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2 0 1 3 A N N U...
L eav e N o T ra c e prote c t s t h e out d oor s b y tea c h i n g
Table of Contents
Year in Review
The Big Three
You: At a Glance
What’s Next
Financial Summary
Key Donors & Partners
people how to enjoy it responsibly.
The Leave No Trace program is built upon the premise
that conservation of our outdoor resources is possible
when all who enjoy the outdoors know how to respect
and prevent impacts from their activities. It is every
A m er i c an ’ s re s pon s i b i l i t y to prote c t our nat i on ’ s
treasured natural heritage for the future. And today,
people need the outdoors more than ever.
You Did It. 2013 was a great year for Leave
No Trace and the outdoors. And your role was
Members and partners like you are making all
of the difference, helping the Leave No Trace
movement thrive in communities across the
country. People learning, practicing and supporting Leave No Trace means our lands and
waterways are healthier.
Please enjoy the 2013 Annual Report. You will
learn more about the people, initiatives and
successes that you supported, view Leave No
Trace’s complete and audited financial picture, and see your name along with other donors and partner who lead the way.
Also learn about the new Leave No Trace in Every Park campaign. You and your community
have an important role, and we will call on you
in the coming year to role up your sleeves and
get involved.
Most of all, thank you for all that you do to
practice, teach and support Leave No Trace.
Dana Watts
Leave No Trace Executive Director
With your involvement,
see what Leave No Trace accomplished last year.
Conducted 521 hands on
trainings, workshops and events
reaching an estimated
9.5M people.
Launched 3 new
online courses
for kids and
advanced Leave No Trace training for
4,000 people.
Exposed over
10M people to a
national public
service campaign
to stop cigarette
butt litter.
Volunteer State Advocates
collectively reached
106,428 outdoor lovers.
Enlisted 400
Leave No Trace
Community Partner
Organizations to
take action.
Provided 16 critical
Grants throughout
the nation with the
Center’s Community
Stewardship Initiative
kids and
Conduced 2 important
Research Initiatives to uncover
and advance Leave No Trace
education and curriculum.
Get to
know us
The Hazeltons
From Redlands,
Bob and Judi
Leave No Trace Members - since 2009
A few things we enjoy as a family
Movies, Car Camping, San Gorgonio Wilderness Area
Before a camping trip, we never leave without
Leave No Trace Reference Cards
Favorite food enjoyed while camping
“Before we were members we didn’t feel we
could talk to people about why their choices
were a bad idea. For example, people often think,
‘If I am careful with a fire, what difference does
it make where I build it?’ It’s a hard question to
answer without knowing the reasons behind
why these Leave No Trace principles exist. As
How we practice Leave No Trace
members and nationally recognized Trainers, we
are now able to communicate answers.”
In our community
In the places we visit
Pick up trash
First Learned about Leave No Trace
Camp Manito-wish, YMCA, Wisconsin
Favorite place outdoors
Spider Lake, Wisconsin
Lake Bluff, Illinois
Practiced Leave
No Trace
Kayaking the
Inside Passage,
New member
“My Leave No Trace membership allows me to be part
Boulder, Colorado
of a community that believes in making a difference.
Became a Leave No Trace member
Practicing Leave No Trace in your own community can
Boulder, Colorado
be as easy as using a reusable water bottle or just
picking up trash whenever you see it”
Eily Brumder
12 years old
Hartland, Wisconsin
First time camping with my big sister at a lake. When we were packing
up, we made sure to leave nothing
Went to summer camp for the first
time and learned about the 7 Principles of Leave No Trace.
During the school year, I camped in
my friends’ backyard and I taught
everyone what I had learned at
camp about Leave No Trace.
I am going to camp this Summer to
reconnect with my friends and learn
more about camping, nature and
Leave No Trace!
How do you spend your time outside? Everyday,
Americans seek the outdoors for adventure, kinship,
exercise, solitude and all forms of enjoyment. Yet
the places we have explored and adored for years
are showing significant wear and tear. Many trails
have become human highways, wildlife are harassed
and put d ow n d ue to heavy human intera ction ,
h uman- c aus ed invasive species are stran gling
native flora, and trash clogs our waterways.
What’s Next: Leave No Trace in Every Park
• In Illinois, Shawnee National Forest’s Garden
of the Gods is in trouble. The trails are a mess
and litter plagues the area, all reeking havoc on
the wildlife and the ecosystem at the 320-million
year old-historic area. This year, Leave No Trace
is headed in to help.
• The emerald, sparsely-populated and pristine
San Juan Islands in Washington see 500,000 visitors annually and is afflicted with trail, user and
wildlife issues. Leave No Trace is there to begin
a program to protect the islands into the future.
• Texas’s beautiful Lake Casablanca State Park
is choked with trash without a solid plan to protect it. They’re desperate for a comprehensive
Leave No Trace program to support the scenic,
heavily used area. Leave No Trace is on the way!
• On a sunny day, San Francisco’s Mission Dolores Park becomes what some describe as an epic
festival with over 10,000 people overrunning the
16-acre site. After years of significant strain to
this precious urban resource, they’ve called in
Leave No Trace to help preserve it.
Many outdoor areas across our nation are negatively impacted by people—the reason is not
malicious intent to harm nature or wildlife, it’s
simply a lack of knowledge or skills.
To address these challenges, Leave No Trace is
launching a new campaign to put comprehensive
Leave No Trace education in parks, nationwide.
The campaign includes education and hands-on
training programs for community groups, land
managers and volunteers, Hot Spots, site-specific Leave No Trace at trailheads and visitor centers
and service projects that bring communities together in an effort to forward the Leave No Trace
movement. The outcome: Widespread adaptation of Leave No Trace throughout the national,
regional and local park systems.
YOU: What park do you most care about? Ask yourself: Could it benefit
from Leave No Trace? Call us up and tell us about it. And take the lead by
sharing one simple Leave No Trace practice with your friends and family.
Sources of Support and Revenue ($1,410,611)
Partnerships & Grants 69%
In Kind Donations 8%
Individual Giving 13%
Merchandise Sales 7%
Donations & Other 2%
Program Services 1% ($17,800)
Use of Funds ($1,267,446)
Program Services 81% $1,025,648
Fundraising 10% $131,015
General & Administrative 9% $110,783
Total Assets at 12/31/13 ($427,923)
Inventory 21% $88,417
Cash & Equivalents 39% $166,789
Accounts Receivable 20% $86,621
Promises to Give 14% $60,000
Furniture & Equipment 4% $17,175
Prepayments 2% $8,921
Financial Summary for
the fiscal year ending
December 31, 2013:
Looking back at 2013, the Center celebrates another strong financial year. As planned we were
able to add to our operating reserves, further
strengthening the organization financially. The
Center is making steady progress towards our
long-term financial goals, to support our mission
in perpetuity.
The accompanying summary of financial information is derived from the Leave No Trace Center For
Outdoor Ethic’s audited financial statements. The
complete audited financial statements and annual tax return are available for download on our
Kurt Achtenhagen, CPA
Director of Finance and Operations
Members and Partners drive the Leave No Trace Center’s vital programs.
the Center recognizes the following people, foundations, companies and
organizations for your important 2013 support.
Leave No Trace’s newly
established Leadership Circle
consists of donors who
commit $1,000+ annually.
Thank you Leadership Circle
Leadership Circle
Mark Stein & Carol Baker
Richard & Rebecca Crosson
Bill & Martha Cyphers
Jay M. Dement
Steven Fraim
Mark Gasta
Tony Graziano
William Lardie
Laura Loomis
Jason Madlung
Jeff Neitzel
Mack Pearsall
Daniel Segersin
James Smith
Shawn Turner
Angé Workman
Trail Finders ($500+)
Ryan Callaghan
Christian T. Cannon
Chadwick Dayton
Steven Fraim
Samuel Francis
Wendy Little
Rozena Mccabe
Erika Meyers
W. Gregory Plumb
Rob Stephens
Craig Vollmers
Bridget Winsor
Carolyn Workman
Trackers ($250+)
Stephen Abraham
Kurt Achtenhagen
Susy & Mike Alkaitis
Scott Anderson
Douglas Angevine
Corey Crossan
Richard Dodge
Robert Doyle
Lloyd Erlandson
Richard George
Tom Glover
John Hamilton
Scot Hawthorne
Andrea Kasiewicz
Joan Adler & Brad Kauffman
Peggy Reily & Barrett Kennedy
Robert Kuhl
John Lemire
Rhonda Mickelson
David O’leary
Thomas Roberts
Cathy Scheder
Michael Schmitt
Jim Shannon
Judie & Lucas Snipes
David Trump
Sean Von Zwehl
Reed Waite
Dana Watts
Sue Ann Wright
Ruth Yeselson
Wanderers ($171.60+)
David Bates
Valerie Bone
Mike Braun
Kyle Byerly
Jeffrey Carter
Patrick Connelly
Bob Greear
Bob & Judy Hazelton
Richard Jindrich
Joyce Jones
Lilia Kilmer
James Loweecey
Patrick Mcneill
Kevin M. O’Rourke
Patrick Phalen
Charles Pint
Robert Prager
Joseph Princi Ii
Donald Rastede
Steve Robertson
Karen Sangster
Jay Stires
William Straka
Liz Williams
Leyton Wright
Advocates ($100+)
Robert Abernathy
Vijay Acharya
George Ahrens
Lisa Albertson
Lynda Bain
Warren Barnum
Darrell Bartels
Ivan Bartha
Jeannie Batto
John Baxter
Mindy Bazlen
Peter Bergeland
David Bliss
Gary Bloomer
Lauren Blyth
John Boehme
Jeffrey Bond
Robert Bradley
Heather Buckley
Wayne Burns
Raymund Callaway
Enrique Calzada
Steve Campbell
Rosemary Capuano
Judith Carroll
Brian Caster
Jose Cedeno
Paula Church
Lee Clark
Susan Coe
Ed Conover
Diane Cook
Anne Cowan
Felipe Cuevas
Joe Culpepper
Edward Daeschler
Ellen Dahill Govan
George Danis
Thomas Darr
Edward Depaepe
Philip Drago
Martin Dria
John Driscoll
Elizabeth Dunn
Don Dunning
Richard Dworsky
Mary Eagle
Susan Eitel
Scott Elkins
Jim Erwin
Laura Essex
Skip Essman
Irving Eurto
Brendan Evans
Larry Feather
Karen Fernsten
Michael Fogarty
Robert Folzenlogen
Chris & Pj Francis
Kris Fredrick
Lee Fried
Judith Frits
Mark Gatewood
Holly Beth Gorenbergh
Kenneth Haling
James Hall
Gregory Hamilton
Michael Hamlin
Mark Hammer
Michael Handyside
John Harris
David Hartin
Richard Haus
Judi Hazelton
Matthew Heimermann
David Herbster
Dona Hildebrand
Richard Hill
Michael Holmes
Joseph Holtz
Tracy Hoover
Charles Hoppa
Robert Horter
William Houk
Dan Howells
Mileva Huljev
Alex Jeffries
Steve Johnson
Christopher Jones
Chuck Jordal
Peggy Kamins
Kedric Karkosh
Sean Keaveney
Paul Kendzierski
Dale Kennedy
Paul Klonowski
Jeffery Knutson
Randall Krey
Carolyn Kruger
William Langham
Robert Layson
Peter Leaf
Gary Lehr
Yu-Fai Leung
Nathan Liehr
Joe Livingston
Robert Look
John Love
Judy Lund
Mark Lunden
Bob & Cindy Maddex
Eileen Mahoney
Robert Manuel
Jacqueline Mastny
Rex Mcree
Jack Meagher
Steven Mehl
Bruce Michel
Christopher Miller
David Miller
Susan Minor
Mark Miranda
Donald Miskill
Douglas Mitchell
Mark Moody
Heidi & Tom Mottl
Jack Munera
Jim Murray
Nick Myers
Paul Nakao
David Neace
Gayla Nelson
Frances Neuman
Peter Newman
Matt Nolen
Charles Nusbaum
Karen O’Brien
Michael Obrien
Michael Oehmke
Damian Panek
Lara Pearson
Norman Petersen
Robert Pinkston
Milt Plocher
Gregory Plumb
Brian Prather
Scott Prestangen
John Rabold
Stephanie Randall
Joseph Raschke
David Reneau
Steven Reppert
Dennis Rihm
Kathy Rioux
Jim Robarge
Brian Roberts
Paul Romanelli
Robert Ronzoni
Gatc -Mark Rottmann
Steven Rubeo
Lou Samuel
Laz Sandor
Richard Sauter
Catherine Scheder
Michael Scherer
Paul Schimke
Kurt Schindler
Tony Schwaller
Lisa Scott
Phil Scott
Priscilla Seimer
Rita Seward
Lewis Shelley
Nicole Shirk
Jeff Shriver
Amy Lynn Siegfried
Sean Simpkins
Heather Sinclair
David & Nancy Smith
Jordan Smith
Shawn & Barbara Spencer
Robert Springman
Andreas Stabno
Julie Stapleton
James Stone
Frank Sturges
Jonathon Sutton
Barbara E Swanson
Donnie Tegeler
Raynald Theberge
Lisa Thomas
Charles Thompson
Daniel Thompson
Leslie Thurman
Enertia Trail Foods
Sam Trusner
Bill Vincent
Jerry Vukman
Neil Walker
Ann Marie Wallace
Peter Wallace
Dennis Weaver
James Weissman
Crystal Welch
Jan Welch
Garrett Werner
Eric West
Ken White
Adam Whitlock
Sandoval Will
Stephen Wilson
Joseph Wollet
Charles Woodman
Gregory Wright
Troy Wright
Robert C Wuerdeman
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Memorial Fund
Arkansas’ Quapaw Leave No Trace Trainers in
honor of Alan Miller
Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics
P.O. Box 997
Boulder, CO 80306
Thank you for your involvement in the growing movement committed to protecting the outdoors.

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