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bizhub C350
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Office System bizhub C350
bizhub C350
Reinvent your
office workflow.
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bizhub C350, Office System
Streamline your workflow
The bizhub C350 is the one-stop solution for
all your office imaging needs. Whether you are
thinking about replacing your old black&white
copier or purchasing a colour printer – look no
further. With the bizhub C350 you get a multifunctional device that acts as the imaging
control centre in your office network. Regardless
of whether printing in colour or black & white,
copying, scanning or emailing, it takes care of
every job – quickly, reliably and with a quality
second to none.
Cutting-edge printing technology ensures superb
colour and black & white output – while b&w
printing comes at a very affordable “click price”
[price per page]. Today’s office departments
need full functionality and the bizhub C350 meets
this demand. Featuring a controller as standard,
it offers copying, printing and scanning in one.
Ready to meet future demands, this model offers
high b&w capabilities and delivers superior
colour output without any limitation in volume or
quality. As the central hub for your office team,
it is always close at hand. Its advanced network
and security features guarantee a smooth workflow
and maximum security. Discover the benefits of
bizhub work – test the bizhub C350.
The future of
office networking.
This future-proof, networkready all-in-one solution
for copying, printing and
scanning delivers fantastic
colour and affordable
black & white documents.
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FTP Server
TWAIN Scanning
bizhub C350 – the central hub for all
imaging operations
First class
Perfect networking
& security
Cutting-edge technology
ensures not only first-class
but also high-speed output,
while at the same time
offering great media flexibility
and various finishing options.
Enjoy easy administration,
secure user access and
cost control via web browser
as well as tight integration
into the existing office
A centre for easy scanning
in all network directions
and straight to email, FTP,
iFax, or to the C350’s hard
disk. Use the ADF to scan
double sided documents
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bizhub C350, Office System
Quality and productivity
Guaranteed to catch your attention, the
bizhub C350 delivers high-quality output that
increases the lasting productivity of your office.
The secret behind the stunning results is proven
Konica Minolta technology. This combines a third
generation colour engine and polymerised toner.
By using particles of a very small size and avoiding
fuser oil, the special toner enables superior detail
With the bizhub C350, quality plus speed is now
a viable combination. Thanks to its tandem
transfer-belt technology, printing is exceedingly
fast, in colour, b&w and even in duplex mode.
You also gain great media flexibility – various
paper sizes and weights can be used – and high
stability. And when it comes to black & white,
this system can compete with digital b&w
The key to optimised
Paper management and finishing
The bizhub C350 does much more than single
devices and you benefit from this amazing
versatility. Besides sorting, punching and stapling,
there is a finisher mode for complete booklet
creation. It also gives you the freedom to work
with a wide range of paper types – from postcard-sized A6 sheets for sending in mailings
to the A3 full-bleed format for layouting creations.
Even paper up to 256 g/m2 intended for business
cards or report covers, for example, flows smoothly
through this high-performance model. And don’t
think the bizhub C350 is just for regular paper.
You can use it to produce all the material for
your information distribution, such as CD and
address labels and envelopes.
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Efficient networking
Total network integration is one of the key
advantages of the bizhub C350. The PageScope
network utility and a standard web browser let
the machine’s performance be monitored and
administration settings entered – without
installing extra software. Personal accounts may
also be created for users to save and manage
their copy, print and scan files. System administrators can allocate permission to use the copy,
print and scan functions for colour and b&w
printing respectively and establish volume limits.
This not only prevents unauthorised use but also
helps control costs. In addition, the enhanced
degree of transparency allows more accurate
accounting and project billing.
The booklet finisher
offers a wide range
of finishing options:
sorting, stapling,
punching, folding and
complete booklet
Offset sorting
Criss-cross sorting
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bizhub C350, Office System
Your office communicator
The bizhub C350 allows scanning in all network
directions centrally and easily. For example, you
may attach scans directly to an email and send
it from the bizhub C350 to colleagues or clients –
without having to return to your computer. By
allowing the direct uploading of scans to an FTP
server, this model presents a very efficient way
of sharing the scanned documents with your team.
When it comes to archiving, the workflow is
significantly enhanced by the ADF, which allows
up to 100 sheets to be scanned on both sides in
one run. Great time-savings are additionally
enabled through the integrated hard drive. Scans
saved here can be effortlessly and quickly combined with copy or print jobs later on as well as
transferred to the PC.
A new look at
However, if you want to use a scanned image
immediately, no problem. Thanks to TWAIN
compatibility, the files may be imported straight
to image editing or layout applications. And the
possibilities don’t stop there. The bizhub C350
transmits scans via iFax to fax receivers and
receives them too. Selecting the preferred file
format – PDF, JPEG, TIFF – or programming the
device to automatically save all the scans of a
single job in one PDF file is easy with the control
panel. Last but not least, a total of 2,040 email
addresses and 60 different scan receiver groups
may be stored or searched in and retrieved from
your email database via LDAP [Lightweight Directory Access Protocol]. As a result, you can effortlessly forward the scans to the most important
recipients or groups directly from the bizhub C350.
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Separator Tray
Staple Finisher
Original Feeder
Original Cover
Copier Hard Disk HD-501
Parallel Interface EK-501
Copier Memory EM-301
Print/Scan Controller IC-401
Controller Interface Kit VI-501
Booklet Finisher
Punch Kit
Large Capacity
Cassette PC-401
High security
Even though the bizhub C350 is so deeply
integrated in your workflow and network,
Konica Minolta has made sure this tremendous
freedom does not come at the price of security.
Support of the Windows Active Directory means
scanning access is only granted after the
Windows user name and password have been
correctly entered. Because the bizhub C350
meets the latest ISO 15408 EAL3 security
standards, customer’s files are always safe
from prying eyes and the network is secure.
The security features included are:
password-protected copying, printing
and scanning access
secure print functionality
network SSL encryption
password-protection for data
on the integrated hard disk
automatic memory erase function
The control centre for all your imaging operations,
the bizhub C350 combines the advantages of full
network integration with high productivity and top
quality. Colour or black & white, copying, printing
or scanning – it is all you need.
Universal Cassette
Copy Desk
Universal Cassette
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Technical specifications
Copier specifications
Copying system
Tandem type, indirect
1st copy
Colour 12.9 sec. (A4 crosswise)
Mono 6.8 sec. (A4 crosswise)
Copy speed A4
Colour up to 22 copies/min.
Mono up to 35 copies/min.
Copy speed A3
Colour up to 11 copies/min.
Mono up to 17 copies/min.
Copy resolution
Max. 600 x 600 dpi
256 gradations
25% - 400% in 0.1% steps
Multiple copy
1-999, countdown, interruption mode
Copy memory
Max. 512 MB
Copier HDD
40 GB (optional)
Copy features
Colour adjustment, test print, creative functions,
booklet creation, department control, OHP
interleaving, photo mode
Printer specifications (standard)
Print speed A4
Colour up to 22 copies/min.
Mono up to 35 copies/min.
Print speed A3
Colour up to 11 copies/min.
Mono up to 17 copies/min.
Print memory
Max. 768 MB shared with copier
Printer HDD
40 GB shared with copier (optional)
Operating system
Windows 95/ 98/ NT4.0/ 2000/ 2003/ Me/ XP
Network utilities
PageScope WebConnection, PageScope
Net Care, Scan Box Utility, address book utility
Printer specifications
IC-401 (optional)
Print speed A4
Colour up to 22 copies/min.
Mono up to 35 copies/min.
Print speed A3
Colour up to 11 copies/min.
Mono up to 17 copies/min.
Print resolution
Max. 600 x 1,800 dpi
Scanner specifications
Scan speed
Up to 35 scans/min.
Scan resolution
Max. 600 x 600 dpi
Scan modes
TWAIN scan
System specifications
Automatic document
feeder (optional)
100 sheets
Original Size
A5 to A3
Page description language
PCL 6c, PostScript 3
Printable Size
A5 to A3 full bleed
Customised paper sizes
IEEE1284, 10/100Base-T
Paper weight
64-256 g/m2
Print memory
256 MB
Paper input capacity
Standard: 900 sheets
Max.: 3,400 sheets
Printer HDD
10 GB
Operating system
Windows 95/ 98/ NT4.0/ 2000/ 2003/ Me/
XP, Mac OS 8.5.1 or higher
Network utilities
Command WorkStation
PageScope WebConnection
Sheet bypass
Multi-bypass tray 150 sheets
Output capacity
Max. 1,350 sheets
Finishing mode
Booklet creation
Print resolution
Max. 600 x 1,800 dpi
Copy/Print volume
Recommended: 35,000
Max.: 60,000
Page description language
PCL 5c
Warm-up time
Less than 99 sec.
10/100Base-T, IEEE1284 (optional)
System dimensions (WxDxH,mm)
903 x 730 x 770
System weight
Approx. 100 kg
All specifications relating to paper capacity refer to A4-sized paper of 80 g/m2 quality.
All specifications relating to scanning, copying or printing speeds refer to A4-sized paper that is scanned,
copied or printed crosswise in multipage, simplex mode.
The memory capacities listed refer to A4-sized paper with the toner coverage detailed in the respective foot note.
Some of the product illustrations contain optional accessories.
Konica Minolta does not warrant that any prices or specifications mentioned will be error-free.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Microsoft, Windows, and the Windows logo are trademarks, or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation
in the United States and/or other countries.
All other brand and product names may be registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective holders and
are hereby acknowledged.
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