Oktava Mini Tube - mikrofon lampowy (bez kapsuł) srebrny


Oktava Mini Tube - mikrofon lampowy (bez kapsuł) srebrny
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Utworzono 02-03-2017
Oktava Mini Tube - mikrofon lampowy (bez kapsuł) srebrny
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3.747,00 zł
Producent : Oktava
Oktava mini tube is a new extension to the 100 Series microphones, which fits all available capsules of this series: MK-012, MK-101, MK-102, MK-103 and
This remarkable microphone preamplifier combines the warmth and clarity associated with tube technology and the presence of the capsule design for
which Oktava is famous. Selected Russian military 6С6Б-В tube combined with a special powerblock design gives enough third-harmonic content to
brighten and add warmth to any sound source.
The mini tube is for those who need one all round, multi purpose microphone, and suits digital recording perfectly by adding the character that can often be
missing in digital recordings, while maintaining a very low noise floor. It is a very valuable addition to the microphone cupboards of larger studios having its
own unique character which could be that elusive something extra during recording.
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