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Address : 2013 World Rowing Championships Organising Committee
F10 Chungju City Hall, 21 Eutteum-ro, Chungju-si,
Chungcheongbuk-do Republic of Korea
Tel : + 82 43 850 6682
Fax : + 82 43 850 3209
Email : [email protected]
Webpage :
Rowing the World
Chungju, Korea
2012 FISA Asian Olympic
Qualification Regatta
26 ~ 29, April
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C h a l l e n g e . H arm ony . P assion
Energetic racing of
the dreams for Olympics
2012 FISA Asian Olympic Qualification Regatta in Chungju, Korea.
Grand festival of Asians, chasing their Olympic dreams by fully exercising their
competency and bringing honor to their countries! Impressive fiesta of
challenges and passion, showing to the world the best and green Regatta!
This significant and meaningful festival, laying the solid foundation for the
development of rowing in Asia, is about to be held in Chungju which is rowing
toward the world as the center of culture and state-of-the-art industries in Korea.
It is a great honor for us to invite you to take part.
VIP M e s s a g e
Small-scaled but significant
Olympics on the water!
Wish for the successful event!
Chungju, the clean city which successfully hosted 2007 Asian Rowing Championships, is about to
congregate 2013 FISA World Rowing Championships by inviting all of you.
By being equipped with world-best facilities existing in harmony with the nature, Chungju is under
seamless and orderly preparation to enable all participants from all over the world to exercise their full
potential in the event.
Prior to the big event of 2013 FISA World Rowing Championships, Chungju hosts 2012 FISA Asian
Olympic Qualification Regatta. During the regatta, programs will be enforced for the development of
rowing in Asia in close cooperation with International Olympic Committee (IOC) and FISA.
I would like to invite you to 2012 FISA Asian Olympic Qualification Regatta in Chungju, Korea.
Chungju will be the breeding ground for your dream of world best to come true!
I am looking forward to meeting you in 2012.
Thank you.
Chairman of Organising Committee for 2013 FISA World Rowing Championships Chungju, Korea
Governor of Chungcheongbuk-do
Lee, Sijong
Olympic Games are the sports festival for people of all around the world.
Honorable rowers and coaching staff!
I would like to invite you to Chungju, the city of beautiful natural scenes and long history!
Your participation in the 2012 FISA Asian Olympic Qualification Regatta will be a great chance for
you to be a player in the Olympics and make a valuable memory for your life-time. Hoping for the
world-wide expansion of rowing, the 2013 FISA World Rowing Championships Organising
Committee is confident that this regatta and 2013 World Rowing Championships will be a catalyst for
globalization of rowing.
The local government and citizens of Chungju unanimously expect this regatta will play a significant role
for rowing to get popularity among the general public and for Chungju to transform itself as a water-sport
city. I wish this regatta be the venue for realization of Olympics spirits and the great festival for you.
Thank you.
Chairman of Executive Committee for 2013 World Rowing Championships, Chungju Korea
Mayor of Chungju City
Woo, Gundo
Since the foundation of Korea Rowing Association in 1964 and winning the gold medal in the 15th
Asian Games in Doha, the rowing society of Korea has made sustainable development so as enough to
win the bid to host 2013 World Rowing Championships, the biggest rowing event in the world rowing
calendar. Successful hosting 2012 FISA Asian Olympic Qualification Regatta is expected to play a role
for Korean rowing to become one of the major players in the international arena and be a chance for
rowing in itself to vitalize in the Asian region so to attract more people to the world of rowing.
President of Korea Rowing Association
Chairman of Asian Rowing Federation
Lee, Jongchul
Rowing the World
We lc o m e to Ko r e a
Nation of culture and sports!
Meet the potential of
the Republic of Korea!
With a five thousand-year-long history, Korea is the land of culture and art!
With a rich experience of successfully hosting international sport events such as
the 1988 Seoul Olympics and 2002 FIFA World Cup and a record of 7th in medal
ranks in Beijing Olympic Games, Korea is recognized as one of the world's
sporting powers.
Take the chance to appreciate the real Korea, bigger and stronger than you expect.
| Hangul | Hangul is the native alphabet of the Korean language originated from the shape of phonetic
organs. It has been designated as Memory of the World by the UNESCO by being referred as one of the most
rational, scientific and original languages in the world.
| Taekwondo | With features of kicks, open-handed strikes and blocks, Taekwondo is Korea’s most
famous sport based on one of its traditional martial art and became an official medal event in the 2000
Sydney Olympics.
| Food of Korea | Korean cuisines are boating unique flavor and tastes with high nutrients and low
calories. With Kimchi, a representative Korean food, Galbi (grilled beef ribs), Bulgogi, Bibimbob (mixed rice),
soy-bean paste soup, traditional Korean chicken soup and Naeung-myeon (cold noodle) are popular among
Koreans and foreigners.
| Jikji (The Anthology of the Great Priests’ Zen Teachings) | Jikji is the world’s oldest extant movable metal print
book included in the Memory of the World program by UNESCO. It was published in 1377, 78 years prior to
Gutenberg’s “42-Line Bible” printed in 1455.
| Samulnori | Samulnori is a representative folk music play accompanied by four percussion
instruments such as Kkwaengguari(small gong), Jing(big gong), jango(hourglass drum) and Buk(drum) cool
Street support rally of Koreans during
2002 FIFA World Cup
| Seoul Olympics | The Seoul Olympics in 1988 were evaluated as a meaningful event by providing
the world with a great opportunity for world peace by resolving conflicts of ideology and race.
| 2002 FIFA World Cup | 2002 FIFA World Cup has its significance as the first time this event was
held in Asia. It was co-hosted by two countries of Korea and Japan.
| 2013 World Rowing Championships | With participation of 2,300 rowers from approximately
80 countries, the 2013 World Rowing Championships Chungju, Korea, is under thorough preparation to be
remembered as one of the most successful Championships in the history of rowing championships.
Rowing the World
We l c o m e to Chungju
The center of green environment policy and
culture and art in Korea
Take the chance to indulge with attractiveness
and beauty of Chungju!
Surrounding by clean lakes and rivers, Chungju is the center of green environment policy.
Being equipped with rich cultural heritage and diverse tourist resources, Chungju is a
city to realize the bright future of emerging water sports.
| Geographical Advantage | Locating at the center of Korea and North East Asia
• Chungju locates in Chungcheongbuk-do, the very center of the Korean Peninsula which is neighboring China and
Japan and lies in the heart of North East Asia.
• The city is equipped with great transportation conditions, ensuring easy and convenient access to not only mega
cities like Seoul and Busan but also each and every part of the country.
| Metrological Advantage | Green city with most suitable weather conditions for rowing
• With 15°C in average annual temperature, vivid four-season from continental climate and 919.8mm in average
annual precipitation and no natural disasters such as typhoon, flood or heavy snow, Chungju is the most suitable
arena for water sports like rowing.
• As illustrated by the fact that the municipal government of Chungju has preceded Clean & Green policy like Build
Transfer Lease (BTL) business for maintenance of sewage pipes, Chungju is the center piece of Four River Project of
the Korean Government.
Cultural and tourist city with diverse cultural heritages and
| Historical and tourist Advantage | tourist destinations
• As the cradle of the Midlands, one of Korea’s 7 major cultural areas, which had arisen in ancient times and where
the cultures of the Three Kingdoms of Korea had been mixed, Chungju has had diverse cultural properties
designated by the central and local governments including Jungangtap Pagoda(Chungju Tappyeongri 7-story Stone
Pagoda) and Chungju Goguryeo-bhi(Chungju Goguryeo Monument).
• Chungju has been one of the most favored tourist destination thanks to naturally endowed tourist resources such
as boat tours of Chungju Lake, beautiful Worak Mountain, time-honored Suanbo Hot Spring, Moongang Sulfur
Hotspring, and Angsung Carbonated Hotspring.
Rowing the World
Co m p e titio n In fo r m a tio n
Great dream and pioneer spirit toward
2012 FISA Asian Olympic Qualification
Regatta in Chungju, Korea
Dreams for Olympic rowing are now unfolding in Chungju, Korea. The water festival
for Asians is about to take place at Tangeum Lake International Rowing Regatta
Centre, the crystal clean and environmentally friendly world-class rowing venue.
| Entry |
• Deadline to be confirmed by FISA Additional information(Entry Sheet, Contact etc) is will be
provided by FISA
| Provisional Programme |
| Events |
| Notice |
• Wed. 25, April : Team managers' Meeting and Draw
• Thu. 26, April : Heats
• Fri. 27, April : Repechages
• Sat. 28, April : Semi-Finals
• Sun. 29, April : Finals
The competition will consist of the following events :
• Men Single Sculls (M1x)
• Men Lightweight Double Sculls (LM2x)
• Women Single Sculls (W1x)
• Women Lightweight Double Sculls (LW2x)
• The system for additional manager meetings and event operation shall abide by FISA operating
system stated in FISA Rules of Racing and Event Regulation.
• Boats and all other equipments of participants should be in line with FISA Rules of Racing and
Event Regulations and each association should bring their own equipment Some equipment will
be available for rental (see page xx for more details).
• Participants shall be responsible for insuring their own.
Training Camp
• Notice: please, send your schedule for arrival to and departure
• Schedule
- Arrival: 15, April
- Camp opening: 16, April
- Camp closing: 25, April
• Legal liability
- Participants should take insurance with coverage for
property damage and body injury for him or herself and
their equipments.
- The Organising Committee shall not take any
responsibility for damages of all kinds caused during
training camp.
Rowing the World
10 + 11
from Korea in advance to this following e-mail address.
- E-mail : [email protected]
[email protected]
• Contact us: please do not hesitate to contact us when you
have any requests and/or questions on participation in training
- Person in charge: Jin HAN
- Contact point: Tel +82 43 850 6682
fax +82 43 850 3209
- E-mail: [email protected]
Ve n u e
The world best Regatta for rowing!
World-class broadcasting facilities!
Tangeum Lake International Rowing Regatta, formed by Chungju dam, has very calm
and peaceful conditions so that it boasts a naturally-endowed environment for
rowing. In addition, the Regatta is located within 10-minute distance from
downtown so that it has great access to convenient facilities.
| Regatta Course |
With a total available length of 4,800m, a width of 287m~366m and a depth of 8m, Tangeum Lake International
Rowing Regatta Venue satisfies all the conditions required by FISA. For the 2012 Asian Olympic Qualification Regatta,
eight lanes will be established over the 2,000m course.
| Water Quality |
Since the Tangeum Lake is protected as the Water Supply Source Protection Areas for Seoul, the capital of Korea, the
potential pollutants from an industrial complex has been completely blocked so as to preserve the lake with clean
| Altitude of Regatta Venue | EL64.75m
Ground drawing of Tangeum Lake Rowing Regatta
Birds Eye View of Tangeum Lake Rowing Regatta Venue for the 2013 World Rowing Championships
Rowing the World
12 + 13
More convenient and impeccable!
The convenience of participants is
prioritised in the process of facility
As for rowers, the world-class facilities of Regatta and high-end services will
ensure that you can exercise your full potential while as for team officials and
relevant personnel, top-notch services for your full convenience will be prepared.
Re s t ri c t e d A r e a
❶ Grand Stand
1F: O.C Office
Team Meeting Room
2F: FISA Office
V.I.P Lounge
Media Center
❷ Finish Tower
❸ Security
❹ Exchange Booth
❺ Accreditation Center
❻ Transport Office
❼ Volunteer Lounge
❽ Snack Bar
❾ Information Center
❿ Athletes Restaurant
First Aid
 Medical Center
Doping Control Center
Athletes Weighing
Boat Weighing
Bag Drop Off
Team Tents
Athletes Lounge
Boat Stands
Shower Rooms
VIP Media Parking
Shuttle Bug Stop
Storage Containers
Victory Ceremony
Facilities for 2013 FISA World Rowing Championships, scheduled to be constructed by the end of 2012.
Rowing the World
14 + 15
We a t h e r
Mild climate of Chungju!
The climate of Chungju, a helping factor for
your better performance!
Information for visa application
More convenient and speedy procedure!
Through close cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, procedures for visa issuance
will be streamlined and time required will be shortened to support convenient arrival
and departure of participants.
While located in the center of Korea, Chungju is a warped basin, surrounded by
mountains. According to the climate analysis for the last five years, the prevailing
wind direction is from north west to south east and the weather condition at the end
of April is generally mild so it is good for a rowing regatta.
| Required document for visa issuance |
Passport, application form issuance, fee, letter from O.C
Embassy of each nation might request additional documents.
• Request for invitation issuance for visa application
- Eligible person of request: participants who want to have visa issuance
- Mandatory items to check: Name, gender, birth, nationality, expire date of passport, number of passport,
occupancy and title
- Due date for request: 60 days prior to the event
| Climate Information |
Average climate conditions at the end of April for the recent five years
Ave, of Temp. (°C)
Highest Temp. (°C)
Lowest Temp. (°C)
Relative Humidity (%)
Prescription (mm)
Ave. of wind speed (m/s)
Posting of issued invitation for visa issuance by the Organising Committee: 45 days prior to the event
| Person in charge for visa application |
• Name: Choung Jin Hun, Jin HAN
• Address: 2013 FISA World Rowing Championships Organising Committee
F10 Chungju City Hall, 21 Eutteum-ro, Chungju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do Republic of Korea
• Tel/Fax: + 82 43 850 6681 / + 82 43 850 3209
• E-mail: [email protected]
Time of sun rise (hh:mm)
Time of sun set (hh:mm)
| Wind Direction |
Rowing the World
16 + 17
Tr a n s p o r t
Convenient and fast transportation system!
Chungju, a city open to the world!
Chungju is placed at the northern part of Chungchungbukdo which belongs to the
central continental metropolitan area in the Korean Peninsula so it boasts easy and
convenient access. Korea's diverse transportation networks ensure your comfort and
fast trip to Chungju.
| Transport Network |
• International air routes from approximately 170 cities in 50 countries
- Two hours distance from the Incheon International Airport, the # 1
airport in Asia
- 40-minute distance from the Cheongju International Airport
• Great accessibility to the city through high speed transportation
networks, largely thanks to its geographical advantage of being
located at the center of the nation
• Jungbu inter-continental highway shortens driving hours to Chungju
from metropolitan area, airports and ports
• East-west highway(section from Pyeongtak to Chungju) will be opened
• Buses access to everywhere in Korea through high speed bus systems
• Accessible from all directions, linked with national road 3, 19, 36
and 38
• Chungbuk Rail Service, electrified for the environment, will be
| Team Transportation |
• Shuttle bus service from international airports to official accommodation
will be provided by the Organising Committee free of charge.
• Each team should confirm their arrival and departure times in advance.
| International transport of boats |
• The Organising Committee can introduce you quality transport agencies for your
boat transport.
• It will take from one to three hours from international ports such as Incheon,
Pyeongtak and Busan to the Regatta.
Access from ports
Access from airports
Rowing the World
18 + 19
A c c o m m o dation
Special and diverse accommodation facilities!
Chungju, a leisure city for people around
the world!
From quality accommodation and official hotels to delicious and various food
programs, you can experience a top-quality service from sincere hearts of people so
that you will be able to focus your energy only on competition.
| Official Accommodation |
• Suanbo Chosun Tourist Hotel, Grand Hotel, Holly Spa Hotel
Full-board Price in US dollars
Driving time
Distance from
No. of
Price (person/in
the Regatta
US Dollars)
from the
Regatta Venue
Venue (km)
Suanbo Chosun
Four stars
Tourist Hotel
Three stars
Three stars
Grand Hotel
Holly Spa Hotel
• During the event, shuttle bus service between official hotels and the Regatta will be provided by the Organising
Committee at free of charge.
• Reservation & Inquiry: please contact the Organising Committee when you have questions and requests on hotel
- Person in charge: Hong Seong Seol, Jin HAN
- Contact point: + 82 43 850 6682 (fax + 82 43 850 3209)
- E-mail: [email protected]
| Other accommodation facilities |
• 533 rooms of seven hotels around the Regatta
• High-quality condominium with 671 units
• Accommodation facilities in Suanbo area are accessible in 20-30 minutes from the Tangeum Regatta
• Grand Hotel
- 855, Bongbang-dong, Chungju-si,
- 109-1, Onchon-ri, Suanbo-myun, Chungju-si,
- + 82 43 848 5554
• Suanbo Chosun Tourist Hotel
| Food |
• All meals will be composed of various foods to satisfy your preferences and served in buffet.
- + 82 43 848 8833
• Breakfast and dinner will be served in accommodations and lunch in a athlete restaurant in the Regatta.
Rowing the World
20 + 21
• Holly Spa Hotel
- 264-1, Onchon-ri, Suanbo-myun, Chungju-si,
- + 82 43 843 2001
Tr a v e l
Rich resources for sight-seeing and enjoying fun!
Chungju, a special tourist zone designated by the
Korean Government!
The Organising Committee will provide you with information
not only on tourist activities developed in line with the rowing
events but also on additional programmes including some
tourist spots in Korea and East Asia.
| Tour of Chungju |
• Course: Jungangtap Pagoda - Chungju Goguryeo-bhi - Prehistoric Museum in
Jodong-ri -Chungju Lake boat tours-Temple Site in Mireuk-ri-Suanbo Hot Spring
For more information, please visit
• City tour by bus will be provided.
• Travel hours: 9
• Expense: free of charge (provided that lunch and ferry fee shall be taken by
| Tour of Chungbuk |
• North Area: Chungju Lake Tour. Inc - Cheongpung Culture Heritage Park - Sukyeong
Fountain - Sainam Rock - Dodam Sambong - Ondal Grotto
• Jungbu Area: Early Printing Museum - Historic Museum of BaekJe - CheongJu
National Museum - Cheong NamDae - Muneui Cultural Comples -Sangsoo Herb Land
For more information, please visit
| Tour of Korea |
Regarding to major tourist destination, courses and expected expense, you can refer to the web-site of Korea Tourism
Organization. -
| Tour of East Asia |
As for travel courses and expense of neighboring China and Japan, you can refer to
information by timeline and price level at the web-site of Korea Tourism
Organization. -
• If you have any question and/or request on tourist information, please contact
the Organising Committee.
- Person in charge: Yang Soon Seok, Jin HAN
- Contact point : +82 43 850 6682 (fax +82 43 850 3209)
- E-mail: [email protected]
Rowing the World
22 + 23
E q u i p m e n t & Media S ervice
Diverse latest boats!
Enjoy through convenient rental services!
| Boat Rental |
O r g a n is in g Co m m itte e
2013 FISA World Rowing Championships
Organising Committee will do its best to support
your performance and to ensure impeccable
operation of the event.
• Boats rental service will be provided for all teams which do
not bring their own boats.
• Daily lease expense is USD 25 for single scull and USD 35
for double scull.
• Please, inform us in advance on the number and period of
boat leasing to following e-mail address.
• Person in charge
- Name: Shin, Dong-hee and Han,Jin
- Tel: + 82 43 850 6681
- Fax: +82 43 850 3209
- E-mail: [email protected]
[email protected]
| Bicycle Rental |
| Contact |
• Address: 2013 World Rowing Championships Organising Committee
F10 Chungju City Hall, 21 Eutteum-ro, Chungju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do Republic of Korea
• Tel: + 82 43 850 6682
• Fax: + 82 43 850 3209
• E-mail: [email protected]
• Webpage:
| Organising Committee |
• You can conveniently rent
bicycles at a designated place
in the Regatta.
• A total number of 30 bicycles
are available at USD 3 per day.
| KRA |
Secretary General
- Comprehensive
Planning General Affairs
State-of-the-art digital media of Chungju!
To help communication with the world!
Kwak, Jeumhong
An, Myongja
General Manager
Kweon, Ohdong
Park, Taein
- Comprehensive operational
Competition Director
Lee, Kyebeak
- External Director of KRA
(Korea Rowing Association)
workoperational work
External Cooperation
General Manager
Business Team
Business Support Dept.
- Comprehensive operational
secretary work
Planning & Coordination Dept.
Kang, Hodong
International Director
Ken Lee / Lee, Kihyun
- Executive Officer of ARF
(Asia Rowing Federation)
Culture & PR Team
General Manager
General Manager
Kweon, Soonseong
An, Namgyu
Competition Assistant
Cheon, Jaekon
| Media Service |
• Media from all over the world will enjoy state-of-the-art services which enhance
its reporting on great performances of Asian rowers.
• High-speed Internet service, telecom and fax will be provided.
Venue Structures,
Facilities, Manager
Lee, Beomchan
Rowing the World
24 + 25
Event Operation Manager
Kim, Myeounggyu
Umpire Director
Lee, Seontae
Vi c t o r y & S uccess!
With perfect preparation,
2013 FISA World Rowing
Championships, the Organising
Committee will contribute to
the development of rowing
in Asia.
Through impeccable preparation of the 2012 FISA Asian Olympic
Qualification Regatta, Chungju will ensure greater satisfaction and
realize the moment of truth for you.
The development of a top-quality Regatta environment, perfect
operation of the event and the provision of ancillary services of Chungju
will lay the solid foundation for the development of rowing in Asia.
While making efforts to get good appraisal from participants like rowers
and staff as well as from general spectators, the Organising Committee
will do its best to leave the event as a light house for the bright future
of the sports in Asia.
Grand festival of water sports, beyond your expectation!
Chungju, Korea is looking forward to meeting you!

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