Innovative technologies for e-business



Innovative technologies for e-business
Innovative technologies for e-business
On-line payments in professional hands
If you want to sell your goods or services via
Internet you have to have a mechanism for
receiving money for them, this is a payment
service. Such service should make it possible to
receive payments from the maximum possible
number of banks (cards, purses, SMS-es etc.)
and notify immediately of each payment
Low operating costs
We offer attractive and clear charges for using
our system.
No subscriptions or fixed charges apply, you are
charged only in case you receive payments.
Full supervision over transactions
Przelewy24 has been charting standards for
other Polish services handling Internet payments
from the beginning of its operation. It provides
the largest number of payment methods in
Poland, and in this respect is still an
unquestionable leader. The highest level of
services is ensured by the certificates held,
continuous improvement of IT solutions and the
implemented safety policy.
If you decide to use the system Przelewy24 you
will get access to administration panel in which
you can monitor the summary of transactions
made and additionally your shop will be
automatically informed on-line on every
payment received.
Easy installation
Complete installation process may be gone
through in just one day. After arranging all
formalities related to the registration you can
make use of the readily available scripts or
modules. Using the solutions provided by us,
you can easily install Przelewy24 payment
system in your service.
SSL certificate ensures protection of web sites
and confidentiality of data transferred
electronically, allows for encoding any service
provided via the Internet.
Thanks to this security system there is no
possibility to intercept data transferred via the
web site. Users of the web site have absolute
certainty that they connect safely with the right
Przelewy24 system uses the SSL safety
certificate by Thawte Technologies Inc. Thawte's
certificates are recognizable as reliable by all
Internet browsers.
The largest selection of payment methods
Payment methods
Debit cards
We make automatic payments available 24
hours a day, 7 days a week with on-line transfers
from over 30 banks in Poland, with debit cards
VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, JCB, American
Express, SOLO. Our offer includes also
international multi-currency payment systems
such as PayPal and Moneybookers. One can also
find here mobile payments which are constantly
increasing their share in the market.
Globally recognizable symbols VISA and
MasterCard guarantee the possibility to make
payments in any currency from any location.
Debit cards are ideal for e-commerce –
authorization is made within seconds, they are
suitable for shopping in the country and abroad
as well.
Mobile payments
On-line transfers
It is the most popular form of payment for online shopping in Poland. Over 80% of all buyers
choose this form of payment. Thanks to
advanced on-line banking solutions integrated
on one platform Przelewy24 the shop gets
instant notification of any payment received.
Our offer includes handling of the largest
number of banks. In each bank there is ensured
full automation of payment process from the
moment of preparing the transfer for the payer
and confirmation of payment received by the
final recipient.
One of the forms of mobile payments is SMS
Premium. Maximum simplification of payments
through sending one sms for increased charge.
Perfect solution for advertising systems,
receiving payments for access to contents, sales
of applications for mobile phones and many
Our offer includes also other solutions for
making payments with the use of a mobile
phone, such as:
SkyCash system, which makes possible
payments through a mobile application
handling of bank transfers via SMS
mobile banking
Many years experience in e-commerce
Marta Abramowicz
Marketing & CR Manager
DialCom24 is a Polish company operating in the
Internet services market. The company
specializes in creating and operating software
for a wide range of services connecting business
and individual clients. The main advantage of
the company is the experience and extensive
expertise within the scope of the needs of
modern e-commerce.
The idea of DialCom24 is to implement modern
solutions supporting operations of entities in the
commerce sector. Thanks to the top quality of
products offered, the company is one of the
leading companies in Poland in the sectors in
which it offers its services.
DialCom24 has been founded in 2003. Since the
beginning of its operation the company puts
much emphasis on supplying top quality
applications and professional services in order
to meet the requirements of the most
demanding clients.
Michał Bzowy
Vice President of the Managing Board
At present thousands of clients use the services
provided by DialCom24 every day. Over 8,000
companies cooperate with us on regular basis.
nstant improvement of the quality of services
offered by DialCom24 results in the growing
number of clients served. During the last year
the number of users of Przelewy24 system has
increased by over 200%.
The company employs highly qualified specialists
in IT, customer service and sales departments, to
make sure the recipients of services and the
buyers have ensured the highest level of service.
Preferred forms of e-payments
Analyzing clients' behaviours over the last few
years, one can find out that over 80 % of the
clients choose Internet transfer as the method
of payment for their on-line
line shopping. Such
specific distribution results, first of all, from the
advanced e-banking
banking solutions implemented in
the Polish banks. Having the possibility to make
payments with an instant transfer from the
account in his bank, the client does not need a
payment card which is very popular abroad.
Due to the fact that mBank was one of the few
banks which introduced the Internet based
extended account management,
nt, it managed to
attract a significant number of clients. Over the
time, as other banks started introducing new
tools, the share of this bank in the total number
of transactions has been gradually decreasing.
More and more banks improve their electronic
anking systems with new features, including ee
transfers, which provides the clients with the
possibility to make instant transfers in a very
simple way.
In the Polish market, payments made by on-line
transfers tend to supplant payments made with
cards. Despite
spite the fact that card transactions are
equally safe for the payer as on-line
line transfers, it
is still believed that operations made with card
are burdened with more risk.
On the other hand, the ease with which one can
send a transfer is comparable to filling-in the
form for card payment, which also speaks for the
transfers. An important factor influencing the
advantage of transfers over the cards is their
availability among young persons. Such persons
have bank accounts with on-line
access, whereas
se accounts are usually offered with debit
cards (Visa Electron, Maestro), which by most
Polish banks are not accepted for the use in the
Another channel for executing payments
constitute mobile payments, including SMS
Premium which is the most popular one at the
moment. Due to high handling costs, this form of
payment is dedicated to service sectors such as
advertising service, access to payable contents,
but also different kinds of promotional actions
such as competitions, voting, etc. The
hanism of SMS Premium payments is the
simplest and the most comfortable for the
payer; the entire operation consists in sending
one SMS.
Karta płatnicza
ING Bank Śląski
Konto Inteligo
Lukas Bank
Bank Millennium
Kredyt Bank
Alior Bank
Bank Nordea
Bank BGŻ
Figure 1 - Distribution of use of the payment forms in Przelewy24
Comprehensive handling of financial and
accounting issues
From the beginning of creation of the system
Przelewy24 strong emphasis was laid on
creation of the system which was friendly for
both the payers and the sellers. Already at the
start, beside automatic notification of the
sellers' systems of payments received, there was
made available special control panel, in which it
was possible to monitor transaction status and
configure the payments schedule. At present the
panel is being extended with reports and SMS
transactions record.
Invoice handling - SODE
Accounting for receivables
The most important advantages of e-Invoice:
quick delivery to the recipient
automation of the process of issuing
reduction of costs related to printing and
sending invoices by regular post
constant access to the invoices both for the
issuer and the recipient
taking over the responsibility for storing
invoices for the period of 6 years
signing invoices with a qualified signature
Settlements with our partners – payment of
receivables is executed without a break on every
day. The solutions applied guarantee in as many
as 85% of cases sending a transfer on the date of
generating an order, other transfers are sent on
the following banking day. Such approach
guarantees maintaining financial liquidity and
quick delivery of payments to the bank account
of the seller in the shortest possible time.
Since mid of 2009 handling of invoices issued for
the services provided by Przelewy24 has been
transferred to an external system of electronic
documents handling SODE (
Thanks to this solution our clients receive
documents which comply with all requirements
concerning electronic documents (e-invoice).
SODE system allows for the mass and individual
issuers to send electronic invoices to the
recipients of their goods and services. The
documents sent comply with all requirements of
electronic invoices.
A document issued with the use of the system is
provided with a qualified signature, which
contributes to protection of the environment
and saves money for the company.
The most important advantages of e-Invoice for
the recipient:
all invoices are available at one spot
invoices are stored for the period specified
by the regulations at Przelewy24 server
access to the invoices from any location
with Internet access
possibility to make payments for the
invoices directly through Przelewy24
possibility to receive invoices directly to email box
Useful tools
SMS Marketing
Mass payments
Recently there has been activated one more
interesting service from the panel Przelewy24 –
namely the possibility to send mass information
SMS-es to numbers from a given list. Easy
installation and simple management allows
preparing and launching this functionality within
several minutes.
In the result of thorough analysis of market
phenomena and based on the many years
achievements within the scope of electronic
payments, Dialcom24 Sp. z o.o. is happy to
offer you a universal electronic payments
module UMEP which is able to handle the
recently implemented electronic invoice
handling systems EBPP.
Making the assumption that the service
offered is an independent one, it is suitable for
implementation in both the model of direct
cooperation with you and for cooperation with
external systems, which either way results in
full transparency of generated costs.
Our offer will present both models and the
current functionality of the system
based on unique technological solutions –
BANKBROWSER - contributing to technological
advantage, safety and reduction of costs.
Single SMS ensures quick contact between the
sender and the recipient. It is the best way of
sending and exchanging significant information.
Thanks to this service sender of a SMS is sure
that the recipient receives correspondence in a
very short time, usually within few seconds.
Mass SMS it is a service where the sender may
efficiently advertise its products or services.
Every company, no matter how small, has got
its own data base of clients, which is crucial for
the effective functioning of the company. This
service enables simultaneous sending of one
message text to multiple users. To do this, one
has to key in the text, mark predefined group
of recipients and confirm.
This service is suitable for creating different
types of promotions of goods and services and
for sms campaigns. It can also be used for
information purposes, to inform own clients of
all kinds of significant changes, e.g. within the
BankBrowser is our tool for payments via the
Internet. It has been used successfully for over
2 years. With the use of BankBrowser we
obtain such effects on the bank's web sites as
transferring data to transfer order form and
sending confirmation of execution of a transfer
to the Issuer.
Address details
Dialcom24 Sp. z o.o.
Correspondence address:
Trade Office: [email protected]
60-327 Poznań, ul. Kanclerska 15
Customer service: [email protected]
NIP 781-173-38-52, REGON 634509164
District Court in Poznań, 8th Commercial
Department of the National Court Register,
KRS No. 0000306513.
+48 801 00 33 24
For mobile phones:
+48 61 867 92 53
+48 61 642 90 31
©2010 DialCom24 sp. z o.o.
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Tool for division of transaction amount
Modern platform
Running an Internet shopping arcade or
another system concentrating goods
and services from many suppliers on
one platform, there is the problem of
accounting receivables for respective
Settlement of each transaction with a
single supplier limits the possibility to
buy goods and services from many
suppliers under one purchase order.
If you want to automate the process of
money transfer between the client and
the supplier, and still control the value
of the amount to be transferred to the
given supplier, please get acquainted
with our offer.
Problems to be solved
one platform
many suppliers,
unlimited number of products at
one purchase order
making payments in a single
quick and automatic transfer of
payments to the suppliers
Simple solution
A client places an order at your web
site. After making payment through
Przelewy24 and sending information to
the selling platform your system
decides how to use the amount from
the given transaction. The full amount
may be transferred to your bank
account or it can be split into a number
of accounts of respective suppliers.
All is done automatically through API
made available by Przelewy24.
Dialcom24 Sp. z o.o.
60-327 Poznań
ul. Kanclerska 15
guarantees regular payments to the
accounts of the suppliers. Any time one
can generate a transfer of the amount
Trade Office:
[email protected]
Customer service:
[email protected]
Tel.: +48 801 00 33 24
Tel.: +48 61 867 92 53
Tel.: +48 61 847 52 64
Fax: +48 61 642 90 31
Recipient registration
In order to simplify registration of
payment recipients (suppliers) we have
also introduced the interface for
automatic creation of accounts in
Przelewy24 available through API. The
supplier has to register in his system
only; the rest of the process is
How much does it cost?
This solution is available to any
company which will enter into
cooperation with Przelewy24. Partner
does not incur any additional costs with
operation of the Shopping Arcade
Which is very important, the supplier is
not charged with any costs related to
the transactions.
More information:
Lechosław Lipski
Tel.: +48 504 183 589
[email protected]
Open your own shop
About organisation of an on-shop
Selection of the software
Placing a shop in the Internet
There are many solutions for on-line
shops available in the market. Before
making decision on the selection of the
selling platform it is best to get
acquainted with the existing e-shops
and their functions. The offer covers
osCommerce or Magento, ready made
commercial systems, such as SOTE, IAIshop, OGICOM, e-Trade Pro,
Business Shop, or Comarch
iSklep24. If none of the options
requirements, we can always order
custom made software adjusted to our
specific needs. In the latter case it is
best to find a shop in the Internet which
suits our needs best and contact its
After selection of software, one should
prepare the space for placing it in the
Internet. In case we choose payable
solution, we can count on supplier's
assistance with the installation, in
charge-free solutions we have to go
through the installation process by our
own. To install the software we need
two things: – a place on the server (FTP
account), data base (usually MySQL)
and a domain. All these elements we
can get in a packet buying an account
at, e.g.,,,, etc.
After preparing the environment we
prepare other elements related to the
process of on-line selling. Ours
assumption is to prepare the system in
such manner that all possible
operations are done automatically.
Dialcom24 Sp. z o.o.
Receiving payments
60-327 Poznań
ul. Kanclerska 15
If our offer is prepared and we are ready
to receive orders, it is time to connect
the system Przelewy24 which will
provide our clients with the access to
many on-line payment methods and
automatically notify us of any payment
received. The advantages of such
solution include quick confirmation of
payment, wide selection of payment
methods on one platform and a reliable
partner for the shop which will
additionally improve our credibility.
The last element our shop has to be
equipped with is the system of handling
accounting documents. It will be
payment receipt confirmation for
individuals and VAT invoices for legal
entities. Both types of documents may
be issued from our shop; it is sufficient
to implement the system for handling
electronic documents (
After implementation SODE will take
over the following duties:
Trade Office:
[email protected]
Customer service:
[email protected]
Tel.: +48 801 00 33 24
Tel.: +48 61 867 92 53
Tel.: +48 61 847 52 64
Fax: +48 61 642 90 31
Delivery of goods
If we have confirmation of payment
made by the client, we can go to
execution of the order. The next step is
sending the goods to the client. For this
purpose we can use the service
provided by one of the great number of
messenger services. To begin with, one
can use Poczta Polska, and further on
UPS, Siódemka etc. It is worth, if such
option is available, to offer the
possibility to pick up the goods by the
issue of a document (in electronic or
traditional version)
information of the recipient on the
making it possible to download the
document from any place with
access to the Internet
storage of documents issued for the
period of time as required by the
applicable regulations.
What is more, the cost of document
handling by SODE is much cheaper than
the traditional method.
More information:
Lechosław Lipski
Tel.: +48 504 183 589
[email protected]
Secure as in a bank
Transactions security
Secure transmission
Internet transfers
The SSL certificate used ensures
confidentiality of data transferred
electronically. It allows for encoding
any service provided via the Internet.
Thanks to this security system there is
no possibility to intercept data
transferred via a web site. Users of the
web site have absolute certainty that
they connect safely with the right
System Przelewy24 uses the SSL
Technologies Inc. Thawte's certificates
are recognized as reliable by all Internet
Przelewy24 does not store any
information concerning access to bank
accounts or credit card numbers.
The most reliable form of payment for
both the seller and the buyer. The
entire operation is made on the client's
bank web site. Such data as login,
password and one time access codes
are given on the client's bank website.
Payment operation is only limited to
logging in on the web site and
approving of the transfer. Confirmation
is given immediately and is sent to the
Debit cards
Execution of transactions with the use
of cards is done on the web sites of
card's processors web sites (e.g.
PolCard). All particulars concerning the
card (number, expiry date, CVV code)
are given on the cards processor's web
site only. Przelewy24 does not gather
or store information on cards numbers.
Dialcom24 Sp. z o.o.
Data processing
Accounting for receivables
60-327 Poznań
ul. Kanclerska 15
Information collected by Przelewy24 is
stored and processed in data centre of
Polskie Centrum SuperkomputerowoSieciowe (Polish Supercomputing and
Networking Centre). The modern
resource centre PCSS complies with
specific safety requirements within the
scope of protected power supply,
redundant air conditioning and
monitored physical access. The
equipment placed there has been
supporting functioning of nationwide
optical network PIONIER, municipal
network POZMAN and an international
link with GÉANT network for many
years now.
Money paid by the clients are sent to
your account with Przelewy24. You
decide after reaching which amount or
in what time intervals you want to have
money transferred to your bank
account. We make efforts to ensure
that outgoing transfers reach your
account as soon as possible. 85% of
payments is executed on the day of
placing the payment order.
Trade Office:
[email protected]
Customer service:
[email protected]
Tel.: +48 801 00 33 24
Tel.: +48 61 867 92 53
Tel.: +48 61 847 52 64
Fax: +48 61 642 90 31
Reliability of transactions
Each transaction result sent to a shop is
verified back to confirm in 100% that it
was sent by Przelewy24.
All confirmations sent from Przelewy24
guarantee that the seller will receive
the payment.
Transactions with the use of debit cards
which are exposed to the largest risk
are subject to additional verification
process which at this time eliminates
the risk of fraudulent transactions
virtually in 100%.
Operations transparency
Beside information on payment, your
shop will receive the control panel
through which one can monitor all
current operations executed through
Summaries of transactions/payments
may be downloaded automatically
through the available APIs.
More information:
Lechosław Lipski
Tel.: +48 504 183 589
[email protected]