Matura Prime Time Pre-intermediate Quick Test 1.2A (1e


Matura Prime Time Pre-intermediate Quick Test 1.2A (1e
SCORE: …………………………… / 15
I. Uzupełnij wyrazy. (5 pkt)
1. In the desert, sandy roads can swallow a car before you know what has happened.
2. We moved to a small cottage in the countryside to escape from the outside world.
3. In her kitchen she has all the appliances that make cooking much easier.
4. A bungalow is a detached single-storey house with a verandah.
5. When the ground started shaking, I knew that it was an earthquake.
II. Uzupełnij zdania czasownikami can / can’t / have to / don’t have to / must / mustn’t
w odpowiedniej formie oraz właściwymi wyrażeniami z listy. (6 pkt)
get a snake bite
take out the rubbish
do all the chores
meet dangerous animals
wear very short trousers
make the bed
1. Now that I’ve broken a finger, my husband has to do all the chores.
2. You can meet dangerous animals in the jungle. Be careful and don’t take any risks.
3. Tourists who visit the church mustn’t wear very short trousers. It is against the rules.
4. You can’t get a snake bite here as there are no reptiles in this neighbourhood!
5. He must take out the rubbish every morning before leaving the flat. It is his duty and his
flatmates get angry when he forgets about it.
6. You don’t have to make the bed. I’ve already tidied the bedroom.
III. Uzupełnij zdania podanymi przymiotnikami oraz innymi podanymi wyrażeniami. (4 pkt)
1. The alligator is more dangerous than (dangerous/than) a giraffe.
2. This is the cheapest (cheap) house that we could find.
3. Our living room is not as comfortable (not/as/comfortable) as theirs.
4. Many people believe it is better (good) to live in a detached house than in a block of flats.
Matura Prime Time Pre-intermediate
Quick Test 1.2A (1e-1i)