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English corner - Australia
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Tiny Dictionary
coastal island – wyspa
Commonwealth of Australia –
Związek Australijski
Population distribution
Population in Australia is concentrating at southeast coasts,
where are the biggest cities like
coral reef – rafa koralowa
Oceania - a
large group
of islands in
the south
Pacific including
and Micronesia and
extends for – rozciągać się na
federation – federacja
Great Dividing Range -Wiellkie
Góry Wododziałowe
English corner Australia
Australia is the smallest continent. It is
located in the southern hemisphere.
It’s surrounded by two oceans – Indian
Ocean and South Pacific Ocean; and
seas: Tasman Sea, Coral Sea, Arafura
Sea and Timor Sea. The largest Australian coastal island are Tasmania
Island, Melville‘a Island, Kangaroo Island and Fraser Island.
hemisphere – półkula
impressive- imponujący
surround – otaczać, okrążać
Australia is a federation divided into 6
states and 3 federal territories. This is
one nation on one continent - Commonwealth of Australia. The capital of
Australia is Canberra. Canberra isn’t
the biggest city in Australia, there live
only 350 thousand people, but the
biggest city is Sydney where live 4,8
million people.
„There are over 1500 species of Austalian spiders, but from 1979 nobody has
died from bites of them. ”.
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Facts and stories
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Australia is famous for Great Barrier
Reef. The coral reef is situated in Coral Sea, in Australian east coast. It
extends for 344 square kilometers. It’s impressive, the world's largest
reef and so large that could be visible from space. Great Barrier Reef
attracts lots of tourist who likes diving and aren’t scared of sharks.
Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra,
Adelajda, Brisbane, because of
dry climate inside the continent.
In conclusion 90% population
lives there.
Australian records:
 Lake: Eyre Lake
 Island: Tasmania
 Top: Mount Kosciuszko
 City: Sydney
 Desert: Great Victoria Desert
 River: Darling
 Mountain: Great Dividing Range
The word ''selfie'' comes
from Australia.
There's about 10 000 beaches, so if you visited
one beach for a day, it
would take you almost 30
There are over 80 mllion
sheep in Australia, and
only 23 million people.
Australia has the world's
largest population of wild
camels with one hump.
Australian animals
Kangaroos are the only large
animals to use hopping as a means of locomotion. The comfortable hopping speed for a red kangaroo is about 20–25 km/h (13–
16 mph), but speeds of up to 70
km/h (44 mph) can be attained
over short distances, while it can
sustain a speed of 40 km/h (25
mph) for nearly 2 km (1.2 mi).
The eastern grey kangaroo is predominantly a grazer, eating a wide variety of grasses, whereas
some other species (e.g. the red
kangaroo) include significant
amounts of shrubs in their diets.
Kangaroos have developed a number of adaptations to a dry, infertile
country and highly variable climate. As with all marsupials, the young
are born at a very early stage of development—after a gestation of 31
–36 days.
Nicole Mary Kidman-born 20 June 1967 is an Australian actress and
film producer.Kidman's breakthrough roles was in the 1989 featured
film thriller Dead Calm and television thriller mini series Bangkok Hilton. After appearing in several films in the early 1990s, she came to
worldwide recognition for her performances in the auto racing film
Days of Thunder (1990), the romance Far and Away (1992), and the
superhero film Batman Forever (1995). Other successful films followed
in the late 1990s. Her performance in the musical Moulin Rouge!
(2001) earned her a second Golden Globe Award for Best Actress –
Motion Picture Musical or Comedy and her first nomination for the
Academy Award for Best Actress. Kidman's performance as Virginia
Woolf in the drama film The Hours (2002) received critical acclaim and
earned her the Academy Award for Best Actress, the BAFTA Award for
Best Actress in a Leading Role, the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Drama and the Silver Bear for Best Actress at
the Berlin International Film Festival.
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Australian stars
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i zadać sobie pytanie, czy obraz ilustruje lub uzupełnia przekazywane
informacje. Należy unikać obrazów,
które wyglądają na wyrwane
z kontekstu.
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Nicole Mary Kidman
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Jest również dostępnych kilka narzędzi, za pomocą których można ryso-
„Australia has the world's largest population of wild camels with one hump. ”.
AC/DC are an Australian hard
rock band, formed in November 1973 by brothers Malcolm
and Angus Young, who continued as members until Malcolm's illness and departure in
2014.Commonly referred to as
a hard rock or blues rock
band, they are also considered
pioneers of heavy metal and
are sometimes classified as
such,though they have always
dubbed their music as simply
"rock and roll".
wać kształty i symbole.
Wybrany obraz należy umieścić
w sąsiedztwie artykułu. Należy pamiętać o umieszczeniu w pobliżu
obrazu jego podpisu.
Australian holidays
-Australia Day is on January 26.
It is an opportunity for Australians to come together to celebrate their country and culture.
-Australians hang wreaths on
their front doors and sometimes
go out Christmas carol singing on
Christmas eve.
-Australia Day is on January 26. It
is an opportunity for Australians
to come together to celebrate
their country and culture.
-When he gets to Australia, Santa
Claus gives the reindeer a rest
and uses kangaroos or 'six white
boomers' (a popular Australian
Christmas song!). He also changes his clothes for less 'hot' ones!
-Australia Day is a public holiday
in all states and territories. All
schools and post offices are
-The main symbols of Australia
Day are the symbols of Australia.
-Australians celebrate Christmas
on December 25, it is during
theirs summer vacation.
-Most people now have a cold
Christmas dinner, or a barbecue
with seafood such as prawns and
lobsters along with the
'traditional english' food. On
Christmas Eve, fish-markets are
often full of people queuing to
buy their fresh seafood for
Christmas day.
Kylie Ann Minogue, born -28
May 196, often known simply
as Kylie, is an Australian-born
singer, songwriter, and actress. She achieved recognition by starring in the Australian soap opera Neighbours,
where she played tomboy mechanic Charlene Robinson. Appearing in the series for two
years, Minogue's character
played by Jason Donovan in an
episode viewed by nearly 20
million people in the United
Kingdom which became one of
the most watched Australian
TV episodes ever worldwide.
Since then, Minogue has been
a recording artist and has
achieved commercial success
and critical acclaim in the
Minogue has been recognised
with several honorific nicknames and has been referred
to as the "Princess of Pop" and
"Goddess of Pop".
Emus forage in a diurnal pattern and
eat a variety of native and introduced
plant species. The diet depends on seasonal availability with such plants as
Acacia, Casuarina and grasses being
favoured. They also eat insects and
other arthropods, including grasshoppers and crickets, beetles, cockroaches, ladybirds, Bogong and cotton-boll
moth larvae, ants, spiders and millipedes.
Emus are diurnal birds and spend their
day foraging, preening their plumage with their beak, dust bathing and
resting. They are generally gregarious birds apart from the breeding
season, and while some forage, others remain vigilant to their mutual
benefit. They are able to swim when necessary, although they rarely
do so unless the area is flooded or they need to cross a river.
The emu is the second largest bird in the world, only being exceeded
in size by the ostrich; the largest individuals can reach up to 150 to 190
cm in height. Measured from the bill to the tail, emus range in length
from 139 to 164 cm, with males averaging 148.5 cm and females averaging 156.8 cm. Emus weigh between 18 and 60 kg, with an average
of 31.5 and 37 kg in males and females, respectively. Females are usually slightly larger than males and are substantially wider across the
The koala is a stocky animal with a
large head and vestigial or nonexistent tail. It has a body length of
60–85 cm and a weight of 4–15 kg,
making it among the largest arboreal marsupials. Koalas from Victoria are twice as heavy as those from
Queensland. The species is sexually
dimorphic, with males 50% larger
than females.
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Would you like to get to know any suprising facts about Australia? If
your answer is yes, you are in the correct place.
zacji, jej zadania, datę założenia lub
Korzyścią z używania biuletynu jako
streszczenie jej historii. Do takiej
narzędzia promocyjnego jest możliwość wielokrotnego używania zawartości z materiałów marketingowych,
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Ponieważ głównym celem rozpo-
Europy) oraz charakterystykę jej klientów lub członków.
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-There are over 1500 species of Austalian spiders, but from 1979 nobody has died from bites of them.
krótką listę rodzajów produktów, usług
nia rynku i raporty.
sprzedanie produktu lub usługi,
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There are over 80 mllion sheep in Australia, and only 23 million people.
Australia has the world's largest cattle station (ranch). At 24,000 km2 it
is almost the same size as Slovenia or Moldavia.
If we put all pieces of Sydney's Opera House roof together, they would
create a perfect ball.
Population density in Australia is usually calculated in km2 per person,
not people per km2
jest opracowanie i napisanie wła-
Up to the year 1902 swimming wasn't allowed at public beaches.
snych artykułów, załączenie kalendarza nadchodzących zdarzeń lub oferty
specjalnej promującej nowy produkt.
There's a 63% people overweight in Australia.
Można również opracować lub zna-
25% popularity of Australia was born outside this country.
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After Greece, Melbourne is the highest concentration of the Greece
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Koalas may live from 13 to 18 years in the wild. While female koalas
usually live this long, males may die sooner because of their more hazardous lives. Koalas usually survive falls from trees and immediately
climb back up, but injuries and deaths from falls do occur, particularly
in inexperienced young and fighting males. Around six years of age,
the koala's chewing teeth begin to wear down and their chewing efficiency decreases. Eventually, the cusps disappear completely and the
animal will die of starvation.
Koalas are herbivorous, and while most of their diet consists of eucalypt leaves, they can be found in trees of other genera, such as Acacia,
Allocasuarina, Callitris, Leptospermum, and Melaleuca. Although the
foliage of over 600 species of Eucalyptus is available, the koala shows
a strong preference for around 30.
Facts and stories about Australia
Karolina Cieslak
Marta Nowacka
Paulina Kątna
Ada Szymczak
Zosia Rutkowska
Wiktoria Bębnowska
Mikołaj Lasota
Małgorzata Bugajska
Do you know that first policemen in Australia became right behaving

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