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ENGLISH ACE 2007 - Łowcy talentów Jersz
ul. Białowieska 50/26, 54-235 Wrocław
tel./fax 071-310-48-17
tel.kom. 0-505-138-588; 0-501-101-866
e-mail: [email protected]
SZPAK – klasa 4 szkoły podstawowej
Czas trwania konkursu: 45 minut
Witamy Cię. Otrzymujesz od nas 92 punkty – tyle ile masz decyzji do podjęcia. Za każdą poprawną odpowiedź
dopisujemy Ci jeszcze 1 punkt, za błędną zabieramy dany punkt. Gdy nie odpowiadasz, zachowujesz podarowany
punkt. Pamiętaj, że każda z odpowiedzi A, B, C, D może być fałszywa lub prawdziwa. W czasie konkursu nie
wolno używać słowników, notatek, podręczników itp. Życzymy przyjemnej pracy. Powodzenia!
1. Most dogs like to eat…
A) bones
B) meat
C) cereal
D) sausages
2. Tell me about your new friend, Jill. What does she look…?
A) about
B) like
C) -
D) to
3. - … Jim come from the United States?
- No, he … .
A) Do / don’t
B) Does / doesn’t
D) Does / isn’t
C) Do / isn’t
4. Every Friday Judy … basketball with her team .
A) is plays
B) is playing
C) play
D) plays
5. It’s time for lunch. Let’s have … .
A) apple
B) an apple
C) a apple
D) apples
6. There is a ... in the room.
A) bookcase
B) desk
C) cupboard
D) window
7. A person you don’t know is a ... .
A) stranger
B) character
C) neighbour
D) drummer
8. Johnny … ten, but Jake and Julian … eleven.
A) is / are
B) is / aren’t
C) isn’t / are
D) isn’t / aren’t
9. We have to do our homework. … your notebook?
A) Do you have
B) Have got you
C) Have you got
D) Have you do
10. -When is your birthday, James?
-It’s … September.
A) on
B) in
C) of
D) by
11. Let’s … Christmas presents.
A) give
B) buy
C) hide
D) wait
12. Judy thinks that Jake is handsome. She really likes … .
A) his
B) him
C) Jake
D) he
13. You look sad. What’s… ?
A) wrong
B) the matter
C) happen
D) ill
14. First, draw a big circle for a head. … draw two small circles for eyes.
A) Then
B) How
C) When
D) Which
15. We want to make spaghetti. How … tomatoes are there in the kitchen?
A) some
B) any
C) much
D) many
16. … is your favourite cinema?
A) What
B) Why
C) Who
D) Where
17. … you fly?
A) Can
C) Have
D) Are
B) Do
18. Dan gets up at …, but he is always late for school.
A) 6 A.M.
B) 6.30 P.M.
C) 7 A.M.
D) 7.30 P.M.
19. You can brush your … .
A) arms
B) legs
C) hair
D) teeth
20. … is British.
A) Sherlock Holmes
C) James Bond
D) Harry Potter
B) Superman
21. … are sons of Diana and Prince Charles.
A) Robert and Henry
B) William and Harry
C) John and James
D) Michael and Charles
22. The Queen, the King, their children and grandchildren are all called … Family.
A) the King
B) the Castle
C) the Queen
D) the Royal
23. One of the best universities in Britain is ....
A) Warsaw
B) Oxford
C) Eton
D) Cambridge
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