Plastic Molding Parts Manufacturing
Dongguan Sincere Tech is a Customer driven custom Injection Mold Maker located in
Dongguan city, Guangdong, China. Since 2005 ST has provided mold design, consulting,
mold construction, Plastic Molding Parts Manufacturing and assembly to its customers in the
medical, electronics, computer and industrial markets. As a metropolitan Minneapolis/St Paul
based manufacturer, ST has gained a reputation for innovative solutions to complex problems
and quick response to customer needs. Because ST has a value based business philosophy
our customers, employees and community have come to trust in our the integrity we
demonstrate in our dealings and relationships.
With a dedicated workforce committed to our mission of "Customer Satisfaction is the Heart of
Our Business," ST has developed specific plastic technology expertise. These core
competencies include small and medium tonnage molding, stack mold production, controlled
environment molding and in-mold decorating. To support our customer relationships, S&W has
been able to achieve outstanding levels of quality with a 99.7% customer acceptance rate and
a 97.4% on-time delivery rate.
Since SINCERE TECH has made a commitment: "Customer Satisfaction is the Heart of Our
To achieve this, all SINCERE TECH employees are committed to Quality through an
environment of self respect, pride in work output and continuous improvement. Management is
committed to support this effort by providing employees with appropriate training, equipment
and current technology.
It is the goal of all employees to fully understand the requirements of our customers, both
internal and external, and to deliver products and services that satisfy those requirements at a
defect-free level.
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 Plastic Molding Parts Manufacturing
 Injection Molded Plastic Parts
Our Manufacturing Capabilities
Basic Services Available to Meet Customer Requirements
Concept Phase
Plastic part design
Prototype Plastic molds
Early project management involvement
Detailed quotes
Design Services
preliminary mold design
design review
prototype or models
moldflow analysis
final mold design
concurrent engineering
Plastic Mold Manufacturing
short lead times
full capability mold construction
mold sampling cell
mold qualification
First Article Reports
project control & reports
prototype & production molds sampled
bridge to production
short run capability
Quality Planning
inspection startup, in-process
process study capabilities
First Article Reporting (FAR)
documented work instructions (MPF)
injection presses 38-300 ton
SPI certified operators
OSHA audit - zero deficiencies
complete value added services available
controlled environment molding
emphasis on automation
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