zadania z tego konkursu z ubiegłego roku dla klasy I



zadania z tego konkursu z ubiegłego roku dla klasy I
Imi? i nazwisko_____________________________ klasa ____________________
Zadania etapu I – luty 2005
Czas wykonania zada?: 45 minut
A - W ka?dym z podanych zda? zakre?l odpowied? a, b, c lub d. Tylko
jedna odpowied? jest prawid?owa.
Przyk?ad: My French is quite good and you can speak French ______________ .
a) good
b) bad
c) well
d) badly
1. She _____________ the car for two years.
a) has had
b) have
c) has
d) had had
2. I was there _________________ .
a) yesterday
b) today
c) already
d) now
3. The giraffe is ____________ than the donkey.
a) as fast as
b) fastest
c) faster
d) fast
4. If he ___________________a lot of money he will travel a lot.
a) will have
b) have
c) has
d) had
5. They _____________ TV when suddenly somebody knocked at the door.
a) watched
b) watching
c) were watching
d) watch
6. This is the first time I _________________ London.
a) have visited
b) am visiting
c) visit
d) visited
7. Is $ 1.000 __________________ ?
a) many money
b) much money
c) some money
d) a few money
8. I do not expect much from you – just _______________ dollars.
a) many.
b) little
c) a little
d) a few
9. The train _________________- and people are getting on it.
a) arrived
b) have arrived
c) has arrived
d) have left
10. I didn’t like the film, it was ____________ stupid.
a) such
b) so
c) a little
d) little
11. It usually snows __________ Christmas.
a) on
b) in
c) since
d) at
12. They are going __________________ into the river.
a) to dive
b) jump
c) swimming
d) bath
13. Help yourself ___________________ the olives.
a) with
b) to
c) about
d) and
14. If you have toothache you ______________ go to the dentist.
a) rather
b) should
c) must n’t
d) may
Opracowanie: M. Zauliczna & A. Maksimiuk
B. – Uzupe?nij s?owa brakuj?ce w tek?cie. W ka?de wolne miejsce mo?es z
wstawi? tylko jedno s?owo
ago ___(0)
Some years ___
Fisher was a great success
_________ (1) driver with Springfield Cars. He ____________ (2) many races for
them. After winning the World _________________ (3) he married Naomi, the
________________ (4) daughter of the international banker. They had three
children. When ____________ (5) third child was two, Naomi Fisher died. She
was thirty - two years _______________ (6).
From the day, Fisher stopped winning races. He __________________ (7) three
major accidents. In the first he went ____________ (8) the track, in the
__________________ (9) he fell ______________ (10) at the wheel and drove into
the river. In the third accident he hit another car and
_______________ (11)
killed the other driver.
Fisher does not like his job ______________ (12) a mechanic. He wants to drive
Jeremy Harmer, Meridian Plus 1
C – Przeczytaj poni?s z y tekst, a nast?pnie zaznacz, które z podanych zda?
s? prawdzi we (TRUE) , a które fa?szyw e (FALSE) Zakre?l liter? T lub F.
Teenagers surprise the experts!
In a recent survey, 600 British teenagers (50 % boys and 50 % girls) told
experts about their favourite school subjects. “The results were quite
surprising,,” said Professor Welsh , who organized the survey. “Ten years ago,
English and Geography were the most popular subjects. But in our survey ,
half the pupils chose Maths as their favourite.’
Only 10 % said that enjoyed science and languages were not very
popular either. “These results are quite worrying,” said Professor Welsh.
“industry needs scientists to develop new technology. And, in a united Europe,
languages are extremely importa nt.”
Carrier choices
The experts also asked the boys and girls about their carrier choices.
About 60 % of the boys said that they want to be mechanics, engineers, or
Opracowanie: M. Zauliczna & A. Maksimiuk
professional sports me n. About 75 % of the girls wanted to be teachers, doctors
or nurses. “These figures are almost the same as ten years ago,” commente d
Professor Welsh. We were surprised – we expected more similarities now
between boys and girls.”
Jobs which involve travel are still equally popular with both sexes: about
60 % of the boys and 60 % of the girls wanted to travel abroad.
Norma n Whitney, Open Doors 2
Six hundred teenagers answered
questions in the survey.
There was equal number of boys and
girls surveyed.
The results were surprising.
60 students chose Science as their
favourite school subject.
60 students chose languages as their
favourite school subject.
In a united Europe science is extremely
180 boys and 180 girls want to travel
The author is terrified with the results
of the survey.
D. W ka?dym z podanych zda? zakre?l odpowied? a, b lub c. Tylko jedna
odpow ied? jest poprawna.
Przyk?ad: If you want to borrow a book you must go to a _____________ .
a) post – office
b) bookshop
c) library
1. You can see an ape in _____________ .
a) a prison
b) a hospital
c) a zoo
2. When you don’t enjoy the film it is _____________ .
a) bored
b) boring
c) bore
3. A person who uses a comb and scissors at work is a _____________ .
a) dressmaker
b) hairdresser
c) carpenter
4. My wife has _________________ job at a chemist’s.
a) half - time
b) spare - time
c) part - time
5. Some words in English are to difficult to _______________ .
a) prono u nce
b) speak
c) tell
6. The animal with a hum p is ____________ .
a. a ladybird
b) a cow
c) a camel
7. If you don’t know the spelling of a word, you don’t know how to
________________ .
a) write it
b) use it
c) say it
8. It eats carrots. It’s got long ears. What is it?
Opracowanie: M. Zauliczna & A. Maksimiuk
a) a hedgehog
b) a rabbit
c) a tortoise
9. Lots of people stand in traffic _____________ every morning.
a) blocks
b) corks
c) jams
10. Can I speak to Ms Jones? Sorry, it’s a(n) _______________ number.
a) bad
b) busy
c) wrong
E. Uzupe?nij t?umaczenie podanych ni?ej zda?
On jest zbyt zm?czony by prowadzi? samochód.
too tired to drive ____________ a car.
He is ________
1. Co zamier zas z robi? w weekend?
What _____________________________________________the weekend?
To by?a bardzo z?a wiadomo??
It ___________________________________________ news.
3. Kiedy grali?my w pi?k? Janek z?ama? r?k?
When ________________________________________football Janek broke his
4. Dlaczego ona nas nie lubi?
Why _______________________________________like us?
5. Do kogo piszes z list?
Who are you
____________________________________ ?
6. To by? taki pi?kny dzie?
It was _____________________________________________________ day.
7. Nie by?em w teatr ze od trzech lat.
I _______________________________________________to the theatre for three
8. Moja sukienka jest tak samo ?adna jak twoja
Opracowanie: M. Zauliczna & A. Maksimiuk
My dress is _____________________________________________ yours.
9. On jest zbyt inteligentny ?eby przyj??.
He is __________________________________ to come.
10. Co dok?adnie on powiedzia??
What exactly ___________________________________ ?
Opracowanie: M. Zauliczna & A. Maksimiuk