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1. The first kiss - is it all it's
4. Youtubers - who are they???
cracked up to be?
5. My Internet friendship experiance
2. Filter bubbles and how they
affect us
6. What He said/she said about the
7. Italy - made in Poland?
3. Know-how about Internet
8. Review - the lastest must-read
When you think about the first kiss, the main thing that comes to mind is this romantic kiss in the
rain, between two teenagers in love, that gives butterflies in the stomach. But isn’t this just a cliché?
Is it as beautiful in real life as it is in movies?
Last year, the artist Tatia Pilieva came up with
an idea to produce a short film casting twenty
strangers who were asked to kiss for the first
time. It got over one million views on YouTube
and became very popular in a short time. The
majority of the opinions were very positive,
defining that film as a kind of a piece of art,
showing us the beauty of the first kiss. But it
has also shown that the fact that these people
were strangers, didn’t affect their intensity
and way of kissing. Even though they were
supposed to have met for the first time, they
seemed a little too at ease. The doubts grew
bigger and bigger. Then it came to light that in
fact, they were strangers but also actors. All of
them were good-looking and knew how to
show the best side of the first kiss.
Afterwards, Tatia’s Pilieva video created even
a bigger buzz, but in a negative way. It also
incited people all over the world, to make
their own version, entitling it ‘The Real First
Kiss’. Under that title, you can find plenty of
them. The most popular edition is made by
the British magazine ‘Vice’. And this one isn’t
that nice to watch. It’s due to the physical
differences between these people – a very
short girl is kissing a tall man who has to bend
forward to do it and there’s even an old man
kissing a woman who could be his daughter.
Yeah. It’s definitely not for everyone. But it
can be interesting. We aren’t used to watching
other people kissing, because that makes
them and also us, uncomfortable. Maybe it’s
just something that should remain personal?
The real beauty of a kiss is what we feel when
it’s happening with a person that means a lot
to us. It’s way better than just kissing
strangers. In my opinion, it should be
emotional and not just physical. I also think
that the reason why ‘The Real First Kiss’ isn’t
that nice to watch as Tatia Pilieva’s video is
because those volunteers were too
embarrassed and couldn’t show the emotional
side of a kiss – which is completely
Nevertheless, I think these kinds of videos
make people more open. They can be also
very funny, like the one untitled ‘The slap’
showing strangers slapping each other.
Nowadays people aren’t that open, they are
too embarrassed and too afraid of criticism.
Once, I saw a guy standing in the middle of
Metro Centrum giving a ‘’high five’’ to
everyone who passed near him and wishing
them a nice day. The majority of the passersby
looked at him as if he was a freak. But
personally, it made me smile and actually
made my day better. We shouldn’t be afraid
of strangers. Let’s be more open! Maybe
kissing them isn’t the best idea… but a high
five or a hug? Come on guys, it’s awesome!
Gosia Duluk
We surf the net on a daily basis, not really putting much thought on information we are receiving.
In a flash we find every aspect of the topic we are looking for and we blindly follow everything
that we find in the Internet. But has it ever crossed your mind that you may not be getting all of
the facts? Well, if yes, you’re not the only one.
While browsing Tedx’s page, the website
which contains hundreds of talks about every
subject that may interest you, I came across a
speaker Eli Pariser whose discovery threw me
off balance. According to him each of us gets
different information on the same subject,
based on our previous searches or “likes” on
Facebook. Websites gather our preferences by
using “cookies” which we usually don’t pay
much attention to. Well, I think we should.
Because of this kind of programs, we get only
bits of information we’re interested in, and we
don’t have a say what gets deleted. Unaware
of this process we live in a filter bubble that
creates a completely different view of the
Nowadays control of information flow isn’t
done by people anymore, but virtually nothing
has changed. Speed, range and the way of
spreading has improved but there are still
limits we are not able to bypass. The sources
of information like Google, Facebook, Yahoo,
etc. use algorithms that pick sites that may be
up our street, but omit those which may be
important, uncomfortable or showing other
points of view. We live in the world where the
Internet shows us what it thinks we want to
see, but not necessarily what we need to see.
We live in a personalized filter bubble which
keeps us away from the whole picture. This is
a complete contradiction of what the Internet
was supposed to be.
In the past, newspapers where the only
trustworthy source of information. They were
controlled by people, so excluding some of
facts was inevitable, but the readers weren’t
aware of that. They also lived in a filter
bubble. That situation greatly resembles the
current one. The main idea of the Internet was
to connect people, to present them with
information from every part of the world and
to make communication easier. Sounds noble,
but the Internet – equivalent to newspapers in
the past is becoming more and more limited
and there’s little we can do to prevent it.
In the light of these facts, I dare say that the
Internet isn’t as free and full of knowledge as
we tend to think. Personalization and control
of facts are problems but they may become
even worse in the future if we don’t come up
with a solution. A useful tool of controlling the
knowledge of the mass, Internet will create a
false view of events or even discount them. I
think it goes without saying that we need to
start being more cautious with what we read
online and don’t rely on everything we find on
websites because it may rebound upon us.
Agnieszka Chomiak
"Use your voice for kindness,
your ears for compassion, your hands for charity,
your mind for truth and your heart for love."
Living in the XXI century, most of us –
especially young people - have access to
the Internet. Nowadays it’s a very
important part of our lives and the
technology develops each day. Except the
recreational purposes, such as playing
computer games, listening to music or
chatting with friends, we use it to more
important things as well, for example
searching for the information needed for
Despite many various Internet uses, recently
Internet charities have become most famous.
They rely on the fact that people may donate
money not only for those charities set up in
they countries but also for those from around
the whole world. How people get to know
about them? Putting our advert on a website
is one of the easiest and cheapest ways. And it
is also very effective. Why? Because not only
kids use
se the Internet but adults as well.
Colorful banners of a foundation may bring
their attention. Through the Internet more
people may notice the organization and get
interested in it, which is a big advantage. The
web supports charities and allows them to
keep up with the donors in an easy way.
That’s how I’ve found a few interesting
foundations from abroad, which I want to share
with you. Maybe some of you have already heard
about them or even donated some money. Each
of their purpose is laudable, so it’s good to know
about them.
The first is recently the most popular ALS
Association, established in 1985, which deals
with the amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also
known as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease” - a disease that
damages nerve cells in the brain and the spinal
cord. This charity’s mission is leading the fight to
treat and cure ALS while also empowering people
with the disease and their families to live fuller
lives by providing them with compassionate care
and support. The charity became popular by its
Ice Bucket Challenge - an activity, in which
people dump a bucket of ice water on someone's
head. While pouring the water, we can feel like
people with that disease. After completing the
challenge, we can donate money on the website
www.alsa.org,, by clicking the bookmark
„donate”. Many celebrities have taken part in
The second famous charity is The Trevor
Project. It was founded in 1998 by the
creators of the Academy Award-winning short
film called „TREVOR”. It’s about a 13-year old
boy who realizes he’s gay. Because of getting
bullied, he becomes suicidal. The Trevor
Project is the leading national organization
providing crisis intervention and suicide
prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual,
transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) young
people ages 13-24. Except the possibility
www.thetrevorproject.org, we can also
become the volunteers of the charity after
submitting an application, if we are adults.
The third organization proves, that there not
only exist charities respecting people and their
needs, but also plants. , set up in 1989 by
Grace and Dave Deppner, is an organization
whose main priority is to plant trees around
the world, especially on three continents:
Africa, Asia and Latin America. It helps restore
life to degraded lands, for example droughtstricken and flood-ridden regions.
On the website www.treesforthefuture.org, we
can watch a short movie about the organization’s
activity, donate money or become a volunteer.
The Trees For The Future have already planted 65
million trees! It’s a good cause, because it clears
the atmosphere of CO2.
The fourth and the last charity I’ll talk about is
PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of
Animals - the largest animal rights organization in
the world. It contains more than 3 million
members and supporters. The charity draws
attention to the areas, where the largest
numbers of animals suffer most intensely for the
longest periods of time: factory farms, clothing
trade, laboratories and the entertainment
industry. It allows individuals to sign petititions
and shop through the group's charity mall on
www.peta.org. Many celebrities, like Natalie
Portman, Alec Baldwin, Alicia Silverstone and
Tommy Lee donated to that charity.
The next person supporting one of those
charities might be you! I think that helping
people is a worthy case, which may pay off in the
future. Only good intentions count, so remember
about the most needy and let’s spread good
around the whole world! ☺
Roksana Porębska
Who are they?
According to them, just regular people (except for having a few million
subscribers), who decided to get rid of boredom by putting everything that they enjoy into
videos. Sounds like everyone could be one of them, doesn’t it? Well, that’s actually true. If you
have a camera and a bit of free time, you can start being a youtuber right now! I reckon it’s a
great possibility for fulfilling your dreams by doing what you love. Without further ado, I’ll briefly
write about a few of my favourite youtubers and their ideas for videos that will hopefully inspire
FunForLouis – this channel is run by a 31-year31
old Louis Cole, who previously had a food
channel (FoodForLouis) on which he ate weird
and sometimes disgusting food. His present
channel shows us every day of his quite
exciting life. He vlogs literally every single day,
which might seem dull, but believe me it’s
totally opposite, due to his day--to-day
adventures. Let me just say that last month he
went to Brazil, USA, Mexico and in a couple of
days is going to Istanbul, Turkey. Trust me, his
videos are definitely worth checking out,
especially for those who love travelling!
Pewdiepie – his real name is Felix Kjellberg,
he’s a Swedish game player with over 30mln
subscribers. Pretty much all he does in his
videos is playing computer games and that’s
where the question appears: why do so many
people watch him? There are two reasons.
The first one: there are people who are
actually interested in the games he’s playing.
And the second reason, probably more
important, people love him because of his
unusual personality.
You just need to see his videos to understand the
phenomenon of Pewdipie - his voices, faces and
reactions while playing a game are simply
– Zoe Sugg rules the beauty corner of
YouTube with about 260mln views. In her videos
you can see many make-up,
up, hair, fashion & style
or haul themes. Her advice is essential for many
girls, but that’s not the whole matter. She has
also made some videos telling about anxiety and
panic attacks that she still has to deal with,
explaining the problem and by this helping loads
of her viewers
iewers who are affected by these issues
as well. Owing to her wide public, she has lately
had a chance to bring out a collection of her own
beauty products and in the near future will be
publishing a book she has written that will be her
“dream come true”. Just to make you aware of
the scale of these events: Zoe’s boyfriend Alfie
Deyes aka PointlessBlog , who is also a youtuber,
has just released his book, which was a huge
success – more than 8 000 people turned up at
one of his first book signings. Can you imagine
Caspar Lee & Joe Sugg (ThatcherJoe) – these
two roommates in their twenties aren’t
probably the first thing that pops into your
mind when thinking about YouTube
pranksters. Although I feel like I need to
mention them and the reason behind it is their
“prank war”. It all started with a video where
Caspar, being in LA, called Joe on Skype and
told him he didn’t want to live in the UK with
him anymore and was going to stay in the
USA. It was very emotional, you almost started
to cry, and then it turned out to be Caspar’s
prank on Joe… who to be honest wasn’t that
innocent either and got his own back by
preparing a number of hilarious tricks. It’s so
funny that it makes your stomach hurt along
with brightening your mood for the whole day
Tyler Oakley – he is a “Queen” of
Again the personality, charisma, charm and a
bunch of other qualities, make him an
extraordinary and astounding person. He’s
just 25 years old, but he has already had the
opportunity to meet president Obama and his
family, interview many celebrities he used to
fangirl about or host award-giving events. He
is also a host of the internet program TopThat,
but more importantly he raised $525,704 for a
charity called Trevor Project. Lately, he’s been
amazingly successful, but still remains a role
model telling us to never forget about others,
regardless of what is going on in your life.
Another thing that strikes me as unbelievable is
the community that YouTube creates. The bond
that connects youtubers from the whole world.
Take for example Tyler Oakley’s
Auguest – a whole month of his collaborations
with friends, every day a new video with a
different internet buddy and when you think it
can’t get any better (because you’ve just seen all
of your favorite people ganging up) here comes
the surprise… no one other than
Darren Criss (Blane in “Glee”) the crush of
everyone, including Tyler himself. As if that was
not enough, there’s also the collaboration with
the one and only Michelle Obama!
It all seems crazy, but every one of them started
in their ordinary bedroom, filming with some
crappy equipment and look where they’re now.
It’s hard to believe in having so much luck as they
had (and still have) but the most important thing
is not to underestimate yourself and dream big as
well as remember that without hard work you
won’t achieve anything, no matter what your
goal is. On that note I challenge you to have a go
at YouTube and maybe in the future you’ll
become a person that others write about.
Gabrysia Płażalska
You might follow them on Instagram,
comment underneath their pictures, or
respond to one of their tweets. A lot of
interactions eventually lead to a friendship.
And there you go!
The two of you chose each other’s company
because you both have similar interests.
erests. Your
relationship starts unexpectedly and requires
constant effort to be maintained, at least at
the very beginning. He or she is no longer a
stranger from the other side of the screen.
Time passes by, you get to know each other
better and better. Comments are replaced
with texts, texts with calls, never ending Skype
talks, you just can’t get enough. Then finally
you realize the value of a bond between you
two. At one point you shake your head in
disbelief thinking ‘How did that happen?’,
because thee person that you used to know just
from their profile picture suddenly became a
part of your life.
The only question is:
As an answer to that, I allowed myself to start
with a certain quote:
Like everyone who has friends online, my hackles
go up whenever I hear people using the term
‘internet friends’ in a way that suggests that they
are lesser, let alone those who consider online
relationships a poor imitation of real ones. I'm
not discountingg the friends I've made in real life.
They are equally special. Friends are friends, no
matter how you make them. We stick together
through successes and hard times, we laugh, cry,
celebrate and everything in between. Good
friends are like angels, they add blessings to life.
Unfortunately, there are downsides as well. We
all know them. The struggle of explaining the
expression on your face, or the scene going on in
your room, the clumsiness of conveying sarcasm
in a written message. And finally the helplessness
of trying to find
nd the right words to comfort
someone when all you really want to do is give
them a big hug.
Nevertheless, the meaningfulness of my internet
friendships has never been in doubt. Especially
the one I have with J. I tell her the big things in
my life, she tells me hers. Without her, I'd be less
of who I am today.
It was one of my first tweets. A girl replied
with something funny making me laugh at my
computer. I followed her, we simply clicked. A
few months later we would sit on Skype eating
pizza, having a conversation of our lives. ‘If
only you were here…’ my friend said, we both
nodded with sad shrugs and ‘what can you do’
expressions. That’s life, right? But as we sat
there in mutual agreement, something started
to bug me. Just because we met online it
didn’t mean it should stay this way. I smirked
and asked ‘You don’t have any plans for the
summer yet, do you?
’I remember waiting for her to pick me up
from the Heathrow Airport, man was I
excited! We recognized each other
immediately, next thing I know she was
hugging me tight as I buried my face in her
hair and finally everything fell into place.
Summer 2013 – I got to spend whole July with J.
and her family, they welcomed me with open
arms and it felt just like home.
Was it awkward to meet in person, you may ask?
Absolutely not! We know more about each other
than some of our 'real life' friends do. It's never
been about catching up, but more about picking
up where we left off from an online chat. Only
now, we could take selfies together! ☺
I send Christmas cards and birthday presents to
some of my internet friends every year and get
the same in return. And you know what? I feel so
grateful. People from different countries. People
across this country. There are still some that I
haven't met yet, and while I'm sad about the
number of those amazing people, that doesn't
make them any less real to me. I find it beautiful
how people can still make things work despite
the distance.
Weronika Płóciennik
Topic of a female friend comes to me on
regular basis and for me dealing with it is
more difficult than you would think. You
can be sure about one thing – this type of
completely different. All depends on the
level of your comprehension of people’s
behaviour. I know a lot of various cases,
some of them successful and others
ended with tears and insults. If it is
possible, then how can we last out to that
very special state? Maybe we should give
it a try?
The biggest concern of all the guys is that you
can’t possibly talk with a girl about some
boyish things. Would you imagine talking to a
lass about another girl, when sometimes
friendship can be a way to something more
serious? A female manner of thinking is
completely different and I don’t have to be a
pundit to notice that. I’ve always spotted kind
of a barrier which separates my relations
between boys and girls. There are some kinds
of topics, jokes (especially dirty ones) or
generally behaviours that you simply can’t
allow when meeting a girl. I can’t talk you
through it because everybody knows that it’s
almost impossible to understand girls
correctly in every aspect. Most of the
differences lay in their hearts, which are more
sensible than you would imagine. I know
something about it; believe me, that a girl’s
heart is like a sea. It can calm down quickly as
well as drown you with affection.
I’ve faced some situations in which I had to
choose between sustaining a friendship or
giving it up. I really would fancy having a
female friend, who can be my shoulder to cry
on.. I tried many times, but literally every time
I failed and the obstacle was always connected
with a more serious relationship. Maybe I’m
simply not lucky enough or there is always
some kind of misunderstanding that gives one
of us a big hope for something more. You
can’t have a pleasant time with somebody
who doesn’t return your feelings. Sometimes,
when you want to spice your outings with
some cuddling or lovely compliments, girls
simply reject that, for they don’t want
anything serious and you can’t blame them for
that. However, friendship is a brilliant basis for
some lovely action. Remember that your
girlfriend also has to be your best friend and
guardian. Even if you didn’t succeed, you’d
still have a very good friend to share time
Itt may seem then, that having a fefriend (It’s a
neologism, just don’t question it) is almost
impossible or results in many problems and
misunderstandings. However my best
st friend
proved that it’s false. He has a lot of female
friends and some of them are really close to
him. He’s single at the moment, but his
fefriends know what to expect from him and
have never persuaded him to get into any
kinds of serious relationship.. They’re really
happy and they meet from time to time, as
none of them are the students of the same
school. Anyway, he still admits that he can’t
do the same things with them, that he does
with me. It’s impossible to force somebody to
do particular things or behave in a
boyish/girlish way. My other friend said that
he occasionally takes his gals out. He’s kind of
an affectionate one, so he gets upset when he
can’t cuddle or hold hands with them. They
simply don’t allow him to do this, because
holding hands is a thing that you usually do
with your gf/bf.
Remember that this is only my own point of
view. There are as many different
personalities as people on Earth. Being friends
includes many aspects, but its main aim is to
make both happy, self--confident and selfcontended (wow, such selfies, so cute). You
can of course have a trustworthy female
friend, but you can never predict what will
happen later and you can’t read one’s
thoughts. You simply mustn’t give up and
maybe you’ll be in the fulfilling and enjoyable
relationship in your entire life.
Paweł Stępniak
The ‘friend zone’ trend, which you might or
might not have heard of, was first used in
1994 by Joey from our favourite TV series,
Friends. It started circulating the internet
around 2006 but it gained much more
popularity in 2012, when someone on Reddit
submitted a post with the title “Friend Zone
Level: Bridge,” which featured a photograph
of a woman walking over a man laying across
a small stream. Prior to being archived, the
post received over 24,300 up votes (which is A
LOT, just fyi) and 1,120 comments, and that
was when the term was incorporated in our
internet vocabulary.
So what is it exactly?
‘Friend Zone’ refers to an interpersonal
relationship in which one member wishes to
become romantically involved while the other
would rather remain friends only.
It is actually not as much of an issue as it
seems. Most guys, if turned down, just go
about their business without whining and find
another object of interest. The problem begins
when ‘nice guys’ come in. The fedora-wearing,
mostly obese social oucasts, usually crowned
with a glorious neckbeard(that’s a huge
stereotype by the way), are the problem.
They’re the people who act like ‘gentlemen’ to
girls, only to receive sex. For them, it’s kind of
like a vending machine – enter nice, get sex.
When the ‘coin’ gets stuck and nothing falls
out of the machine, they get frustrated and
either just calmly spit on women in general for
going only for jerks, or they carry on drive by
shootings like the one in Isla Vista, which was
carried out a few months ago, with a death
toll of 7. From the video posted by the killer
(we’re not going to use his name, because he
doesn’t deserve to be talked about, which was
probably his goal), we know that his plan was
to enter ‘the hottest sorority’ on campus and
‘slaughter all the blonde bit**es’ that didn’t
want to give him the attention he ‘obviously
I wouldn’t mention this thing if not for the
countless comments left under his videoconfession, articles about him and even
facebook pages (which !PRAISED! him for
doing so), thanking his ‘bro’ for getting out of
friendzone and ‘treating those sl*** the way
they deserved to be treated’. They also called
him a prophet and other nonsense like that,
saying that he finally paid women back for all
the pain they’d caused by turning guys down.
I’m not going to dwell on the ethical part,
where I explain to you how WRONG it is to do
and say such things, because HOW CAN YOU
So let’s get to the point.
I’ll need some of your help here – I want you
to read the text below, pretending that you’re
A GUY (or not, if you actually are one) and
when I ask a question – you answer it, okay?
I’ll just assume your answer, obviously, but I
really need you to get your head into this. Oh,
and really think about the bold text.
So, let's say that you're at school and you see
a guy you know. I mean, you guys talk every
once in a while and he's pretty cool, but
you're not like friends or anything. Let’s call
this guy Will. So anyway, you're at school
during lunchtime and you see Will. So, you
notice Will's not eating anything. That's when
you realize that Will has no lunch, no money
for lunch, and no way of getting either. He's
just sitting there like he normally would. He's
not acting any differently and he's not asking
anyone for anything. Not money, not a fry,
not even a salt packet, but you know he's
gotta be hungry and you have money for
yourself and for an extra meal. So, what do
you do? So for me the answer is easy – duh, I
buy him lunch. You buy your lunch and you
buy his lunch and you go over and hand it to
him. And, he says, "Wow. You know, that's
really nice of you, but I wasn't gonna ask
anyone for lunch. I was probably just gonna
wait until I got home to eat." And, then you
say ______________ (put for your answer
here). So you say "Nah, it's cool. I'm just
being nice. It's a gift." And, Will says, "You
know, that's awesome. You're really nice,
bro." And, after that, you guys start hanging
out. You guys are like really good buds.
You are always hanging out and laughing and
just having a good time. So, you guys are
friends for a few months, and it's tons of fun.
Then, one day, you go up to Will and you say,
"Hey, Will, you know, I've been thinking, and
I kinda want that five bucks back." So, Will
says, "What five bucks?" because naturally, he
doesn’t remember. To which, you reply,
"Well, we've been hanging out for a long
time and it's been really fun, but like, I've
done a lot of really nice things for you.
Like, I'm always nice to you and I always
listen and do things you wanna do, so I
was thinking that because I've been so
nice, you should pay me back that five
bucks I spent to get your lunch right
before we started really hanging out."
So, then Will looks kinda hurt and he says,
"But I thought you were just being nice. I
thought that was just a gift." So, you say,
"Whether or not it was a gift, don't you think
you kinda owe me that five bucks since
I've been so nice to you?" And, Will says,
"No. I don't think I owe you that!" And you get
mad, so you say, "Well, I think that you do,
so I think you're being really shitty and
stuck up about this and I feel like I've
been completely wronged."
Would you do that to Will?
No, I don’t think so, because it’s just wrong to
treat a friend like that, right? So now let’s
think about this scenario. Will is a girl, you are
a guy and it’s not about lunch money
anymore. You see how the ‘friend zone’ works
Some people need to start realizing that girls
and women do not owe guys anything
(this goes both ways, of course, for men AND
women). Just because you’re being nice,
doesn’t mean that we have to be instantly
attracted to you. Yes, being nice is a good
thing when creating relations with other
people, but we need to remember that liking
someone ‘more’ than other people is caused
by many factors, such as physical attraction or
mutual interests. If a girl doesn’t seem
interested, or worse – is in a relationship,
don’t shame her for it. She isn’t obligated to
be sexually attracted to you just because
you’re nice to her. Being nice is just what
people do, and the main point is not wanting
anything back for it.
Zuzia Nawrotek
Me and my parents prefer Italian food so we
always look for it around Warsaw. We have
visited almost every Italian restaurant here,
but there’s one that we like the most –
‘Calabria Ristorante’. It is located on the
second floor of Galeria Gawra in Ursus
iedźwiadek. It’s easy to miss it because there
are no signs saying that there’s another
restaurant except Chinese food downstairs, so
you have to watch out for it carefully.
In ‘Calabria’
Calabria’ you can definitely feel like you’re
in Italy. The first thing that you see when you
enter the restaurant is the kitchen. You can
see what’s happening inside and how the food
is being made! The staff is really amazing: they
always smile at you and they’re never mean or
bored with their job. They behave like people
who work in one of the restaurants on the
Italian beach in Vieste. On every wall there are
wonderful paintings of the coast and harbours
in Italy. A huge window shows the street and
the patio of Gawra. Tables and chairs made of
dark wood perfectly match the restaurant’s
atmosphere. On each table there are candles
and fresh flowers.
Now something that interests everybody –
food. Most people think that Italian food is
only pizza, spaghetti and lasagna. Not really.
Of course, you can order it there and they
taste like in Italy. Trust me - I know a lot about
Italian food. Braver people can order extra
spicy pizza, for example Calabria Piccante or
There are also many types of spaghetti - with
tomato sauce, meat, broccoli or even mussels
(spaghettii alle cozze) which is my parents’
favorite dish in ‘Calabria’. There are also many
types of fish dishes. Each of them tastes
differently and unique. You can order it as a salad
or like a traditional dish with vegetables and fries
(Italians don’t eat potatoes).
After a delicious dinner comes time for a dessert.
They have cakes, ice creams and basically
everything you need. Traditionally you can
choose tiramisu, whcih is really delicious, but I
would also recommend semifreddo ice cream.
It’s prepared for two so it’s
’s better to be with
someone else who can help you eat it.
‘’ is a perfect place where you can feel as in Italy
for a couple of hours. The food, the staff, the
atmosphere… everything in this restaurant is
amazing! My only advice is: book the table before
you come there (especially at the weekend),
because there’s a big possibility that you’ll have
to wait in a long queue, but trust me, it’s worth
Karolina Kacprzyk
Jumps in the time, a lot of laugh and a little bit of love
"Ruby Red" is a book for teenagers
eenagers written by
German writer,
er, Kerstin Gier. This is the first
part of a Gem Trilogy- the
he following volumes
are "Sapphire Blue" and "Emerald Green". It
was really popular and not only in Germany,
because it was translated into twenty-six
languages! In 2013, there was a premiere
premier of
“Ruby Red” movie adaptation, which was
much worse than the book. But let’s begin
from the start. "Ruby Red" tells a story of 16
years old Gwendolyn, who
o has a pretty normal
life... Wait, actually it's
's not normal at all,
starting from
m the fact that in her family there
is a time travel gene. And there's also one
more tiny little thing: Gwen sees ghosts.
The story begins with a perfectly normal day
for Gwendolyn: she goes to school, talks to
her ghost-friend,
friend, who died in XVIII century...
And suddenly she feels sick and just jumps
back in time. Since that moment her life has
been even crazier! She has
as to take part in a
mysterious plan of which she knowss nothing.
She’s not alone - her partner, Gideon de
Villiers, is a killing handsome boy who is also
really mean and seems not to like her at
a all.
This is quite a challenge
nge for Gwendolyn but
she bravely walks in the world of time travels.
After some time shee also finds out that Gideon
can be a good friend and maybe even
something more...
I really enjoyed
d reading "Ruby Red". The book
grips ya from the very first pages - it’s compulsive
reading. Thee story is not only interesting but also
funny, thanks to many Gwendolyn's annotations
and dialogues between her and her best friendLeslie. I can assure you that reading "Ruby Red"
you'll laugh a lot!
When it comes to the movie adaptation, I didn't
like it at all. The two worst things are the plot and
othes. The plot is a total disaster! They cut
some of the best scenes from the book and
added some parts from next volumes. In fact,
fact the
movie is 70 percent different than the book and it
es a new, however much worse story. And
clothes... They’re supposed to be fabulous,
beautiful and in accordance with
w the "historical"
fashion, but they are ugly and very different from
the book description. I suppose it might be the
fault of the low-budget,
budget, but I also think they
could do so much better
ter with the same amount
of money.
Unfortunately, I don’t recommend watching the
movie adaptation,
on, but I definitely
encourage you
to dive into the Gwendolyn's story,
story if you have
some time and want to spend it with a really
funny book!
Julia Sadowska

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