikush - someone, somebody, one, anyone, anybody
dimri - Winters, winter, wintry, the winter
dimër - winters, the winter, winter
dinake - devious, subtle, sly, cunning, crafty
dinamiti - dynamite, the dynamite, of dynamite
disa - couple, some, certain, a few, several
distinktiv - badge, the badge, Sets
dita - the day, day of, the date, date, day
ditar - blog, diary, the journal, journal entries, journal
ditor - The daily, days, daily, day
dituri - wisdom, knowledge, wise, scholarship, erudition
dituria - the knowledge, the wisdom, knowledge, science, wisdom
ditë - days, day, the day, a day
ditëlindje - birthday party, birthday, birthdays
divan - couch, the sofa, settee, sofa
djall - demon, python, devil, Lucifer, imp
djalosh - boy, lad, guy, young man, stripling
djalë - boy, child, youngster, chap, son
djathtas - to the right, the right, the right hand, right hand, right
djathë - the cheese, of cheese, cheese
dje - today, Thursday, yesterday the, yesterday
djeg - gut, burn, incinerate, sting, grill
djep - cradle, bud, the bud, the cradle, carrycot
djersë - perspiration, exudation, transpiration, of sweat, sweat
dobi - utility, interest, good, benefit, avail
dobishëm - helpful, profitable, useful, handy, beneficial
dobësi - sinking, impotence, infirmity, vulnerability, weakness
dobësohem - lag, ebb, decay, wane, dilute
dobësoj - weaken, debilitate, attenuate, enervate, enfeeble
dobët - poor, poorly, weaker, weakly, weak
dokument - paper, documents, the document, record, document
dokumentacion - documentary, the documentation, documentation, documents
dollap - the closet, cabinet, closet, cupboard, buffet
dollar - dollars, greenback, the dollar, buck
dollari - dollar, the dollar
dolli - the toast, wassail, rouse, toast, Toaster
domate - the tomato, tomatoes, tomato, the tomatoes
dorezë - haft, handgrip, joystick, glove, handle
dorë - down, manually, hand, the hand, up
dosje - dossier, files, file, record, folder
dragua - monster, wyvern, dragon, tarragon, the dragon
dramë - drama, play, the drama
drangua - dragon
dre - buck, deer, elk, stag
drejt - to, towards, straight, toward, right
drejtim - management, course, terms, way, direction
drejtoj - lead, funnel, superintend, direct, govern
drejtor - manager, the director, director of, principal, director
drejtorí - the director, DIRECTOR, directorate, DIRECTOR-, directory
drejtë - straight, fair, entitled, the right, right
drejtësi - fairness, law, equity, justice, righteousness
drekë - noon, luncheon, dinner, the lunch, lunch
drenushë - young hart, hart, hind, doe
dreqi - the devil, the hell, devil, Dang
drita - light of, lights, light, the light
dritare - windows, window, the windows, the window
drithë - grain, crops, corn, cereals, cereal
dritë - illumination, light, the light
drogë - drugs, the drug, dope, of drugs, drug
dru - wood, tree, the wood
druvar - lumberjack, woodcutter, woodsman, feller, woodman
dua - love, wish, I, like, want
duhan - smoke, smoking, tobacco, smoker
duhani - tobacco, smoking, smoke
duhur - correct, proper, right, appropriate, properly
dukje - apparently, out, seemingly, noted, appearance
dukuria - the phenomenon, phenomenon, the occurrence, occurrence, phenomena
durimi - of patience, forbearance, longsuffering, endurance, patience
duroj - brook, bear, tolerate, endure, withstand
dush - the shower, douche, the bath, shower, bath
dushk - oak, the oak, of oak
duzinë - a dozen, dozen of, dozen
dy - the two, two, are two, both
dyfish - doubly, twofold, duplex, twice, double
dyll - waxes, paraffin, wax, beeswax
dymbëdhjetë - dozen, twelve, the twelve, the twelfth, twelfth
dyshek - the mattress, mattress, bed
dysheme - the floor, floor, floors, flooring
dyta - Secondly, latter, the second, second, half
dytë - second, The second, a second
dyzet - of forty, the forty, forty, and forty
dëbora - heavy snow, snowfall, the snow, snow
dëfrej - amuse, joy, dally, entertain, jollify
dëgjoj - hear the, listen to, hear, I hear, listen
dëlirë - frank, pure, candid, purity, chaste
dëm - damage, disadvantage, injury, harm, detriment
dëmtoj - deface, damage, vitiate, harm, cripple
dëmtues - harmful, defector, detrimental, injurious, deleterious
dënoj - discipline, damn, sentence, punish, condemn
dërgoj - send, dispatch, sending, consign, deliver
dërrasë - shingle, plank, planking, batten, board
dëshiroj - crave, like, wish, want, would like
dëshirë - wish, love, penchant, craving, liking
dëshmoj - evidence, infer, testify, witness, bear witness
eci - walk, tread, proceed, go, hike
edhe - the, also, too, well, even
egër - outrageous, the wild, savage, wild, feral
egërsi - savagery, rabies, cruelty, ferocity, callousness
egërsuar - infuriated, the infuriating, infuriating, the enraged, boisterous
eja - come on, come, come and
ekologjia - the ecology, ecology, Ecological, Ecological conditions
ekonomi - economic, economies, the economy, economy, economics
ekonomik - the economic, economic, economical
ekran - the screen, display, screen, the display
ekskursion - trip, outing, excursion, tour, jaunt
eksporti - export, the export, exports
ekspozitë - display, exhibition, exposition, sellout, exhibit
ekzistencë - inwardness, survival, subsistence, being, existence
elb - and barley, the barley, of barley, barley
elefant - the elephant, elephant, an elephant, tusker
elektronika - electronics are, electronics, ELEKTRONIKA, the electronics
element - piece, component, factor, member
elips - the ellipse, ellipse
emblemë - arms, the emblem, emblem of, emblem, symbol
emision - broadcast, broadcasting, prog, program, emission
emocioni - thrill, emotion, of emotion, emotions, excitement
emri - Username, name of, the name, the name of, name
emër - behalf of, the name, name of, name, behalf
enciklopedia - encyclopedia, encyclopedia of, the encyclopaedia, encyclopaedia, the encyclopedia
ende - still, are still, yet, as yet, is still
endem - roam, tramp, traipse, blunder, vagabondize
energji - electricity, the energy, energy, vigor, power
energjia - energy, electricity, the energy, power
energjik - dapper, lively, energetic, vigorous, zippy
engjëlli - angel of, the messenger, The angel, angel, messenger
enigmatik - baffling, astral, cabalistic, enigmatic, mystic
epidemia - epidemic, epidemics, pandemic, the epidemic, outbreak
epik - the epic, epic
epilepsia - EPILEPSIJA, epilepsy, has EPILEPSIJA, epilepsy under
epope - epics, epopee, epic
era - the smell, smell, the wind, wind
errësirë - staining, opacity, eclipse, obscurity, gloom
erë - smell, odor, blow, wind, flavor
eshtër - bone of, bone, A bone of, A bone
ethe - a fever, fever, the fever, temperature
etika - ethic, ethos, the ethics, ethics
etiketë - tag, label, etiquette, decorum, the label
etnografik - ethnographic, ethnography, ethnographical, the ethnographic
ezofagu - gullet, esophagus, the esophagus, the gullet
faj - crime, wrong, fault, blame, guilt
fajtor - culpable, the culprit, guilty of, culprit, guilty
fajësoj - incriminate, blame, convict, inculpate, rap
fakt - reality, fact, actually, For
fakultet - school, department, faculty, the faculty, college
fal - give, pray, forgive, pardon, excuse
familjar - a family, the family, family, household, of family
familje - domestic, home, family, household, families
famulltar - parish priest, parish, parson
famë - luster, renown, notoriety, fame, kudos
fanatizëm - fanaticism, fanatically, bigotry, zealotry
fantazoj - fantasize, to fantasize
faqe - page to, site, page, phones, pages
faqezi - scoundrel, rapscallion, washout, reproach, dishonest person
fare - none, at all, quite, nothing, very
farmacist - a pharmacist, chemist, pharmacist, pharmacy, druggist
farmakologjia - pharmacology
farë - semen, spawn, seed, some, sort
fasule - beans, the beans, legume, bean, white bean
fat - fate, luck, fortune, destiny, lucky
fatkeqësi - misfortune, adversity, teen, casualty, disaster
fatlum - fortunate, providential, lucky, chancy
fazë - phase, stage of, stage, the stage, phase of
fe - faith, a religion, religion, religions
fejesa - the betrothal, engagements, the engagement, betrothal, engagement
femër - woman, hen, male, the female, female
femëror - judy, womanly, feminine, petticoat, female
ferri - abyss, pit, hellish, the pit, hell
festoj - celebrating, commemorate, celebrated, celebrate, triumph
fetar - religious, the religious, a religious, religious identity, religion
figurë - picture, Characters, image, rocking, figure
fije - string, fiber, thread, wire, yarn
fik - fig tree, ruin, switch off, turn off, fig
fiks - a fixed, glove, the fixed, fixed, landline
fiktiv - fictional, fictive, fictitious, unreal, imaginary
filatelia - with Philately, philately
filiz - shoot, sprout, seedling, braird, bine
fillim - beginning, outset, inception, start, early
filloj - open, initiate, begin, start, commence
filozofi - the philosophy, The philosopher, philosophy, philosopher, philosophies
filtër - the filter, filter
fis - tribe, kinsman, tribes, relative, clan
fishkëllej - hiss, jeer, ping, whistle, catcall
fisnik - gent, knight, noble, knightly, nobleman
fisnor - the tribal, tribal
fitim - gain, profit, income, payoff, return
fitimtar - winner, victorious, victor, bandwagon, triumphant
fitoj - earn, gain, make, win, get
fitore - triumph, victories, wins, win, victory
fizikë - physics, physical, the natural, the physical, natural
fiziologji - physiology, physiology of, the physiology
fjali - sentence, sentences, phrase, clause, keywords
fjalë - question, word, concerned, speech, words
fjetur - sleep, dormant, sleeping, slept, sleepy
flak - heave, cast, throw, throw away, chuck
flakë - blaze, blazing, burst, flame, Kindle
flakëroj - fling, blaze, flame
flamur - ensign, flagged, banner, flag, standard
flas - say, Spoken, speak, talking, talk
fle - sleeper, sleeping, sleeps, sleep, kip
fletore - the notebook, notebooks, copybook, your notebook, notebook
fletë - sheet, sheets, page, leaf, foils
fletëpalosje - brochure, flyers, pamphlets, leaflet, leaflets
flok - Snowflake, jib, flock, hair
flotë - fleet of, navy of, fleet, the fleet, navy
flutur - spinner, damper, fleeting, butterfly, the butterfly
fluturoj - flit, flap, voyage, fly, soar
fole - socket, the nest, nest, chase, mortise
follë - Folla, FOLLET, foll, The foll, folle
fonetikë - phonetics, the phonetics
force - strongly, of force, strength, forces
forcoj - strengthen, invigorate, toughen, potentiate, reinforce
forcë - might, power, vigor, force, strength
formoj - form, mold, constitute, create, found
fortesë - fortress, fort, gusset, stronghold, bastion
fortifikoj - arm, strengthen the, fortify the, fortify, strengthen
fortë - solid, strong, hard, firm, stronger
foshnjë - baby, babe, toddler, chit, infant
fotografi - files, photo, picture, photography, pictures
fqinj - conterminous, nearby, neighbor, neighboring, adjoining
fqinjë - the neighboring, neighboring, neighbor, neighbors, Neighbouring
fqinjësi - neighboring, the neighborhood, vicinity, vicinage, neighborhood
fragment - piece, excerpt, passage, extract
franxhollë - long loaf
frazë - string, the phrase, expression, phrase
frena - brakes, the brake, brake
frenoj - fetter, hold back, retard, deter, inhibit
freskoj - update, freshen, fresh, refresh, cool
freskët - cool, the fresh, crisp, a fresh, fresh
frikshëm - eerie, formidable, fearsome, frightfully, terrific
frikë - feared, dread, fears, fear, afraid
fron - the throne, cricket, stool, stalk, throne
frut - forth fruit, the result, the fruit, fruit
frymë - breathing, capita, wind, breath, spirit
frymëzoj - invigorate, invigorate the, inspire, inbreathe
fshat - country, the countryside, the village, countryside, village
fshatar - rustic, rural, villager, countryman, peasant
fsheh - hide, conceal, stash, disguise, cover
fshehur - hid, hide, hidden, concealed, hiding
fshesë - vacuum, broom, vaccum, the vacuum, the broom
fshij - delete, remove, rub, wipe, sweep
ftesë - an invitation, invitation, invitation card, the invitation, invite
ftohtë - cold, the cold, cool, chilled, chilly
ftoj - I invite, invite the, call, invite, ask
ftua - quince, invited, invited to, the quince
fund - bottom, finish, ending, the end, end
fuqishëm - strong, strongly, vigorously, mightily, powerful
furi - frenzy, vehemence, rave, rage, fury
furnizoj - outfit, feed, purvey, supply, furnish
furrë - stove, kiln, the oven, oven, bakery
furtunë - the whirlwind, tempest, whirlwind, storm
furçë - the brush, toothbrush, brush
fus - interpolate, stock up, shove, plunge, enclose
fushor - the field, lowland, field, plain, greenfield
fushë - scope, field, area, domain, plain
fut - thrust, enter, insert, tuck, submerge
futboll - games, soccer, footer, football
futuroj - fly
fuçi - barrel, the barrel, barrels, barrels of, a barrel
fyell - flute, pipe, fife, reed, shank
fyerje - injury, offense, affront, resentment, insult
fyt - throat, pharynx, the throat, throats, larynx
fytyrë - faces, face, his face, the face
fëmijë - children, kid, child, baby
fërkoj - rasp, rub, shine, rub down, burnish
gabim - mistake, fault, error, lapse, slip
gadishull - the peninsula, peninsula
gambim - flaw, defect, mistake, fault, error
garazh - garage door, garage, the garage, a garage
gardh - fence, hedge, fencing, the fence
gati - ready, prepared, about, nearly, almost
gatishmëri - preparedness, willingness, disposition, mobility, readiness
gatuaj - knead, cook, the cook, cook the
gazeta - papers, paper, newspapers, press, newspaper
gazetar - journalist with, reporter, columnist, journalist, a journalist
gazetë - gazette, newspaper, the newspaper, journal, paper
gazmor - jovial, zippy, cheery, perky
gisht - spindle, hand, the finger, fingers, finger
gjah - game, hunting, coursing, prey, chase
gjahtar - chaser, hunter, Huntsman, hunters, the hunter
gjak - bloodstream, the blood, blood, of blood
gjaku - blood of, blood, of blood, the blood
gjakësor - sanguinary, murderer, sanguinary man, bloody
gjallë - alive, living, the living, lively, vibrant
gjalpë - butter, of butter, the butter
gjarpëron - meandering, winds, meanders, wander off, wander
gjashtë - sixth, six, the six, the sixth
gjashtëdhjetë - threescore, and sixty, sixty, the sixty
gjashtëmbëdhjetë - of sixteen, the sixteen, the sixteenth, sixteenth, sixteen
gjatë - over, through, throughout, during, long
gjej - find, look out, get, find out, figure out
gjel - cockerel, cock, chanticleer, heath, rooster
gjelbër - greener, green, the green
gjelbërin - Greens, Greens stand, Green Europarlamentarians, Greens have, the Greens
gjellë - plate, the dish, dish
gjemb - prickle, thorn, sticker, blackthorn, barb
gjendem - be present, turn up, grow, find oneself, be found
gjendje - state, situation, condition, shape, position
gjenetikë - Mathematics, genetics, genetic, the genetics, to genetics
gjeni - genius, find, found, find the, find out
gjenocidi - genocidal, genocide, the genocide, of genocide
gjeografi - geography, the geography, geographer
gjeografik - geographical, a geographical, the geographical, the geographic, geographic
gjeologjia - geology is, geology has, geology to, Geology, the geology
gjeometria - the geometry, geometry of, geometry
gjeomorfologjia - geomorphology
gjerdan - the necklace, necklace, chain, circlet, bandolier
gjerë - extensive, wide, broadly, broad, large
gjethe - specimen, leaf, leaves, leafy, the leaves
gji - breast, bay, tit, gulf, inlet
gjilpërë - the needle, injection, needle, pin
gjimnastikor - gymnastic, bodybuilder
gjimnastikë - callisthenics, gymnastics, gymnastic, calisthenics, exercise
gjinekologji - gynecological, Gynaecology, gynecology and, gynecology, obstetrics
gjini - filiation, sex, gender, genus, genre
gjips - a cast, Gypsum
gjirafa - giraffes, giraffe
gjithandej - throughout, all around, floats, everywhere, all over
gjithashtu - is also, too, also, as well
gjithherë - always the, always
gjithçka - all things, all that, anything, everything, all
gjithësia - the universe, universe
gjoks - chest, the chest, breast, thorax
gjorë - poor, miserable, piteous, unlucky, helpless
gju - the knee, knee
gjuetar - hunter, gunner, huntsman, the hunter
gjuhë - tongue, languages from, languages, language
gjuhësi - linguistics, language and linguistics
gjumi - sleeping, bedrooms, sleep, Sleepwear, bedroom
gjumë - rest, sleep, dormant, asleep, slumber
gjurmim - reconnaissance, investigation, tracking, research, search
gjurmë - footprint, track, trail, dent, trace
gjykatës - judge, tribunal, the court, court, judges
gjykoj - damn, judge, adjudge, consider, umpire
gjyq - court, judgment, the court, trial, the trial
gjysh - granddad, grandparent, grandpa, grandfather, grandsire
gjyshe - grandma, grandmother, grandparents, granny
gjysmë - semi, half a, a half, half
gjysmëhënë - crescent, crescent or
gjë - thing, anything, which, things, it
gjëegjëzë - puzzle, riddle
gladiator - the gladiator
glob - the globe, apple, the glob, globe
gocë - snapper, lass, oyster, girl, gal
godinë - building, premises, campus, house, edifice
goditje - blow, shock, percussion, stroke, strike
goditur - hit, struck, strike, hitting, crack
gogël - sphere, acorn
gojë - mouth, the mouth, orally, clam, oral
gomar - ass, motherfucker, cuddy, jackass, donkey
gosti - feast, festivity, razzle, reception, junket
gostis - reception, feast, junket, the feast
gotë - glass, cup, tumbler, teacup, beaker
gozhdë - tack, spike, nail, cleat, the nail
gradë - rank, grade, degree, degrees
gramatikë - grammar of, grammar, grammatical, grammer, the grammar
grenzë - hornet, The Wasp, wasp
grij - scour, chew, mince, canker, hash
gripi - flue, the flu, influenza, flu, swine
gropë - sump, hole, socket, cavity, dugout
grosha - Grosha gave, Grosha, Grosha gave a
grua - wife, women, lady, female, woman
grumbull - batch, heap, aggregation, cluster, pile
grup - array, party, team, group of, group
grusht - punch, handful, handful of, whack, fist
grykë - throat, nozzle, jaws, orifice, gizzard
guaskë - conch, testa, abalone, seashell, shell
gumëzhin - buzz, hum, whirr, drone, whir
gur - the stone, calculus, stone, boulder, rock
gurrë - rill, stones, fountain, stones at, fount
gushë - gill, throat, goitre, craw, gills
guxim - spunk, boldness, dare, courage, guts
guximtar - courageous, gritty, stouthearted, foolhardy, mettlesome
guxoj - have the nerve, have courage, venture, hazard, dare
gërmim - drilling rigs, digging, excavation shall, excavations, excavation
gërmoj - mole, dig up, dig, excavate, dig out
gërshet - tress, plat, braid, tail, plait
gërshetoj - interlace, plait, interweave, tress, wreathe
gërshërë - scissors, clippers
gëzim - gladness, glee, enjoyment, festivity, cheer
gëzohem - exult, enjoy oneself, revel, rejoice, be glad
gëzueshëm - gaily, cheery, cheerfully, cheerly, cheerful
ha - eats, ingest, erode, eat
habi - amazement, surprise, wonderment, astonishment, wonder
habitem - gape, wonder, amazed, be astonished, surprised
hakërrohem - scowl, snarl
hall - trouble, scrape, disappointment, pinch
han - the inn, khan, the Han, inn
hap - open, pace, unlock, step, move
hapësira - space, area, spaces, room, areas
hapësirë - span, expanse, area, space, room
hardhi - vine, the vine, grape, vines, grape vine
hare - gaiety, gladness of, gladness, bliss, joy
harkëtar - bowman
hartim - compilation, design, drafting, composition, redaction
hartë - the map, a map, mapping, map of, map
hata - disaster, rampaged, great thing, Hata
hawaii - of Hawaii, the Hawaii
hedh - toss, sprinkle, fob, throw, cast
hekur - Clinker, iron, Metal, ferro
hekuri - ferrous, of iron, iron, the iron
hell - barbecue, broach, skewer, spit, the spit
helm - poison, gall, venom, toxic, caustic
helmetë - the helmet, helm, helmet, cap, headpiece
helmues - toxicant, poisonous, toxic, poison, noxious
hendek - trench, ditch, gutter, gap, moat
heq - omit, take away, remove, scratch, take off
herci - hertz
heroizëm - with heroic, it heroism, heroism, heroic accounts, heroically
hershëm - early, earliest, earlier, the early
herët - early, sooner, previously, earlier, before
heshtje - still, quiet, stillness, silence, pause
heshtur - tacit, quiet, silence, silent, mute
hidhem - jump, jig, jounce, pounce, wade
hidhur - bitter, the bitter, bitterly, bitterness, pill
hidhërim - soreness, unhappiness, grief, sorrow, sadness
hije - the shadow, shades, shadow, shade, loom
hijeshi - grace, charm, delicacy, elegancy, elegance
histori - story, history, stories, history of, the story
historia - history of, the story, story, history, the history
historik - the historic, history, historic, the historical, historical
holl - lobby, foyer, vestibule, hall, the lobby
holla - money, cash, subtle, the money, monetary
hollë - Slim, thinner, exquisite, thin, fine
homoseksual - gay, a homosexual, the homosexual, homosexual, the gay
hop - hip
horizonti - horizons, horizon, the horizon, time horizon
hotel - hostel, the hotel, hotel is
hu - pole, post, roost, stake, dick
hua - lend, loans, borrowed, borrow, loan
huaj - stranger, alien, overseas, foreigners, foreign
hudhër - the garlic, garlic
humanizmi - the humanism, humanism, of humanism, humanity, humanization
humb - forfeit, loses, waste, lose, miss
humbas - lose, waste, miss out, miss out on, miss
humbje - wastage, waste, losing, losses, loss
humori - of humor, humor, the humor, mood
humorist - a humourist, humorous, the humorist, humourist
hundë - nozzle, nose, the nose, your nose
huq - habit, have failed, failed, knack, vice
hyj - come in, enter, penetrate, go, come
hyrje - entrance, access, input, entry, incoming
hëna - moon, the moon, Monday
hënë - the moon, moon, pumpkin, Monday
ide - brainstorm, notion, thought, idea, ideas
ikonë - an icon, the icon, icon, image, iconic
ilaç - drug, potion, healer, medicine, remedy
ilegjitim - illegitimate, an illegitimate
im - my
imi - my, mine, of mine
imja - my, mine, me
imtë - coarsely, petty, the minutest, minutest, finely
indiana - the Indiana, Illinois, Indiana
individual - an individual, personal, the individual, separate
industri - industries, industry, the industry
infermiere - nurses, a nurse, nurse, nursing, the nurse
inflacioni - inflation, inflation is, inflation rate, the inflation
inspektor - inspector, inspectors, superintendent, an inspector, supervisor
institut - institute, institution, the institute
interes - interests, behalf, the interest, interest, of interest
internet - web, the Internet, online
intervistë - interview, the interview, interview with, an interview
inxhinier - mechanical engineer, Engineering, Mechanical, engineers, engineer
ipeshkvi - bishop, the bishop
ishull - island, islet, the island
italike - italic, italicized text, italicized, in italic, italics
ja - here, has, behold, lo, shall
jakë - neck, lapel, the collar, collar
jam - I am, am, be, am the
jap - give, impart, provide, give you, bear
jardi - Yard
jashtë - out, beyond, outdoors, outside, without
javë - week, a week, weeks, per week
jehonë - echo, echo the, repercussion, reverberation, echoed
jelek - the vest, waistcoat, vest, jerkin
jeta - the life, life, lives
jetim - orphan, fatherless, orphaned, an orphan, orphans
jetoj - dwell, live, living, I live, inhabit
jetë - be a, is, be, be the, life
jezusi - Jesus, he, And Jesus
jo - rather than, no, non, not
jonë - our
jote - me, your, ad, thy, Your ad
jotja - thine, yours, thine own
ju - you, ye
juaj - your
ka - there are, is, there, has, there is
kabini - Kabini
kadmiumi - are cadmium, cadmium, cadmium levels
kafaz - trellis, cage, coop, the cage, cote
kafe - brown, of coffee, coffee, the coffee, cafe
kafeja - coffee, the coffee, café, cafe
kafene - coffee bar, café, tearoom, cafe, cafes
kafkë - the skull, cranium, skull
kafshoj - bite off, nip, snap at, bite, champ
kafshë - animals, animal, pet, beasts, beast
kakao - cocoa, cacao, the cocoa, of cocoa
kala - fort, stronghold, fortress, castle, tower
kalimtar - ephemeral, transitional, passerby, goer, evanescent
kalli - ear, the ear, spike, the cob, cob
kaloj - pass, spend, glide, elapse, exceed
kalorifer - calorifier, radiation, radiator
kalorësi - knight, cavalry, rider, knighthood, chivalry
kalë - the horse, horseback, horse, steed, charger
kam - I, I have, have
kamarier - the steward, waiter, steward, waited tables, a waiter
kamion - the truck, a truck, truck, lorry
kamp - the camp, camp, Llapushnik
kampionat - the championship, championship, league, the league
kamur - propertied, heeled, moneyed, wealthy
kamxhik - rods, stripes, whip, scourge, scorpions
kanal - duct, conduit, channel, canal, stock channel
kanavacë - the canvas, canvas
kancelar - the chancellor, as Chancellor, chancellor, be Chancellor, chancellor of
kanceri - of cancer, the cancer, cancer
kanguri - kangaroo, a kangaroo
kanun - the canon, the Kanun, canon, Qanun
kanë - has, they, have, were, are
kap - catch, seize, catch up, grab, swoop
kapele - hats, caps, hat
kar - crap, cock, prick, dong, dick
karafil - clove, cloves, carnation, the cloves, gillyflower
karakter - ethos, character, nature, the character
karakteristik - the characteristic, peculiar, characteristic, distinctive, typical
karboni - the carbon, carbon, of carbon
karficë - pushpin, hairpin, ouch, clip, pin
karota - carrot One producer, carrot, carrot One, carrots
karrige - chair, chairs, the chair, seat
karroceri - coaches, bogies, trailers, trailer
karrocë - trolley, wheelchair, cart, carriage
karshi - against, towards, toward, towards the, versus
kartolinë - card, picture postcard, postal card, postcard, the postcard
kasap - the butcher, slaughterer, meatman, butcher
kashtë - chaff, stubble, haulm, straw, thatch
kasolle - shack, hut, sconce, cabin, cot
kastravec - of cucumber, cucumber, the cucumber
kat - floor, storey, the floor
katalizatori - springboard, catalytic, catalyst for, The catalyst, catalyst
katalog - Catalogue, catalog of, catalog, the catalog, Catalogue of
katedralë - minster, cathedral
katolik - Catholics, a Catholic, the Catholic, Catholic, Roman Catholic
katran - coal tar, tar, the pitch, pitch, creosote
katund - village though, village in, a village, village
katër - the four, four
katërmbëdhjetë - of fourteen, fourteen, the fourteen, fourteenth, the fourteenth
katërt - The fourth, forth, fourth, four
kaçube - thicket, horns, shrubs, bush, brush
kaçurrel - tress, ringlet, crisp, curly, frizzy
keq - worse, poorly, evil, badly, bad
kiamet - confoundedly, hell, calamity, Final Hour
kilogrami - kilogram, a kilogram, per kilogram
kilometër - mile, km, kilometers, kilometer, kilo
kimi - stink, cation, chemistry, the chemistry
kina - celestial empire, China
kino - Sino, cinema, the Sino, Kino, film
kirurgjik - the surgical, a surgical, surgical, surgery
kishë - church, a church, the church
kjo - that, this, The, it, this is
klasë - classroom teachers, class, grade, classroom
klient - the client, client, clients, customer
klimë - environment, climate, climate of, clime
kockë - bone of, the bone, ossicle, bone, a bone
kodër - height, hillside, hill, the hill
kofshë - the thighs, the thigh, thigh, thighs
kohë - while, long, the time, time, period
kokë - noodle, per, header, head, the head
kokërr - corn, bulb, grain, bean, grain of
kolibe - kennel, the kennel, sconce, hovel, hut
kolltuk - chair, armchair, chesterfield, easy chair, the armchair
kollë - the cough, cough, coughing, of cough
komandoj - command, guide, officer, commanded, rule the roost
komandë - command, the command, control
kombëtar - national, the national, a national
komedi - comedy, the comedy, comedies
komedian - the comedian, a comedian, comedian, comic
komentoj - interpret, remark, gloss, descant, comment
kompani - the company, companies, company
kompozim - composition, composition of, design, composition from, composing
kompozitori - songwriter, the composer, composer, composer of
koncepti - conception, the concept, concept of, concept
koncert - concerto, a concert, the concert, gig, concert
konfuzion - the confusion, of confusion, confusion, to confusion, confused
konkuroj - compete
konkurs - the competition, competition, vacancy, the contest, contest
konstruktoj - construct
kontabiliteti - accountancy, accountability, of accounting, accounting, the accounting
kontinenti - continents, the continent, continent, mainland
kontrasti - the contrast, contrast, a contrast, of contrast
kontratë - contracts, a contract, the contract, agreement, contract
kontriboj - contributed, contribute, contribute to
kontroll - grip, control, search, examination, inspection
kontrolloj - control, inspect, search, check, examine
kopsht - the garden, garden, kindergarten
kopsë - button, morse, snap, partitioning, stud
koqe - testicle, the testicle
korr - harvest, reaps, reap, reaping the, reaping
korrekt - sporty, the correct, accurate, correct, correctly
korridor - hall, corridor, passageway, passage, hallway
kosh - CART Free, CART Free Shipping, Free Shipping, Shipping, CART
kovë - bucket, bucket of, pail, the bucket
krah - cantilever, outhouse, wing, hand, arm
kraharor - chest, the chest, bosom, thorax, breast
krahasoj - contrast, mate, sample, compare, liken
krahinë - province, district, the province, region, country
krasis - prune, To Shear, shear, pare
kreh - hackle, comb out, comb the, dress, comb
krenari - the pride, pride, proudly, proud, pride in
krevat - couch, beds, bed, the bed
krihem - comb
krijoj - conceive, brew, establish, create, develop
krimb - honeycomb, worm, maggot, rottenness
kriminologjia - criminology
kripë - of salt, the salt, sal, salt
kris - crash, rattle, crack, Kriz
krismë - bang, crack, snap, crash, smash
krisur - crackers, cuckoo, flaky, Daffy, potty
kritik - crucial, critical, a critical, the critical, critic
kritikë - critical, slam, censure, critique, criticism
krua - fountain, source
krye - top, head, the top, heading, lead
kryej - carry out, accomplish, execute, perform, do
kryengritje - mutiny, insurgency, uprising, insurrection, rebellion
kryengritës - seditious, insurrectionist, insurrectional, insurgent, rebel
kryeqytet - capital, capital city, the capital, the capital city
kryesisht - primarily, chiefly, mostly, mainly, largely
kryesor - key, principal, primary, main, leading
kryq - the cross, a cross, cross
kthehem - return, turn over, go back, come back, turn
kthej - turn, give back, return, restore, convert
kthesë - turn, wheeling, curve, bend, twist
kthim - recovery, conversion, restitution, turn, return
kthjellët - clear, Fair, sighted, Partly Cloudy, Cloudy
ku - wherein, in which, which, where the, where
kudo - throughout, all over, anywhere, everywhere, wherever
kudoherë - always
kufi - border, boundary, line, margin, frontier
kufomë - body, clod, corpse, stiff, cadaver
kujdes - caution, take care, attention, diligence, care
kujdesem - cater, take care, cater the, watch, care
kujdesshëm - careful, prudent, carefully, cautious, wary
kujt - whom, who, to whom, whose
kujtesa - reminders, memory, recall, memories, the memory
kujtim - recollection, souvenir, memory, remembrance, memento
kujtoj - remember, impart, visualize, recollect, recall
kujë - wail, weeping
kukulla - doll, the dolls, puppets, dolls, puppet
kukuvajkë - Owlet, owl
kulaç - crumpet, bun, cakes, scone, cake
kulloj - strain, decant, filtrate, exude, leach
kulluar - pure, fine, lucid, Lucent, refined
kullufit - gulp, swallow
kullë - the tower, tower defense, tower
kultura - cultures, crops, the culture, cultural, culture
kulturuar - civilized, culturally, cultured, educated, the cultured
kumbar - godfather
kumbull - pip, the plum, plum, plums
kumona - bell
kundër - against the, anti, counter, against
kundërshtar - opponent, adversary, rival, objector, antagonist
kuptoj - figure out, fathom, grasp, see, understand
kupë - cup, tumbler, goblet, chalice, patella
kuq - the wind, wind, red, pink, the red
kur - while, when, where, when the, as
kureshtar - whimsical, inquisitorial, inquiring, curious, inquisitive
kurorë - crown, coronal, garland, wreath, corona
kurriz - back, the expense, ridge, expense of, expense
kurrë - never, ever
kursimtar - thrifty, saver, parsimonious, saving, economist
kurth - trap, pitfall, snare, net, decoy
kurë - cure, cure the, the cure
kush - who is, whom, he, who, whoever
kushdo - anybody, everybody, everyone, any, whoever
kushedi - perhaps, god knows, misplaced, misplaced our, who knows
kusht - proviso, provision, provided, condition, the condition
kushtrim - by Kushtrim, war cry, Kushtrim, cry, slogan
kushëri - kinsman, relation, cousin, the cousin, Connexion
kushërirë - cousin, a cousin, kintal
kuti - boxes, box, crate, the box, canister
kuvendoj - powwow
kuvertë - the deck, bedspread, deck
kuzhinë - cuisine, the kitchen, kitchen
ky - the, this, such, it, that
kyç - key, the key, a key, crucial
këmborë - Kembora, Këmbora
këmbë - standing, foot, walking, feet, leg
këmishë - sleeve, shirt, shimmy, wrapper, the shirt
kënaqur - satisfaction, please, happy, pleased, satisfied
këndes - cock, rooster
këndoj - troll, sing, sing of, carol, sing to
këndshëm - graceful, agreeable, pleasant, entertaining, enchanting
kënetë - slough, bog, quagmire, marsh, moor
kënga - a song, the song, songs, song, Juicer
këngë - songs, tracks, song, the songs, the song
këngëtar - chorister, vocalist, chanter, crooner, singer
këngëtare - singers, singing women, songstress, cantatrice, singer
këpucë - shoes, footwear, the shoes, shoe, of shoes
këput - broken, snapped up, snapped, sank, breaks
këqyr - scan, probe, examine, poke about, inspect
kërcej - skip, dance, jump, cavort, bounce
kërci - shin, fibula, shank, cartilage, femur
kërcimtar - dancer, dance
kërcu - log, the chump, chump
kërcënoj - menace, threaten, blackmail, bulldoze, browbeat
kërkesë - claim, request, application, requirement, demand
kërkoj - seek, request, demand, ask, look
kërrabë - crook of, crook, the crook, the crook of
kërrus - bow, bowed herself, hunch, your hunch
këshilloj - exhort, counsel, warn, suggest, advise
kështjellë - fortress, tower, castle, stronghold, the castle
kështu - so the, thus, so, hence
këtu - hither, here, herein, there
lab - laboratories, The Lab, Lab, accredited laboratories
lag - drench, wet, moisten, dampen, souse
lagësht - damp, sour, the wet, humid, wet
lagështirë - moisture, wet, humidity, wetter, damp
laj - wash, rinse out, sponge, scour, liquidate
lajmëroj - annunciate, meld, notify, herald, announce
lak - noose, thong, trap, lasso, loop
lakmues - covetous, indicator, avid, desirous, gluttonous
lakër - sprouts, the cabbage, cabbage, of cabbage
laps - a pencil, a pen, pen, the pencil, pencil
larg - off, far away, far, apart, away
largohem - depart, get away, leave, subside, veer
largësi - remote, space, distance, mileage, distances
largët - far, remote, the remote, distant
larmë - punctate, mottled, spotted, variegated, dappled
lartë - top, highest, senior, higher, high
lartësi - height, altitudes, altitude, level, elevation
lashtë - ancient, The ancient, old
lavdi - glory to, honor, halo, glory, luster
lavdishëm - the glorious, glorify, glorious, praise, glory
le - let, leaves, let the
lebetitem - wail
leckosur - ragged, shabby, tattered, frumpish, the shabby
leckë - mop, wiper, rags, rag, cloth
legeni - pelvis, the pelvis, basin
leh - yap, bark, barking, the bark, yelp
lehtas - slightly, care less, lightly, care less about
lehtë - easily, light, readily, slightly, lightly
leje - authorization, permit, permission, leave, license
lejim - permission, admission, authorization, permit, allowance
lejoj - allow, let, permit, suffer, authorize
leksikografia - lexicographers, lexicographer
lepur - hare, the bunny, bunny, rabbit
lesh - cashmere, goats, wool, the fur, fur
letra - papers, letters, letter, paper, cards
letër - paper, the letter, letter to, the paper, letter
letërsi - the literature, literature, Literary, arts
letërsia - literature, literary, the literature
lexoj - reading, read, I read, peruse, read the
librari - bookstores, libraries, library, bookshop, bookstore
librarija - bookshop, bookstores, library, bookstore, the bookstore
libër - book, the book, product
lidh - connect, bind, tie, link, buckle
lidhje - relation, connection, respect, bond, link
lig - malignant, wicked, evil, spiteful, catty
ligj - the law, statute, legally, law
ligësi - viciousness, evilness, mischief, malice, wickedness
liker - the liqueur, liqueurs, liquor, liqueur
liko - Liko
limoni - a lemon, the lemon, lemon, of lemon, citric
lindje - births, birth, origination, east, the east
liqen - loch, lake, the lake, pool
liri - freedoms, freedom, flax, liberty, Linen
lirim - dismissal, discharge, relief, release, exemption
lirë - cheapest, the free, cheap, cheaper, free
lis - the oak, oak, oaks, acorn
listë - the list, listing, list of, roll, list
literaturë - the literature, literature
livadh - meadow, pasture, the meadow, paddock, mead
llafazan - telltale, garrulous, talkative, chatty, gabber
llambë - the bulb, lamp, the lamp, bulb
llogari - the account, behalf, accountable, account, accounts
lloj - sort, species, type, kind, form
llup - gobble, swallow up, gormandize, swallow
llustroj - polish
lodh - jade, overstrain, overdrive, badger, wear
lodhur - weary, tired, wearied, exhausted, worn
lodër - toy, the toy, plaything
lojë - game, games, play, the game
lokal - government, the local, local level, a local, local
londra - in London, london
lopatë - the shovel, shovel, spade, scull, vane
lopë - ox, cow, the cow, oxen, cows
lot - tears, weeping, tear, teardrop
loz - plays, competitor fiddles around, fiddles around
luaj - wriggle, play, fool around, wiggle, perform
lufta - the war, war, fight, struggle, fighting
luftim - skirmish, combat, battle, fighting, fight
luftoj - contend, fight, wrestle, combat, ramp
luftë - war, fight, battle, the war, struggle
luginë - dale, dell, valley, the valley, vale
lugë - spoon, scoop, tablespoons, tablespoons of, spoons
lule - flowers, bloom, flower, the flowers, the flower
lulishte - parks, gardens, a garden, park, garden
lulëzim - blooming, thrift, exfoliation, bloom, flowering
lulëzuar - thriving, flourished, flowering, flourishing, thrived
lum - blessed, blessed are, river, blessed is, Happy is
lumi - river, the river
lumtur - happy, glad, happier, pleased
lumturi - felicity, joy, happiness, happily, bliss
lumë - the river, the stream, river, stream
lundra - barges, and barges, otter
lus - beseech, beg, solicit, pray, ask
lyej - whitewash, lubricate, overspread, dye, retouch
lë - allow, quit, leave, let, miss
lëkundem - sway, totter, pendulate, vacillate, oscillate
lëkurë - peeling, the skin, rind, skin, leather
lëmoshë - charity, bone, pittance, alms, dole
lënda - case, the case, matter, subject, content
lëndim - wound, lesion, hurt, umbrage, Injury
lëndinë - glade, the lawn, lawn, sward, lea
lëndoj - harrow, injure, sting, hurt, harm
lëng - fluid, liquid, juice, the juice, juicy
lëngoj - languish
lëpij - lap, ant, lick, lave
lëroj - ear, plow, cultivate, till, earth up
lëshohem - flop, flag, unwind, stoop, hibernate
lëshoj - uncork, fetch, issue, exhale, unleash
lëviz - moving, dodge, scroll, move, moves
lëvizje - buzz, movement, motion, bustling, move
mace - puss, the cat, pussycat, cat, pussy
macja - the cat, cat, a cat
madh - great, large, major, greater, big
madhështi - pomp, brilliancy, brilliance, elevation, grandeur
madhështor - superb, Olympian, stately, majestic, magnificent
madhësi - magnificence, sizes, magnitude, size, sized
magnezi - magnesia, a magnesite, the magnesium, magnesium, magnesite
maine - the Maine, of Maine
majmun - monkey, the monkey, ape
majë - height, top, peak, tip, vertex
makinë - vehicle, car, drive, machine, the car
mal - the mountain, mount, heaps of, mountain
mall - nostalgia, yearning, longing, goods, commodity
mallkoj - vituperate, dash, curse, damn, imprecate
mallëngjim - sorrow
malor - mountain, highland, mountainous, the mountainous, the mountain
malësor - highlander, mountaineer
mama - Mamma, mammy, ma, mum
man - of Man, mulberry
manastir - convent, Bitola, monastery, Manastir, cloister
mangët - inadequate, incomplete, lacking, defective, deficient
maraja - Mariah, Fennel
marr - obtain, receive, pick up, get, take
marrosur - infatuated, insane, doting, nutty, distracted
marrë - taking, take, received, receive, get
marrëveshje - contract, deal, settlement, agreement, arrangement
mars - in Mar., in March, March, Mar.
marshoj - parade, march, outmarch
marsi - of March, March, in March
martesa - weddings, marriages, the marriage, marriage, a marriage
martesë - matrimony, wedding, splice, wedlock, marriage
martohem - marry, get married, espouse, splice, mate
martuar - married, marry, married to
mashkull - male, the male, female, stag, man
mashkullor - phallic, masculine, male, manly, the male
maskarai - scoundrel, villain
matanë - over, beyond the, other side, across, beyond
matematikë - the math, math, maths, mathematics, the mathematics
material - content, materials, the material, paper
matur - measured, cautious, measure, measuring, prudent
maçok - gib, tomcat, cat
mbaj - keep, hold, maintain, carry, bear
mbarohet - running out, finish, complete it, is completed, runs out
mbaroj - end, surcease, peter out, finish, despatch
mbarë - throughout, nationwide, around, wide
mbas - off, following, after, shot, after the
mbase - perhaps, perhaps the, probably, maybe, possibly
mbes - to remain constant, remain, recovery remains, remain constant
mbesë - remain, grandchild, niece, ours, granddaughter
mbetje - remnant, residues, residue, remains, waste
mbi - on, over, onto, above, on the
mbiemër - surname, cognomen, last name, adjective, name
mbin - germ, gemmate, should spring, germinate, sprout
mbjell - embed, plant, sow, seed, imbed
mbledh - gather, pick, convene, collect, dredge
mbledhje - erection, gathering, collection, meeting, session
mblidhem - duck, roll up, curl, pile up, huddle
mbresë - scar, impression, the scar, impressed
mbretëreshë - a queen, queen, the queen, her queen
mbroj - shield, defend, protect, assert, plead
mbrojtës - protector, protective, guardian, patron, defender
mbrëmje - even, eventide, night, evening, the evening
mbrójtje - safeguard, security, defense, protection, advocacy
mbuloj - ceil, smother, cover, incase, clothe
mbush - fill, clog, infest, load, grout
mbushje - charge, padding, fill, filling, stuffing
mbyll - close up, end, shut down, close, shut
mbys - kill a, kill the, kill, I suffocate the endless, drown you
mbytem - get drowned, drown, choke, be drowned, smother
mbytur - drowned, muted, suffocated, wrecked, stranded
mbështjell - envelop, wrap, reel, underpin, encase
me - by, with, in, at, on
medet - leanness, Ah, Oh, Alas, Fie
megjithatë - however, nonetheless, nevertheless
memec - voiceless, the mute, mute the, mute, dumb
mendim - mind, opinion, sentiment, thought, thinking
mendje - tune, the mind, minded, mind, wit
mendoj - feel, think, believe, guess, suppose
mensë - soup kitchen, refectory, cafeteria, the cafeteria, canteen
meritoj - deserving, I deserve, merit, earn, deserve
merrem - settle, get engaged, deal, engage, inquire
mes - between the, between, among, midst, middle
mesatar - the average, medium, average, mean, moderate
mesditë - high noon, noontime, noonday, midday, noon
mesjetar - medieval, the medieval, mediaeval, a medieval
mesnatë - midnight, midnight on, midnight the, the midnight
mesëm - the medium, middle, medium, secondary, secondary education
metafizika - the metaphysics, metaphysics, with metaphysics
meteorologjia - the meteorology, meteorology
metri - a meter, meter, the meter
metër - square, meter of, the meter, meter, meters
mezi - scarcely, narrowly, hardly, could hardly, barely
mi - my own, my, mouse, mine
midis - amid, between the, between, amongst, among
miell - of meal, the flour, of flour, meal, flour
migrena - migraine, a migraine, migraines, the migraine
mijëvjeçari - the millennium, millennium, millenium, milenium
mik - buddy, mate, friend, friendly, a friend
mikpritës - welcoming, hospitable, entertainer, homely, host
mikrobiologjia - microbiological, microbiology, microbiological diagnosis
mikroskopi - microscopy, a microscope, Microscope
milingonë - ants, ant, pismire, emmet
milion - million
mineral - the mineral, ore
minierë - diggings, mine, the mine, mining, quarry
ministi - ministry
ministër - minister, the Minister, a minister
minutë - minute, minute of
miqësi - amity, friendship, fraternity, fellowship, comradeship
miratoj - assent, adopt, accede, approve, consent
mirë - the best, well, good, best, better
mirënjohje - gratefulness, acknowledgment, recognition, gratitude, appreciation
mirëpo - however, but the, but
mirësi - boon, virtue, grace, goodness, kindness
mish - meats, meat, the flesh, flesh
mishshitës - butcher
misër - maize, corn, of corn, of maize
mitologjia - the mythology, myth-, mythology of, mythology
mizë - a fly, fly, the fly
mjaft - pretty, well, fairly, rather, enough
mjalti - the honey, honey, honeymoon, of honey
mjaltë - honey, of honey, the honey
mjegull - smog, mist, fog, the fog, vapor
mjek - attendant, doctor, physician, practitioner, medic
mjekoj - cure, doctor, leech, treat, medicate
mjekër - bearded, beard, the chin, a beard, chin
mjekësi - Health &, medicine, Health, & Medical, Medical
mjerim - grief, pauperism, woe, adversity, misery
mjerë - wretched, woe, dismal, worm, miserable
mjeshtër - masters, Jack of all trades, artisan, master, nailer
mjeshtëri - mastery, artistry, workmanship, mastership, finesse
mjet - instrument, vehicle, device, tool, means
moda - fashion, fashioned
modern - the modern, a modern
mohoj - disown, deny, negate, rat, gainsay
mohor - negatory
molekula - molecules, the molecule, molecules of, molecules are, molecule
mollë - the apples, apples, the apple, apple
moment - momentum, point, instant, hour
monedhë - currency, currencies, the currency, chip, coin
monoteizmi - of monotheism, monotheism, monotheism is
monument - monument to, a monument, memorial, monument of
morali - morality, ethics, morale, moral, morals
morr - taken, louse, dealt, captured
moshtroj - deceive
moshuar - elderly, the elderly, aging, older, old
moshë - age, early age, Ages, aged
mosmarrëveshje - disharmony, disagreement, dissonance, strife, discord
mostër - sampling, sample, pattern, specimen, model
mot - weather, year, everlasting, everlasting to
motor - engine, the engine, motorcycle
mrekulli - miracles, wonders, wonder, miracle, marvel
mrekullueshëm - great, striking, gorgeous, wonderful, remarkably
mu - the MU, MU, just, slap, smack
mua - I, my, to me, me
muaj - month, per month, months, month ago, monthly
muaji - month of, the month, month
mugëtirë - duskiness, nightfall, dusk, twilight
mulli - mill, the mill, grinder
mund - may, could, can, might
mundohem - agonize, plod, toil, fag, try
mungesë - dearth, deficiency, the absence, lack, absence
mur - masonry, the wall, semi, enclosure, wall
murmurit - jabber, burble, gabble, lip, babble
muror - said wall, the wall, wall
mushkë - a mule, trestle, mule, the mule
mushkëri - the lungs, the lung, lungs, lung
muskul - muscle, brawn, a muscle, the muscle
mustaqe - mustache, whiskers, beard, whisker, a mustache
muze - the museum, museum, a museum, museums
muzika - the music, music
muzikant - music, musician, the music player, music player, a musician
muzikor - musical, music, the music, the musical
muzikë - to music, the music, music
mysafir - the guest, visitor, a guest, guest, guests
mëkat - transgression, sin, crime, pity, evil
mëlçi - the liver, liver
mëngjes - morning, morn, the morning, breakfast
mëngë - sleeve, polo, creek, sleeved, sleeves
mënyrë - way, fashion, manner, mode, means
mëposhtëm - The following, following, below
mësallë - tablecloth, serviette, the tablecloth
mëshirë - merciful, pity, clemency, compassion, mercy
mëshqerrë - heifer in, cow, heifer of, heifer
mësim - lesson, teaching, education, learning, instruction
mësues - educator, instructor, teachers, teacher, a teacher
mësuesi - instructor, the instructor, the teacher, teachers, teacher
mëz - foal, colt, nag
naftë - diesel, oil, petroleum, of oil, diesel fuel
natyra - the nature, nature of, in nature, the nature of, nature
natyrisht - naturally, course, obviously, of course, certainly
natyrë - disposition, kind, outdoor, nature, character
natë - and night, nighttime, night, the night
ndahem - disunite, bust up, split up, farewell, secede
ndaj - towards, share, on, toward, at
ndaloj - halt, stop, disqualify, disallow, prohibit
ndarje - division, partition, split, separation, compartment
nder - honor, cross, inter, among, favor
nderoj - curtsey, crown, esteem, venerate, honor
ndeshem - fight, clash, spar, collide, occur
ndeshje - the match, match, clash, games, matches
ndez - kindle, light, ignite, fire, switch on
ndiej - feel the, I feel, perceive, feel, feel you
ndihmoj - support, aid, facilitate, help, assist
ndizem - blaze, blast off, flash
ndjek - follow, follows the, pursue, attend, follows
ndjell - evoke, forebode, augur, cluck, entice
ndjenjë - feeling, sensation, sentiment, sense, vibes
ndodh - happen, occur, happens, happening, occurs
ndodhem - I am, am, I stand, stand, be located
ndonjë - a, an, any, no, some
ndonëse - whereas, though, even though, while, although
ndoshta - possibly, probably, perhaps, maybe, may
ndriçoj - illuminate, shine, irradiate, spotlight, glisten
ndrydhur - twisted, suppressed, sprained, subdued, dislocated
ndryshëm - the different, various, diverse, the various, different
ndyrë - unclean, dirty, filthy, fucking, foul
ndër - among the, in, among, cross, inter
ndërgjegjja - remorse, the conscience, conscience, consciousness, the consciousness
ndërhyj - interpose, interfere, interrupt, intrude, intervene
ndërkaq - whereas, while the, already, meanwhile, while
ndërkohë - meantime, the meantime, while the, while, meanwhile
ndërmjetës - moderator, mediator, intercessor, middleman, intermediary
ndërpres - intercept, intersect, interrupt, stop, break
ndërresa - underclothes, underwear, undergarments, underclothing, unmentionables
ndërroj - proselytize, relay, commute, change, malt
ndërsa - when, as, while, whilst, whereas
ndërsej - unleash the, unleash, incite, bait, instigate
ndërtesë - edifice, construction, the building, building, structure
ndërtoj - throw up, erect, construct, build, carve
ne - in the, us, we, in, on
nepërkë - horned, adder, viper, a viper, adder in
nesër - future, to morrow, tomorrow, morrow
neveritshëm - loathsome, despicable, sickly, repulsive, repellent
nga - out of, by, out, from, of
ngacmoj - tamper, jolly, harry, bother, excite
ngadalë - gradually, slowly, slower, slow
nganjëherë - occasionally, times, at times, sometimes the, sometimes
ngaqë - because, because it, since, because they, because the
ngarkesë - haul, shipment, load, cargo, consignment
ngarkoj - entrain, cumber, charge, impute, load
ngas - drive, josh, tease, ride, molest
ngase - because they, since the, since, because the, because
ngashërim - sobbing, bitterly
ngathët - ungainly, clumsy, unwieldy, unready, gauche
ngatëresë - mistaken with, mistaken with those, Fights, mistaken
ngel - fail, still remains, remains, remains to, remain
ngjarje - events, event, incident, episode, occurrence
ngjis - fuse, weld, arrogate, fuze, braze
ngjitem - mount, scramble, ascend, climb, go up
ngjyra - colorful, colors, paints, the color, color
ngjyrë - paint, dye, color, hue, tint
ngjyrëkafe - brown
ngordhur - tired, dies, dead, died, the dead
ngratë - unfortunate
ngre - raise, elevate, hoist, up, lift
ngricë - frost, frosts, freeze, black ice, nip
ngrihem - ascend, get up, stand up, rise, stand
ngrij - congeal, freeze, refrigerate, chill, solidify
ngrohtësi - geniality, warmth, heat, ardor, fervor
ngulem - peg away, be lodged, establish smb
ngushtë - close, tightly, closely, narrowly, narrow
ngushëlloj - relieve, comfort, console, solace, condole
ngut - hurry, urgency, rush, haste, hasten
ngutem - gallop, hustle, bustle, skip, rush
nice - the nice
nip - nephew, grandchild, grandson, a nephew
nisem - leave, go, start off, depart, embark
nishan - birthmark, mole, decoration, target, beauty spot
nivel - level, notch, degree, level of, extent
nja - Ms., about, couple, some, a couple
njeri - man, one, person, human being, human
njerëzi - humanity, civility, comity, courtliness, courtesy
njoftoj - inform, notify, report, tell, announce
njoh - recognize, recognized, I know, familiarize, know
njohur - familiar, recognized, known, renowned, famous
njollë - spot, stain, blot, stigma, discoloration
njollëz - speck
njom - dunk, macerate, saturate, ret, souse
njomë - saturated, wet, tender, moist, sappy
një - one, one of, a, an
njëjtë - the same, identical, similar, equal, same
njëmbëdhjetë - the eleven, of eleven, the eleventh, eleven, eleventh
njëmijë - thousand, one thousand, a thousand, thousand of
njëri - each, to each, one, one of
njëzet - twentieth, twenty, the twenty, and twenty
normë - standard, norm, the norm, rate, rate of
not - swimming, swim
notoj - float, wallow in, swimming, swim, ride
nuhatje - wind, sniff, scent, nose, smelling
nuk - no, do not, does not, not, did not
numër - number, number of, numbers, the number
nur - grace, of grace, grace is poured, smell
nxehtë - heated, hot, the hot, heat
nxij - blacken, tan, bronze, bruise, tarnish
nxënës - apprentice, students, pupil, student, learner
në - on, into, to, in, at
nën - underneath, under the, under, beneath, below
nënkuptoj - I mean, drive at, intend, mean, implicate
nëntë - nine, ninth, the ninth, the nine
nënë - the mother, a mother, mothers, mother
nëpunës - clerk, officials, employe, employee, civil
nëpërmes - via, through a, through the, through
nëse - if you, whether the, whether, if, if the
oborr - court, yard, the courtyard, the yard, courtyard
odë - Ode, oda, the oda, room, Chamber
ofendim - offense, grievance, injury, indignity, insult
oficer - officer of, officers, an officer, officer, the officer
ofroj - provide, provide the, offer, offered, offer you
omleta - Omelette
opera - operas, the opera
oqeani - Oceania, ocean, drink, the ocean
orar - time, hours, schedule, timetable
oregon - the Oregon
organ - the body, body, organism, authority
ornament - decor, Decor game, decoration
ortek - snowslip, the avalanche, avalanche of, avalanche
orvajtje - effort, attempt
orë - clock, watch, hour, h, time
ose - or the, or, either
oxhak - fireplace, the fireplace, smokestack, the chimney, chimney
pa - no, without, without the, free, saw
pacaktuar - undetermined, unlimited, indefinite, indefinitely, undefined
padashur - unintentionally, unwittingly, unawares, unloved, involuntarily
padukshëm - invisible, occult, the invisible, unseen, imperceptible
padurim - been hoping for, been hoping, eagerness, eagerly, impatience
pafajshëm - not guilty, innocent, harmless, the innocent, guilty
pafundësia - timelessness, immensity, infinity, the immensity, vastness
paganizmi - paganism
pagesë - payment, charge, cost, fee, pay
paguaj - repay, pay, redeem, pay out, pay up
pagëzimi - baptismal, baptism, christening, the baptism
pajis - equip, endow, furnish, supply, fit
pak - slightly, just, a little, few, little
pako - package, bundle, parcel, pack, packet
pakësoj - diminish, abridge, degrade, slacken, retrench
pakët - scarce, scanty, leaner, little, few
pallat - the palace, Apartment, block, building, palace
pallto - the coat, coat, overcoat, jackets, sac
pamartuar - single, unwed, unmarried, bachelor, married
pambuk - cotton wool, cotton
pankreasi - pancreatitis, pancreas, the pancreas
pantallona - pants, Tops, trousers, Entertainment, the pants
panxhar - beet, beets, beetroot, the beets, the beet
papjekur - sour, unbaked, immature, uncooked, unripe
papunësia - the unemployment, unemployment is, unemployment rate, unemployment
paqe - the peace, peace, rest, of peace
para - cash, before, ahead, in front of, money
parajsa - of heaven, paradises, heaven, havens, paradise
paralajmëroj - presage, admonish, warn, forewarn, bespeak
paraprak - preliminary, prior, previous, the prior, the previous
pare - The first, see, ago, first, before
parfum - the perfume, perfume, Perfumes, scent, Parfum
parimi - principle, the principle, principle of
parkoj - park, park the, I park, park his
parodia - spoof on, a spoof, parody
parti - a party, the party, party, parties
partizan - backer, the partisan, guerrilla, a partisan, partisan
pas - then, after the, behind, after, following
pasagjer - passengers, passenger, a passenger
pasardhës - seed, descendant, offspring, successor, descendants
pasha - By, pacha, bashaw, By the
pashëm - personable, dashing, handsome, homely
pasjellshëm - unkind, impolite, rude, discourteous, disrespectful
pastaj - then the, and then, afterwards, after, then
pastër - clear, clean, cleaner, purely, pure
pastërma - junk, corned
pastërt - a clean, Cleaner, pure, clean, purely
pasur - rich, been, were, having, had
pasuri - resource, asset, wealth, fortune, riches
patate - potato, the potatoes, the potato, of potatoes, potatoes
patatja - in potatoes, potato, potatoes
patjetër - definitely, certainly, necessarily, absolutely, must
patriot - the Patriot, patriotic, a patriot, patriots
patë - goose, saw, you saw, seen, have seen
patëllxhani - Eggplant
pavarësia - the independence, independence of, independence, independence is
pazar - shopping, bazaar, market, bargain, mart
pecetë - napkin, cloth, the napkin, table napkin
peizazh - scenery, the scenery, landscape, the landscape
pellg - puddle, pond, cesspool, lake, pool
pelte - jell, jelly, the jelly
pelë - filly, mare, the mare
pemë - fruits, tree, the tree, trees, fruit
penis - your penis, the penis
pennsylvania - pa
penxhere - window
perandor - emperor, the emperor, emperor of
perde - drapery, curtains, opacity, curtain, screen
perlë - gem of, pearl, gem, the gem
personel - personnel, staff, staffing, staffed
perëndi - deity, gods, god
perëndia - gods, god, the god
perëndim - occident, western, the west, west, west of
peshk - the fish, fish
peshkop - surrogate, diocesan, bishop, a bishop, episcopate
peshku - of fish, the fish, Other Fish, fish
peshqir - the towel, towel, towels
pestë - a fifth, fifth, The fifth, five
pesë - five, of five, the five
pesëdhjetë - and fifty, fiftieth, of fifty, fifty
petull - the pancake, crepe, cake, flapjack, pancake
pi - lush, booze, imbibe, drinks, drink
piano - the piano, grand piano, pianos
pidh - pussy
pikon - leaking, the leaky, leak, leaky, drip
piktor - artist, the painter, a painter, draftsman, painter
pikturë - the painting, painting, canvas, picture
pikë - spot, point, score, drop, points
pikërisht - exactly, precisely, exactly the, very, just
pipëtimë - peep
piramida - pyramids, Pyramid, the pyramids, the pyramid
pirun - fork lift, fork, the fork, forked
pishinë - swimming pool, the swimming pool, the pool, pool
pistë - dirty, the runway, runway, tarmac, track
piçka - twat, pussy, cunt
pjekur - ripe, baked, mature, matured, roasted
pjellor - fat, fruitful, loamy, fertile, prolific
pjeshkë - peaches, the peaches, peachy, peach
pjesë - piece, part, section, portion, share
pjesëmarrës - participants, participating, participant, member, party
pjesëtar - member, member of, members, a member, a member of
plagë - lesion, slash, blight, sore, wound
plan - plane, blueprint, plans, schedule
planeti - planet, the planet
plasë - fissure, crack, cranny, crevice, chink
plazh - the beach, sands, beach
plep - the poplar, poplar
plesht - hopper, flea, the hopper
pllakë - plate, slab, tablet, plaque, tile
plot - full of, lots of, filled, full
plotë - thorough, full, comprehensive, fully, complete
plotësoj - replenish, amplify, refill, fill, fulfill
pluhur - the dust, dust, powdered, powder, dusty
plumb - pellet, bullet, plumbum, lead, shot
plëndës - pot
po - is, yes, are, but, yea
poet - maker, the poet, a poet
poezi - verse, poems, poem, poetry, of poetry
poezia - poem, poetry, the poem, the poetry
polak - Pole, Poland, the Polish, Polish
policia - police are, police, the police
polimeri - the polymer, polymer is, polymermodified, polymer
politik - the political, political, policy, a political
politika - political, policy, politics, policies, the policy
politikani - a politician, the politician, politician, politicians
pompa - pumps, pump
popull - people, demos, nation, population, folk
popullor - national, the popular, folk, popular
pornografia - porn is, pornography, child pornography, porn, to porn
porosi - order, message, request, custom, errand
porosis - caution, command, order, prescribe, indent
portali - portal, Portal Portal, the portal
portreti - the iconic, the portrait, portrait, iconic
portë - portal, gateway, door, the gateway, gate
posaçëm - specific, separate, particular, special, a special
poshtë - follows, beneath, under, below, down
posta - post offices, mail, mails, post, post office
postoj - post, I post, mail
postë - the mail, inbox, post, post office, mail
potent - potent vehicle, the potent, virile
pothuajse - nearly, virtually, about, almost
pra - thus, so, therefore, then, well
prag - threshold, the eve, eve, sill, verge
prandaj - hence, therefore, thus, wherefore, so
pranga - cuff, shackles, nippers, irons, shackle
pranishëm - present the, present, the present, attended, attended by
pranoj - receive, acknowledge, admit, agree, accept
pranveror - spring, vernal, the spring
pranverë - springtime, the spring, spring
pranë - beside, by, near, nearby, next
prapa - backward, back, after, behind, behind the
prapashtesë - particle, the suffix, extension, suffix
prapë - again, still, yet, back
prashis - cultivate, hoe
prej - of the, by, of, from, since
prek - affect, touch, touch upon, adjoin, feel
premiera - premiered, premiere, the premiere, premieres, premiers
premtim - carrot, pledge, promise, commitment, undertaking
pres - shut off, expect, wait, whack, chop
presh - the leek, leeks, leek
preshi - Leeks, leek
pretendoj - pretend, assume, profess, claim, allege
prift - the priest, priest, a priest
prifti - The priest, priest, then the priest
prij - drawn up prior to, drawn up prior
primula - primula has
princ - the prince, prince, ruler, leader, a prince
prirem - tend, heel, trend, lean, incline
prirje - propensity, affinity, bent, trend, tendency
prishur - thwarted, spoiled, demolished, break, broken
pritje - expectation, reception, welcome, waiting, anticipation
privat - private, the private, a private
problemi - problems, problem, problem is, issue, the problem
producenti - A producer, executive producer, producer, the producer
produktiviteti - the productivity, of productivity, productivity
profesor - professor, a professor, the professor, professor of
profeti - the prophet, prophet
pronar - master, proprietor, the owner, owner, boss
pronë - property, possession, holding, the property, ownership
proposim - suggestion
propozoj - the slate, suggest, offer, slate, propose
protektoriat - protectorate
provoj - validate, try, assay, prove, substantiate
provë - test, evidence, tasting, audition, proof
pse - Although, though the, why, though, why the
psikiatër - a psychiatrist, psychiatrists, psychiatric, psychiatrist
psikoanaliza - psychoanalysis, the psychoanalysis
pudër - pounce, powder, Foundation, Foundation Primer, Ideal Controle Powder
pulla - button, stamps, buttons, stamp, speckled
pullë - mark, button, blotch, sticker, stamp
pulpë - paste, the pulp, pulp
pulë - fowl, chicken, hen, the chicken
puna - job, labor, the work, work, working
punishte - manufactory of, workshop, workshops, manufactory, the manufactory
punoj - serve, operate, working, work, do
punë - job, operation, labor, business, work
punësoj - recruit, hire, employing, employ the, employ
punëtor - hardworking, worker, workman, laborer, working
purpurt - the purple, purple
pushim - leave, pause, break, rest, reprieve
pushkë - gun, rifles, guns, the rifle, rifle
pushoj - pause, desist, cease, rest, stow
pushtet - power, ruling, authority, the power
pushtues - overlord, conquering, invader, conqueror, invasive
puth - buss, caress, lip, kiss, osculate
putër - pad, foot, claw, paw
pyes - quiz, inquire, question, ask, demand
pyetje - question, inquiry, query, interrogation, questioning
pyll - forest, wood, the forest, the woods, woods
pëllumb - dove, pigeon, darling, squab
pëllëmbë - palm of, the palm, palm, inch, span
pëlqej - enjoy, love, please, fancy, like
për - for, on, about, in, per
përballoj - cope, withstand, reckon with, face, outstay
përballë - in the face of, before, in front of, opposite, versus
përbashkët - common, the common, joint, shared, mutual
përbuz - despise, despised, disdain, contemn, spit upon
përcjell - conveys, follows, conduct, refer, convey
përditshëm - everyday, day, the daily, daily
përdor - use, used, uses the, utilize, uses
përfshihem - get involved
përfshij - subsume, include, comprehend, cover, involve
përgatit - prepared, prepares, preparing, make, prepare
përgjakur - gory, bloodshot, bloody, bloodstained, bleeding
përgjigje - answer, answers, response, respond, reply
përgjigjem - I answer, respond, answer the, answer for, answer
përgjithshëm - the total, total, overall, the general, general
përhap - radiate, spread, ted, dilate, disseminate
përhershëm - habitual, constant, permanently, permanent, the permanent
përjetshëm - life, everlasting, timeless, ever, eternal
përkas - touch, fall into, befall, belong, pertain
përket - regards, belongs to, belongs, regard, respect
përkrah - promote, favor, uphold, supports, support
përkthyes - translators, translator, interpreters, interpreter, an interpreter
përkufizim - definition of, definition, the definition
përkul - warp, flex, bend, bow, hunch
përkulje - warp, curvature, flex, flexion, crouch
përkund - cradle, dance, dangle, rock, shake
përlaj - filch, collar, purloin, poach, wangle
përmallim - yearning, longing
përmallshëm - nostalgic
përmasë - measure, dimension, scantling, size, format
përmbaj - choke, hold, restock, include, contain
përmbedhje - of contents, Table of, Table of contents Table, contents Table of contents, Table of
përmbi - above, over the, over, above the, upon
përmbri - upon, over
përmbys - overturn, overthrow, pull over, upturn, capsize
përmend - cite, point out, name, mention, mentioned
përmendore - refresher, monument, pillar, memorial, touching
përpara - before, prior to, forward, ahead, in front
përpiktë - punctual, precise, meticulous, painstaking, accurate
përpiqem - seek, try, endeavor, strive, attempt
përpjek - great effort,, efforts to determine
përpjekje - try, efforts, attempt, effort, endeavor
përplas - fling, slam, clash, flap, crash
përpunoj - rehash, recondition, process, refine, mill
përqafoj - squeeze, hug, cuddle, enfold, fold
përreth - around the, surrounding, around, round, about
përshkrim - description of, the description, depiction, description
përshkruaj - depict, describe, delineate, paint, characterize
përshtat - assort, fit, adjust, adapt, match
përshtatshmëri - expediency, fitness, adequacy, adaptability, suitability
përshtatshëm - fitting, suitable, appropriate, convenient, fit
përshëndes - welcome, hail, salute, greet, recognize
përshëndetje - salute, greeting, salutation, compliments, hello
përsiatja - pondering, I pondered, rationale, meditation, pondered
përsosur - perfected, perfect, perfectly, the perfect, flawless
përsëri - back to, back, again, still
përsëris - rehearse, replicate, echo, repeat, reiterate
përtej - beyond, above, across, past, over
përuroj - congratulated, inaugurate, congratulated them, congratulate
përveç - addition, except, aside from, besides, but
përvuajtur - suffering, softly, tormented, humble, lowly
përzemërt - heartfelt, warmhearted, hearty, cordial, loving
përzier - mixed, nausea, mingled, blended, involved
pështyj - spit, expectorate, spit of, the spit, splutter
qafa - neck, the neck, neck is
qafë - col, collar, neck, saddle, nape
qaj - whimper, cry, weep, lament, rain
qartë - clear, clearly, obviously, plain, obvious
qasem - approach the, APPROACHING, APPROACHING THE
qasje - approaches, access, access to, approach
qejf - binge, high spirits, humor, zest, pleasure
qelbet - stinks, stink, whiff, rot
qen - canine, dog, hound, dogs, the dog
qengj - cade, sheep, lamb of, lamb
qep - stitch, sew, needle, sew on, tailor
qepa - onions, onion
qepallë - the eyelid, eyelid, lid, lash
qepë - onions, onion, the onion, Pepper
qerpik - eyelash, the eyelash, the cilia, cilia
qerpiku - eyelid, an eyelid, Eyelash
qershi - cherries, the cherry, cherry, cherry tree, bird cherry
qesh - mock, banter, laughing, laugh, laughs
qeshur - smiling, hilarious, laughter, laughing, laugh
qetë - evenly, quiet, smooth, quietly, calm
qetësi - tranquility, silence, serenity, calm, quiet
qetësoj - tranquilize, propitiate, appease, balsam, conciliate
qiell - the heavens, heavens, the sky, sky, heaven
qilim - the rug, carpet, rug, mat, the carpet
qime - pelage, hair, fuzz, fur, seta
qiri - the candle, wax, candle
qorr - eyeless, sightless, at random, blind
qortim - snub, reprimand, reproof, reproach, rebuke
quaj - name, call the, count, call, consider
qull - saturate, porridge, mash, drench, gruel
qumësht - milk, the milk, latex, with milk, of milk
qysh - ever, since, early, from, back
qytet - town, the city, city, the town
qytetërim - of civilization, civilization to, civilizations, civilization
qëllim - purpose, aim, goal, view, end
qëndresë - resistance, toughness, fastness, endurance, stamina
qëndroj - stand, fend, remain, stay, endure
qëndrueshëm - consistent, sustainable, stable, resistant, steady
racizëm - racism, racist, racialism, of racism
radio - radios, the radio
radiografi - radiography, radiogram, radiograph
ram - of ram, the ram
raportoj - report on, report to, report, report to the, report the
re - cloud, young, new, the new
real - actual, realistic, true, the real
realiteti - realities, reality of, reality, the reality
rebel - maverick, rebellious, backsliding, malcontent
referohem - mention, refer to, referring, refer, advert
reformoj - reformation for, reform the, reform its, reformation, reform
regjistër - the registry, the register, registry, log, register
rehat - cosily, cosiness, comfortable, uncomfortable, alone
rehatshëm - cozy, Homey, snug, comfortable, comfy
reliev - landscape, terrain, relief, a relief
rend - the sequence, run, order, sequence, collocation
reputacion - reputation, repute, reputed, reputable, reputations
reshje - rainfall, grounds, rain, fall, precipitation
restorant - restaurants, eatery, the restaurant, dining, restaurant
reumatizëm - rheumatism
revolucioni - revolution, a revolution, the revolution
rezervë - spare, reservation, reserve, backup, stock
rezultat - results, result, outcome, a result, score
reçel - jam, confiture, marmalade, jams, conserve
ri - a new, new, young, re, The new
rigon - drizzle, oregano, the oregano
rilindje - regenerate, renewal, rebirth, resurrection, renaissance
rini - young, youthfulness, recency, juvenility, youth
rishtazi - a newly, recently, The newly, newly, recent
rival - rival to, rivals, the rival, a rival
robdëshamër - gown
roboti - bot, the robot, robot
robëri - captivity, serfdom, slavery, captive, servitude
rojë - picket, guard, guardsman, sentry, vigil
roman - the novel, novel
rosak - drake
rosë - duck, the duck
rozë - the pink, rosy, pink
rradhë - consecutive, row, a row, line, queues
rrah - flap, thrash, lambaste, beat, flicker
rrallë - rare, infrequently, often, rarely, seldom
rras - cram, thrust, tamp, clench, fling
rregull - order, rule, regulation, right, a rule
rregullt - orderly, regular, a regular, regularly, the regular
rrenë - mendacity, lie, lying, a lie, corker
rreptë - the strict, severely, strict, rigorous, strictest
rresht - aisle, consecutively, lineup, line, row
rreth - about, circle, around, about the, some
rrethoj - engirdle, encircle, leaguer, beleaguer, wreathe
rrezatoj - emit, irradiate, radiate, ray, beam
rreze - shaft, radius, flicker, ray, beam
rrezik - danger, jeopardy, hazard, risk, peril
rri - remain, stay, perch, keep, hang out
rrit - enhance, increased, increase, up, increases
rritur - adult, increase, increasing, increased, grown
rrjedh - flow, trickle, run, ooze, result
rrobë - apparel, outfit, garment, robe, dress
rrogë - salaried, salary, pay, wage, wages
rroj - live, exist, subsist, outlast, hang out
rrokja - grasp, syllable, seizing
rrotull - roll, pulley, bobbin, about, sheave
rrotullim - twirl, spin, torsion, rotation, gyration
rrotullohet - rotated, whirl, rotates, revolves, rotate
rrotë - boob, spool, moron, wheels, wheel
rruaj - shave off, razor, graze, shave the, shave
rruazë - vertebra, chaplet, beady, spherule, bead
rrudhë - corrugation, crease, furrow, crinkle, wrinkle
rrufe - lightning, Shirt, Bolt, the lightning
rrugë - road, route, way, path, street
rrumbullakët - a round, roundtable, discussion, the round, round
rryma - electricity, currents, streams, current, floods
rrëfim - shrift, recital, account, confession, story
rrëmbej - grab, wrest, hijack, despoil, whip
rrëmujë - mess, clutter, tangle, disturbance, disorder
rrënim - ruin, devastation, downfall, destruction, havoc
rrënjë - the roots, rooted, the root, root, roots
rrëshqas - slip, glide, slither, skate, slide
rrëzohem - fall, pitch, slump, tumble, cant
rrëzohet - falls, fall, collapse, lop
ruaj - maintain, Remember, save, preserve, keep
rubin - ruby, emerald, rubies, turquoise
rëndë - heavily, severe, serious, heavy, hard
rëndësi - importance, prominence, weight, significance, important
rëndësishëm - important, key, relevant, major, significant
rërë - sandy, sand, the sandy, the sand, grit
sa - what, how many, as, how, how much
sahat - meter, watch, clock, horologe, ticker
sajoj - toss up, cook, cook up, vamp, patch up
sallam - the sausage, of sausage, salami, sausage
sallatë - salad, the salad, salads
sallon - parlor, hall, saloon, porch, salon
sallë - room, the hall, theater, hall
sapun - the soap, soapy, soap
saqë - that he, that it, that, that they, so that
sasi - number, quantities, amounts, quantity, amount
sebep - a cause
sedile - seat, the seats, safety seat
sekondë - second, tick, second is
sekti - the sect, Buddhism, sect, denomination, denominational
sepse - for, because, because the, because it
sfidë - challenge, the challenge, challenges, a challenge
sfond - the background, background, backdrop, wallpaper
shaka - joke, prank, spoof, gag, hoax
shall - muffler, neckerchief, shawl, scarf, cravat
shallvare - Shallvareve, Shallvaret, Shallvare
shamatë - hubbub, rumpus, din, bedlam, racket
shami - handkerchief, headscarf, snot, handkerchiefs, bandana
sharrë - saws, saw, arm saw, circular saw
shejtan - villain, mischievous, brat, varmint, puckish
sheleg - Sheleg
shelg - sallow, willow tree, willow, the willow
shembull - sample, such, example, instance
shenjtë - the holy, holy, sanctuary, sacred, the sacred
shenjë - token, sign, mark, target, signal
sheqer - of sugar, sugary, sugar, the sugar
sheqeri - Sheqeri, the sugar, sugar, of sugar
shesh - place, esplanade, square, field, ground
shfrytëzoj - exploit, utilize, harness, exercise, use
shi - rain, of rain, the rain, rainy
shijoj - relish, rejoice, taste, enjoy, savor
shijshëm - appetizing, tasty, succulent, tasteful, yummy
shikim - sight, look, vision, view, eyesight
shikoj - glance, view, watch, see, look
shikues - viewers, spectator, views, viewer, spectators
shishe - bottle, bottled, bottle of, the bottle, bottles
shiu - rain, the rain, shower, of rain
shkalla - degree, level, rate, scale, rates
shkallë - rate, degree, level, ladder, scale
shkallëzim - scoring, graduation, scalability, scale, escalation
shkatërroj - ruin, flatten, vandalize, blow away, destroy
shkel - break, encroach, infringe, tread, override
shkencë - the science, a science, science
shkoj - going, get, go, I get, I go
shkollë - school, the school, schools
shkop - rod, pole, bat, stick, staff
shkrep - hit, crag, flash, fired, cliff
shkretë - wilderness, desert, deserted, waste, desolate
shkrij - thaw out, melt, merge, melt down, thaw
shkrim - writing, in writing, a written, written, the written
shkrimtar - a writer, writer, author, the writer
shkruaj - enter, write to, write, Written, writing
shkumës - foaming, crayon, chalk, the chalk, foam
shkurt - in February, in short, February, Feb., short
shkurtim - shortening, reduction, cut, abbreviation, curtailment
shkurtimisht - shortly, brief, short, briefly, briefly the
shkëlqej - gleam, gild, glare, glow, bloom
shkëlqim - gloss, sheen, glow, brightness, sparkle
shkëlqyer - superb, excellent, great, brilliant, splendid
shkëmb - rock, a rock, cliff, the rock, the cliff
shkëmbor - shale, rocky, the rocky, the rock, rock
shndrit - brighten the, shines, shine, brighten
shndritshëm - brightest, bright, glaring, Lucent, shiny
shofer - drivers, the driver, driver, chauffeur, driving
shoh - look, behold, I see, see, overlook
shok - comrade, mate, companion, friend, buddy
shoqe - friend, wife, cummer, friends, companion
shoqëri - company, fellowship, society, guild, companionship
shoqërim - concomitance, association, tracking, escort, accompaniment
shoqëroj - escort, accompany, convoy, associate, show in
shoqëror - society, societal, public, the social, social
shpat - rattling, the slope, slope, incline, descent
shpatull - spatula, spoonbill, scapula, shoulder, spreader
shpatë - the sword, sword, saber, blade
shpejt - rapidly, speedily, quickly, soon, fast
shpejtoj - accelerate, quicken, speed, hasten, precipitate
shpejtuar - accelerated, speed, accelerate, expedited, speed up
shpejtë - fast, prompt, faster, quick, rapid
shpejtësi - velocity, speeds, rapidly, rate, speed
shpend - birds, fowl, bird, Shpend, poultry
shpenzime - expenditure, expenses, costs, expense, spending
shpenzoj - expend, expend the, consume, outlay, spend
shpesh - is often, often the, often, are often, frequently
shpeshtë - the frequent, common, often, frequently, frequent
shpie - leading, leads to, leads, bring, lead
shpinë - the spine, your back, the back, back, spine
shpirt - spirit, mind, heart, soul, psyche
shpjegim - explanations, explanation, an explanation, explanation of, interpretation
shportë - basket of, tray, pot, basket, the basket
shpreh - extend, said, expresses, expressed, express
shprehje - term, expression, phrase, expressions, an expression
shpretkë - the spleen, spleen
shputë - sole, hoof, slap, foot, toe
shpërblej - repay, recoup, requite, reward, remunerate
shpërblim - remuneration, return, reward, compensation, bonus
shpërdorim - abuse, misuse, malpractice, misappropriation, waste
shpërlaj - shampoo and rinse, Shampoo, Soft shampoo wash, Shampoo your, Soft shampoo
shpërndaj - scatter, intersperse, distribute, dish, whiffle
shpërthej - erupt, break, explode, implode, freak
shpëtoj - save, rescue, rid, get rid, get rid of
shqelm - kick, kicked
shqetësoj - ail, perturb, peeve, bother, pother
shqiptim - speech, diction, pronouncing, vocalization, pronunciation
shqiptimi - imposition, pronunciations, pronouncing, speaking, spelling
shqiptoj - enounce, mouth, pronounce, enunciate, utter
shquar - eminent, distinguished, remarkable, outstanding, prominent
shrati - bed
shtat - height, stature, inches, seven
shtatore - statue, the statue, monument, statuette, statue of
shtatzënia - pregnant, the pregnancy, pregnancy, contraception
shtatë - the seventh, seventh, seven, the seven
shteg - loophole, trail, path, footpath, pathway
shtegtar - peregrinator, migratory, migrant, of passage, nomad
shtet - the state, country, state, nation, a state
shtie - inoculate, put, pour, shoot, insinuate
shtoj - refill, heighten, increase, augment, add
shtrenjtë - costly, dearly, expensive, dear
shtresë - stratum, coat, seam, coating, layer
shtrihet - lies, extended, extend, stretch, extends
shtrij - spread, recline, elongate, stretch, expand
shtroj - dine, strew, civilize, propound, spread
shtrydh - squeeze, squeeze out, press, squeeze the, extrude
shtrëngatë - storm, stormy.Clouds, squall, thunderstorm, tempest
shtyp - pestle, oppress, press, print, type
shtëllungë - hank, plume, bushy, tow, fleece
shtëpi - house, houses, home, household, the house
shuaj - slake, wipe off, quench, burke, erase
shumtë - many, multiple, abound, numerous, the many
shumë - many, too, very, lot, much
shumëllojshëm - manifold, varied, diversified, diverse
shungëlloj - echo, rumble, roar
shurdhoj - devocalize, din, deafen
shurrë - piss, and pee, pee, urine
shushurin - rustle
shëmtuar - unsightly, unattractive, the ugly, hideous, ugly
shëndet - the health, healthy, health
shërbej - wait on, wait, act, serve, minister
shërbim - services, the service, serving, service
shërbyese - maid, maidservant, service, stewardess, woman
shërbëtor - menial, butler, servant, valet, a servant
shëroj - heal their, heal them, heal you, cure, heal
shëtit - toddle, stroll, ramble, walk, ride
si - such as, like, as, as a, how
sidoqoftë - nevertheless, yet, in any case, however
sigurim - floater, safety, insurance, assurance, security
sigurime - securities, insurance, insurances, assurances, security
siguroj - ensure, assure, secure, insure, provide
sigurtë - safe, secure, safely, safer, sure
sikur - as though, as, as if, like, if
sinqertë - frank, hearted, earnest, honest, sincere
sipas - after, under, according to, per, by
sipër - up, above, over, going, under
sipërfaqe - the surface, surfaces, surface area, surface, area
sistematik - the systematic, regular, systematical, systematic, systemic
sisë - breast, pap, mamilla, udder, mamma
sjell - induce, brings the, delivers, bring, brings
skalit - inscribe, engrave, chase, incise, sculpt
skarë - barbecue, gridiron, broiler, grate, grill
skelet - framework, skeleton, carcass, frame, shell
skenë - scene, staging, the stage, stage, the scene
skuadër - squad, team, square, crew, the squad
skulptor - sculptors, sculptor, a sculptor
skuqem - crimson, glow, become red, blush, the blush
sobë - the stove, oven, stove, burner, cooker
software - the software
sorkadhe - gazelle of, gazelles
sorrë - crow, raven, daw, rook, The crow
sovraniteti - of sovereignty, sovereignty, sovereign, the sovereignty
spango - of string, twine, packthread, string, cord
specialitet - the specialty, specialty
spiritualiteti - of spirituality, spirituality have, spirituality, spirituality is
spital - a hospital, the hospital, hospitalized, hospital
sportelist - cashier, a porter, receptionist, teller, desk clerk
sporti - of sport, sports, the sport, sport, Guild
sportist - sportsman, a sportsperson, athlete, sportsperson, a sportsman
sportiv - athletic, sporty, sport, sports, sportive
sqep - bill, nib, beak, pecker, neb
stacion - station, the station, stop, stations
stampoj - stamp, imprint, emboss, print, mint
statistika - statistics, the statistics, statistical, stats, statistic
stemë - crest, arms, plaque, emblem, blazon
stenografia - stenography, the Stenographia, shorthand, Stenographia
stilolaps - the pen, ballpen, pen, ballpoint
stinë - season of, seasons, season
stol - pew, stool, the bench, bench, the stool
stoli - ornament, jewelery, jewelry, trimmings, ornaments
stomak - stomach, the stomach, tummy
strehoj - accommodate, harbor, haven, shelter, billet
strehë - haven, refuge, home, shelter, sanctuary
student - undergraduate, a student, students, the student
stufë - furnace, cooker, oven, stove
stërvitje - exercise, workout, coaching, drill, training
subjekt - the subject, subject to, entity, topic, subject
sukses - successfully, succeed, successful, succeeded, success
sulm - onslaught, assault, attack, offensive, raid
sundoj - govern, overlord, reign, rule, overrule
sup - shoulder, shoulders, the shoulder
supë - the soup, soup, bouillon, the broth, broth
surprizë - surprised, a surprise, surprising, surprise, surprises
surrealizëm - surrealism
suva - the plaster, plaster, render
sy - the eye, look, eyes, eye, the eyes
sygjerim - suggestions are, the suggestion, suggestion, suggestions, suggestion of
synim - objective, purpose, aim, view, goal
synoj - aim, tend, target the
syri - eye, eyes, thine eye, the eye
sëmundja - sickness, diseases, illness, the disease, disease
sëmurë - ill, sick, unhealthy, sufferer, diseased
sëpatë - an ax, ax, the ax
sërisht - again the, again, yet for
tabaka - trays, the tray, tray, salver
tabelë - board, signboard, chart, table, fascia
takim - meet, appointment, meeting, encounter, gathering
takohem - come across, link up, meet, converge, encounter
takoj - reach, encounter, salute, belong, meet
taksi - cab, taxis, the cab, taxi, the taxi
taksë - toll, duty, taxes, tax, fee
taktikë - the tactic, a tactic, tactics, tactic, ploy
talent - the talent, talent of, talented, gift
tani - now, currently, far
tanë - to our, our, of our
tash - far, date, currently, now
tashmë - currently, now, already, has already, have already
tatëpjetë - slant, declivity, downhill, ramp, downwards
tavan - the ceiling, ceiling, roof
tavë - casserole, baking pan, roaster, dish, pan
te/k - to, of, in, of the, the
teatër - playhouse, the theater, theater, home theater
tej - still, hereinafter, beyond, Furthermore, further
tek - Skip to, at, to the, unto, to
tel - TEL, wire, wireless, clothesline, phone
telefon - phone, telephone, mobile, the phone
telefoni - phone, telephone, The phone, mobile, telephony
telefonoj - call up, telephone, ring up, call, phone
telekomanduesi - Remote, Remote control
telepatia - Telepatia, telepathy
teleskopi - the telescope, telescope
televizion - televised, the television, television, TV
temë - theme, the topic, topic, the subject, subject
tendë - sunshade, bower, tent, canopy, tilt
tenis - tennis
tenisi - tennis courts, tennis court, tennis, courts
teologji - theologies, divinity, the theology, Theology and, theology
teoria - theory of, the theory, theory
tepërt - the excess, redundant, excess, excessive, oversized
terrorizëm - with terrorism, terrorist, of terrorism, terror, terrorism
teshë - clothes, luggage, baggage, clothing, linen
tetë - eighth, the eight, the eighth, eight
thartë - the sour, tart, sour
thatë - the dry, dry, dehydrated, said, hacking
theks - emphasis, an emphasis, emphasis on, stress, accent
theksoj - stress, emphasize, point, highlight, sharpen
thekër - of rye, the rye, rye
thellë - profound, deep, deeply, deeper
thellësi - bowels, depths, depth, deepness
them - tell, mean, I say, say, speak
thembër - heels, the heel, heeled, heel
themeloj - institute, establish, float, repose, found
thepisur - steep, steepest, rugged, craggy, steeper
thes - receptacle, poke, bag, the bag, sack
thesar - treasure, the treasure, depository, treasury, jewel
thikë - rugged, perpendicular, the knife, blade, knife
thirrje - summons, appeal, exclamation, calling, call
thith - inhale, soak up, suck, nipple, soak
thjeshtë - simple, simply, a simple, simpler, plain
thonj - clutches, Tank, hoofs, nails, fingernails
thumbim - nip, sting
thur - knit, braid, stitch, weave, enmesh
thyej - shatter, refract, break, rupture, wreck
thëllëzë - beautiful girl, quail, partridge, pintail, grouse
thërras - call, holler, shout, convene, exclaim
thërrime - the crumb, crumb of, as dust, crumb
ti - to, thou, thee, be, you
tij - him, his, it, its, make his
tillë - such a, so, such, this
tipar - facet, feature, attribute, trait, feature of
tiran - tyrant, despot, represser, oppressor
titull - caption, degree, title, heading, name
tjetër - different, other, further, another, next
tmerr - dread, horror, terror, consternation
tmerrshëm - terrible, terribly, horribly, miserably, awesome
tog - heap, the heap, mass, cluster, pile
toka - earth, land, the earth, property, the land
tokë - ground, earth, the earth, soil, land
ton - tons, tuna, tone, tonnes
tona - of our, our own, our
top - Top, cannon, ball, the top, nugget
tradhëtoj - betray, betrayed him
tradicional - conventional, the traditional, traditional, a traditional
traditë - the tradition, a tradition, tradition of, tradition
trainer - coach, coaching, a coach
trajtim - handling, treatment, the treatment, approach
trashë - obese, thick, coarse, stupid, thicker
trashëgimi - inherit, legacy, heritage, inheritance, possess
trashëgoj - inherit, come into, derive, take possession of, inherit the
trasmetoj - transmit, trasmetoje
trastë - purse, bag, scrip, backpack
trazirë - riot, commotion, turmoil, convulsion, turbulence
trazoj - fluster, intermix, pother, perturb, commingle
trazuar - troubled, perturbed, turbulent, stirred, lumpy
tre - the three, three
tregoj - indicate, show, infer, profess, tell
tregtar - businessman, merchant, dealer, commercial, trader
tregti - commerce, trading, business, market, trade
tren - train, the train
tres - the tres, of Tres
tretë - third, The third, a third
trevë - areas mentioned, territory, Fier region, the Fier region
triko - tricot, jersey, tights, sweater, cardigan
trimëri - bravery, hardiness, valor, intrepidity, stoutness
tringëllin - clink, jingle, tinkle, chink
trinia - Holy Trinity, The Trinity, Trinity is, Trinitarian, trinity
trokas - clink, knock the, tap, rap, knock
trotuar - sidewalk, the sidewalk, the pavement, pavement
tru - the brain, brain, pate, savvy
trung - stump, torso, bole, skid, trunk
trup - the body, body, flesh
truri - brains, brain, the brain
tryezë - roundtable, the table, table, round table
trëndafil - noisettes, canker, mossrose, a rose, rose
tuaja - your, to your, of your
tuajët - to your, your own, contact, your, yours
tufan - wind, gale, hurricane, windstorm
tufë - swarm, covey, flock, herd, clutch
tullac - calvity, bald, the bald
tund - shake, jog, wag, jiggle, shake up
tungjatjeta - → Hello, hello to, hello, Hail, hallo
turbullt - darkly, vague, turbid, turbulent, Turbulence
turist - tripper, visitor, a tourist, tourer, tourist
turizëm - tourist, tourism, the tourism, touring
turp - infamy, stigma, shame, disgrace, reproach
turqia - turkey
turrem - hare, chase, fly, dash, pounce
turrë - stack, roll, heap, stack of, pile
ty - you, to you, thee
tym - exhalation, the smoke, smoke, fume, smoking
tyre - their own, them, their
tërbim - ragging, rage, fury, rabies, rampage
tërheq - decoy, draw, attract, pull, withdraw
tërheqje - attraction, withdrawal, retreat, traction, tow
tërheqës - attractive, alluring, enticing, appealing, interesting
tërmet - quake, earthquake, the earthquake, temblor
tërthortë - indirectly, detour, Roundabout, indirect, cross
udhëheq - direct, lead, guide, conduct, head
udhëtar - cruiser, passenger, traveler, wayfarer, roadster
udhëtoj - tour, journey, fare, go, travel
uji - of water, the water, water
ungjilli - the gospel, the gospel is, gospel, good news, gospel is
ura - bridges, bridges of, bridge, the bridge
urani - Uranus, uranium, of Uranus
uroj - wish the, I wish, I congratulate, congratulate, wish
urryer - odious, detested, hated, foul, heinous
ushtria - military, the military, host, the army, army
vagina - your vagina, vaginally, vaginal, the vagina
vaj - oil, the oil, oily
vajtoj - howl, lament, mourn, wail, bewail
vajzë - girl, gal, maid, lass, daughter
vakt - mealtime, meal, the meal
valixhe - trunk, suitcases, suitcase, luggage, traveling bag
valë - bullish, bearish, frenzy, wave, waves
valëvitet - floats, waved, flutter, flitter, wave
vapë - the heat, swelter, heat, hot, hot in
var - string up, hang, drape, dangle, hang up
varem - sag, the sag, hang oneself, depend, turn on
varfër - poorer, poorest, the poor, impoverished, poor
varfëri - poverty, misery, hardship, penury, infertility
varg - series, verse, range, number, string
varr - grave, the grave, sepulcher, tomb, lair
varros - buried, bury, inearth, entomb
vashë - O daughter, maiden, girl, lass
vathë - corral, sheepfold, fold, earring, pen
vatër - center, hearth, ingle, focus, hotbed
vazhdimisht - repeatedly, constantly, incessantly, continuously, continually
vazhdoj - extend, keep, continue, carry on, proceed
vdekja - the death, the dead, dead, death
vdekje - the death, dead, deaths, death, dying
vdekur - deceased, dead, dying, die, died
vdes - perish, die, crave, dying, dies
vegël - instrument, tool, utility, gadget, utensil
vend - location, seat, spot, place, country
vendim - decision, ruling, resolution, verdict, judgment
vendlindje - native land, homeland, home country, home, birthplace
vendos - set, place, put, decide, establish
venitem - wane, faint
veprim - move, transaction, action, operation, act
veproj - work, act, do, act on, proceed
vepër - deed, act, work, piece, action
vera - wine, the wine, summer, wines
verbër - the blind, blind men, blind
verdhë - the yellow, yellow, yellow card, yellowish, card
verë - of wine, wine, the summer, summer, the wine
ves - defect, immorality, kink, vice, habit
vesh - clothe, ear, tog, wear, tapestry
veshgjatë - donkey, ass
veshi - ear, he overlaid, aural, the ear, overlaid
veshkë - adrenal, kidneys, kidney, the kidney, the kidneys
vet - its, her, his, their, own
veta - its, its own, own, persons, their
vete - themselves, own, self, himself, itself
vetja - himself, own, ego, self, ourselves
vetmuar - lonely, solitary, secluded, solitude, alone
vetull - eyebrow, the eyebrow, brow
vetulla - Liner, mascara, eyelashes, eyebrows, the eyebrows
veturë - car, wagon, saloon car, saloon, motor car
vetë - itself, himself, herself, themselves, yourself
vetëdija - conscious, conscience, consciousness, awareness, the consciousness
vetëm - only, alone, but, exclusively, just
vetëtimë - thunderbolt, lightning, the Thunderbolt, bolt
vetëvrasja - suicide, the suicide, suicide is, suicides
vezullues - radiant, twinkling, blinking, orient, glittering
vezë - egg, the egg, eggs, the eggs
veçantë - separate, exclusive, special, particular, specific
veçse - but, except, only, already, than
vij - come, arrive, interconnect, I come, coming
vija-vija - streaked, tabby, julienne, belted, streaky
vijim - next, follows, The following, below, following
vijë - comes, the line, coming, line, come
vilë - villa, cottage, chateau, the cottage, the villa
virtyti - virtue, de, of virtue, the virtue
vise - areas, territories, regions
vishem - garb, dress, rig, muffle, get dressed
vit - annually, per year, a year, annum, year
viti - the year, since, year
vizatim - plot, drawing, the drawing, tracery, design
vizatues - workman, draftsman, Drawing, designer, plotters
vizitor - the visitor, guest, caller, visitor, comer
vizitë - visit, visiting, visit to, tour, visits
viç - calf, the calf, beef, cosset
vjedhje - burglary, theft, stealth, robbery, stealing
vjedhurazi - by stealth, stealthily, furtively, thievishly, on the sly
vjel - harvest, collect, gathering, gather, collects
vjell - vomit, spew, disgorge, belch, puke
vjeshtë - fall, autumn, the autumn, the fall
vjeshtëror - autumnal
vjetër - the old, oldest, older, old
vjollcë - violet, purple, indigo, the purple, viola
vlerë - valued, value, asset, amount, worth
vloj - brooding, boil
vogël - smaller, low, little, small, slight
vonoj - delay, procrastinate, linger, retard, wait
vorbull - the vortex, vortex, eddy, whirlpool, swirl
vrap - running, run, scurry, ran, flight
vrapoj - running, run, flee, patter, scoot
vreshtë - vineyards, vineyard, a vineyard, grapevine, vine
vrimë - nozzle, perforation, pinhole, slot, hole
vrull - pep, vim, elan, momentum, spasm
vuajtje - hardship, suffering, distress, torment, pain
vyshk - wither, shrivel, shrivel up
vyshkem - wither, fade
vë - set, put, place, lay, puts
vëlla - the brother, a brother, brother, sibling
vëllazëror - brotherhood, the fraternal, fraternal, brotherly
vëmendje - consideration, regard, attention to, care, attention
vërtet - truly, indeed, actually, really, yeah
vërtetë - indeed, true, really, real, actually
vështirë - difficult, hard, tough, harder, hardly
vështroj - eye, survey, look, watch, sight
xhade - highroad, public road, the carriageway, carriageway, causeway
xhami - mosques, mosque, glass, the mosque, the glass
xhamia - a mosque, mosque, Masjid, the mosque, mosques
xhaxha - the gaffer, uncle, gaffer, uncle of
xheloz - jealous of, zealous, jealous, be jealous
xhep - pocket, your pocket, pouch, the pocket
xhiro - gabion, turnover, round, laps, lap
xhuxhmaxhuxh - midget
xixë - sparklet, sparkle, glint, spark, scintilla
xixëllon - flare, twinkle, sparkle, scintillate, glitter
xixëllonjë - lightning bug, firefly, glow
yll - star, asterisk, the star
ylli - the star, star, star of, piercing
yndyra - fatty, fat, fats, the fat
yndyrë - the fat, of fat, fat, grease
yti - tolerable, yours, thine, your throne
zagar - greyhound, pointer, hound, retriever, courser
zakon - custom, habit, groove, wont, practice
zakonisht - ordinarily, usually, generally, usual, commonly
zambak - the lily, lily of, lotus, lily, madonna lily
zarf - an envelope, the envelopes, envelopes, the envelope, envelope
zbatim - execution, application, enforcement, implementation, appliance
zbatoj - enforce, follow, effectuate, apply, execute
zbehtë - the pale, the dim, pale, peaked, dim
zbrazët - vacant, empty, void, hollow, blank
zbres - recoup, go down, subtract, descend, deduct
zbritje - down, reduction, discount, rebate, deduction
zbukuroj - prettify, smarten up, festoon, bedeck, intersperse
zbulim - discovery, disclosure, finding, invention, detection
zejtar - Artisanal, an Artisanal, artisan, handicraftsman, craftsman
zemra - heart, hearts, the heart, heart is
zemër - the heart of, heart, the heart, heart of
zero - nil, the zero, zeros
zezak - darky, Negro, black, ebony, nigger
zezë - black, a black, the black
zgjas - elongate, protract, spread, extend, stretch
zgjat - linger, extend, lengthen, hold out, last
zgjedh - choose, elect, solve, chooses, select
zgjedhoj - conjugate, inflect
zgjeroj - extend, diversify, widen, expand, enlarge
zgjidh - undo, solve, untie, unleash, resolve
zgjoj - arouse, whet, innervate, rouse, awake
zgjuarsi - ingenuity, smartness, aptness, cleverness, wit
zhavorr - grit, gravel, the gravel, gravelly
zhele - tatter, the rag, cast of clothes, rags, rag
zhgënjej - delude, chagrin, balk, disillusion, disappoint
zhurmë - ado, bang, uproar, sound, noise
zhvesh - undress, disrobe, bare, strip, hull
zhveshur - undressed, bare, naked, drawn, stripped
zhvilloj - develop, hold, conduct, expand, evolve
zhys - plunge, submerge, dip, dive, immerse
zhyt - dive, steepen, dip, plunge, immerse
zhytem - pore, dip, soak, wallow, dive
zhytje - plunging, dip, immersion, dipping, diving
zi - famine, black, mourning, Zi, the Black
ziej - effervesce, seethe, boil, simmer, stew
zile - the bell, bell, ringtone, buzzer, alarm
zinxhir - zipper, the chain, cords, leash, chain
zjarr - flame, fire, the fire, a fire
zjarri - of fire, fire, the fire, with fire
zog - bird, the bird, birds, a bird
zonjushë - young lady, miss, lady, mistress, Ms.
zonjë - hostess, Madame, ma'am, madam, lady
zor - compulsion, embarrassment, difficulty, uneasiness, coercion
zorrë - intestine, gut, casing, bowel, catgut
zot - Infinite, lord, god, master, Providence
zoti - neat, lord, owner, Mr, Mr.
zotëroj - possess, hold, master, own, wield
zvetënohem - degenerate
zymbyl - basket, hyacinth, the hyacinth, bluebell, harebell
zymtë - bleak, grim, dreary, gloomy, stark
zyrë - the office, bureau, office
zë - take, voice, hold, occupy, sound
ç' - whatever he, what
çadër - umbel, umbrella, marquee, canopy, tent
çaj - puncture, slit, slash, tea, of tea
çalë - limping, crippled, the lame, are lame, lame
çante - rent the, past, tore the, bag, tore
çantë - satchel, carrier bag, purse, briefcase, bag
çapkën - urchin, puckish, naughty
çarçaf - sheet, linen, purdah, linen cloth
çarë - cleft, slit, sprung, slot, rift
çast - moment, instant, hour, point, jiffy
çati - Roofing, roofs, the roof, roof
çdo - all, every, each, any
çekiç - the hammer, maul, beaten, hammers, hammer
çel - opens, unfold, blossom, bloom, opens the
çelës - knob, spanner, the key, clue, key
çelët - Putty, Auburn, light, lager, lighter
çerek - fourth, quarter of, quarter, quarter of a
çfarë - how, What is, what the, what, What do
çift - couple, pair of, pair, conjugate, two
çimçakëz - Chewing
çizme - boots
çjerr - lacerate, tear up, scratch, clapperclaw, claw
çliroj - emancipate, rescue, disentangle, deliver, disengage
çmbush - vacuous, empty, void, hollow
çmim - prize, cost, premium, priced, price
çmoj - apprise, appreciate, value, admire, prize
çmueshëm - precious, valuable, a valuable, invaluable
çoj - drive, bring, haul, haze, lead
çokolatë - chocolate
çorape - hose, socks, tights, stocking, hosiery
çuditshëm - Strange, whimsical, weird, bizarre, eccentric
çukë - Cuke
ëma - mother, her mother, his mother
ëmbël - sweeter, sweetly, sweet, the sweet, luscious
ëmbëlsirë - sinker, cake, dessert, confection, pudding
ëmë - parent, mother, the mother, the parent
ëndërra - the dream, s dream, dream, dreams
ëndërroj - dream, daydream, dream about, I dream, dream of
ënjtem - swell

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