Cash Flow Automation Best Practices


Cash Flow Automation Best Practices
Cash Flow Automation Best
PCTA, Warsaw, 15.3.2013
Identified Market Drivers
Changing role of finance organization
Transparency of processes
Data security and secure processes
Risk management
Automation to improve efficiency
Standardising (SEPA)
Centralising processes for better control
Optimising Cash Flows
Source: EuroTreasurer, Treasurer Panel, 26 SEP 2012
Itella Information – Part of Itella Group
Pan European Financial Process Automation Company
Net sales
1 842 MEUR (Group)
270 MEUR (Information)
29,000 (Group)
2,300 (Information)
Operates in 11 countries
in Europe
Head quarter in Finland
14 subsidiaries in Europe
Itella Information
Itella Information
F&A Services
Unique added value to customers
Some Performance Improvements
Implemented to our Clients
[Presentation name, Author, Company]
• A huge amount of manual work, complexity of group’s liquidity management, enormous
number of internal payments as well as external bank accounts. Growth takes place
through company acquisitions.
• Cash management processes and group’s general efficiency were improved by centralizing
liquidity management operations to group’s Treasury department
• Group Treasury serves the group units through an in-house bank, which enables a certain
flexibility in change situations. Consequently, the foreign units leapfrogged forward
• In payments, SWIFTNet connection offers flexible use of banks.
”The independent OpusCapita solution is well-suited for us, because it must
be easy to integrate the solutuion with new informations systems
environment, as the company grows”
Markus Hänninen, Vice President, Group Treasury
• The biggest media group in the Nordic countries. Operates in over 20 countries. Turnover
€2.5 billion. Among the top five magazine publishers in Europe.
• The Group payment process is locked by bank and country specific solutions, which produce
significant transaction costs.
• OpusCapita delivers a bank connectivity solution, which covers entities in Finland, Sweden,
Norway and Denmark.
co-operation with us has been fundamental. When we needed
them to ramp up their resources in short notice, they were always very
responsive. As for the questions we had, OpusCapita seemed to have most
of the answers.”
Johan Bergqvist, Cash Manager, TeliaSonera
• The leading telecommunications company in the Nordic and Baltic region. The company has
operations in 18 countries. In 2007, the sales of TeliaSonera were €10.0 billion and the number
of employees was 31 000.
• Need for a SEPA-compatible, centralized payments solution.
• OpusCapita delivered a SEPA compatible electronic banking solution to Stora Enso. This was
the first Nordic implementation of the new SEPA XML format, and at least one of the first in
• In the future, outgoing electronic banking will be handled centrally from the main office’s internal
• The pilot units were located in Finland and Sweden
“Thanks to OpusCapita’s strong know-how in international electronic banking
and their experience based on operating with various banks, the project
implementation has been flexible.”
Kati Mäki-Karvia, Project manager, Stora Enso
Stora Enso
• One of the world’s leading forest industry companies. Its main products include publication and
fine papers, packaging board and wood products.
Use Cases
300 users in 110 units, 45 000 invoices in 19
currencies flow through the system each
Currency exposure of payments from SEK 54,4
billion to SEK 5,4 billion and elimination
thousands of internal payments
44 subsidiaries with diverse
ERP’s integrated into one
Only 30min weekly per unit for
data input
Deposits of a maximum of SEK
and NOK 10 M in cash pools,
has been achieved
Number of bank accounts from
244 to 26 and Banks from 16
to 5  370.000 savings
Reduction in FTE´s by 17
Project pay back 2,3 years
Better liquidity control, reduced
costs and a greater focus on
cash conversion rates led to
reduced borrowing costs
Kick-off meeting in august 2008
and implementation March
2009 with 25 units
Cash Flow Automation with
Payment Factory

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