Zestaw 05 - Macmillan


Zestaw 05 - Macmillan
Matura pisemna – poziom podstawowy,
znajomość środków językowych
Matura Masters Pre-Intermediate (rozdział 9–10)
poziom podstawowy
Szkoła, Zdrowie, Dom
Przeczytaj tekst. Z podanych odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, aby otrzymać logiczny
i gramatycznie poprawny tekst. Zakreśl literę A, B lub C.
(5 pkt)
What would you do if one day you 1.1___ out that a dying relative had left you some property
in the country while you had lived all your life in a big city? ‘Should I sell it? Or will it be better
if I move to live there?’ Those were the questions that 24-year-old Marty Foster from Boston
had to 1.2___ a year ago. His uncle died, leaving Marty his ranch in Idaho, with an area of
almost 600 acres.
‘Until last year, I had spent all my life 1.3___ in a large city, and I couldn’t imagine living
anywhere else other than another big city’, says Marty. ‘So, when the news reached me, at
first I 1.4___ sell the property. But when I went to see it, I really fell in love with the place. It
was as if my whole life had turned upside down and I didn’t 1.5___ any more about my life
back in the city. I sold my flat and left my job in Boston. I don’t regret my decision to settle
down here, and now I wouldn’t change it for the world’.
A. find
B. would find
C. found
A. face
B. stand
C. work
A. used to
B. was going to
C. thought of
A. live
B. living
C. to live
A. mind
B. look
C. care
W zadaniach 2.1 – 2.5 wybierz słowo, które poprawnie uzupełnia luki w obu zdaniach.
Zakreśl literę A, B lub C.
(5 pkt)
2.1 As soon as I ___ my exams, I’ll have a long holiday.
Could you ___ me the newspaper that’s next to you on the chair, please?
A. take
B. pass
C. do
2.2 This part of the material was ___ to revise but I’m worried about the next section.
I was feeling nervous before the exam but I was trying to take it ___.
A. calm
B. simple
C. easy
2.3 Mary is a very ____ student and she always gets top grades.
The room is very ___, with its large windows facing the south.
A. light
B. fair
C. bright
2.4 I’ve read this passage several times but it still doesn’t ___ much sense to me.
Whenever I’m late for school, I try to ___ up a good excuse.
A. make
B. do
C. have
2.5 If we take a short cut through the park, we’ll ___ some time.
I’ve been trying to ____ up my pocket money to buy a new tablet.
A. have
B. get
C. save
Matura Masters Pre-Intermediate, rozdział 9–10
Matura pisemna – poziom podstawowy,
znajomość środków językowych
W zadaniach 3.1 – 3.5 spośród podanych opcji (A – C) wybierz tę, która najlepiej
zastąpi zaznaczony fragment. Zakreśl literę A, B lub C.
(5 pkt)
3.1 The weather is nice, so how about going for a walk?
A. are you going
B. shall we go
C. do you go
3.2 He’s feeling better now, so he’ll possibly leave the hospital in a few days.
A. he may leave
B. I’m sure he’ll leave
C. he definitely won’t leave
3.3 We came into a dusty room which was very stuffy.
A. cold
B. spacious
C. badly ventilated
3.4 The landlord demanded that we should pay the deposit in advance.
A. before moving in
B. in full
C. very soon
3.5 He left home with no money and used to sleep rough during the first weeks.
A. have bad dreams
B. sleep on the streets
C. stay in a tent
Uzupełnij poniższe minidialogi (4.1 – 4.4), wybierając brakującą odpowiedź jednej z osób.
Zakreśl literę A, B lub C.
(4 pkt)
4.1 X: Ben, I wonder if I could use your laptop for a moment. Mine’s not working properly.
Y: ___. Here, I’ll turn it on for you.
X: Thanks. You’re very kind.
A. Be off with it.
B. Be my guest.
C. Be into it.
4.2 X: I’d like to invite some friends for dinner tomorrow night. ___
Y: No, not at all. Anyway, I’m going out tomorrow night.
A. Do you mind?
B. Why don’t join us?
C. Shall we go together?
4.3 X: I’m going to leave home and find a small flat of my own. What do you think?
Y: ___. Not until you find a full-time job.
A. I won’t.
B. I wouldn’t.
C. I can’t.
4.4 X: I’m sorry for causing all this trouble to you. ___.
Y: It’s all right, you shouldn’t worry about it.
A. It’s my fault.
B. It’s my responsibility.
C. It’s my idea.
Matura Masters Pre-Intermediate, rozdział 9–10

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