Tekst: Mary Grundy Opracowanie językowe: Jacek



Tekst: Mary Grundy Opracowanie językowe: Jacek
Tekst: Mary Grundy
na podstawie powieści J. F. Coopera „Ostatni Mohikanin”
Opracowanie językowe: Jacek Tomaszczyk
Opracowanie graficzne: Piotr Szkutnik
Nagranie: David Bennett Productions
Ilustracje: Public domain
© 2011 TEJP Jacek Tomaszczyk
The Last of the Mohicans – www.isel.pl
T is the year 1757. North America is
gripped by war. The French and the British
are fighting for control of the land and its
people. Both sides have Native American allies to act as
guides and warriors in the hostile land. The European
settlers live in terror, feeling they will lose, no matter
who wins the war. No one wants to leave their fortress
settlements, afraid of being killed by Indians or French
and British soldiers.
Two British forts, Fort Henry and Fort Edward,
sit about 25 kilometres apart and defend the south
from French and Indian invasion. Colonel Munro,
commander of Fort Henry, needs more troops to fight
against an upcoming French attack. 1500 men have
been ordered to march from Fort Edward to Fort
Henry. Munro’s daughters, Alice and Cora must travel
to meet him at Fort Henry. He decides they will be safe
if they accompany the soldiers.
Duncan Heyward is to escort the young women.
Magua, a Huron Indian has offered to guide them on
a different route, which Magua insists will be quicker.
The story begins at Fort Edward with Heyward, Alice
and Cora discussing this plan. Magua is on foot while
the others ride horses. Magua does not speak much and
appears frightening to the women, especially to Alice.
‘Are you certain we can trust this man?’ Alice
asks Heyward.
‘I know Magua, and I trust him. You must trust
me, Alice.’ Heyward tells her. ‘He will take us on
a route that others do not know. The troops are taking
a well-known path. Magua’s way is safer.’
‘He does not look trustworthy to me,’ Alice says.
‘Alice, we cannot judge a man by the colour of
his skin.’ Cora has been listening, but interrupts.
Heyward admires this statement and begins to take
gripped by war ogarnięty
ally (l.mn. allies)
sprzymierzeniec, sojusznik
guide zwiadowca,
przewodnik; prowadzić
warrior wojownik
hostile wrogi
settler osadnik
no matter who bez względu
na to, kto
fortress settlements
soldier żołnierz
fort fort
sit about 25 kilometres
apart być oddalonym od
siebie o ok. 25 km
colonel porucznik
troop oddział
upcoming zbliżający się,
order rozkazać
march maszerować
safe bezpieczny
accompany towarzyszyć
escort eskortować
route szlak
insist uparcie twierdzić,
upierać się
on foot pieszo
appear wydawać się
trustworthy godny zaufania
judge osądzać
interrupt przerywać
admire podziwiać
statement wypowiedź
The Last of the Mohicans – www.isel.pl
notice of her beauty. Indeed, both Cora and her sister
are beautiful, though opposite in nearly every way.
Cora’s black hair, dark eyes and honey-coloured skin are
equal in beauty to Alice’s blonde hair, blue eyes and
pale complexion.
‘I suppose it will be better than travelling with
1500 noisy soldiers,’ Alice decides and follows Magua
onto the path he has shown them.
HE group does not travel far before they
stop dead. They can hear someone on
horseback crashing about in the woods.
Have they been followed by warriors? Has Magua
betrayed them?
Approaching from behind them is not an enemy
warrior, but a very tall, strange looking man on a very
young horse.
‘What are you doing here?’ Heyward demands of
the stranger.
‘I am travelling to Fort Henry also, and I decided
to follow you. I am sure your path will take me to my
destination sooner,’ the stranger says.
‘Why should I let you join us? You
should turn back and travel with the troops,’
Heyward says.
‘I have no gun, so I am not a threat to
you or your group.’
‘What is your business with the army if
you do not carry a gun?’
‘I am a singer. I sing from the Bible and
spread the word of God.’
Heyward decides the man is right; he is
not a threat. Alice is thrilled to have the
stranger join them because she also loves to
take notice of zwracać
uwagę na
equal in beauty równie
pale complexion blada cera
stop dead zatrzymać się
nagle w miejscu
on horseback konno
crash about przemieszczać
się z trzaskiem
follow śledzić
betray zdradzić
approach zbliżać się
enemy wróg
demand zapytać stanowczo;
domagać się
destination cel podróży
let pozwolić
turn back zawrócić
gun broń
threat zagrożenie
spread rozpowszechniać
thrilled podekscytowany