handmade wooden chess



handmade wooden chess
Why should you buy a handmade wooden chess set?
Kaoori is a shop of wooden crafts, among them wooden chess sets!
Impeccable classic wooden chess set
We are the home of different handmade wooden chess sets, the classic wooden chess set
being one of them. Every single piece has been crafted to preserve the authenticity of the
classic chess set. Our artisans try their level best to stick to the high company standards that
are second to none. We are ardent believers in quality, and we choose it over quantity. Thus,
every wooden chess set is a result of many hours and incomparable skill and attention to the
smallest detail.
Best wooden chess set
That we make the best wooden chess sets is a fact well beyond contest. We have routinely set
the pace then raised the bar high as far as handcrafted wooden chess sets are concerned.
Pieces that do not measure up to our standards never see the light of day. Our high quality is
really our biggest pride. We merge skill, luxury, talent and creativity to come up with chess sets
that you will never regret purchasing.
Wooden chess game
There is a stark difference between any other chess game and a wooden chess game. The
wooden chess game comes with a cacophony of sounds otherwise not experienced on other
chess sets. The sounds of wood on wood are rich. More so, they carry with them the emotions
of the players. They can relay the feelings of the opponents depending on how loud of softly
they are dragged. Our boards have shiny, glossy finishes which turns playing into a date with
luxury rather than just a game.
Wooden chess set with storage
For chess lovers who loathe losing their cherished chess pieces, we have wooden chess set
with storage to take away all your storage woes. Our folding wooden chess sets come with the
option of storing the chess pieces within the board itself, making for a rather portable chess set.
If you needed a reason to purchase our chess sets, now you have plenty!

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