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Wychodzi cztery razy w roku
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6643 N. Northwest Hwy., 2nd Fl.
Chicago, Illinois, 60631
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Mary Mirecki Piergies, English Editor
Lidia Rozmus, Polish Editor
Polish Womenʼs Voice (Głos Polek)
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is published four times a year by the
Polish Womenʼs Alliance of America.
Postmaster: Send address changes to:
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CHICAGO, IL and additional mailing offices.
Virginia Sikora
Sharon Zago
Vice President
Antoinette Trela Vander Noot
Helen V. Wojcik
Hon. President
Dawn Muszynski Nelson
Helen Simmons
Marcia Mackiewicz-Duffy
Felicia Perlick
Susan Glod, MD
District I – Illinois, Florida, Missouri
Lidia Z. Filus, 325 South Chester,
Park Ridge, IL 60068
District II – Western Pennsylvania
Anthylene M. Blasic, 227 Blasic St.,
Parkhill, PA 15945
District III – Indiana
Delphine Huneycutt, 4909 Baring
Ave., East Chicago, IN 46312
District IV – New York & Erie, PA.
Christine Wozniak, 2538 E. 42nd St.,
Erie, PA 16510
District V – Michigan
Mary Ann Nowak, 17397 Millar Rd.,
Clinton Township, MI 48036
District VI – Wisconsin
Diane M. Reeve, 1223 S. 10th St.,
Milwaukee, WI 53204
District VII – Ohio
Irena Honc-Jadlos, 12500 Edgewater
Dr., Apt. 207 Lakewood, OH 44107
District VIII – Massachusetts
Sylvia Morytko, 24 Bear Hole Rd.,
West Springfield, MA 01089
District IX – Connecticut
Sophie Marshall, 650 South Elm
Street., Wallingford, CT 06492
District X – New Jersey, Eastern
New York and Philadelphia
Josephine Kuklasinski, 371 Armstrong
Ave., Jersey City, NJ 07305
District XI – Nebraska
Bernadette Vlock, 13586 Cedar St.,
Omaha, NE 68144
District XII – Maryland and
Washington, DC
Theresa E. Violanti, 9401 Orbitan Crt.,
Parkville, MD 21234
District XIII – California
Alicia Van Laar, 2624 Citronella Crt.,
Simi Valley, CA 93063
District XIV – Eastern Pennsylvania
Helen Lopez, 22 Vista Drive,
Nanticoke, PA 18634
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Spring 2011 issue:
Deadline for articles is March 1
Summer 2011 issue:
Deadline for articles is June 1
You can also contact us by e-mail or visit www.pwaa.org
If you have access to the Internet you can contact Polish Womenʼs Alliance of America at the following
e-mail addresses or call our toll-free number at 888-522-1898.
President Virginia Sikora – [email protected] • Vice President Sharon Zago – [email protected]
Secretary–Treasurer Antoinette Trela Vander Noot – [email protected]
Głos Polek Editors – [email protected]
Winter 2011
Głos Polek
From the Prident
Dear Members and Friends,
As we start a New Year that stretches ahead of us full of promise and hope, I would like to extend my best
wishes to all members and friends of Polish Womenʼs Alliance for a Healthy and Happy 2011. May God
bless your families and keep you and your loved ones in His care.
For PWA, it will be an important year and a busy year, as we prepare for the 36th National Convention in
Springfield, Massachusetts, in August. Held every four years, the National Convention is a milestone in the
life of the organization, an opportunity for setting new goals and bringing new energy to our endeavors.
Please take a look at our Convention News on page 7 and keep to the deadlines for sending in your
mandates and other forms, and amendments to the Constitution. A lot of work and planning are required
for a successful Convention and we will keep you informed of our progress in the Głos Polek and with
postings on our website.
We are happy to offer two new scholarship opportunities to our members who are in college, in addition to
the regular PWA Scholarship Program announced in this issue. Please go to page 16 for information on the
Remkus-Sochacki Scholarship offered by the PWA Educational & Charitable Foundation and the Majer &
Lakowski Scholarship offered by the PAC Charitable Foundation. And you will find the names and photographs of last yearʼs scholarship recipients in this issue. Congratulations to all our young scholars!
Also announced in this issue is a new partnership between PWA and the American Heart Association. Did
you know that heart disease is the leading killer of women in the United States? There is a need for greater
awareness of this silent and deadly disease and for more research into heart health for women. Please be
generous in your support of this fundraising drive. You will find more information on page 6.
I am very hopeful as I look ahead to the New Year and excited about the future. I am also grateful for the
year that has just ended – for all that was accomplished, for all the people I met, and all the lives that
touched mine. I traveled to Poland with our youth members and I met with government leaders and with
ordinary citizens. I traveled across the United States to attend the State Conventions and met many PWA
officers and members. I proudly took part in the Głos Polek Centennial celebrations. I have been truly
blessed and thank you all for your support, as we now turn our attention to another New Year.
Virginia Sikora
National President
Głos Polek
Winter 2011
Głos Polek Centennial
Rosemont, IL—Members friends, and supporters of Polish Womenʼs Alliance of America gathered
at Rosewood Banquets on Sunday, September 26, 2010, to kick-off the celebration of the 100th
Anniversary of Głos Polek, the official publication of the PWA.
National President Virgina Sikora welcomed the guests and introduced the Mistress of Ceremonies,
Aurelia Pucinski, a longtime member of PWA and Cook County Circuit Court Judge. The keynote
speaker was Peggy Kusinski of NBC5 Chicago, a TV producer and sports broadcaster, who spoke
about her Polish roots and the continuing challenges facing women in journalism today, especially
in sports broadcasting. The anthems were sung by Past President of District III Evelyn Lisek and
the convocation was said by Father Tadeusz Dzieszko of St. Constance Parish in Chicago. Honorary
President Helen Wojcik proposed a toast of “Sto Lat,” wishing another 100 years of success to the
Głos Polek and to the PWA.
After dinner, the Consul General of the Republic of Poland, Zygmunt Matynia,
presented President Sikora with the Officerʼs Cross of the Order of the Rebirth
of Poland, Polonia Restituta, one of the highest honors bestowed by the Polish
government on individuals, in recognition of President Sikoraʼs humanitarian
efforts on behalf of Polish citizens, most recently the victims of the floods in
Poland earlier in the year, and her support of many other worthy causes in
Poland as the President of the PWA and of the PAC Charitable Foundation.
The presentation was a surprise and added a special celebratory note to the
evening. The pages of the Głos Polek bear witness to the long history of the
PWA in bringing aid to those in need, both in Poland and in the United States,
and the award ceremony paid tribute to that proud history. Congratulations to
President Sikora!
Then the editors of Głos Polek, Mary Piergies and Lidia Rozmus, as well as
curator of the Centennial Exhibition, Maya Piergies, gave a presentation about
the history of the Głos Polek, paying tribute to all the editors who worked on the newspaper in the
last 100 years. They also spoke about the progress on the Centennial Exhibition and the anniversary
events planned in the months leading up to the opening at The Polish Museum of America in
January 2011.
Children of the Paderewski Symphony Orchestra
presented a musical program dedicated to the
200th anniversary of Chopinʼs birth. Music
during cocktails and dinner was provided by the
Carl Linden Orchestra. A raffle was conducted by
Secretary Treasurer Antoinette Trela Vander Noot,
who also offered the closing remarks, thanking
everyone for their participation and support, and
inviting them to view the Głos Polek Exhibition,
which will open at The Polish Museum of
America in Chicago on Friday, January 14, 2011.
An opening reception will be held at the Museum
at 7 p.m.
Top photo: Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Chicago, the Honorable Zygmunt
Matynia, presents President Virginia Sikora with the Officerʼs Cross of the Order of the Rebirth of
Poland, Polonia Restituta.
Lower photo: Special Guests at the Banquet, from left: Polish Editor Lidia Rozmus, Mistress of
Ceremonies Aurelia Pucinski, Vice President Sharon Zago, Keynote Speaker Peggy Kusinski,
President Virginia Sikora, Secretary Treasurer Antoinette Trela Vander Noot, and English Editor
Mary Piergies.
Winter 2011
Głos Polek
Głos Polek Centennial
100th Anniversary Event at The Newberry Library
Chicago, Illinois - The 100th birthday of the Głos Polek was observed with a special reception
and Sneak Peek at the Centennial Exhibition, A Voice of Their Own, on Wednesday, November 3,
2010, at The Newberry Library in Chicago. PWA officers, members, guests, and representatives
of many organizations gathered to view exhibits from the upcoming Centennial Exhibition and
to toast the Głos Polek on its 100th anniversary. The first issue of the newspaper was published
on November 3, 1910, a hundred years ago to the day.
Eight large reproductions of front pages taken
from the Głos Polek were displayed on easels
standing in a semi-circle in Ruggles Hall.
The reproductions included the front page
of the very first issue, the front page of the
Centennial issue, as well as front pages from
1918, 1923, 1944, 1978, 1985, and 2004,
marking important events of the 20th century,
such as the election of Pope John Paul II and
the purchase by PWA members through the
sale of war bonds of a US bomber during
Word War II. Also on display was a volume
of bound newspapers from 1917, the pages
fragile and crumbling and yellowed with age.
A Sneak Peek at the Centennial Exhibition included eight front pages of
Głos Polek, enlarged and framed, and displayed on easels in Ruggles Hall
at The Newberry Library. The exhibition will consist of 14 such front pages
plus supplementary materials and panels with the biographies of the nine
Honorary Members of PWA. Photo by Ashlley Duarte.
PWA officers and guests at the event, from left: Vice President Sharon Zago,
President of The Polish Museum of America Maria Ciesla, Mrs. Zygmunt
Matynia, Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Chicago Zygmunt
Matynia, President Virginia Sikora, Secretary Treasurer Antoinette Trela
Vander Noot, and National Director Dawn Muszynski Nelson. Photo by
Ashlley Duarte.
Głos Polek
Winter 2011
A brief program included an introduction
by English Editor Mary Piergies, words
of welcome from PWA National President
Virginia Sikora, congratulations from Consul
General of the Republic of Poland in Chicago
Zygmunt Matynia, and remarks by Matthew
Rutherford, Director of the Department of
Genealogy at the Newberry Library. He spoke
of the work in his department on the PWA
archives that were donated to the Newberry a
few years ago and stressed the historical value
of both the insurance records and the back
issues of Głos Polek that are now housed at the
library. The Newberry is one of the premier
centers for genealogical research in the
country. The program closed with remarks by
Maria Ciesla, PWA member and President of
The Polish Museum of America. Mrs. Ciesla
invited everyone to attend the opening of the
Centennial Exhibition at The Polish Museum
of America on Friday, January 14, 2011, and
mentioned the long history of cooperation
between the PWA and the PMA.
Wine and hors dʼoeuvres were served as people
mingled and viewed the exhibits throughout
the evening It was a memorable and elegant
celebration, a fitting 100th birthday party for
the Głos Polek—The Polish Womenʼs Voice—
speaking proudly for Polish women for 100
years, and counting.
Fundraising Driv
American Heart Association
Fundraising Drive
Go Red for Women
Polish Womenʼs Alliance of America and the American
Heart Association are forming a special partnership in 2011
to raise awareness of heart disease, the number one killer of
women in the United States. Did you know that heart disease
takes the lives of 460,000 women each year, about one every
minute? This is more than all types of cancers combined!
Heart disease is a silent killer with symptoms that often
donʼt show themselves until it is too late. More research and
education are needed. Please go to www.americanheart.org
to learn more and please share this information with all the
women in your life.
As a womenʼs organization and as a life insurance company,
womenʼs health issues continue to be one of our top priorities
and we are happy to support the American Heart Association
in their campaign to raise funds for education, awareness, and
more research into heart disease, a silent killer of women. We
all know someone close to us who has been affected—and
many more of our friends and loved ones will be touched by
this disease in the future—unless we do more to educate all
women on how to prevent and treat this illness.
Please use the coupon below to send in your contributions.
Donor levels and gifts of appreciation are listed in the coupon.
Please be generous. Together, we can make a difference!
Virginia Sikora – National President
OBEREK – $200-$499
Marie Laplante In Memory of Grandmother Stella
Swiatkowski, Ludlow, MA
KUJAWIAK – $100-$199
First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association, Beachwood, OH
Elizabeth Kolano, Pittsburgh, PA PWA Group 182
Walter L. Sojka Funeral Home, Chicago, IL
KRAKOWIAK – $1-$99
Helen Damsz-Wojcik, Chicago, IL – President PWA Gr 723
Ludwika Doroszko, Chicago, IL PWA Gr 821
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Dutka
Jane Anne Haduch, Natrona Heights, PA
Alfreda Kemp, Washington, MI PWA Gr 481
Helen Lopez, President, PWA District XIV Pennsylvania
Wanda McCara (Sanek), Milwaukee, WI PWA Gr 103
Catherine Motkowski, Salisbury, NC
PWA Group 305 Our Lady of Czestochowa, South Bend, IN
Anne Marie & Eileen Ropelewski, Erie PA PWA Gr 680
Eleanore H. Scott, Niles, IL
Therese Winters, Chicago, IL
Zamek Dancers, Troy, MI PWA Council 20
A Voice of Their Own
Order Your Copy Today!
The Exhibition Catalogue that accompanies the Głos
Polek Centennial Exhibition “A Voice of Their Own” will
be released on January 14, 2011. Order your copy today!
The catalogue is in color and includes descriptions of the
exhibition objects, historical essays, and an overview of
Polish Womenʼ Alliance history and achievements. The
price is $18, plus handling and postage.
American Heart Association
Go Red for Women Drive
For donations from $10 to $24
Gifts: Go Red pin & Track Card
For donations over $25
Gifts: Go Red pin, Track Card,
and AHA Cookbook
Name __________________________________________
Address ________________________________________
City _______________________ State ______ Zip _____
Tel: ___________________________________________
Email address: ___________________________________
Total Enclosed: $ ____________
Make check payable to:
PWA Educational & Charitable Foundation – Memo: AHA
Send to: Polish Womenʼs Alliance – AHA Drive
6643 N. Northwest Hwy, 2nd Fl., Chicago, IL 60631
Sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to the Głos
Polek 100th Anniversary Fundraising Drive last year.
Donations received after September 1, 2010, are listed below.
Bog zaplac!
Name __________________________________________
Address ________________________________________
City ___________________________________________
State ______ Zip __________ Tel: ___________________
Email address: ________________________
No of catalogues ordered ____ @ $18 + $2 shipping
Total Enclosed: $ ____________
Make check payable to: PWA Educational & Charitable
Foundation – Memo: Catalogue
Send to: Polish Womenʼs Alliance – Catalogue
6643 N. Northwest Hwy, 2nd Fl., Chicago, IL 60631
Winter 2011
Głos Polek
36th National Convention
August 13 – August 16, 2011
The 36th National Convention of Polish Womenʼs Alliance of America will be held in Springfield, Massachusetts
August 13 – 16, 2011. The Pre-Convention Committee and Constitutional Amendments Committees have begun
their work. Other Convention Committees will be appointed by the National President once an official list of
Delegates is prepared.
Convention Mandates were mailed to the Financial Secretaries of all Active Groups in October. Mandates with
the names of duly elected Delegates and Alternates must be returned to the Home Office no later than January
31, 2011. Also due on that date are the Group Officer Forms for 2011, Group Activity Forms, and Group Banking
Information Forms.
Once we have the names of Delegates from each Group, Registration Forms, Medical Information Forms, and
Emergency Contact Forms will be mailed to each Delegate and Alternate in the first quarter of 2011.
Please be sure to return all forms on time – there will be no exceptions to the January 31st deadline. Please call
the office of the Secretary-Treasurer at 1-888-522-1898 ext. 206 with any questions.
January 31, 2011
Group Officer Forms, Group Activity Forms, and Group Banking Information Forms
are due at the Home Office.
January 31, 2011
Convention Mandates are due at the Home Office.
March 15, 2011
Amendments to the Constitution are due at the Home Office.
Call for Constitutional Amendments
Deadline: March 15, 2011
All PWA members have the right to submit proposals for amendments to the Constitution and
Bylaws of the PWA. Proposals must be submitted in writing and must include your name and Group number, as
well as your signature. Amendments from Councils or Groups must include the names and signatures
of all members who are submitting the amendment.
All letters with amendments must be sent to the following address, postmarked no later than March 15, 2011:
Committee on Constitutional Amendments
Polish Womenʼs Alliance of America
6643 N. Northwest Hwy, 2nd Floor, Chicago, IL, 60631
Głos Polek 100th Anniversary Promotion
Mix ’n’ Match Offer
See pages 11–13 for details, sample rates, and application.
In the next issue: Call for applications for offices in The General Administration.
Głos Polek
Winter 2011
Fraternal News
News from Council 20
From the
Desk of the
Vice President
Sharon Zago
Even during these tough economic times, our organization
has been fortunate to offer various scholarships to help
our PWA membership achieve their educational goals.
Extra scholarships have been generously funded through
Komitet Oswiaty and the support we receive from you, our
membership and friends, through the annual cash raffle.
If you are currently a full-time freshman, sophomore, or
junior in college and you plan on continuing full-time
undergraduate education in 2011–2012, you may qualify
for the regular PWA scholarship. See details on other
scholarships below. Please review the requirements for
application carefully. If you decide to apply, you must
adhere to the strict deadlines stated on the forms. There are
no exceptions. Do not wait until the last day to apply.
• Regular PWA Scholarship Period
January 1 – March 15, 2011
• High School Senior Academic and/or High School Senior
Sports Awards – January 15 – February 28, 2011
• Junior/Senior Academic College Undergraduate
Scholarships – March 1 – April 30, 2011
• Jagellonian University Summer Program, Krakow Poland
July 1 – August 30, 2011
Council 20 of Michigan enjoyed a day at the fair with their
youth members, attending St. Anneʼs Sausage Festival on
September 18, 2010. Both the children and adults had fun
learning about wyciananki and making their own paper
cutouts to take home. The atmosphere with polka music in
the background made for an enjoyable and fun-filled day
for all.
On November 20, 2010 Council 20 sponsored a “Saturday
Shopping Vendor Show” in Sterling Heights, Michigan.
Vendors participating included Tupperware, Watkins
Extracts, Stanley Products/Fuller Brush, Cookie Lee
Jewelry, Party-Lite, Miche Bags and Onesole Shoes,
Tastefully Simple, Mary Kay Jewelry, Celebrity Pets, Geri
Cakes, Bittner Chiropractic, Almond Hut, and Made for
Mom childrenʼs items. The dance groups of Council 20, the
Lowicz Dancers and the Zamek Dancers, had tables set up
selling their wares to raise funds for the dance schools. The
event heralded some members of years past who stopped by
to make their purchases for the upcoming holidays and to
support the work being done by the Council.
Patron’s Day Celebration and
Youth Reception in District XI
Omaha, NE—The annual Mass in honor of Our Lady of
Czestochowa, Patroness of PWA, hosted by Groups 275,
356, 409, and 579 of Council 25, District XI – Nebraska
took place on August 21, 2010, at St. Francis of Assisi
Church. Following the Mass, a Youth Reception was held
in the Church Hall during which the recipients of PWA
Scholarships were presented with their scholarships and
other youth members who participated in PWA activities
were recognized.
In addition to obtaining a set of forms through my office,
they will also be available from the following sources:
PWAA website www.pwaa.org *
District Presidents will have a supply
Council Presidents and Group Presidents will have
a supply
* Applicants can fill out forms online before printing,
signing, and providing required attachments, then
mailing to:
Vice President Sharon Zago
Polish Womenʼs Alliance of America
6643 N. Northwest Highway, 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60631
Please feel free to contact my office directly, if you have
any questions: Toll Free 1-888-522-1898 ext 208 or local
PWA Scholarship Recipients from District XI Nebraska with
State President Bernadette Vlock at the Youth Reception,
from left, Amber Wawrzynkiewicz, Gr. 409; Joseph Wagman,
Gr. 356, and Stacy Kurcz, Gr. 409. Not pictured, Nicolette
Krejci, Gr. 579.
Winter 2011
Głos Polek
Fraternal News
Friday, January 14
Opening of A Voice of Their Own, the Glos Polek Centennial
Exhibition, at The Polish Museum of America, 984 North
Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL. Reception at 7 p.m. All are
welcome! Please bring your family and friends. Exhibition
runs through February 26, 2011.
Saturday, February 5
Group 693 sponsors a lecture and guided tour through the
Glos Polek Centennial Exhibition, at 2 p.m., at The Polish
Museum of America. Please call Financial Secretary Mary
Piergies at 708-308-2106 to make a reservation. All Groups
are welcome.
• Sixth Annual Youth Bowling Tournament
January – June. Rules and forms on www.pwaa.org
• Dozinʼ w Dinos – Sleepover at Field Museum,
Chicago – Friday & Saturday, March 4 – 5
• Chicago Wolves Game, Sunday, March 20
• Casino Trip – March – Date to be announced
• Chicago Bulls Game – Tuesday, April 5
• Chicago White Sox Game – Date to be announced
Sunday, April 17
Save the Date! The Lowicz Dancers of PWA Gr. 786 will
hold their Sixth Annual Recital at 2:30 pm in the auditorium
of Berkley High School, 2325 Catalpa, (south of 12 Mile
and east of Coolidge) in Berkley, Michigan. Tickets will
be available at the door and are $7 for adults and $4
for children. Contact: Barbara Misiolek Gamble
at 248-689-7993 or visit the website at www.pwaa.org/
lowiczdancers. Please join us!
Saturday, May 14
District V President Mary Ann Nowak, along with cochairs Judy Szelc, President of Council 3, and Cindy
Piepszak, President of Council 20, announce the PWA
Debutante/Squire Ball at the American Polish Century Club
in Sterling Heights, Michigan. More info and a complete
list of requirements for Debs and Squires are available at
August 13 – August 16
36th National Convention of Polish Womenʼs Alliance,
Marriott Hotel, Springfield, Massachussetts. Deadline for
Convention Mandates and Group Forms is January 31st.
Deadline for amendments to the Constitution is March 15th.
Please see page 7 for more details or call the Office of the
Secretary Treasurer at 888-522-1898 ext 206.
We Accept Credit Cards
For information call:
888-522-1898, ext. 206
For more information please check our website
or call 1-888-522-1898 ext. 208.
This is your chance to WIN BIG
Win $4500 in Prize Money in Cash.
Return your lucky tickets as soon as possible.
The deadline is June 15, 2011.
Entries must be postmarked June 15, 2011,
to be eligible.
Second Prize $ 1000
Third Prize $ 500
Fourth Prize $ 250
Fifth Prize $ 250
Sixth thru Tenth Prizes $ 100
Drawing will be held on June 23, 2011
in Chicago.
Proceeds to benefit Komitet Oswiaty, the PWA
Education Committee, promoting Polish culture
and heritage and supporting our youth.
Please support our 2011 National Raffle.
Watch for your tickets in the mail.
You could be one of the lucky winners!
Join us on this fabulous trip!
Discover Tuscany – October 31-November 10, 2011
Głos Polek
Winter 2011
To download a flyer, please go to
Questions? Call 1-888-522-1898, etx 208.
New Members
Welcome to Our New Members!
A warm welcome is extended to these new members (from September – November 2010).
We are so glad you have joined us!
Gr. No. Name
Introduced by
Home Office
Wanda Roycewicz
Teresa Makowski
Teresa Makowski
Teresa Makowski
Teresa Makowski
Teresa Makowski
Home Office
Home Office
Home Office
Home Office
Home Office
Home Office
Blanch Ciocho
Blanch Ciocho
Anthylene M Blasic
Anthylene M Blasic
Ellen F Decroo
Ellen F Decroo
Anthylene M Blasic
Ronald J Brown
Ronald J Brown
Home Office
Dale R Olsen
Home Office
Home Office
Home Office
Julia Iracki
Kathleen Robinson
Kathleen Robinson
Mary Kurtz
Home Office
Marion Listwan
Dorothy J Talipski
Sylwia H Sobolewski
Home Office
Home Office
Home Office
Dawn Muszynski Nelson
Dawn Muszynski Nelson
Steven S Cressy
Sylwia H Sobolewski
Home Office
Home Office
Barbara Misiolek Gamble
Barbara Misiolek Gamble
Mary A Nowak
Home Office
Irene V Wyderka
Home Office
Home Office
Burbank, IL
Antioch, IL
Villa Park, IL
Villa Park, IL
Lisle, IL
Villa Park, IL
Skokie, IL
Des Plaines, IL
Huntington, WV
Chicago, IL
Chicago, IL
Alden, NY
Anchorage, AK
McKeesport, PA
North Salem, IN
Clearwater, FL
Clearwater, FL
Brackenridge, PA
Natrona Hgts, PA
Brackenridge, PA
Austin, TX
Austin, TX
Buffalo, NY
Chicago, IL
Macomb, MI
Macomb, MI
Macomb, MI
Kingston, PA
Annapolis, MD
Annapolis, MD
Omaha, NE
Mount Holly, NJ
Toms River, NJ
Old Forge, PA
Garfield Hts, OH
South Amboy, NJ
East Brunswick, NJ
South Plainfield, NJ
Willow Springs, IL
Tinley Park, IL
Mira Loma, CA
North Royalton, OH
Bruce Twp, MI
Clarkston, MI
Troy, MI
Sterling Hts, MI
Dearborn, MI
Paw Paw, MI
Sharon Twp, OH
Riverside, IL
Chicago, IL
Daniel P Dixon
Henry S Roztoczynski
Andrew Roycewicz
Marcin Roycewicz
Catharine Eckel
Gitana Roycewicz
Camilia Stefanska
Maria Wojtul
Paula A Grace
Lucyna Siemianowski
Michael G Ozog
Elias T Fetter
Emily L Fetter
Jaylee E Trzyna
Caleb J Hunt
Nathan A Kelley
Madison A Kelley
Weston S Delo
Katelyn Myers
Debra S Bzdziak
Georgia C Brown
Sean M Brown
Abigail Welch
Jack E Martin
Treyor Zielinski
Kayla Zielinski
Noah Zielinski
Maksym L Iracki
Alyssa M Mouritzen
Barrett D Mouritzen
Mia C Furlong
Addison M Frascella
Brayden Eagan
Maggie R Carey
Joseph Piela
Irena Landzwojczak
Mikah X Ruiz
Benjamin W Ruiz
Shaylee Laski
Kylie Miller
John D Fletcher
Angelina C Klacza
Sarah Ozella
Jared Stross
Annika Triemstra
Julia Klepko
Lawrence M Merchel
Janet L Hamay
Alayna K Cmich
Dorota M Edwards
Alina Barczuk
Winter 2011
Głos Polek
Ages 0 to 20 (nearest birthday)
You Pay
with Bo Padowski
You Pay
* up to 6 mos
Premium is calculated to the nearest birthday
For rates for ages 21 and older or for different face amounts,
please call 1-888-522-1898 ext 228, send email to
[email protected], or visit our website at pwaa.org
Tax Time • Tax Time • Tax Time
Don’t Miss This Great Rate on
Annuities offered by PWAA
The higher your initial premium, the higher your first-year interest
rate on a NEWLY-OPENED Annuity up to 3.75%.
The current rates are:
Under $5000
$5,000 to $49,999
$50,000 to $99,000
$100,000 and over
Donʼt wait! Let your hard-earned money start working for you now!
The minimum initial deposit to open any PWAA Annuity
contract is $250. Call 888-522-1898 ext. 228 or 226
for more information and an application.
Or send email to [email protected]
*All rates are subject to change.
Tax Time • Tax Time • Tax Time • Tax Time
Głos Polek
Corner: Ask Bo
Winter 2011
What about New Yearʼs Resolutions? Did you make
any this year?
Most of our New Yearʼs resolutions are related to
losing weight, quitting smoking, going for physical
check ups at least once a year, being a better husband
or wife, and so on. But did you think about making a
resolution to update your life insurance policies on an
annual basis going forward?
In my opinion, everyoneʼs life insurance policies
should be reviewed annually. Lifeʼs circumstances
can change drastically in a very short time, so it is
important to review your life insurance annually to
ensure that you continue to have adequate coverage to
provide for your family. PWA is still offering the Głos
Polek 100th Anniversary Special at very attractive
rates. Please check pages 11-13 for details.
For younger couples financial advisors recommend
that they should have life insurance coverage in an
amount equal to five years of their combined salaries,
especially if there are small children in the family. The
reason is to provide for final expenses and to support
the family until they are able to get back on their feet
and replace the lost income from the wage earner who
has passed on.
It is also recommended that individuals regularly
check the beneficiaries on their policies to make sure
they are up to date. Beneficiaries can be changed easily
and at any time, if needed.
One more thing that we should all do annually is make
sure that the insurance company and/or organization
that holds our policy(ies) has our most recent address
and phone number—this is very important.
What about starting the New Year with increasing
your savings?
Did you know that PWA still offers excellent rates on
Annuities and Traditional and Roth IRA Accounts?
Please check the box on this page for current rates on
newly-opened accounts.
Best Wishes to all of you for a healthy, happy, and
financially rewarding New Year. May all of your dreams
come true and may you be successful in keeping your
New Yearʼs resolutions! And as always, please contact
me with any questions related to insurance or annuity
Tel: 888-522-1898, ext 220
Email: [email protected]
Głos Polek 100th
Anniversary Special
June 30, 2011
To celebrate the Centennial of
our publication, Głos Polek,
we offer you a $100 discount
on the premium on our new
MixʼnʼMatch Offer.
To qualify, you must apply for
two $1,000 Single Payment
Whole Life Policies. The
policies can be taken out for
one person or for any two
people – from newborn to age
85 (nearest birthday).
To Apply:
Fill out TWO applications.
You will find one on this page
(and you can make an additional copy) and mail them
in with the applicable
premium to:
Polish Womenʼs Alliance of
6643 N. Northwest Hwy,
2nd Fl.
Chicago, IL 60631-1360.
Please charge a one-time premium of $ ________________________
to my ____ VISA ____ MASTER CARD or ____ DISCOVER card.
Name on Credit Card _________________________________________________
Card Number _______________________________ Exp. Date _______________
Signature ________________ Billing Address_____________________________
Zip Code __________________
Winter 2011
See sample discounted rates on
page 11.
Call 888-522-1898 ext 228 for
more information or to request
additional applications.
Or you can send an email to
[email protected]
Głos Polek
June 30, 2011
To celebrate the Centennial of our publication, Głos Polek, PWAA presents this Super Special Offer to all of our members and
their families and friends. We are happy to offer you a $100 discount on the premium with our new
MixʼnʼMatch Offer.
To qualify, you must apply for two $1,000 Single Payment Whole Life Policies. The two policies can be
taken out for one person or for any two people—from newborn to age 85 (nearest birthday).
We Offer Special Prizes to PWA Groups
With each policy issued to a Group, a Bonus of
$5 will be offered to that Group. In addition, each
Group will be awarded special cash prizes as follows.
✓ $100 for 10 to 20 policies issued to the Group
✓ $250 for 22 to 40 policies issued and
✓ $500 for 42 and more
All Group awards will be announced and checks
for winning Groups will be presented to the Group
Presidents at the PWA 36th National Convention in
Springfield, MA in August 2011.
Any Group officer or member who sells six or more
applications as witness, will be recognized in the
36th National Convention Program Book and will
receive a special gift.
No commission payments or introducer fees will be
paid with this promotion; but it will count for the May
Queen Contest.
See sample discounted rates on page 11.
Głos Polek
Logo from the first issue of Głos Polek – November 3, 1910
To take advantage of this MixʼnʼMatch promotion,
simply complete two applications, include the
discounted applicable premium payable to PWA
and mail to:
6643 N. Northwest Hwy, 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60631-1360
An application is available on page 12 in this issue of
Glos Polek or on our website www.pwaa.org
(click on FORMS, go to Life Insurance applications,
choose the state where you live, and print)
or you can request applications from the Home Office
by calling toll-free
Winter 2011
1-888-522-1898 ext 228
or send an email request to
[email protected]
Winter Traditions in Poland
Karnawał – Kulig
While the Epiphany, the Feast of the Three Kings on January 6th, officially
marks the end of the Christmas season, it also officially opens a new season of
merrymaking in Poland called Karnawał. People want to get in as much fun
as they can before the coming of Lent, so the long winter weeks between the
Epiphany and Ash Wednesday are filled with parties, dances, and masked balls.
And a tradition that is very special and very fun—the kulig—or sleigh ride
party. People enjoy old-fashioned sleigh rides in horse-drawn sleighs. They
ride through the fields and forests for hours, ending the day at a farmhouse or
country inn where they enjoy a warm meal, often consisting of bigos (huntersʼ
stew), roast meats, cakes, and mulled wine. In days gone by, a kulig was
also a hunting party, but that part of the tradition has fallen away in modern
times. Today the prize at the end of the sleigh ride is simply a cozy fire, good
company, and a delicious meal.
As is often the case in Poland, merrymaking gets interrupted, even if only
briefly, with churchgoing. The prayers and rituals in church serve as a reminder
to everyone not to get carried away, that excess has consequences. The feast of
Our Lady of the Candles or Candlemas, in Polish called Gromniczna, falls on
February 2nd. This is also the end of the season of Christmas in the liturgical
calendar, and the day that people go to church to have their storm candles
blessed. These special blessed candles are called gromnice and they are lit
only in grave situations and placed in windows to ward off evil spirits. They
are lit when someone is sick or dying, during thunderstorms, and in other
times of danger, such as when a home was surrounded by wolves. Legend
has it that Our Lady of the Candles was able to save a village from wolves
by taming the wild animals with candles and with her goodness. She is often
pictured holding a candle and surrounded by the wolves that she has calmed
and befriended.
Tłusty Tydzień
Karnawał resumes in February with the festivities building up and taking
on a fevered pitch in the final week before Ash Wednesday. Masked balls
are organized, for adults and children alike, and everyone gets into the act,
dressing up in costumes. That final week of Karnawał is called Tłusty Tydzień
or Fat Week and it starts on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday, which is
called, of course, Fat Thursday. Thatʼs when the famous pączki season starts!
While in the United States Polish Americans usually eat pączki only on Fat
Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday, in Poland the famous jelly rolls are
baked and enjoyed for a full week leading up the to the fasting and penance of
Lent. Long lines form outside of bakeries and close to 100 million of pączki
are baked and consumed!
While winter is often long and cold in Poland, the old traditions of
celebrating the Carnival season keep people happy and warm.
Winter 2011
Głos Polek
Youth Conference
2010 PWA Youth Conference
The 2010 PWA Youth Conference was held from July
14 – 18, 2010 in Philadelphia, PA. The participants,
all PWA members between the ages of 14 and 16,
spent four days exploring their Polish and American
heritage, making new friendships, and having fun.
Activities included visits to Independence Hall,
the Liberty Bell, Congress Hall, the National
Constitution Center, the Franklin Institute, a tour
of the Battleship New Jersey, and a trip to Valley
Forge. Polish American sites visited included the
Kosciuszko House, the Polish American Cultural
Center, and the Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa
in Doylestown. There was also time for fun at the
Hard Rock Café, the historical City Tavern, and of
course there was a pizza party and a chance to try the
local specialty—Philadelphia cheesesteaks.
Polish Womenʼs Alliance organizes Youth
Conferences every four years in order to bring Youth Conference participants attended Mass at the Shrine of Our
together young members from across the nation so Lady of Czestochowa in Doylestown, and presented Father with a
they can connect with one another, with their Polish donation as well as flowers for the Shrine. Photo: Robert Duffy
heritage, and with the organization. The young
people had a very enjoyable time and were sad when time came to head back home. We hope they will stay in touch with
their new friends—and become more involved in the PWA.
The 2010 participants were Sara Charley Allen, Stanislaw Biestek, Christopher Chorzepa, Eric Dietz, Patrick Dietz,
Elizabeth Parta, James Garvey, Jr., Alyson Hartman, Courtney Jurek, Clarissa Knorr, Daniel Kurtz-Enko, Amanda
Marchese, Kara Pietrowski, Connor Robertson, Brian Scarfone, Vincent Scarfone, Matthew Siemianowski, Forrest Smith,
Audrey Stadler, Annalise Steffl, Leo Steffl, Devin Vanderberg, Alex Vander Noot, Brian Woodard, Brianna Zawacki, and
Victoria Zawacki.
The officers and chaperones were Sharon Zago, Vice President and Youth Conference Chair; Marcia Duffy, National Director
and Youth Conference Co-chair; Antoinette Trela Vander Noot, Secretary-Treasurer; Felicia Perlick, National Director; and
Robert Duffy, who was also the official photographer of the Conference.
Please see more photos on our website at www.pwaa.org/youth.html and we ask Youth Conference participants to send their
photos to us so we can add them to the website. Please send them by email to [email protected]
Youth Conference participants met “George Washington” during a trip to Valley Forge. Photo: Robert Duffy.
Głos Polek
Winter 2011
Promoting and supporting education has been a goal of
Polish Womenʼs Alliance from the time of its founding, 112
years ago. Education is the best way for members to improve
their lives and become productive members of society.
Over the years, we have expanded our PWA Scholarship
Program and have helped thousands of PWA members to
achieve their academic goals. In this issue of Głos Polek we
are happy to announce the following scholarships:
– PWA Regular Scholarships for 2011-2012 for college
– PWA Educational & Charitable Foundation RemkusSochacki Scholarships
– PAC Charitable Foundation Majer and Lakowski
Scholarships for undergraduate or graduate study in
Business or Engineering.
PWA Announces the Regular College
Undergraduate Scholarship Program
2011 – 2012
PWA is now accepting applications for the Sophomore,
Junior and Senior Year Undergraduate College Academic
Scholarships for2011-2012. The deadline is postmark
March 15, 2011. Read about other PWA Scholarships on
page 8.
Please download the requirements and applications from
our website at www.pwaa.org/youth.html.
See names and photos of 2010-2011 PWA Scholarship
The PAC Charitable Foundation
Announces the Majer and Lakowski
Families Memorial Scholarships
The scholarships are available for full-time undergraduate
and graduate students majoring in Engineering or Business
– Recipients must attend a public state university or
– Amount of the scholarship is equal to the annual stateresident (in-state) tuition.
– Scholarships are renewable annually.
– Merit and need are taken into consideration.
– Candidates not selected can reapply annually.
– Deadline is postmark March 15, 2011.
To obtain an application, send a request by mail to PACCF,
5711 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL 60646 (Tel: 773763-9944) or an application can be downloaded and printed
from the PACCF website at www.paccf.org.
They were never blessed with
children of their own, but
the late Charles and Jeanette
Remkus, children of hardworking Polish immigrant
parents, wanted to leave a
mark on the world—and a
legacy to their name. Through
this scholarship, they will help many worthy recipients to
experience the reward that hard work and higher education
can provide.
Charles Remkus and Jeanette Sochacki married in 1936
and were together until Charlesʼs death in 2001. Charles
worked for the Chrysler Corporation, before and after his
military service in World War II. Jeanette worked for Sears
during the War, but went to college afterwards, earning
both a Bachelorʼs and Masterʼs degree from Wayne State
University. She worked as a teacher in the Detroit public
school system where her passion for education and the
mentoring of students flourished. Numerous members of the
family belonged to PWA Group 451 and they were active
parishioners of St. Barbaraʼs Church in Dearborn, MI.
Scholarship Highlights:
Two $5,000 Scholarships will be awarded annually beginning
in June 2011. Each Scholarship is renewable for up to four
years, as long as the recipient maintains the minimum GPAs
listed below and remains a full-time student.
Who May Apply:
• Full-time students from senior year in high school to
students currently attending an accredited university or
• GPA minimum requirements are: 4.33 (on a 5 pt. scale) or
3.33 (on a 4 pt. scale) and 3.5 cumulative GPA (on a 4 pt
scale) if a high school senior
• Must be a U.S. citizen (proof required)
Essay: Completed applications must be accompanied by a
500 word or more essay entitled “What My Polish Heritage
Means to Me” and photo.
Application Period: March 15 - May 15, 2011
In addition to requesting an application by contacting PWA
Headquarters beginning March 15, 2011, applications and
scholarship requirements will also be available for download
on our website www.pwaa.org or by contacting your District
President (addresses listed in Glos Polek), who will have a
supply on hand. The completed application, required essay,
and photo must be mailed and postmarked by the deadline of
May 15, 2011, in order to be considered.
Winter 2011
Głos Polek
PWA Scholarship Ripients
Polish Women’s Alliance of America
Congratulates its 2010 – 2011
Scholarship Recipients
District I
Katherine Pietrucha
Tess Buchberger
Keith Olson
Heather Hargreaves
Brian Hughes
Illinois State University Univ. of California Berkeley University of Illinois Northeastern Illinois Univ. Univ. of Notre Dame
Dist. 1 Cl 9 Gr 61 &820
Dist. 1 Cl 9 Gr 61
Dist. 1 Cl 9 Gr 61
Dist. 1 Cl 9 Gr 61
Dist. 1 Cl 9 Gr 61
Justine Bzowski
De Paul University
Dist. 1 Cl 9 Gr 89
Victoria Sloane
Univ. of Mississippi
Dist. 1 Cl 9 Gr 188
Samuel Sloane
Univ. of Mississippi
Dist. 1 Cl 9 Gr 188
Kaithlin Kowynia
Northern Illinois Univ.
Dist. 1 Cl 9 Gr 202
Matthew Kowynia
De Paul University
Dist. 1 Cl 9 Gr 202
James Keszkowsky
Florida College
Dist. 1 Cl 9 Gr 798
Emily Heller
Florida State University
Dist. 1 Cl 13 Gr 743
Erin Murray
Bradley University
Dist. 1 Cl 13 Gr 743
Paul Orawiec
Ill. Inst. Of Technology
Dist. 1 Cl 13 Gr 743
Marlana Radcliffe
Univ of N. C. Chapel Hill
Dist. 1 Cl 13 Gr 743
Rachel Regonini
Kelly Carlson
Diana Ciepiela
Northeastern Univ. Univ. of Missouri-Columbia De Paul University
Dist. 1 Cl 19 Gr 112
Dist. 1 Cl 26 Gr 339
Dist. 1 Cl 27 Gr 114
Jacqueline Faber
University of Illinois
Dist. 1 Cl 27 Gr 211
Jennifer Basak
Indiana University
Dist. 1 Cl 27 Gr 388
Christopher Dojutrek
Southern Illinois Univ.
Dist. 1 Cl 27 Gr 816
Isis Kunas
Winona State Univ.
Dist. 1 Cl 27 Gr 816
Andrew Paleczny
De Paul University
Dist. 1 Cl 27 Gr 820
Dustin Popiel
University of Chicago
Dist. 1 Cl 27 Gr 820
Kevin Kowynia
Illinois State Univ.
Dist. 1 Cl 9 Gr 202
Jeffrey Cook
Rockford College
Dist. 1 Cl 9 Gr 525
Alex Duncan
Lewis University
Dist. 1 Cl 9 Gr 661
Monica Stanczyk
Robert Stanczyk
Midwestern University Oakton Community College
Dist. 1 Cl 27 Gr 821
Dist. 1 Cl 27 Gr 821
District II
Andrea Kolano
Duquesne University
Dist. 2 Cl 2 Gr 182
Głos Polek
Susanne Leitch
Tiffany Senkow
Illinois State University Pennsylvania State Univ
Dist. 2 Cl 2 Gr 182
Dist. 2 Cl 2 Gr 182
Ronald Condrin
California Univ of
Dist. 2 Cl 2 Gr 221
Winter 2011
Scott McCullough
Anthony Niemiec
Megan Niemiec
Berklee College of Music Robert Morris University University of Alabama
Dist. 2 Cl 2 Gr 224
Dist. 2 Cl 2 Gr 341
Dist. 2 Cl 2 Gr 341
PWA Scholarship Ripients
Ross Bunchek
Carthage College
Dist. 3 Cl 21 Gr 37
Samantha Serwacki
Purdue University
Dist. 3 Cl 21 Gr 37
Jeffrey Bragiel
Purdue University
Dist. 3 Cl 21 Gr 77
Warren Lane
Indiana University
Dist. 3 Cl 21 Gr 128
Robert McMahon
Bethanie Monfortte
Kyle O’Keefe
Purdue University Kentucky Wesleyan College Purdue University
Dist. 3 Cl 21 Gr 128
Dist. 3 Cl 21 Gr 128
Dist. 3 Cl 21 Gr 128
New York &
Erie, PA
Mallory Bobrowski
Purdue University
Dist. 3 Cl 21 Gr 132
Lauren Hendryx
Central Michigan Univ.
Dist. 3 Cl 21 Gr 132
Manuel Quintero
Dist. 3 Cl 21 Gr 132
Denielle Dardzinski
Oakland University
Dist. 5 Cl 20 Gr 384
Tracy Dardzinski
Baker College
Dist. 5 Cl 20 Gr 384
James Reil
West Virginia University
Dist. 4 Cl 5 Gr 380
Nicole Vacendak
Valparaiso Univeristy
Dist. 3 Cl 21 Gr 132
Katherine Szczerbinski
Jordan Bossack
James Leger
Macomb Comm. College Washtenaw Comm. College Albion College
Dist. 5 Cl 20 Gr 481
Dist. 5 Cl 20 Gr 418
Dist. 5 Cl 20 Gr 481
Kristen Wujcikowski
Michigan State Univ.
Dist. 5 Cl 20 Gr 585
Teresa Kilmer
University of Michigan
Dist. 5 Cl 20 Gr 616
Thomas Schemanski
Erika Guirey
Kasia Schemanski
Oakland Comm. College Macomb Comm. College Macomb Comm. College
Dist. 5 Cl 20 Gr 786
Dist. 5 Cl 20 Gr 786
Dist. 5 Cl 20 Gr 786
Andrea Kent
Univ of Wisc-LaCrosse
Dist. 6 Cl 1 Gr 189
Ann Srodon
Oakland University
Dist. 5 Cl 20 Gr 786
Stephanie Chmielewski Michael Chmielewski
University of Cincinnati
Xavier University
Dist. 7 Cl 7 Gr 87
Dist. 7 Cl 7 Gr 87
Matthew Maloney
Matthew McLean
University at Cincinnati Wentworth of Technology
Dist. 8 Cl 28 Gr 141
Dist. 8 Cl 28 Gr 141
Richard Slivicki
Winona State Univ.
Dist. 6 Cl 1 Gr 189
Alexandra Gallant
Merrimack College
Dist. 8 Cl 28 Gr 317
Emily Konieczny
James Madison Univ.
Dist. 8 Cl 28 Gr 422
Angelina Dabrowski
Stonehill College
Dist. 9 Cl 8 Gr 280
Katharine Nadeau
Central Conn State U
Dist. 9 Cl 8 Gr 280
Katherine Kostek
Assumption College
Dist. 8 Cl 28 Gr 499
Diana Pawela
Univ. of Mass. Amherst
Dist. 8 Cl 28 Gr 559
Natalia Pajor
Mount St Mary College
Dist. 9 Cl 8 Gr 185
Nicholas Zakrzewski
Hunter College
Dist. 9 Cl 8 Gr 185
Winter 2011
Jennafer Czerniewski
University of Alabama
Dist. 9 Cl 8 Gr 185
Głos Polek
PWA Scholarship Ripients
District X
New Jersey
Eastern N Y
Sarah Nadeau
Tunxis Comm College
Dist. 9 Cl 8 Gr 280
Christopher Gotschall
University of Miami
Dist. 9 Cl 8 Gr 500
Marissa Goba
Fairfield University
Dist. 9 Cl 8 Gr 500
Emily Szkudlarek
Univ. of Connecticut
Dist. 10 Cl 15 Gr 598
Kerri Killen
Stevens Inst of Tech
Dist. 10 Cl 15 Gr 737
Mark DeGaetano
Georgia Inst. Of Tech.
Dist. 10 Cl 38 Gr 611
Stacy Kurcz
College of Saint Mary
Dist. 11 Cl 25 Gr 409
Amu Murro
Cornell University
Dist. 10 Cl 38 Gr 611
Joseph Wagman
Creighton University
Dist. 11 Cl 25 Gr 356
Michael Brand
Moravian College
Dist. 10 Cl 38 Gr 677
Michael Jablonski
St. Michael’s College
Dist. 10 Cl 38 Gr 729
Amber Wawrzynkiewicz
University of Nebraska
Dist. 11 Cl 25 Gr 409
Nicolette Krejci
Metropolitan Comm. Coll.
Dist. 11 Cl 25 Gr 579
Michael Vojtko
E.Stroudsburg Univ.
Dist. 14 Cl 40 Gr 105
Joseph Houde
Michelle Lahnemann
Anna Dinoski
Shaina Dymond
Matthew Lanyon
Indiana Univ. of PA Francis. Univ. of Steubenville Bloomsburg Univ. Rensselaer Polytech. Instit. DeSales University
Dist. 14 Cl 40 Gr 431
Dist. 14 Cl 40 Gr 450
Dist. 14 Cl 40 Gr 434
Dist. 14 Cl 40 Gr 530
Dist. 14 Cl 40 Gr 348
Eric Limer
Univ. at Albany (SUNY)
Dist. 14 Cl 44 Gr 267
Matthew Vitovsky
Univ. of Pittsburgh
Dist. 14 Cl 44 Gr 351
Mitchell Vitovsky
Clemson University
Dist. 14 Cl 44 Gr 351
Anne Oliver
Temple University
Dist. 14 Cl 44 Gr 528
William Oliver
Binghamton University
Dist. 14 Cl 44 Gr 528
Scott Stange
Fairfield University
Dist. 14 Cl 44 Gr 658
“Education is the most powerful
weapon which you can use to change the world.”
– Nelson Mandela
Please see Pages 8 and 16 for 2011 - 2012 Scholarship Programs
Polish Women’s Alliance of America Scholarship Committee
Sharon Zago, Vice President and Chairperson.
Antoinette Trela VanderNoot, Secretary/Treasurer; National Directors: Dawn Muszynski Nelson, Helen Simmons,
Marcia Mackiewicz-Duffy, and Felicia Perlick; Ex-Officio: Virginia Sikora, National President.
Głos Polek
Winter 2011
2010–1011 Spial Scholarship Ripients
Undergraduate Academic Scholarships
Meredith Marie Stoops
District I CL 27
Group 211
Andrea Rose Kolano
District II CL 2
Group 182
Alyssa Beck
District II CL 32
Group 475
Christina Bertrand
District VIII CL 28
Group 422
Joseph Houde
District XIV CL 40
Group 431
High School Sports Awards
High School Academic Awards
Thaddeus Krawczyk
District I CL 27
Group 211
Stephanie DuPerre
District VIII CL 28
Group 422
Adrianna Chorzepa
District IX CL 8
Group 637
Jagiellonian University
Summer Program
Scholarship Winner
Jacquelyn Boratyn
Marquette University
District I
Council 9 Group 723
Books and Films
The six books we will be reading in 2011 are as follows:
1. Peasants, Wladyslaw Reymont
2. Doll, Boleslaw Prus
3.Cyberiad, Stanislaw Lem
4. Spring to Come, Stefan Zeromski
Monica Hill
District IX CL 8
Group 500
5. This Way for the Gas Ladies and
Gentlemen,Tadeusz Borowski
6. With Fire and Sword, Henryk Sienkiewicz
Book Club Meetings are held at the PWA Home Office
Thursdays at 3:15 p.m. The moderator is Professor
Ireneusz Raciborski. Please see www.pwaa.org for
more information, a list of films for 2011, and a full
bibliography. Questions: call 1-888-522-1898 ext. 208.
Winter 2011
Głos Polek
In Memoriam
We note with sadness the passing of the following PWA members.
May they rest in peace.
(All deaths between September and November 2010)
Gr. No.
Głos Polek
Jennie Wachtor
Bangor, MI
Genevieve S Salys
Alpine, CA
Wladyslawa Slamkowska Valparaiso, IN
Mary J Hitsman
Cleveland, OH
Leokadia Foote
Garfield Hts, OH
Florence Kolber
South Bend, IN
Rose M Olsheski
Coal Township, PA
Mary Kozlowski
Mount Carmel, PA
Alice Kluskiewicz
Middletown, PA
Jean Tice
Bethlehem, PA
Dorota Swieton
Chicago, IL
David G Dillenbeck
Bartlett, IL
David Hintze
Cudahy, WI
Sally B Zajac
Park Ridge, IL
Gladyce A Grant
Fort Wayne, IN
Aline Swentko
Hammond, IN
Stella A Chruby
East Chicago, IN
Rita Bresnahan
Holyoke, MA
Irene Dudek
Willingboro, NJ
Dorothy Demetriou
Philadelphia, PA
Jozefa Gawla
Tinley Park, IL
Pauline W Mroz
Pittsburgh, PA
Anna Gibson
Stanwood, MI
Cecelia Kolibczynski
Southington, CT
Isabel H Koziol
Des Plaines, IL
Florencja Kempa
Skokie, IL
Alice T Zuczek
Gainesville, FL
Frances M Tokarski
Dearborn, MI
Aniela Krawczyk
Leechburg, PA
Thomas J Zielinski
Omaha, NE
Mary Buczek
Dearborn Hts, MI
Irene Tarnacki
Inkster, MI
Isaac J Maciejewski
Detroit, MI
Dianne E Bombard
Haydenville, MA
Felicia S Kucharski
Middlebourne, WV
Nellie Gostomski
Pittsburgh, PA
Gr. No.
Winter 2011
David Marosz
Stella C Wojtanowski
Helena Browar
Clara Koziol
Loretta Galuszka
Donna T Okraszewski
Katherine Kodrich
Lucy Kantor
Dolores Stewart
Helen B Breznay
Viola C Scavnicky
Helena Markovitz
James A Ostrander
Josephine Pasztor
Edna O Winkler
Anna C Wojciechowski
Maryhelene S Phelan
Stefanie Yonan
Aniela Materna
Eleanor Zarnosky
Genevieve Minella
Helen Krolikowski
Helen Faron
Cecilia A Michalak
Zofia Michalak
Thomas R OʼNeill
Joanna Dyszel
Anna Sikora
Marian A Gordon
Anne Horrack
Maxine Lupo
Anna B Rusiewicz
Frank S Misczak
Frances L Josephs
Rose Litwicki
Genevieve M Marion
South Bend, IN
Marcy, NY
New York Mills, NY
New Castle, PA
Chicopee, MA
Pittsburgh, PA
Bridgeville, PA
Bridgeville, PA
Carnegie, PA
Kingston, PA
Latrobe, PA
Hemet, CA
Lansing, IL
Hammond, IN
Alden, NY
Buffalo, NY
Wilbraham, MA
Niles, IL
Chandler, AZ
Olyphant, PA
Old Forge, PA
Taylor, PA
Calumet City, IL
Plymouth, MI
Wyandotte, MI
Schaumburg, IL
Santa Ana, CA
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In Memoriam
We note with sadness the passing
of the following PWA members.
May they rest in peace.
(All deaths between September and November 2010)
Gr. No.
Lillian Piotrowski
Wanda Stodolak
Genevieve Haley
Wanda F Nowak
Faye P Czerniakowski
Mildred Rodeghier
Maria Dziepak
Stella Novicki
Isabella H Mecinski
Dorothy Grabowski
Valerie W DePersis
Bernice Grabis
Marguerite Marx
Christine Paluszkiewicz
Mildred A Marozzi
Lucille Zielinski
Melania Bogdanski
Stephanie A Ranold
Geraldine Rupp
Dolores J Ciesla
Cecylia M Zatoka
Joanna Blyar
Dorothy Majcher
Dolores M Panowicz
Frank Mazur
Stella Jacky
Theodosia J Klos
Irene M Sternicki
Helen V Skowronski
Helen M Rayhon
Joan Gwiazdowski
Christine M Plocki
Bernice Lesnau
Bertha Kopec
Richard S Lysakowski
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Winter 2011
Głos Polek
Fraternal News - Contts
Months – Miesiące
Match each Polish word with the
correct English translation and submit
your answers postmarked no later than
March 31, 2011.
1. January
A. Czerwiec
2. Feburary
B. Listopad
3. March
C. Wrzesień
4. April
D. Luty
5. May
E. Październik
6. June
F. Styczeń
7. July
G. Grudzień
8. August
H. Kwiecień
9. September
I. Marzec
10. October
J. Lipiec
11. November
K. Maj
12. December
L. Sierpień
Only one entry per PWA member.
Correct entries will be placed in a lottery
and three $25 prizes will be awarded
for the first three correct entries drawn.
Contest is open to PWA members of
all ages. Please be sure to include your
name, address, phone number, email
address, and PWA Group number with
your entry.
Submit your entry by email to:
[email protected] or by regular mail to:
Polish Womenʼs Alliance of America/
Contests, 6643 N. Northwest Highway,
2nd Floor, Chicago, IL 60631.
See pages 11 - 13
for details.
Głos Polek
Winners of the 2010 Summer Memories Essay Contest
Komitet Oswiaty would like to thank all PWA members who took the time to
share their best summer memories by entering our annual cash prize contest.
The following members were selected for receiving the highest scores from
our judges based on their entries:
Adult Category
Distr. Coun. Gr.
First $100
Michael Brand
Second $75
Angelina Dabrowski
Third $50
Aleksandra Podowski 1
Hon. Mention $25
Sheri Cuddy
Hon. Mention $25
Andrea Krok
First $100
Second $75
Third $50
Hon. Mention $25
Hon. Mention $25
Youth Category
Biano Reno
Michael Korta
Charles Sell
Christopher Chorzepa
Voytek Korta
Winners of Mix and Match Contest No. 3 – Fruits & Vegetables
Distr. Coun. Group
Theresa Tkac
Roberta Kaplowitz
Kayla Zrepskey
Winners of Mix and Match Contest No. 4 – Newspapers
Distr. Coun. Group
Martha Nowak
Maria Serafin
Patricia Senkow
PWA Youth Bowling Season
begins January 1 and ends June 30, 2011
PWA Youth Members: Are you on our team? We need you … bowl anytime
in a group or individually and become one of our winners! Check the website
for group bowling info as it becomes available. Not all areas have group
bowling so individual bowling is also accepted. Call the number below for
an application or download from www.pwaa.org.
All contests, scholarships, and membership offers available at www.pwaa.
org or contact Sharon Zago, Vice President at 1-888-522-1898 ext 208; local
calls dial 1-847-384-1208.
Winter 2011
Polish Carnival Favorit/Karnawałowe przysmaki
Country-style Paté
Carnival Rosettes & Angelʼs Wings
Sposób przyrządzania: Mięso oraz boczek umyć,
osączyć i pokroić na kawałki. Cebule, marchewkę
oraz seler pokroić na mniejsze kawałki i włożyć
do garnka. Dodać liście laurowe, ziarna ziela
angielskiego, pieprzu oraz jałowca, zalać 2
szklankami gorącej wody (woda powinna pokrywać
mięso) i na małym ogniu dusić pod przykryciem
około 1 godz., aż mięso będzie miękkie. Wątróbkę
umyć, oczyścić z żył i błon, włożyć do mięsa. Dusić
jeszcze około 5 min. Zdjąć garnek z ognia i włożyć bułkę, aby
namoczyła się w sosie. Kiedy mięso przestygnie, wyjąć je z
sosu i wraz z bułką zemleć dwukrotnie, używając sitka z małymi
otworami. Oddzielić żółtka od białek. Do masy mięsnej dodać
żółtka, pokruszony tymianek i estragon, wlać brandy, przyprawić
gałką muszkatołową, solą oraz pieprzem i wymieszać. Białka
ubić na sztywną pianę i delikatnie połączyć z masą. Formę
wysmarować masłem, wysypać bułką tartą i napełnić masą do
2/3 wysokości. Pasztet posypać bułką tartą. Piec około 45 min w
piekarniku nagrzanym do temperatury 190-200°C. Wypieczony
pasztet powinien być ładnie zrumieniony i odstawać od formy.
Ingredients: 1-1/2 lbs of boneless stew meat (1/2 lb each of beef,
pork, and veal), 1 lb of veal liver, 8 oz fatty bacon, 2 kaiser rolls, 3
eggs, 1 carrot, 4 celery stalks, 2 onions, bay leaves, allspice berries,
peppercorns, juniper berries, 1 tsp thyme, 1 tsp tarragon, 1/2 tsp
nutmeg, 2 Tbs cognac or brandy, salt, and pepper. To prepare the
mold: butter and 1 Tbs bread crumbs. To sprinkle the top of the paté:
2 Tbs bread crumbs
Directions: Wash the meat in cold water, dry, and cut into small
pieces. Chop the onions, carrot, and celery. Place meat
and vegetables in a saucepan. Add bay leaf, allspice
berries, peppercorns, juniper berries, and two cups
of hot water (enough to cover the meat), and simmer
for one hour, covered, until meat is tender. Clean the
veal liver and add to the pot. Cover and simmer for
an additional 5 minutes. Remove saucepan from heat
and add the rolls so they soak up the liquid. When
the meat has cooled, process the meat and rolls twice
through a meat grinder, or in a food processor, until it forms a thick
paste. Separate eggs. Add yolks to meat mixture along with thyme,
tarragon, cognac, nutmeg, salt, and pepper, and mix well. Beat egg
whites until stiff and fold gradually into the meat mixture. Grease
a loaf pan with butter and sprinkle with 1 Tbs bread crumbs. Fill
pan with meat mixture two-thirds of the way to the top and sprinkle
with remaining bread crumbs. Bake in a preheated 400 F oven for
45 minutes. The paté should be nicely browned and stick away from
the sides of the pan. Let cool. Chill in refrigerator. Serve with rye
bread, mustard, and pickles.
Składniki: po 25 dag mięsa bez kości: wołowego, wieprzowego
i cielęcego, 50 dag wątróbki cielęcej, 25 dag tłustego boczku,
2 bułki kajzerki, 3 jajka, 1 marchewka, pół małego selera, 2
cebule, liście laurowe, ziele angielskie, ziarna pieprzu i jałowca,
po 1 łyżeczce tymianku i estragonu, 1/2 łyżeczki startej gałki
muszkatołowej, 2 łyżki brandy, sól
do przygotowania formy: 1 łyżka masła, 1 łyżka bułki tartej; do
posypania pasztetu: 2 łyżki bułki tartej
Róże karnawałowe i faworki
Ingredients: 3-1/3 cups flour, 2/3 cup powdered sugar, 1/2
cup butter, 12 egg yolks, 1 cup heavy cream, one shot
of vodka, pinch of salt, 1 tsp rum or almond essence,
maraschino cherries or cherry jam (for the rosettes),
vegetable shortening for deep-frying, and vanilla sugar
mixed with powdered sugar for sprinkling
Directions: With a wooden spoon mix softened butter,
powdered sugar, egg yolks, cream, salt, essence, and vodka.
Slowly add flour and blend into a soft dough. For 15 minutes beat the
dough with a rolling pin on a floured surface until it is smooth, well
aerated, and shiny. Place dough in a bowl, cover with a dishcloth,
and chill for 1-3 hours. Divide dough and roll out thinly into large
discs. For angelʼs wings, cut the dough into strips, roughly 1 1/2
inches wide and 6 inches long. Make a 2-inch vertical slit in the
center of each strip with a knife, insert one end of strip through the
slit to form a twist; repeat with remaining strips. For the rosettes,
cut the dough into circles with cookie cutters of decreasing sizes
(2 1/2, 2, and 1 1/2 inches in diameter). Prepare the same number
of circles in each size. With a knife make five evenly-spaced slits
in each circle, being careful not to cut the slits all the way to the
edge. Stack three circles together, starting with the largest at the
bottom, placing the slits over each other. Brush a little egg white in
the centers to make them stick together and press down firmly with
your finger. Deep-fry the angelʼs wings and rosettes a few at a time
in shortening in a wide pot for a few minutes on each side until they
turn golden. Remove gently and place on paper towels to dry before
placing on a platter. In the center of each rosette place a maraschino
cherry. Dust while still warm with sifted powdered sugar.
Składniki:75 dag mąki, 15 dag cukru pudru, 10 dag
masła, 12 żółtek, niepełna szklanka (ok. 20 dag)
gęstej śmietany, kieliszek spirytusu, szczypta soli,
olejek arakowy, wisienki z konfitury lub konfitura (do
róż karnawałowych), 1 kg smalcu do smażenia, cukier
waniliowy i cukier puder do posypania
Sposób przyrządzania: Drewnianą łyżką wymieszać miękkie
masło, żółtka, cukier puder, śmietanę, sól, aromat i spirytus.
Mieszając, dodać mąkę i zagnieść ciasto. Następnie ok. 15 min
raz koło razu zbijać je drewnianym wałkiem na jednolitą, lśniącą
dobrze napowietrzoną masę. Ubite ciasto przełożyć do miski,
przykryć ściereczką i 1-3 godz. trzymać w chłodzie. Następnie
porcjami rozwałkowywać na cienkie placki. Placki przeznaczone
na faworki kroić na paski o wymiarach 3 x 15 cm. W środku każdego
paska zrobić nacięcie długości 5-6 cm i przewinąć przez nie jeden
koniec paska, kształtując faworek. Z placków przeznaczonych na
róże karnawałowe wykrawać kółeczka o średnicy 6, 5 i 4 cm (taką
samą liczbę kółek każdej wielkości). Każde kółko naciąć nożem w
pięciu miejscach w równych odstępach, pilnując, aby nie rozciąć
listków do końca. Składać po trzy kółka razem, tak aby nacięcia
nie pokrywały się. Sklejać ze sobą za pomocą odrobiny białka,
przyciskając wszystkie warstwy na raz palcem w środku róży.
Wrzucać po kilka róż (lub faworków) na rozgrzany w szerokim
rondlu tłuszcz (głębokie smażenie) i króciutko smażyć z obu stron
na jasnozłoto. Następnie delikatnie przekładać je na półmisek
lub paterę (można osączyć na bibule). W środek każdej różyczki
włożyć wisienkę. Posypywać każdą porcję ciepłych faworków i
róż przesiewanym przez sitko cukrem pudrem.
Winter 2011
Głos Polek
Życie nie jest tak krótkie, by nie było w nim czasu
na uprzejmość.
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)
Bon ton, czyli dobre maniery, etykieta, ogłada,
savoir-vivre, konwenans towarzyski, znajomość
obowiązujących zwyczajów, form i reguł grzeczności
obowiazujących w danej grupie.
Najogólniej, zasady dobrego zachowania to: uśmiech,
życzliwość, punktualność, dyskrecja,
BON TON uprzejmość,
lojalność, grzeczność, wygląd zewnętrzny, takt. To, co
jest wspólne tym zasadom, to wzgląd na innych.
“Czy pamiętasz, jak ze mną tańczyłeś walca...”
Mężczyzna zobowiązany jest zatańczyć pierwszy taniec z panią, z którą
przybył na bal, dopiero później może prosić do tańca inne kobiety, bacząc na
to, by partnerka nie pozostała sama przy stoliku.
Panowie, jeżeli wasza towarzyszka została poproszona do tańca, w dobrym
tonie jest zaprosić na parkiet partnerkę jej tancerza.
Panowie do tańca proszą panie, zwracając się bezpośrednio do nich. Nie
należy pytać o zgodę na taniec towarzyszącego kobiecie partnera.
Odprowadzając partnerkę do stolika, wolno się do niego dosiąść tylko na
wyraźną prośbę pozostałych osób, najlepiej nie dłużej niż na pół godziny.
W tańcu prowadzi mężczyzna, a kobieta dostosowuje się do jego kroków.
Nigdy nie tańczymy z papierosem lub kieliszkiem w ręku. Mężczyźni przed
ruszeniem na parkiet powinni zapiąć marynarki.
Podczas tańca unikamy nucenia czy śpiewania i liczenia kroków. Nie ma
obowiązku toczenia rozmowy podczas tańca, miło jest jednak zagadnąć, na
przykład: Jak się Pani bawi?
“Day, ut ia pobrusa, a ti poziwai”
(ciag dalszy ze strony 27)
okres ten też wydał największych polskich poetów romantycznych, pisarzy i
poetów pozytiwizmu i Młodej Polski.
Listopad 1918 r. otworzył nowa datę w historii polskiego języka.
Najważniejszym wydarzeniem tej doby jest powołanie do życia Polskiej
Akademii Literatury. Jej projekt zgłosił w 1918 r. S. Żeromski, a wśród
motywów uzasadniających potrzebę takiej instytucji wymienił “sprawę
czystości języka”.
O języku mówi się że jest żywy, bo rzeczywiście, tak jak żywy organizm
reaguje na wszystkie zmiany w otoczeniu. Reaguje na sytuację polityczną,
gospodarczą, społeczną, odzwierciedla duszę ludzi, którzy go używają, a
tym samym ducha narodu. W dobie obecnej, kiedy tak wiele zmian zachodzi
w technice, w środkach przekazu, kiedy jesteśmy wprost “bombardowani”
obcymi językami i musimy szybko przyjmować nowe wyrazy i nadawać im
prawidłowy zgodny z regułami kształt, grozi językowi “zepsucie”. A więc
wezwanie Żeromskiego sprzed wieku jest znowu bardzo aktualne.
*Językoznawcy uważają, że niemal wszystkie języki europejskie i
cześć azjatyckich wywodzi się od wspólnego “przodka”, tzw. języka
praindoeuropejskiego, którym posługiwała się do około trzeciego tysiąclecia
p.n.e. hipotetyczna wspólnota plemienna zamieszkująca stepy pomiędzy
Europą Wschodnią a Azją.
Głos Polek
Winter 2011
21 luty – Międzynarodowy Dzień
Języka Ojczystego
Dzień ten został ustanowiony przez
UNESCO w 1999 r. na pamiątkę wydarzeń
w Bangladeszu. W 1952 r. zginęło
tam 5 studentów, którzy domagali się
nadania językowi bengalskiemu statusu
urzędowego. Według danych UNESCO,
ponad połowie z 6 tys. istniejących
jezyków grozi zniknięcie w przeciągu
kilku następnych pokoleń.
A język to przecież najbardziej
przechowywanie i rozwój dziedzictwa
narodu. W czasie tego dnia organizowane
są konferencje językoznawcze, spotkania
międzynarodowe omawiające sposoby
walki z analfabetyzmem, konkursy
literackie, incjatywy wydawnicze i akcje
mające na celu uświadamianie młodzieży
na temat dbałości o poprawność językową
i sposoby pielęgnacji języka.
Co ciekawego w sieci?
Starannie opracowana i ciekawa strona poświęcona kobietom. Autorka
zgromadziła tu ponad tysiąc odnośników
dotyczących historii i działalności kobiet,
tworząc największy zbiór zasobów internetowych w Polsce o tej tematyce. Strona podzielona jest na grupy tematyczne:
teksty; historia; literatura; cytaty; filmoteka; galeria potretów; bibliografia.
ZPwA akceptuje główne karty
kredytowe przy wszystkich
płatnościach i donacjach.
Po informacje proszę dzwonić do
biura skarbnika –
telefon 888-522-1898, wew. 206
Po prostu kobieta
Chicago, IL – Jubileusz setnej rocznicy postania Głosu Polek jest nie
tylko powodem do dumy, ale także przyczyną, dla której w dniach 22-24
października celebrowane były kobiety w poświęconym im programie po prostu
zatytułowanym “Po prostu kobieta”.
W piatek, 22 X, wieczorem, zgromadzonych na inaugaracyjną imprezę
gości, powitała Sharon Zago, wiceprezes Związku Polek w Ameryce, Bo
Padowski, ZPwA dyrektor do spraw sprzedaży i Lidia Rozmus - edytor
polskiej części Głosu Polek i organizator wydarzenia. Po części oficjalnej
można było podziwiać prace malarskie, rzeźbę i fotografie 25 artystów.
Temat wystawy to oczywiście - kobieta. W formie i treści wystawa była
nadzwyczaj bogata i ciekawa; od poruszających przedstawień do prawie
frywolnych; od realistycznych do abstrakcyjnych ujęć; od bajecznie
kolorowych do monochromatycznych. Każdy mógł znaleźć coś, co potrafiło
zaspokoić osobiste potrzeby estetyczne. W czasie wernisażu Agnieszka
Ziemacka-Masters pokazała swój bardzo interesujący film dokumentalny
o oryginalnej, światowej sławy artystce – Magdalenie Abakanowicz,
zatytułowany “Agora”.
Sobota, 23 X, rozpoczęła się forum kobiecym, zatytułowanym “Rola
kobiety we współczesnym świecie” przygotowanym i prowadzonym przez
psycholog Krystynę Łukawską. Uczestnikami panelu dyskusyjnego były:
Anna Barauskas-Makowska, Anna Dominov, Barbara Hansdorfer, Barbara
Maksymiuk, Maria Piergies, Lidia Rozmus, Ewa Uszpolewicz. Temat spotkał
się z zainteresowaniem i wywołał gorącą dyskuję. Po forum widzowie
“przenieśli się” na chwilę do “kraju kwitnącej wiśni”, do Japonii, na czas
spotkania z twórczością malarską (sumi-e, haiga) i poetycką (haiku, haibun)
Lidii Rozmus. W części programu Rozmus mówiła o swojej najnowszej
książce “Mech w Tokeiji – Sanktuarium w Kamakurze, które zmieniło życie
wielu kobiet (1285-1902)”.
Uwieńczeniem sobotniego dnia był wieczór poetycki poświęcony pierwszej honorowej członkini ZPwA - Marii Konopnickiej.
Elżbieta Kochanowska-Michalik, ze znanymi i cenionymi aktorami - Julittą Mroczkowską, Stanisławem Wojciechem
Malcem i pianistką Jadwigą Niesiołowską, w programie “Maria Konopnicka – niezwykła kobieta i poetka” poprowadziła
ścieżkami poetki i odkryła przed publicznością mało znane wiersze i wydażenia z życia tej ogromnie interesującej kobiety
i przez pokolenia kochanej poetki.
Niedziela, 24 X, była dniem poświęconym zdrowiu psychicznemu i fizycznemu kobiet. Psycholog Krystyna Łukawska
podzieliła się swoją wiedzą na temat “Kobieta w roli matki. Czy macierzyństwo oznacza rezygnację z siebie?”, a ponieważ
wiekszość gości na widowni to były matki - temat był bardzo aktualny i interesujący. Następnie, Katarzyna Pasternicki z
Vitalidex dała zgromadzonym nadzieję na utratę, w sposób mądry i zdrowy, nadwagi. Bogata oferta tej znanej i cenionej
organizacji spotkała się z dużym uznaniem pań i kilku “odważnych” panów. “Samorealizacja w życiu kobiety - dyskusja o nas
samych” było tematem spotkania z psychologami Grażyną Nawakowski i Martą Pereyra. Obok poruszanych interesujących
problemów, sposób prowadzenia spotkania był bardzo oryginalny i wprowadził pełną “dobrej energii” atmosferę.
Na zakończenie tego trzydniowego “maratonu” wystąpiła stomatolog Dr. Agnieszka Horvath. Trudno mówić o zębach
w sposób interesujący, zrozumiały i przekonywujący - jeszcze trudniej jest słuchać, ale Dr. Horvath udało się to w stu
procentach i można by powiedzieć - bezboleśnie. Pytaniom nie było końca i pewnie spotkanie przeciągnęło by się jeszcze
bardziej, gdyby nie to, że pora była zakonczyć ten dzień, i te trzy dni, w czasie których tak wiele się działo.
Serdeczne podziękowania należą się tym, którzy przyczynili się do zorganizowania tego przedsięwzięcia, a przede wszystkim:
Krzysztofowi Babirackiemu, Ewie Kostyrko, Marcie Niziołek, Marii Piergies, Teresie Rozanacki, Kasi Szcześniewskiej,
fotografom Piotrowi Białeckiemu i Jolancie Izabeli Pawlak, a także sponsorom: ZPwA, Sobieski Vodka, Polsko-Słowianskiej
Federalnej Unii Kredytowej, Radio 1030, Polvision, Montrose Deli.
Wydarzenie “Po prostu kobieta”, mamy nadzieje, że stanie się inspiracją do organizowania tego typu spotkań w przyszłości,
gdzie w gorącej dyskusji i dobrej atmosferze każdy może znaleźć dla siebie coś wyjątkowego, nowego, czasem fascynującego
czy pięknego. I pewnie o to chodzi w życiu.
Winter 2011
Głos Polek
“Day, ut ia pobrusa, a ti poziwai”
(Daj, niech ja pomielę na żarnach, a ty odpoczywaj)
Kilka zdań o języku polskim z okazji
Międzynarodowego Dnia Języka Ojczystego obchodzonego 21 lutego
Tak wygląda pierwsze zdanie zapisane w języku polskim.
Pochodzi ono z 1270 r. i istnieje na jednej z kart “Księgi
Henrykowskiej” - łacińskiej kroniki opactwa cystersów w
Henrykowie na Dolnym Śląsku. Od tego momentu można
mówić o polszczyźnie i badać jej rozwój; wszystko co orzeka
się o języku przed tym okresem jest teoretyczną konstrukcją
Język polski należy do grupy języków słowiańskich,
za której przodka uważa się język praindoeuropejski*.
Językoznawcy, na drodze rekonstrukcji, rozróżniają także
język prasłowiański, którym tzw. wspólnota słowiańska
posługiwała się do mniej więcej IV wieku n.e. Kiedy
doszło do jej rozpadu w wyniku zmian terytorialnych
powstały trzy zespoły językowe: zachodnio-, wschodnio- i
południowosłowiański. Język polski rozwinął się w zespole
zachodnim, do którego należy także język czeski, słowacki,
górnołużycki oraz, martwy już, język połabski.
Ważnym momentem w rozwoju polszczyzny było powstanie
państwa. Jednoczenie się plemion sprzyjało wzrostowi
świadomości narodowościowej i poczuciu wspólnoty, także
językowej. Po raz pierwszy na przełomie wieków X i XI,
użyte zostało słowo - “Palaniorum”, które dało początek
nazwie “Polska” (w “Żywocie św. Wojciecha” Bolesław
Chrobry nazwany został dux Palaniorum – książe Polan).
Drugim ważnym dla rozwoju języka wydarzeniem było
przyjęcie chrześcijaństwa. I chociaż łacina na długo
przyhamowała rozwój polszczyzny, to dała nam alfabet i
określiła strukturę gramatyczną, umożliwiając tym samym
zapisywanie mowy polskiej. Wielką rolę w kształtowaniu
się języka odgrywali poeci i piszarze. Tak jak Szekspir w
Anglii, Kochanowski i Rey w Polsce przyczynili się swoją
twórczością do wzbogacenia słownictwa, tworząc nowe
słowa i po raz pierwszy zapisując te, które były już w użyciu,
ale nigdy nie zanotowane.
Wielką rolę w rozwoju języka należy przypisać drukarstwu,
które nie tylko upowszechniało słowo pisane w języku
polskim i przyczyniało się do szerzenia kultury, ale przede
wszytkim stworzyło i ustaliło normy ortograficzne. Alfabet
łaciński nie był wystarczający, zawierał tylko 23 litery,
gdy tymczasem polski system fonologiczny obejmował 45
dźwięków (fonemów). Problem ten rozwiązano łącząc litery
łacińskie w “dwuznaki” o nowej wartości dźwiękowej (np.
sz, cz, rz, ch) i wprowadzając przecinki, kropki, ogonki,
tzw. znaki “diakrytyczne”. Wieki XV i XVI wydały wielu
Głos Polek
reformatorow ortografii i gramatyki; byli wsród nich
wybitni humaniści, poeci, pisarze i drukarze. Około
1440 r. Jakub Parkoszowic z Żórawicy stworzył pierwszy
traktat o ortografii polskiej, a w 1594 r. Januszowski ogłosił
książkę “Nowy karakter polski” zawierającą projekty
Kochanowskiego, Górnickiego i jego własny. Proces
kszałtowania się alfabetu dobiegł końca w XVI w.
W historii języka polskiego wyróżnia się cztery okresy
1. doba staropolska (od czasów najdawniejszych do końca
XVI wieku)
2. doba średniopolska (XVI–siedemdziesiątych lat. XVIII w.)
3. doba nowopolska (od ósmego dziesięciolecia XVIII w. do
roku 1939)
4. Współczesny język polski
Niektórzy językoznawcy uważają za datę otwierającą dobę
staropolską rok 1136, kiedy to papież Innocenty II wysłał do
arcybiskupa gnieźnieńskiego Jakuba bulle zabezpieczającą
majętności arcybiskupstwa. Zabytek ten zawiera przeszło
czterysta włączonych w tekst łaciński polskich nazw
osobowych i miejscowych. Kończy się zaś doba staropolska
na przełomie wieków XV i XVI. Zasadniczą cechą tego
okresu jest przede wszystkim praca nad ortografią polską.
W dobie średniopolskiej dokonują się zmiany w systemie
gramatycznym i w słownictwie. Druga połowa XVI w. do
lat trzydziestych XVII w. to czas wspaniałego rozkwitu
renesansowego. Natomiast ostatnie 70 lat XVII w. znamionuje
obniżenie się poziomu języka na tle ogólnego cofania się
życia polskiego pod znakiem sarmatyzmu, a pierwsza połowa
XVIII stulecia przynosi dalsze objawy zaniedbania języka i
zubożenia jego społeczno-kulturalnej funkcji.
Przełomowa faza pomiędzy dobą średniopolską a nowopolską
przypada na trzecią ćwierć XVIII w. Początek tego okresu
zbiega się z panowaniem króla Stanisława Augusta
Poniatowskiego, który doceniał rolę mowy w dziele odnowy
kultury narodowej. Z jego inicjatywy i pod jego patronatem
powstała Komisja Edukacji Narodowej (1773 r.), a w 1775
r. powołano do działania Towarzystwo Ksiąg Elementarnych
które stworzyło “Gramatykę dla szkół narodowych” i
“Elementarz dla szkół parafialnych narodowych”.
Po ostatnim rozbiorze (1795 r.) nastały dla języka i Polaków
czasy walki z germanizacją i rusyfikacją. Niemniej jednak,
Winter 2011
(ciąg dalszy na stronie 25)
6643 N. Northwest Hwy., 2nd Fl.
Chicago, Illinois, 60631
Ej kulig, kulig
“My sobie jedziem kulikiem;
I w noc, i we dnie,
Wesołe, szalone, przednie;
Maska nas kryje - a kto chce wiedzieć,
Skąd my i czyje, to odpowiedzieć
Śmiechem i krzykiem.
Lecim saniami,
I jadą z nami
Wrzawa, śmiech pusty;
Czy znasz ty polskie zapusty?”
Antoni Malczewski (1793-1826)
“Maria” (Powieść Ukraińska)
Zimy bywały śnieżne i nudne; nie było
prac związanych z uprawami, a więc
gdy śnieg dopisywał i młodzież nie
była na wojnie, w każdej okolicy w
czas zapustów urządzano kulig - sannę
od dworu do dworu, przy dzwiękach
muzyki i dzwonieniu janczarów. Tradycja
sięga prawdopodobnie XV wieku i jest
związana z życiem szlachty i magnaterii.
Kiedy w XVII wieku dotarł do Polski
karnawał, obok wielkich uczt i “redut”
(balów maskowych), kulig pozostał
jedną z najbardziej ulubionych rozrywek.
Była to jedyna w swoim rodzaju zabawa
nosząca cechy rycerskiej buńczuczności
i słynnej “polskiej gościnności”, coś ze
szlacheckich zajazdów i średniowiecznych
zawodów rycerskich.
Zorganizowanie kuligu wymagało wielu
przygotowań. Szlachecka młodzież
okoliczna zbierała się, żeby ustalić
przebieg zabawy, ułożyć plan działania,
wyznaczyć miejsce zbiórki, kolejność
odwiedzanych dworów i czas trwania
zabawy, który czasem przeciągał się
do kilku tygodni. Gdy plan był gotów,
Czesław Wasilewski (1875-1947) – Kulig
z umówionego dworu wyruszał kulig do najbliższego sąsiada. Uczestnicy
przebierali się za Żydow, Cyganów, młynarzy, baby wiejskie, księży, przebierano
też konie, nakladając im pióropusze i farbowano ich grzywy. Zaprzęgi bywały
trzy-, cztero- lub sześciokonne. Za najbardziej klasyczną uważano “szpicę”,
tzn. cztery konie idące jeden za drugim.
Długi łancuch sań eskortowali gajowi i służba z pochodniami, na koniach. Przed
nimi jechała kapela, najczęściej żydowska, z cymbalistą; muzyce i śmiechom
towarzyszyły dzwoniki i trzaskanie z biczów, które miało odstraszać wilki. Na
czele kuligu jechał w małych sankach arlekin w maseczce, otulony w futro
niedźwiedzie. Jego funkcją było oznajmić gospodarzom o przybywającym
kuligu okrzykiem: “Ej kulig, kulig”, i tańczyć po wszystkich pokojach;
jemu też gospodarz wręczał klucze do spiżarni i piwnic powierzając rządy w
domu. Niebawem zjawiali się zapowiedzeni kuligowi goście i zaczynała się
uczta i tańce. Tradycyjnie tańczono poloneza, mazura, oberka, krakowiaka
i drabanta.
Ta wesoła zabawa miała także pewne znaczenie społeczne, bowiem zbliżała
ludzi, zacieśniała więzy sąsiedzkie, stwarzała okazje do poważnych narad
obywatelskich, łagodzenia sporów i ułatwiała zawieranie związków
małżeńskich. Z czasem, skutkiem rozdrobnienia majątków, doskonalenia
komunikacji i trudnej sytuacji politycznej tradycja kuligów zaczęła zanikać.
“Kulig jedzie, zje, popije i pojedzie” - tak niegdyś określano ulubioną zabawę
zapustną polskiej szlachty.