Executive Board
Bernhard Friedl
Bernhard Friedl has been an active participant in the international telecommunications market for 12 years. He knows
the IT environment very well, is possessed of excellent technical knowledge and follows closely the entry of new
operators into the telecom market. His knowledge combined with solid business experience have brought him many
successes in the telecommunications market. Bernhard began his career in the United States as director of the
consulting firm WorldData Inc. In this capacity he realized a number of projects for leading telecom operators in Brazil,
Sweden, Germany and Canada. Working for Telo Inc. he realized contracts with Polish clients, including Polish Telecom
S.A. He has pursued his career in Poland since 2003. He was CEO of e-Telco Sp. z.o.o. and is now CEO of
Tele-Polska Holding S.A. He is an experienced an effective negotiator winning several interconnection and
telecommunications contracts in recent years making e-Telco a noted alternative operator in the Polish market.
Bernhard Friedl completed undergraduate studies at the Otto Friedrich University in Bomberg, Germany, majoring in
Computer Science. He earned his MBA from George Washington University in Washington D.C. focusing on
International Finance and investment.
Mark Montoya
Board Member
Mark is a well known ICT industry professional. He has a solid track record of successful project realization in marketing,
sales, and finance for a number of local companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange as well as foreign companies.
He brings his expertise to these companies as consultant, interim manager, director of marketing and member of the
board. He has been responsible for the preparation and implementation of reorganization and restructuring programs in
sales and marketing departments and for guiding the introduction of new products to market. His experience includes
work for MDS Holdings, Comarch S.A., S.A., SAGE Plc., ATM S.A., Platinum Properties Group S.A., IDG
Poland, the Polish Investment Fund, and the International Capital Group. He currently serves on the supervisory boards
of 3P Holding S.A., ProxyAd S.A., Infinity8 S.A., Magnifico S.A., and Platinum Properties Group S.A. He is also author of
several dozen articles published in business magazines, in computer science magazines and in management and
marketing magazines. He has lectured on marketing and new technologies at the Polish Academy of Science, at
Warsaw University and the Warsaw School of Business. Mark is a graduate of the University of Warsaw (UW) in which
he majored in Philosophy and Sociology. He has pursued studies in Quantitative Methods and Information Systems at
the Warsaw School of Economics (WSE). He has pursued post-graduate studies in corporate law at the University of
Warsaw, management and finance, as well as public relations at the WSE.
Bartłomiej Gajecki
Board Member
Pan Bartłomiej Gajecki posiada wykształcenie wyższe. Ukończył zarządzanie finansami przedsiębiorstw na Wydziale
Zarządzania Politechniki Częstochowskiej i posiada tytuł magistra inżyniera zarządzania i marketingu. Ponadto ukończył
studia MBA na Wyższej Szkole Finansów i Zarządzania w Warszawie oraz szereg kursów z dziedziny prawa i finansów.
Pan Bartłomiej Gajecki został powołany na funkcję Prokurenta Tele-Polska Holding SA na podstawie uchwały z dnia 4
listopada 2010 roku. Pełni także funkcję zarządcze w spółkach Grupy Tele-Polska, tj. Prezesa Zarządu spółki
TelePolska Sp . z o.o. , Prezesa Zarządu spółki Telekomunikacja dla Domu Sp. z o.o., , Prezesa Zarządu spółki
Teltraffic Sp. z o.o. oraz Członka Zarządu w spółce DID Sp. z o.o.

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