Motorcycles in Bangladesh


Motorcycles in Bangladesh
Some tips about riding motorbike at night
Most of the times riding motorbike in night is dangerous. Even if you enjoy
that, there is some amount of risk in it. Most of the riders try to avoid riding
at night. The reason of this is low light condition, bad road condition and
other objects which can't be seen at night properly so that there remains risk
of accidents.
There are many problems in motorbike riding at night. But even after having
all these problems, many people suggest to ride motorcycle in night. There
are some reasons; better weather, no traffic jam, engine does not get too
much hot, can cover lot of distance in less time.
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Now, riding motorcycle in night is one's personal choice. No one can force
anyone. So, here we will discuss about how to ride motorcycle in night.
Get clear vision in night:
The most important thing of riding motorbike in night is to light the road
properly. Suppose, you have a strong eyesight, then the bike lights will do the
rest. Most modern touring motorbike have a strong light setup installed in the
bike. These bikes have a very powerful headlight and thus the rider van get a
very good view of the road.
But if we consider the sports bikes or low configuration bike which runs on
the roads, then we must say that these bikes are not truly perfect for riding at
night. Now, in the case of these bikes we can upgrade the headlights and
replace them with huge lighting generators or even bigger and bright
headlights. It can be set up even after buying the bikes. But when installing
this after buying the bike, we have to watch that no wire or electrical
connection does not get destroyed during the set up.
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Another matter is we always consider headlight to light the road. But, it
should be keep in mind that the high beam of light is used to light a distant
area and the beam is narrow, So it disturbs the vehicles coming from the
opposite direction. So, we should take care of that.
So, Every rider should use this function properly while riding. Sometimes
high beam makes the headlight unit too much heated.
Make yourself visible to other drivers:
There is another important thing. Which is to make yourself visible to other
drivers. You have to take care of this thing, so that other drivers can see you
and don't hit you. Due to this LED light, auxiliary light, neon stick etc are
used in motorbikes. The best way is to make yourself directly visible to
Don't wear dark colored dress at night. It can create problems at night. It will
be best if you can use auxiliary lights. Because it can be detected and seen
very easily and from a great distance. If you want that in a low cost then you
can use some light reflective tapes in your jacket.
There is a specific color code for these tapes to use on motorbikes. Such as to
use red in the rear, white in front and amber in sides. Don't mix them up
while using. Because that would create confusion.
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Final Preparation:
Now let's discuss about the final preparation. You should prepare for your
ride as carefully as you ride in daylight. You have to wear a good helmet, the
frontal glass of which should be very clear. You can keep a clean rag to clean
the glass if helmet. You may use micro fiber clothes. Or you may use fresh
water. Even after doing all these things you might not watch certain things on
road. Which might be a hole, speed breaker, animals etc. You should watch
for these things carefully.
Always remember that, some drivers always drive recklessly in even
daylight, who can be dangerous for you in night. So, in night you should
drive carefully if you want to be safe. And if you get tired, you should not
take risks by continuing the ride, rather take some rest. Because it will be
risky to ride when you are tired.
Overall, we can say that, if you are fit both mentally and physically and can
follow the above stated things properly then you will get a hell lot of fun to
ride in night.