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Senior Newsletter - The Southport School
Senior Newsletter
No 22 Thursday 28 July 2011
Jo Inglis - head of learning and teaching
SS Year 12 boys have been
trialing iPads as assistive learning
devices and the trial continues
in Semester Two with a number of boys
expanding the trial to TSS Netbooks.
The TSS IPad/Netbook trial outcomes
will inform decisions for the provision of
technology at TSS from 2012. Boys from
all year levels are, of course, encouraged
to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) as
the personalized device becomes more
appropriate for learning.
Technology is impacting education at
a remarkable pace, with considerable
world-wide research directed towards
a forward vision. The New Media
Consortium Horizon Report series is
the most visible outcome of the Horizon
Project, an ongoing research effort
established in 2002 that identifies and
describes emerging technologies likely to
have a large impact on learning, teaching,
research, and creative expression within
education around the globe. The 2011
Horizon Report identifies the following
“Current Trends” pertinent to education;
• The abundance of resources and
relationships made easily accessible
via the Internet is increasingly
challenging us to revisit our roles as
• As IT support becomes more and
more decentralized, the technologies
we use are increasingly based not on
school servers, but in the cloud.
• Technology continues to profoundly
affect the way we all work,
collaborate, communicate, and
• People expect to be able to work,
learn, and study whenever and
wherever they want to.
• The perceived value of innovation
and creativity is increasing.
Along with “Current Trends” the
Report’s advisory board notes “Critical
Challenges” that schools face, especially
those that are likely to continue to affect
education over a five-year time period.
• Digital media literacy continues its
rise in importance as a key skill in
every discipline and profession.
• Economic pressures and new
models of education are presenting
unprecedented competition to
traditional models of schools.
• The demand for personalized
learning is not adequately supported
by current technology or practices.
• A key challenge is the fundamental
structure of the P-12 education
• Many activities related to learning
and education take place outside the
walls of the classroom and thus are
not part of our learning metrics.
The report also identifies “Technologies
to Watch” with likely “Adoption
Timelines” for their entrance into
mainstream use for teaching, learning,
and creative applications in the P-12
environment. Whilst not a predictive
tool, the Horizon Report aims to
highlight emerging technologies with
considerable potential for our focus
areas of learning, teaching and creative
Near-term horizon - that is, within the
next 12 months;
• Cloud computing has already
transformed the way users of the
Internet think about computing and
communication, data storage and
access, and collaborative work.
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Coming Events
Senior Music Camp - Tyalgum
Scots College Sydney Arrive
Yr 11 English Short Story
Yr 2 History Walk Tour of Senior
G & T Excursion - Science
P-2 Assembly 10.30am-11.00am
Older Old Boys Assembly &
Year 3-7 Assembly 12.30pm
Round 2 CIC Basketball vs
Nudgee College
McKinley Annual House BBQ
5Cadet Camp
Yr 11 Outdoor Education Camp
Sports Coaching Accreditation
Yr 12’s
IDEALS Week Day 3 Yr 8 & Yr 12
P-2 Assembly 10.30am-11.00am
Year 3-7 Assembly 12.30pm
Round 3 CIC Basketball vs St
Rugby/Football Rd 9 IGS (H)
Old Boys Reunion BBQ and
Delpratt Annual Breakfast
Round 2 CIC Tennis vs Nudgee
8TSS Cattle Show Team - EKKA
Yr 2 Choir Eisteddfod Art Centre
Yr 12 Tech Studies Folio Due
Year 10 Eco Assign Due (This
P-2 Chapel 10.30am
Yrs 3-7 Chapel 12.45-1.15pm
Camerata Singers Eisteddfod Art
Boarders’ Chapel
Yr 11 Outdoor Education Camp
Old Boys Community Chapel
Yr 11 Outdoor Education Camp
Yr 8, 9 & 10 Honours Projects
Year 12 Accounting Exam
P-2 Chapel 10.30am
Yrs 3-7 Chapel 12.45-1.15pm
TSS/St Hilda’s Dance Class #7
Boarders’ Chapel
Yr 11 Outdoor Education Camp
Yr 12 IPT Computer Crime Essay
Scots College Sydney Depart
School Council Meeting
3Cadet Camp
Yr 11 Outdoor Education Camp
IDEALS Week Day 1 Yr 8 & Yr 12
Sports Coaching Accreditation
Yr 12’s
Holy Communion
TSS Speech Variety Club
4 Cadet Camp
Yr 11 Outdoor Education Camp
Sports Coaching Accreditation
Yr 12’s
IDEALS Week Day 2 Yr 8 & Yr 12
Cricket training Yr 6-7 Senior
13Tennis/Basketball Rd 1 TSS Bye
TSS Cattle Show Team - EKKA
Round 4 CIC Tennis vs BGS
Gymnastics Rd 3 BBC (A)
Year 12 Parents
nicci wilson
Yr 11 Outdoor Education Camp
GPS Cross Country - Ipswich
Round 3 CIC Tennis vs St. Pats
7TSS Cattle Show Team - EKKA
Regional Touch
P & F Committee Meeting
TSS Cattle Show Team - EKKA
Australian Maths Competition
Yr 4 Choir Eisteddfod Art Centre
Yr12 Art Body of Work 2 prac
Yr 12 Chinese Reading Test
G&T Conference
Round Square Breakfast Meeting
Holy Communion
TSS Cattle Show Team - EKKA
House Track & Field
11TSS Cattle Show Team - EKKA
Yr10 Chinese Speaking and
Writing Task
Assembly - Dean’s List
Yr 5-7 Choir Eisteddfod Art
Basketball Season Lauch
Gala Concert
12Chess Rd 1 TSS Bye
TSS Cattle Show Team - EKKA
P-2 Assembly 10.30am-11.00am
Year 3-7 Assembly 12.30pm
Round 4 CIC Basketball vs BGS
An invitation is extended to all Year 12
Parents to a lunch on Friday 29 July, 2011
at 12.30pm at Spendelove Ferry Road
Please RSVP to Nicci Wilson 0413 622
757 or email [email protected]
so a table can be booked. This is just as a
mid-year get together before the last rugby
game, as some of the Boarder Mums may
be in town.
The Store
opening times
The store will be closed from 1.30pm –
2.30pm each day until Monday 15 August.
Apologies for any inconvenience.
technology trends cont
• Mobiles are a category that defy long-term definitions. With more than 1.2 billion new mobile devices produced each year, the pace
of innovation in the mobile markets is unprecedented. Mobiles, especially smartphones and tablets, enable ubiquitous access to
information, social networks, tools for learning and productivity with hundreds of thousands of custom applications.
Second Adoption Horizon - two to three years out;
• Game-based learning has grown in recent years as research continues to demonstrate its effectiveness for learning yet the greatest
potential of games for learning lies in the ability to foster collaboration and engage students deeply in the process of learning.
• Open Content is the current form of a movement that began a decade ago, when universities began to make their course content
freely available. Ten years later, schools have also begun to share a significant amount of curricula, resources, and learning materials.
There is a growing variety of open content from K- 12 organizations and schools, and in many parts of the world, open content
represents a profound shift in the way students study and learn.
Far-term Horizon- four to five years away;
• “Learning Analytics” loosely joins a variety of data gathering tools and analytic techniques to study student engagement, performance
and progress in practice, with the goal of using what is learned to revise curricula, teaching, and assessment in real time.
• Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) refer to student-designed learning approaches that encompass different types of content;
videos, apps, games, social media tools, the goal being for students to have more control over how they learn, and for teachers to set
expectations that their students will be more engaged in understanding and applying their learning.
Education is not alone in experiencing the impact of technological change. TSS teachers are enthusiastically facing the challenges of the
tide of change, with an ever-strong focus of care for the individual boy.
The Horizon Report in its entirety can read at
Scot Gannon - careers
1. The University of Queensland (UQ), and UQ Sport in partnership with the
Alumni Friends of The University of Queensland are pleased to offer sporting scholarships to outstanding sports people enrolled at
UQ each year.
Scholarship holder benefits include:
• Financial assistance
• Free access to UQ Sporting facilities
• Academic support
• Free education programs
• Access to high performance support services
In 2012 the following scholarships are on offer:
• UQ Sports Achievement Scholarships: $6,000 for one year plus support services valued at $1,500.
• Clem Jones Sporting Scholarships: $6,000 plus support services valued at $1,500 per year for 3 years.
To apply: All applications are made online only. Application forms, further eligibility requirements and information may be found in the
scholarship section of the UQ Sport website
2. Bond University’s Soheil Abedian School of Architecture is holding an Information session for students interested in studying
Architecture at Bond on Wednesday 3 August. From 6.00pm.
Applications for our September Student for a Semester Program open on Monday, July 18.
• View the list of subjects available in our September Student for a Semester timetable (PDF Kb) - lecture and tutorial times will be
available online by Monday, July 18
• Applications for the September program are open to current year 11 and 12 students
• The online application form will go live at on Monday, July 18
• For assistance with the application form, please view the Student for a Semester application process
• Student for a Semester participants receive a discount on subjects fees - program fee is $229.00
Surfside Buslines
Andrew Stark - head of libraries
Important reminder
Please be advised that as a result of
Brisbane Show Day being gazetted as a
“student free day” for the Gold Coast
State schools, as in previous years,
Surfside Buslines School services will
not operate on the Wednesday 17 August
Parents will need to make alternative
arrangements for safe travel to & from
It appears that, according to recent library statistics, the reading programme at TSS is
beginning to have a very positive influence on boys’ reading. Over recent months, boys
from Year 7 to 10 have increased their level of borrowing quite dramatically. It is also very
reassuring to note that, while boys in Years 11 and 12 do have a lot on their academic
plates, the level of borrowing at these two year levels is also quite healthy. Never let it be
said a boy ‘has nothing to do’ – the world of literature is entertaining, enlightening and
The Senior Library also believes it is very important allowing boys to claim some
‘ownership’ of their library’s collection and they are always welcome to recommend titles
for us to purchase. As we all know, few things in life are certain but it is guaranteed that if
one boy wants to read a particular book, three other boys will too.
Boarder Parent
This is just a reminder that the next
Boarder Parent Meeting will be
on Friday 29 July at 3.00pm in the
Memorial Room. Please note the change
in time due to the McKinley BBQ.
If anyone has any agenda items could
you please email them to Vanessa Parkes
by Monday 25 July.
The Year 7 boys, who are currently visiting the Senior Library each Thursday, have taken
their reading programme one step further and are now completing oral presentations on
the books they have been reading recently. Throughout Semester Two, it is anticipated
that each boy in Year 7 will present two oral reports to his class. Boys are asked to present
an overview of their book’s plot, describe two of the characters in the story, and provide
some insight into the themes and symbols in the text. While this exercise may be a little
daunting for some boys, the benefits of sharing ideas with peers and hearing about other
books from classmates is a very valuable learning and literary experience.
Last week, I was approached by an on-line magazine and publishing house to nominate 4
boys to read and review a recently published work of fiction. Some of our boys (including
those in Year 7) may well be interested in becoming a ‘published reviewer’ and I will be
approaching boys who have shown a real interest in reading and discussing the books
they have selected over the last few weeks. This is an exciting opportunity for some of
our boys and I look forward to providing you with more information relating to this in
the near future.
Happy Reading!
Thursday 1 September 2011
6.30PM - 11.00PM
Kerry Thomas - director of golf
A magic day for golf on Monday, 79 students
from 8 schools took to the challenging Royal
Pines GC.
I would like to congratulate the following
Tristan Nicholls (1 under par!!) 2nd place
Our junior team of Shalun Hay, Pete Baldry
and Yash Bhoola won the primary event from
three other schools.
(Yash also won the outright junior event and
Pete second) … the future of TSS Golf is in
good hands.
Final round will be held on Monday 24
above: tristan nicholls year 9 maughan
speech variety club
John Wallace - mic speech variety
A very successful meeting was held in the TSS Memorial Room on the evening of Wednesday, 19th July.
Thirty five boys participated in prepared speeches and impromptu speeches. Tim Wilson spoke of his commitment to Gymnastics,
Cameron Krynicki gave an informative speech on Alexander The Great, James Gunthorpe delivered a humorous speech on the
unconditional love of dogs, Charlie Martin delivered an interesting speech on the subject of procrastination and Elliott Clarke-Wellsmore
gave an entertaining speech on how he won the heart of a young lady to take to the Year 12 Formal. All speeches were of an exceptionally
high standard. Impromptu presentations followed the Main Speeches.
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, 16th August 7-9pm in the N3 classroom. Speeches will be delivered by Douglas Brown,
Joshua Matulin, Vincent di Bella, E.J.Crawford, Harrison Jones, Patrice Ciadella, Scott Bear and Declan Clarke-Wellsmore. Impromptu
presentations will conclude the evening.
Thank you to Mrs Karen Plant on being Adjudicator for the evening.
A huge thankyou to mums Monique Lloyd, Jane Denison, Suzi Patras and Kris Hailey who provided the supper for the evening.
Cattle Club - mudgeeraba and gatton shows
The cattle club have been extremely busy over the holiday period and early into Term Three. Both shows proved to be very successful for
the boys with the following results.
Reserve Champion Tropical Female Little Valley Celest
Champion Braford Female Little Valley Saadi
2nd Place heavy weight Steers (<500kgs) TSS Wain
3rd Place heavy Weight Steers (<500kgs) TSS GUS
Grand Champion Droughtmaster female
Grand Champion Braford Female (TSS Mascara)
2nd places to Grandview bulls (16-20 mths and 20 -24 mths)
The team had an opportunity to look after “fit” for Boonah
Droughtmaster Breeders (Greg and Dianne Anderson
(Grandview Stud). All the boys aquitted themselves very well
and it was a tremendous opportunity for them to be in a real life
employment situation with the Andersons being impressed with
the job performed. The boys are now busy preparing for EKKA.
above: edward walton year 12 maughan
cake stall donations wanted
WANTED: Cake Stall donations of baked items like cakes, cupcakes, muffins, biscuits and cookies, sweet or savoury, all will be gratefully
received. Donations can be dropped off at the Music Department by Friday, 29th July, no later than 3:20, or on the morning of Saturday
30th of July at the Friends Of Music Cake Stall, Centenery Centre.
Friends of Music are also holding a raffle for two double passes to the internationally acclaimed show ‘STOMP’ at Jupiters Casino.
Proceeds will go towards purchase of a Soprano Saxophone for the school’s music programme.
You are invited to attend the
2011 GPS Basketball
Season Launch
Thursday 11 August 2011 in the Centenary Centre
6.15PM FOR 6.30PM
Brett Brown - Head Coach of the
Australian Boomers
$25.00 Adults
$15.00 Students
Includes complimentary drink on arrival
and finger food
A cash bar will be available on the night.
Adults - Smart Casual
Students - School Uniform
Open Squad - Chapel Dress
Tickets available at The Store
Gymnastics - Success at Qld State Championships
Glenn Ng - director of gymnastics
Over the school holidays, 10 boys from The Southport School
qualified and competed at the 2011 Queensland Gymnastics
Championships. While the majority of boys have all upgraded levels
and are in a transitional stage, the boys still competed very well and
have to be commended for their improvements over the season.
Special mention must go to our youngest competitor, Caid Jenkins,
who scored enough points to qualify and participate in his first ever
state championship competition! Congratulations boys for your
efforts at the state championships and we look forward to the GPS
championships in 6 weeks.
State Championship Competitiors:
Caid Jenkins
Timothy Cousins
Christian Behn Katz (3rd on rings, 3rd on vault, member of the 1st
placed Gold Coast Regional Team)
Fintan Lane
Connor Joss
Timothy Wilson (state champion on Pommel and Vault, 3rd All-Around)
above: Caid Jenkins, taylor moss, Fintan lane,
George Hain
finley kroon, Samuel schukin
Rhygen Werrett (2nd on high bar)
Finlay Kroon (representing Gold Coast Gymnastics Club and the Queensland academy of sport, state champion on Rings, Pbars and
High bar, 2nd All-around)
Samuel Schukin (Representing Super Performance Centre, 3rd floor
above: christian behn-katz, timothy wilson,
george hain and rhygan werrett
Football Results
Directors Report
What a difference a week makes! Last weekend we played in wet, muddy and miserable conditions with most games being dominated
by a very tough BBC opposition. This week the weather was fantastic, we had record numbers of boys playing football and we produced
the best match results we’ve ever achieved in the GPS competition. TSS dominated
almost every game, with only 2 losses over the entire day. More importantly, we
played good football, worked well in our teams and showed good sportsmanship on
and off the field. Our boys have been training very hard in recent weeks and deserve
the success they enjoyed on Saturday.
Next week is the final round of Football for 2011, with the Football Awards Night
being held in the Annand Theatre on Saturday 30 July starting at 5pm.
As we lead up to the final round of the GPS competition, it’s great to see more of our
talented young players being recognised:
Brad Savage (Year 10) has been offered a place at the Chelsea FC Football
Academy in New Zealand where he will train with some of the most talented
young players in Asia and Oceania.
Declan Lawson (Year 9) has been selected in the Queensland Under 14 team
and will represent the state at the National Titles in September.
Fraser Stevens (Year 10) has been selected to play for the Queensland Academy
of Sport in the QSL competition.
These 3 boys join our growing list of state and national representatives.
Good luck to all our footballers for the week ahead.
1st XI TSS 2 drew GT 2
Saturday against Gregory Terrace proved to be a perfect day for playing football, and an enjoyable day was had by all in the sunny mild
conditions. From the start we dominated on the field, but as so often has happened in recent games, our concentration lapsed, and the
opposition slipped through our defence to score two easy goals. Subsequently a free kick outside the box resulted in a cross from Mitch
Cooper and a header from Fraser Stevens which found the back of the net.
Down again 2-1 at the break, our coach spoke about being more effective in the attacking third on the pitch and creating space and better
positioning for more attacking chances. He praised our efforts but called for a more thoughtful approach to our game.
The second half commenced with even with more chances for us, and finally Jacob Livermore produced a great goal to leave us just
minutes to find the winner. Although we came close to scoring, the final
whistle saw the game ending in a draw 2-2.
This game was another opportunity for us to register a resounding win, but it
wasn’t to be despite the obvious desire and effort, so we look towards our final
match against Ipswich on Saturday to round off the season.
10A TSS 3 vs. GT 0
The boys started off the game very well as we dominated the first half going
2-0 up by half time, thanks to great strikes from Aidan Haritos and Blake
Angus. The second half was a bit different as GT came out strong and applied
early pressure. Even with GT’s pressure TSS ended up scoring another goal to
consolidate TSS lead to 3-0, thanks to Marcus Haritos. Great game to the boys,
good luck this weekend’s last game against Ipswich Grammar.
Football Results
9A GT 3 def TSS 2
On the weekend Gregory Terrace travelled down from Brisbane to face the strong
TSS 9A football side. Southport started off brilliantly with consistent passing and
confident attitudes. We scored after the first 10 minutes with a superb goal from
Jack Levien. Half time came around and the score still stayed at 1-0 TSS. Early into
the second half GT scored a header from a corner making it 1-1. Unfortunately our
confidence dropped and GT found the net again. Immediately after the whistle GT
scored another goal making it 3-1 Gregory Terrace. Nonetheless TSS still held their
heads up high and Declan Lawson took a wild shot outside the box and scored to
make the final score TSS - 2, GT - 3.
Report by Antonio Libretto.
TSS Foundation Business Breakfast
Tuesday 23 August 2011
Special Guest Dr Peter Beattie
Dr Beattie is the former Premier of Queensland and former Queensland Trade Commissioner for
the Americas. He became leader of the Labor Party in Queensland in 1996 and was elected Premier
in 1998. He held this position for nine years, until retiring in 2007. During his time as Premier,
Dr Beattie launched the Smart State Strategy to boost biotechnology research in Queensland. The
Institute for Molecular Bioscience was the first institute built under the Smart State Strategy. After
retiring as Premier, Dr Beattie was appointed Trade Commissioner for the Americas. He retired
from this position in 2010. Dr Beattie is currently the non-executive Chair of the Board of the
National Association of Cinema Operations – Australasia (NACO)
Rugby Results
Adrian Blundell - director of rugby
FIRST XV – TSS 60 def GT 21
Early in the game, Brendan Elliot converted a penalty however GT came
back and was pressuring our line until Dominic Paranthoiene did a great
tackle and stole the ball which ended up in Lachie Duncan’s hands for him
to race away and score. GT persisted and were rewarded with a try out wide
and a good conversion. Birthday boy Josh McHugh then received an inside
flick pass to score, however GT again came back to get a converted try. We
then received a penalty near the posts but we took the scrum and Matt
Fairnington ran from the base to score. Winiata Barrett also got over the
line right on half time however the referee did not award the try. Half time
score 22-14. Coach Wallace wanted fewer penalties, constant pressure and a
faster game.
Shortly afterwards quick hands got the ball to Brendan Elliott who beat
three defenders to score under the posts. Next, good work by the forwards
saw big Sam Fattal barge over under the posts to score. GT finished
their scoring for the day with some good pick and drives and gained a
converted try. Again pressured on our score line, the boys ran a full backline
movement with a big run from Matt Fairnington and good back up from
Winiata Barrett who scored.
A few substitutions occurred around the ten minute mark, but it was still
try time. Winiata Barrett scores under the posts after a quick tap near the
sideline, then he made a good break from the kick off to pass to Harry
McCallum who received a big cheer from the crowd when he scored.
Finally after some counter attack and good ball speed through the backs, Winiata Barrett scored his hat trick while out on the wing.
Brendan converted six of the nine tries to help give us a 60-21 win.
The forwards all played well with Zac Potter, Winiata Barrett and Antony Vassiliades receiving the top mentions. The boys know they are
in for a different game against IGS but are determined to, and this may be our catch cry, ‘finish strong’.
The Second XV match was an excellent display of schoolboy rugby with both teams demonstrating skills well beyond their years. The GT
side was a very skilled and determined team especially in early defence. The TSS boys played one of their best games much to the pleasure
of their coaches. Their defence was rock solid and their attack was relentless.
Tries were scored by Campbell Kennett, John Simmons, Jack Hoath with Tim
Smith scoring one try and successful with two conversions.
Full marks must go to our boys for their discipline and determination
throughout this match. As usual this victory was a real team effort and a
credit to the boys and their coaching staff. Tries were scored by Will Burey
and Jamieson Raby securing a double .Tim Wilson was successful with one
conversion. There is a rumour that the TSS thirds are well represented in the
2011 Wallabies squad affording a special and proud moment for our only lady
With changes to the team this week due to injuries the 4ths found difficulties
in making their combinations work as well as maintaining their defensive
patterns. Tries were scored by Tyrone Osborne and Dempsey Laurie.
This match was extremely entertaining with both teams determined to win and
the boys from both sides demonstrating a high level of skill and team spirit.
The final score in this match says it all with defence on both sides very solid.
Tries for TSS were scored by Josh Pels, Anthony Abreu and Edwin Clark-
Rugby Results
Wellsmore with Alex MacInnes successful with one conversion.
The Under 16 Age Group performed well against Terrace with three wins
and a loss. Again the boys played with spirit.
Next week is the final GPS game of the season versus Ipswich at Home.
16A TSS 33 def GT 10
The 16A team showed why they are close to being the best team in the
competition with a convincing win 33-10. The team played well. Despite
some lapses during the game their strength and skill won out in the end
with the final score TSS 33 Terrace 10. Tries were scored by Michael
Scholefield, Josh Evans, Adam Gauder, Nili Fielea and Mario Maipakai.
Adam Gauder converted 4 times. Coach Bromley is looking forward to the
encounter with Ipswich next week.
16B TSS 39 def GT 12
The 16 B Team played superb attacking Rugby winning 39-12. Coach
Lategan was impressed with his team and expressed this to the boys at the
conclusion of the game. The forwards were dominant and pushed Terrace
off the ball constantly. The backs had a field day with many opportunities to
score which were capitalized on. TSS try scorers were Issak Fines-Leleiwasa
2, Alex Land 2, Christian Kafritsas 1, Jock Campbell 1 and David Brisk 1.
Charles Wright converted twice.
16C TSS 19 def GT 0
The 16 C’s started off slowly but eventually knuckled down to good Rugby winning 19-0. When the opportunity arose the backs took
full advantage scoring three tries. The forwards more than matched Terrace and gave their back line many opportunities to score. Coach
Sutherland was pleased with his team’s effort. Ben Sartor scored twice and Theo Pelgen once. William Bell converted on two occasions.
16D GT 24 def TSS 10
The 16 D’s were out muscled by a relentless Terrace forward pack who gave no quarter humbling the TSS forward pack. The boys tried
hard but very little ball went to our backs but when it did the backs looked dangerous. Henry Eden ran hard and was rewarded with two
tries. Terrace won 24-10 and thoroughly deserved their win. Coaches Pohl and Dickie were pleased with boys’ never say die attitude.
15A TSS 24 def GT 7
This team plays entertaining well drilled, highly skilled rugby. The members of this team can reflect on a season where consideration
of a variation of the draw could have given a completely different result. TSS was definitely the more experienced team with greater
characteristics of team development and individual skills. The level of combined skill development has progressed markedly throughout
the season. Congratulations to the 15As for a fine display of school boy rugby.
Try scorers were Josh Neal, P.J. Van Den Berg, Luke Robinson and Fred Dorrough. Fred Dorrough converted two tries.
15B TSS 15 def GT 12
As an observer of the Under 15 games, it is rewarding to watch team members improve throughout the season. However, it is just as
rewarding to observe a team work together to achieve a task; in this case winning a game under extreme conditions dealt to TSS by a well
skilled opposition. This game came down to the last two minutes with both teams locked at 12 all. A penalty was awarded to TSS in front
of the posts. The penalty kick would award the winning team the maximum number of points. This game was open attacking rugby from
both sides. It was also effective defensive rugby. There were examples of well executed tackles by TSS. These halted play for another ruck
or maul. TSS played as a team possessed with the will to win. This was an extremely entertaining and vigorous game.
Try scorers were Ryan Menzies and Zaid Khan. Ryan Menzies converted one try and kicked the penalty.
15C TSS 12 def GT 0
The first half of this game could not give a prediction of which team was more dominant. Both teams played effective defensive rugby
which, by half time resulted in TSS scoring one try. The second half was more open with the backs desperately trying to break through
the GT defence. Eventually, a second try was scored and converted giving TSS that safety barrier to win.
Rugby Results
Try scorers for TSS were Jackson Eddy and Joshua Moy. Jonathan Goodman converted one try.
15D TSS 54 def GT 0
TSS was ruthless in their defence against GT. Both teams produced open football but TSS was extremely vigorous in containing the GT
ball in the inside backs. GT had a heavier forward pack, which made our forwards work smarter by holding the ball in the rucks and then
moving it to the backline. The backs gained valuable ground in most cases of possession. It was quite interesting to notice the team work
in the backline. The ball would quite often move out to the wing and then return to the inside backs, the backline combination gained
valuable ground.
Try scorers were Jarrod Harkin, Lachlan Quinn (3), Ben Walker, Harry Begg and Ziggie Zantiotis. Nicholas Crossley converted seven
15E TSS 31 def GT 15
Initially, this game was quite even with effective defence on both sides. After half time, TSS returned to the field having been inspired by
their coach. The members started playing smart rugby. TSS also appeared to be the team with the superior conditioning. The second half
produced a well drilled TSS defence with efficient tackling and effective ball control. This style of play stopped the Terrace players from
gaining valuable ground and increasing their score.
Try scorers were Craig Van Der Hoven (2), Oscar Presto, Will Schmarr and Mihai Streza. Two conversions were kicked by Will Schmarr
and one by Craig Van Der Hoven
14A TSS 28 def GT 5
Coach Swinton congratulated the boys on the win mentioning how proud he was of the day’s performance. It was the best structured
game full of intensity and controlled play. The boys executed the general plan, tackled hard and played for each other as a team.
Try: Liam Longbottom, Cleve Barrell, Toby Greenup, Tyler Leskiw. Conversion: Liam Longbottom (4). Best Forward: Toby Greenup /
Best Back: Liam Longbottom / Best Player: Tyler Leskiw
14B GT 32 def TSS 5
Coach Roberts said that the tas were dangerous when they got the ball but was disappointed that this did not happen often and boys did
not play to game plan or institute this week’s training focus. There was a lot of good running defence against a strong opposition and boys
played hard for the full game.
Try: Patrice Cialdella. Best Forward: Josh Neilson / Best Back: Wade Tuaupiki / Best Player: Josh Neilson
14C GT 37 def TSS 0
The coaches were very happy with the constant pressure the team applied and
mentioned that they thought this was an outstanding effort which showed
heart and commitment for the whole game. The continued improvement was
evident and it should be noted that a few boys played a half in the D’s to make
Best Forward: Lauchlan Meyer / Best Back : Willem Kuiken / Best Player:
Blake Malanot
14d GT 90 def TSS 0
The D’s were not at full strength for this game due to illness among the u14
players and it took the first half for the team to find their fighting spirit. Coach
mentioned that they were not employing the skills taught during training and
that there was need for more talk during the game. In the second half of the
game the boys were more competitive.
Best Forward: Jackson Rees / Best Back: Blake Malanot / Best Player: Jackson
The greatest good we can do for others is not just to share our riches with
them, but to reveal theirs.
Rugby Results
13A TSS 35 def. GT 12
The boys started strongly this week, scoring the first two tries early in the match. Max Statham and Hayden Sargeant crossed the line and
Sam Scott converted both tries. However, the boys failed to capitalise on early momentum and let GT cross their line before the half time
break, bringing the scores back to 14-7 at half time. Although the final score blew out towards the end of the second half, the majority
of the match was a very even tussle between both teams with TSS being able to capitalise on some well created opportunities. The boys
continue to train extremely well and it’s great to see their hard work pay dividends at the business end of the season.
13B GT 34 def. TSS 10
The B’s team played very well again this week and fielded the strongest team we have fielded this season. At half time we were still very
much in the game and the boys took a very “go forward” mentality into the second half. Unfortunately, some tired defence and a lack of
commitment at the breakdown allowed a very structured GT side to dominate our boys in the second half. They very effectively exploited
the 2-3 extra seconds we were taking to get to the ruck in support of some very strong individual runs.
13C GT 43 def. TSS 5
The C’s were able to field a full side this week with many players coming back from travel, illness and injury. This was great for team
moral and allowed most players to play in their preferred positions. The 13C’s team they played was an excellent little outfit and really
highlighted the depth which GT have in this age group. At the conclusion of the B’s and C’s games referees commented on the “great
spirit” in which games had been played by our boys and the GT boys across the 13’s age group.
Australian Schoolboy rugby Section
Year 12 student and Rugby Captain Campbell Wakely has earned a place in the Australian Schoolboys rugby squad that will take on
England, then New Zealand later this year. The 17-year-old hooker was part of the Queensland team, inspired by the Reds’ victory in the
Super 15, which beat New South Wales in the national championships recently, 30-12. The schoolboys soaked up the Suncorp Stadium
clash at the venue, then woke the next morning to take on Queensland’s traditional rival.
Wakely came off the bench for Queensland during the tournament, so it was
to his great delight he was announced as part of the Australian team. It was his
third straight year representing the state and he had always harboured a desire
to make the national side.
He stopped short of saying it was a dream come true, because he dreams
of loftier achievements in rugby, and is also planning to attend university,
and hopes to study physical sciences. Campbell began his rugby career as a
five-year-old with the Coolangatta Tweed Heads Barbarians juniors, which
eventually became the Casuarina Beach Rugby Club. It is believed he is the
first Tweed boy to make the Australian Schoolboys rugby side.
The team plays England in late August, or early September, and is then rechosen for the New Zealand clash.
wallabies at tss
The Southport School has a long GPS sporting tradition but it wasn’t until ex Wallaby Barry Honan took over the coaching role in 1988
that TSS started to get noticed. After Barry left Garry Nucifora took over 1st XV coaching duties and saw Matt Rogers, Nathan Sharpe
and Nathan Grey all play for the Wallabies. In the past 10 years TSS has become one of the best breeding grounds for young rugby
talents. This week five TSS old boys, who have been selected in the Australian World Cup Squad, returned to their old school with their
Wallaby team mates for a week long training camp. Veteran test lock Nathan Sharpe was joined by the young guns from the successful
Queensland Reds side, Scott Higginbotham, James Slipper, Luke Monahan & Robert Simmons. The TSS 1st XV were allowed to train
along side the full Wallaby side on Monday and then the coaches at the Prep and Senior school were entertained by the five Wallabies as
they described their different journeys from school rugby to Super 15 and National selection. Director of Sport Bryan Hain highlighted
that with over 550 rugby players in school just having the Wallaby’s on site, signing jerseys and chatting to the students was such a huge
motivational opportunity. Hain “Why can’t a young Prep rugby player leave the Village Green with 15 Wallaby signatures and think…that
could be me in 10 years time”. The one thing we did learn in the coaches session with the five Wallaby old boys, most played in different
positions at school to what they play now and Scott Higginbotham went from the 13A’s, 14B’s, 15C’s to soccer 1st XI to Reds Academy,
Reds Super 15 Winner to Wallaby Rugby World Cup Squad. There’s more than one way to the top!
2011 TSS Graduation Rings Available to order ‐ Sterling Silver Signet Ring with TSS Crest engraved on Oval and 2011 engraved on back. A great momento for the boys in future years. These rings are available to order this year by contacting Nicci or Tim Wilson a sample is available to view at the Store with the sizings also in the Store. The Cost is $85 which includes a velvet pouch – orders and payment must be made by 5th September, 2011 for delivery during Term 4. Nicci – 0413622757 [email protected] Tim – 0402998815 [email protected] TSS Basketball
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$35.00 each
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a polo before our first game on
20th August
Bookings: n 10am n 11.30am n 1.30pm
RSVP: [email protected]
or phone 5577 7232
Information and Enrolments Office
Enrolments open for girls from
Pre-Preparatory to Year 12
Boarding for girls from Years 6 to 12
Junior School
Girls will showcase a range of learning
l Science, Mathematics, English
Drama and Visual Art
French and Japanese Language
Instrumental Music
iPad and Computer Activities
l Religious Education
Sport, Physical Education, Gymnastics
Library Activities
Middle, Senior and Boarding Schools
Tours depart from 9am and offer the chance
to see ‘live learning’ in classrooms and
boarding facilities.
52 High Street, Southport
Open Day Parking
Gate 7 via Cougal Street
Gate 13 via Whitby Street
Telephone (07) 5532 4922
8.45AM to 2PM
Registered CRICOS Provider No. 00510M
The Head of School invites you to join him
on a tour of the $5 million Centre for
Scientific Learning and Research and
14ha campus in Southport.
Friends of Prep (FOP) is proud to present
It’s here! ... the annual social calendar
highlight for Prep Parents and one of
FOP’s most successful fundraising events
Date: Friday 19th August
Time: 6.30pm sharp - 11pm
Venue: Centenary Hall of Fame (TSS Senior School)
Cost: $40 per person (create a table/team of 8)
Dress Theme: Anything Australian!
Prizes for the best dressed table!
Tickets now on sale at the Prep Office
PAY FOR A TABLE by cash or cheque made out to ‘Friends of Prep’
About Trivia Night 2011
Trivia Challenge: Each table is a team. Pit your team against over
20 other teams to win trivia fame! Trophies for winning team, plus prizes!
Food: Bring your own nibbles
Drinks: No BYO. Cash Bar only - Wine, Champagne, Beer & soft drinks available
For Info Contact:
Luella Smith 0488 172 036 or Mia Lee 0403 368 136
Tickets sell fast so don't miss out!
Fantastic raffle prizes to be won!
Bring your credit card, cheque book or cash!

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