Small Pooper Scooper


Small Pooper Scooper
The Best Foldable Pooper Scooper in Town for Your Best
Picking up after your pet is undoubtedly crappy even if you love them. The crap is
smelly, and no one wants to feel them, even if you are using a plastic bag. You
also can’t leave the poop like that as that isn’t good behavior. We have
introduced the Small Pooper Scooper, which is foldable, and you don’t feel a thing
while picking up poop after your dog or any other pet. Life can never be so simple.
Our scooper uses 100% biodegradable bags that, unlike other plastic bags, don't
harm the environment while picking up poop. The pop-out compartment gives
you enough space for at least a day’s worth of your dog poop.
The scooper is easy to use as you can easily slide a single bag that is securely held
in the scooper. This compartment helps the bag pick up even large poops easily as
you can carefully pull out the filled bag and throw it in the bin.
Our pooper scooper comes with at least 6 rolls of waste bags that are not only
eco-friendly but strong, so you don’t have to worry about a tear. The package also
includes a leash clip that can help you either hang the scooper with a belt loop, or
you can also attach it to your dog's leash.
Our clients love this fantastic product, especially for bigger pups that leave a huge
lump smelling worse every time. At least you won’t worry about feeling the
strange warm lump every time your dog poops.

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