The Wolverine


The Wolverine
PRZYKŁADOWE ZADANIA – TEST wskazujących na opanowanie języka angielskiego w stopniu umożliwiającym
kontynuację nauki w gimnazjum na poziomie III.1.
TASK I: Uzupełnij każde zdanie jednym słowem.
1 I usually _______________ dressed before I have breakfast.
2 Our football team is terrible! We _______________ every game.
3 Anna loves computers so her favourite school subject is _______________.
TASK II: Przeczytaj definicje i wstaw odpowiednie wyrazy.
1 You make this food from milk. Mozzarella and parmesan are types of it.
2 When water is very cold, it turns into this. (three letters)
3 This is a place with many trees, animals and grass. (first letter is f)
TASK III: Uzupełnij dialog.
A: Hi. _______________ your name?
B: It's John.
A: Where _______________ you from?
B: England.
A: Really? Is this your first visit to Australia?
B: Yes, it _______________.
TASK IV: Napisz jedno lub więcej słów, aby uzupełnić zdania.
1 What _______________ you do last weekend? 2 What are you _______________ to do next week?
3 _______________ you at home yesterday?
4 I didn’t ________________ any TV last night.
TASK V: Anna codziennie spędza dzień tak samo. Opisz jej wczorajszy dzień wg wzoru.
Anna goes to the cinema in the evenings. Yesterday, Anna went to the cinema.
Anna wakes up at 7 o'clock in the morning. She spends 10 minutes in bed before she has a shower.
After the shower, Anna makes breakfast for her and her little son.
Yesterday Anna
TASK VI: Przeczytaj tekst i zaznacz PRAWDA lub FAŁSZ
The Wolverine
When the Wolverine first appeared in the Hulk comic in 1974, no one thought he was a very special
character. In fact, he was a villain! He fought the Incredible Hulk. He hit the Hulk with sharp knives in
his hands. At the time, the character was very unusual because he was Canadian – in those days,
most superheroes were American! Wolverine's inventor was writer, Len Wein. He loved his new
character and the next year, he got a job as the writer of the X-Men comic.
1 In the beginning, the Wolverine wasn't a hero.
2 The Wolverine was friends with the Hulk.