Basics of painting and drawing dr hab. Hanna Nowicka



Basics of painting and drawing dr hab. Hanna Nowicka
Basics of painting and drawing
Specialistic training
dr hab. Hanna Nowicka-Grochal
mgr Andrzej Karmasz
Chair of basic education
Fifth Studio of Drawing and Painting Basics
Type of the course: studio
Status of classes: obligatory
Evaluation method: overview of semester finished with getting a mark
Terms of admission to the studio: admission to the first year of study
Curriculum of the studio focuses from the beginning on student’s individual
predispositions progress, and his private language as well as it formulates distinct work
methods in the studio, not relying on schemes, but “evolving”, depending on the
commitment, creativity and student’s artistic abilities.
Teaching methods, form of classes
Work method with first and second year students is based on the individual correction.
What is more, studio is a forum for discussion and critical reflection, that is why cyclic
overviews of student’s works and presentations of different attitudes of contemporary
artists are organised, as a context, benchmark and source of inspiration. Thematic and
intercollegiate plein-airs, trips to the most important presentations of contemporary art
are organised for the studio due to these reasons as well. Art teaching cannot be
confined only to the walls of the Academy.
Evaluation method
The final grade is based on the works of students which are responses to all thematic
tasks obligatory for that semester.
Hans Belting, Antropologia Obrazu, Szkice do Nauki o Obrazie;
Zbigniew Herbert, Martwa Natura z Wędzidłem;
Calvin Tompkins, Duchamp. Biografia;
Stuart Morgan, Z Notatnika Kamerdynera Sztuki;
John Berger, Sposoby Widzenia;
Roland Barthes, Światło Obrazu;
Additional information
The studio offers realization of didactical tasks in English.

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