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Cecilia Moreno Yaghoubi
Colombia - USA
Born in Colombia and based in New York, Moreno-Yaghoubi studied at the Art Students League,
the National Academy of Fine Arts. She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally in
individual and group exhibitions in the United States, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Argentina and Dubai.
Such as The Museum of El Barrio, New York, the National Academy of Art Museum, NY; Opera
Gallery, Miami, FL; Carrusel du Louvre in Paris, 1st Bienal International De Arte Contemporaneo
de Argentina, Centro Cultural Borgues Buenos Aires, Argentina where she won first prize in Mixed
Media, among others. In the new series of paintings and sculptures, Cecilia has found a direct
contact with a new era, with the daily moment, with the direct presence of the woman in the
society. Here is present the pain, the sufferance and the joy, indicating the isolation of women in
certain areas dominated by the man’s control, or like in the western society in which the woman
is trapped by the stereotypes and the ideas of a perpetual superficial beauty.
Recent Exhibitions:
Alternativa, Limited Editions Gallery, Barcelona-Spain
Barcelona International Art Fair, Barcelona, Spain Art Basel Miami, House of Art Miami, Florida.
Beyong The Value of Diversity, Pfizer, New York, NY
Mix media / canvas
160 x 120 cm. _ 2014
18,000 PLN
Mix media / canvas
170 x 96 cm. _ 2014
12,000 PLN
Mix media / canvas
182 x 91 cm. _ 2014
12,000 PLN
Carla Tabora
Spain / Venezuela
Carla Tabora, an artist whose life has been spent in a variety of lands and languages, has
produced a body of work that is like a dialogue between landscape and body, both physically
and textual. Through photography and painting has constructed a narrative subtlety, rhythm
and light, similar to that of a poem. The central metaphor of the poem is the tree
representation of life. Words reverberate around this, the mestizo multilingual text, echoing
through the naturalness of all these images soundly structured.
Last Exhibits:
Galeria Aragon 232, Beijing international art fair, China
Galería Desig(n) Andorra La vella, Andorra
2014 Solo Exposition TOBE gallery, Budapest
Blue Bodies I Canaima
2,700 PLN
Blue Bodies II Red Aura
2,700 PLN
Digital Photography
Pigmented print over german etching paper
Mixed media / canvas
Blue Bodies lll Red Aura
2,700 PLN
Gloria Keller
Spain / Germany
1955 born in Barcelona | 1974 Escola de Dibuix Llotja, Barcelona | 1974-1977 Architecture
University Barcelona | 1977-1981 Graphik-Design University Pforzheim/Germany | since
2008 working as an artista. Member of vierhochvier | GEDOK Karlsruhe | GfjK BadenBaden | BBK KarlsruheAbout her artwork: “My recent works are a series with the title
“female thinkers, cogito, ergo sum”, all of them made with acrilic and other materials on
canvas, 140x100 cm. In the history of the great thinkers women are mentioned very
seldom. This does not mean that there have not been any, but people preferred to forget
them, their thoughts have been concealed and therefore you will hardly find any
document about these women”
24,000 PLN
24,000 PLN
24,000 PLN
Mix media / canvas
140 x 100 cm. c/u
Jacqueline Rodríguez
She studied at the National School of Fine Arts and Peru and the Central Academy of Fine Arts in
Beijing - RP China. He has won several awards for his artistic career. She has participated in
numerous international exhibitions, highlighting their individual recently in 2014 in Lithuania.
About his work we can say that the translation of the dual nature and use of metaphoric and
symbolic language are a constant in your proposal. In the series: THE BIG BEAT seeks to make us
feel alluded to, so what more subtle approach that humans possess: the heart. This process seeks
to achieve a connection with ourselves, to recognize ourselves in the ordinary and link us to our
own essence.
5,400 PLN
5,400 PLN
Mix media / canvas
150 X 50 cm. c/u
Mercedes Casas Ocampo
Spain -Argentina
My painting mixes differents subjects that touch me deeply. It is the output and the
help I live and free myself of all the problems and issues that concern me: racism,
impunity, corruption, sexism, homophobia, taboos, fears in general and a long etcetera.
Sometimes I go to images of my childhood which become vehicles to express my
perceptions and feelings, making questions to myself and finding - at times- answers to
the differents experiences that touch me - or have me headdress - live. She has
participated in numerous solo in galleries in Barcelona and Madrid having been widely
recognized for her works of artistic syncretism related Meninas by Velazquez. Now she
continues to explore new thematic lines. She lives and works in Barcelona.
19,800 PLN
19,800 PLN
Oil/ Canvas
73 x 60 cm
Susie Gadea
Spain / Peru
Born in 1953, in Lima, Peru, in a bicultural family that encouraged her artistic inclinations
and sense of global citizenship. Studied Graphic Design (Associate Diploma, 1972) and
Psychology (Bachelor of Arts, 1999).
After having traveled extensively and having lived in different places in Australia and the
Caribbean, she settles in Madrid in 2005. Since 2001 She has exhibited in solo shows and/or
collectives in Spain, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands,
Luxemburg, Denmark, Sweden, Rumania, Greece, Unites States, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador,
Dominican Republic, China, India and Australia.
Her work can be found in private and public collections of three continents including the
Permanent Collection of the Museum of Latino Art of Pomona, Los Angeles, USA.
Her intention is to rely on art and culture to spread the concepts of equality and dignity, as
well as the interconnection of all living beings. Her motivation is to connect with the
observer’s most sensitive fibers in order to remind him/her of the spontaneous, joyous and
eternal essence that lives inside. She lives and works in Madrid.
acrylic on canvas
100 x120 cm. _ 2013
13,200 PLN
Katia Muñoz
Spain / Peru
Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Cultural Management. She has exhibited her work in
different countries in America and Europe. She lives and works in Barcelona-Spain.
She has a great ability to convey emotional content with a fantasy more attached to the
abstract but also using figurative resources, using the foundations of a synthesis in which the
color is organized from inner necessity. In her work the Time is Diluted. The moment is
Prolonged. The space comes alive in modern man beats of nostalgia and a need to imagined
utopian places of memory and desire, recreating a geography of desired spaces, spaces in
original perhaps are far removed from those who have lost almost all traces: A sacred world,
the place of that man was removed and to which you want to return. With esta sense of exile
and search, I find, in the matter and color, un certain faith to the existence of a primary home.
Recent exhibitions:
2014 AMERICAN ART CONTEMPORARY House of Culture of Ajalvir. Madrid. Spain
2014 1ST. ANNUAL GIFT-SIZED ART EXHIBITION. ARTWORLD Fine Art Gallery. Toronto. Canada.
2014 THIRTY Hotel Neptuno. Playa English. Gran Canaria Island. Spain.
2014 FIART Gallery Aukso Pjūvis. Kaunas. Lithuania
2014 HISPANIC ART. Prahova Ploieşti Art Museum. Romania
2014 WOMENS IN ART: COLOUR. Kauno Miesto Muziejaus. Kaunas. Lithuania
Oil /Canvas 100 X 100 cm.
8,400 PLN
Mix media /Canvas
50 X 50 cm.
Mix media /Canvas
60 X 60 cm.
5,400 PLN
5,400 PLN
Oleo/ Lienzo
50 x 50 cm.
5,400 PLN
Oleo/ Lienzo
100 x 70 cm.
6,960 PLN
Vicente Greus
Lives and works in Valencia. It has long focused his entire business in
photography, especially in image processing using textures, digitally by applying
techniques from other arts disciplines I've learned over time. An editor with which
you want to reinforce the feeling put into each work; an attempt to capture
feelings through layered textures, in addition to the original image to form a
unique and personal everything. Since always been fascinated by abandoned
places and things, forgotten scenes and those footprints left on over time o nce
inhabited places. He had several exhibits in Spain and other countries in Europe
and USA.
All these artworks are: Digital photography giclée print over photographic paper white base high quality 260gr/m2,
laminated with a Sand protector treatment. 70x70 cm. _ 2014
1,800 PLN
1,800 PLN
1,800 PLN
1,800 PLN
1,800 PLN
Eduardo Mezquida
Born in Madrid (Spain). In 1965 he graduated as an aeronautical engineer in
Madrid and exercises professional life as an engineer at INTA. Interested in
other aspects of knowledge studied law and philosophy at the Complutense
University of Madrid. The painting studies are performed in the Centro de
Bellas Artes (Madrid). Since 1974 he has devoted his activity to art,
engineering and culture traveling and exposing various countries of the
world especially Europe and South America.
2014 Casa de la Cultura. Quito. Contemporary Latin American Art Exhibition.
2014 Contemporary Latin American Art. Casa de la Cultura de Ajalvir.
Madrid. Spain
2013 Museum of America. Madrid. Temporary Exhibition Hall.
2013 Exhibition Hall of the Museum Nahim Isaias. Guayaquil. Ecuador.
5,400 PLN
92x73 cm
Oil / canvas _2012
5,400 PLN
130 x 97 cm.
Oil / canvas _2013
4,800 PLN
BEAta Pflanz
BEAta Pflanz (1961) – urodziła się w Poznaniu. Niezależna artystka interdyscyplinarna (abstrakcja), również kurator sztuki, pomysłodawca i organizator
akcji artystycznych różnego typu, krytyk, a także pisarka. Ukończyła studia
z wyróżnieniem, dyplom z zakresu malarstwa na Poznańskiej Akademii
Sztuk Pięknych (2007). Ma na swoim koncie kilkadziesiąt wystaw indywidualnych i zbiorowych (w tak krótkim czasie), w tym projekty międzynarodowe:
ostatnio Nowy Jork i Cold Spring NY, Lizbona 2014, Amsterdam 2013,
Londyn 2013, Barcelona i Madryt 2012 oraz 2011, Tokio 2011, Rzym 2010
oraz wystawy indywidualne:
2012/2013 BWA Zamek Książ (167 obrazów)
2011 Galeria Miejska Arsenał Poznań
2011 Galeria Schody Warszawa
2009 Galeria Szyperska Poznań
2008 Galeria Kantorek Bydgoszcz
Inside I
180 x 120 cm
oil / canvas 2015
10,500 PLN
Inside II
180 x 120 cm
oil / canvas 2015
10,500 PLN
António Aires
Born in Lisbon, in 1977 and early expressed his fascination for the arts,
having gonethrough several experiences from painting, writing to the
theater. In addition to the initialtraining in the arts, much of the route has
been traveled as self-taught. Lives and works in Lisbon.
2014 ‘Identity series’, ‘Espaço Cultural das Mercês’, ‘Bairro das Artes’,
Principe Real, Lisbon, Portugal.
2011 Serigraphy, ‘Sociedade Portuguesa de Oncologia’. ‘XII Congresso
Nacional de Oncologia’. Algarve, Portugal.
1996 Artistic residence and workshop , Teatro Kismet Opera, Bari, Italy.
100 cm x 100 cm
Mixed technique on canvas
7,500 PLN
target series # 06
100 cm x 100 cm
Mixed technique on canvas
7,500 PLN
target series # 07
100 cm x 100 cm
Mixed technique on canvas
7,500 PLN
Mariola Landowska
Mariola Landowska urodziła sie w Szczecinie. Studiowała malarstwo w Istituto
de Arte” Gazzola” w mieście Piacenza.Wlochy. W Szkole im. Kazimierza Wielkiego tzw. Architektury, otrzymała III nagrodę za najlepszy dyplom urbanistyczny
w swoim rejonie. Porzuca architekturę dla pogłębienia Sztuk Pięknych, etnografii , mitologii. Zamieszkuje w Portugalii od 1992 roku skąd regularnie podróżuje do Brazylii zapuszczając się w głąb dżungli Amazonii, Pantanal, Nordestu
odwiedzając wioski indiańskie. Podczas podróży szkicuje, zapisuje notatki.
Nastepne kraje to Afryka ,India.Pasja do podrozy przynosi nowe inspiracje.
Inspiruje się muzyka fado i wpływami, innych kultur w kulturze Portugalii.
Otrzymała wyróżnienie na wystawie - konkursie w Muzeum Jorge Vieira
w Beja 2003.
Jest filmowana w swoim atelier przez Alavro Queiroz “No meu Atelier”
do ANIM/Archiwum filmowe /2008
Jest reprezentowana w Encyklopedii Szczecina.
Tela “Contemplar Lisboa” 2006 ilustra livro “O Espirto do Lugar” de Orfeu B.
50 x 80 cm
Paisagem com doce solidao
5,250 PLN
100 x 50 cm
120 x 40 cm
Białe Domy
6,000 PLN
6,000 PLN
60 x 90 cm
5,700 PLN
50 x 70 cm
Lugar de nosso
4,500 PLN
Rosemary Cassidy Buswell
My canvases for this exhibition are inspired by the prehistoric petroglyphs and
pictographs which are to be found on rocks and caves worldwide, created long
long ago by people who were natural artists, and who worked without
inhibition. Colour has always been of great importance to me, and I have used
it here to represent the dawn of time when the images and marks that inspire
me were carved into, and painted onto the surface of rocks and caves with love
and spiritual emotion. The meaning of these ancient marks is now lost, and can
only be guessed at, much like many of the marks artists make today, which
mean different things to different viewers, whose individual responses vary as
much as the images they see before them.
30 x 24 cm
Sardines in Palm Oil
6,000 PLN
50 x 40 cm
Ancient Sunrise
4,800 PLN
50 x 40 cm
Star Struck Lovers - Dreamtime
4,800 PLN
80 x 80 cm
No Title
7,500 PLN

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