congress program - CG Jung i Danmark



congress program - CG Jung i Danmark
international association for analytical psychology
internationale gesellschaft für analytische psychologie
association internationale de psychologie analytique
associazione internazionale di psicologia analitica
Asociación internacional de psicología analítica
XIX International Congress for Analytical Psychology
August 18th-23rd 2013, Copenhagen, Denmark
Hosted by the Danish Society for Analytical Psychology
Copenhagen 2013 - 100 years on:
Origins, Innovations and Controversies
Kopenhagen 2013 - 100 Jahre der: Ursprünge, Innovationen und Kontroversen
Copenhague 2013 - 100 ans : Origines, Évolutions et Débats
Copenaghen 2013 - 100 anni dopo: Origini, Innovazioni, Controversie
Copenhague 2013 - 100 años: Orígenes, Innovaciones y Controversias
Welcome to the IAAP Congress in Copenhagen
Dear Friends and Colleagues,
A warm welcome to all of you at this the XIXth International Congress of the IAAP taking place
in Copenhagen, Denmark a place of long, great history. Our Congress, which goes from August
18-23, 2013 is entitled:
100 Years on:
Origins, Innovations and Controversies
Joe Cambray
President, IAAP
In recognition of and honoring the pioneering psychological transformations, which C. G. Jung
underwent beginning in the year 1913. These experiences were to make him into the figure we
know as “Jung,” and are documented in his Red Book. Further, we will look to how we as an evolving community have
developed from these insights to become the Analytical Psychology of the 21st Century.
The IAAP’s triennial Congresses are unique, wonderful events, when our global community has the opportunity to come
together for nearly a week of intense engagements, personally and professionally. Old friends are reunited and new
friendships are forged in a convivial atmosphere. It is an affirmation of our vocational choices and a chance to celebrate
our vision of the psyche.
For the past three years the Program Committee chaired by Robert Wimmer and the Organizing Committee chaired by
Misser Berg have labored intensively to bring forth this remarkable gathering. It is a testament to them and the committees
they have chaired that we are all here and able to participate in this extraordinary event. The great variety of offerings
which you will have the chance to explore this week is a tribute to these efforts.
Several innovations will be offered at this congress. Electronic translations of plenary texts into all of the official languages
of the IAAP will be made available through the kindness of our hosts, the Danish Society for Analytical Psychology
(DSAP). Other languages will be accommodated as resources permit. Also, there will be a Master of Ceremonies for
each day of the congress; the master will assist with the overall integration of each day and as a team for the Congress
as whole.
It is with great anticipation and pleasure that I and the members of the Executive Committee look forward to meeting you
in Copenhagen for discovery, debate and revelry.
Joe Cambray
President, IAAP
XIXth International Congress for Analytical Psychology 2
XIX International Congress for Analytical Psychology
100 years on: Origins, Innovations and Controversies
Welcome from the Program Committee and the Organizing Committee:
Dear Friends and Colleagues
Our forthcoming XIX International IAAP Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark, is now ready and
open for registration. As you will discover in reading through the program below, our international
community has responded with a wealth of proposals on the theme of the Congress wich has
allowed us to build a program that we anticipate you will find truly diverse and appealing. The
program offers a wide array of choices among the presentations which reflect the origins, innovations and controversies in the Jungian world during the last 100 years.
This is the first time the IAAP Congress will be held in Denmark and we look forward to welcome
you to Copenhagen.
We are pleased to offer a pre-congress workshop on Sunday, August 18th, offered by Joan
Chodorow and her colleagues. Spaces for this pre-congress workshop are limited so it is advised
to register as soon as possible. (See page 5 for more information).
Robert Wimmer, chair
Program Committee
A number of organizational meetings have been scheduled for Sunday, August 18th, as will be
evident from the program.
Registration for the Congress will be possible on Sunday afternoon and prior to the opening
An overview of the plenary sessions for the week of the Congress is provided for your information. This is followed by a list of the ‘break-out’ or parallel sessions. There are three periods of
break-out sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. As is our tradition, the meeting
of the IAAP Delegates will be held on Wednesday afternoon. Friday afternoon there will be one
period of break-out sessions followed by the closing ceremony and the congress banquet in the
evening. Finally there is a listing of special presentations and poster sessions.
Misser Berg, chair
Organizing Committee
The opening reception, plenary presentations, break-out sessions and most evening events will take place at Hotel Scandic Copenhagen, a very centrally located hotel in Copenhagen City. The hotel has very good conference facilities as well
as nice rooms with a lovely view, either to the lake or over the city towers. In the area around the Congress Hotel there are
numerous hotels with rooms in different price-layers so we hope you can find the accommodation that suits you.
We are all very exited about the program we have put together for the Congress and indeed look forward to welcoming
you to Copenhagen this year.
With best wishes
The Organizing Committee
The Program Committee:
Robert Wimmer (DGAP) Chair
Pilar Amezaga(SUPA)
François Martin-Vallas (SFPA)
Heyong Shen (IM-China)
David Tresan (CGJISF)
Caterina Vezzoli (CIPA)
Joe Cambray, President
Tom Kelly, President Elect
Marianne Muller, Vice President
Jan Wiener, Vice President
Angela Connolly, Honorary Secretary
Misser Berg, secretary to the PC
Misser Berg (DSAP) Chair
Henriette Heide-Joergensen (DSAP)
Elisabeth Kampmann (DSAP/AGAP)
Pia Skogemann (DSAP)
Hanne Urhoej (DSAP)
100 years on: Origins, Innovations and Controversies
Translation /
In Copenhagen we will for the first
time use text translation of the plenary presentations instead of simultaneous interpretation. (On the
Wednesday there will be both text
translation and the traditional simultaneous interpretation). The plenary
presentations will be translated into
all 5 official IAAP-languages (English,
German, French, Italian and Spanish)
and possibly also some additional
languages (e.g. Russian). The translated presentations will be readable
on electronic readers such as tablets,
IPADs, IPHONEs, laptops etc.
IAAP Officers
Joe Cambray, President
Tom Kelly, President Elect
Marianne Muller, Vice President
Jan Wiener, Vice President
Angela Connolly, Honorary Secretary
Secretary to the
Mariuccia Tresoldi
IAAP Secretariat
Yvonne Trüeb
Society Representatives Ethics Committee
Misser Berg (DSAP),
Walter Boechat (AJB),
Fred Borchardt (SAAJA),
Alessandra de Coro (AIPA),
JoAnn Culbert-Koehn (CGILA),
John Desteian (AGAP),
George Hogenson (CSJA),
Toshio Kawai (AJAJ),
Denise Ramos (SBrPA).
Christopher Beach (NESJA/AGAP)
Ann Casement (BAP, JPA) Chair EC
Christian Gaillard (SFPA)
Erel Shalit (IIJP) Hon. Secretary EC
Carole Beebe Tarantelli (CIPA)
Sonoko Toyoda(AJAJ/AGAP)
Don Williams IRSJA
Congress Hotel
Scandic Copenhagen
Vester Soegade 6
1601 Copenhagen V, Denmark
Telephone:+45 33 14 35 35
[email protected]
Download presentations
Every morning you can connect to
a link which will download the two
presentations of the day.
Bring your own iPAD,
LapTop, tablet etc.:
Bring your own device
Almost any device can be used:
Laptop, tablet, iPad, iPhone, or
The advantage of owning the device
is that the presentations will remain
on the hard desk. The link itself will
disappear at noon every day.
Borrow a tablet in Copenhagen
In the registration form or at the
Congress desk, you can sign up for
a tablet, just like you used to borrow a head-set. (Head-sets will still
be available on the Wednesday)
Buy a tablet at the Congress desk
You will also be able to buy a tablet at a good price.
We will give easy-to-follow instructions
in how to use this new technique. We
also have technicians ready at a special desk if you have any problems.
The English version of all the
presentations will in addition be
shown on two big screens – one
on each side of the presenter.
All presentations will be identically
formatted with numbered paragraphs, so that you will always be
able to follow the translation by
looking at the big screens as the
English text is rolling down.
Events for Sunday, August 18th, 2013
09:00 -17:15 09:00 - 13:00 Pre-Congress Workshop on Movement as
Active Imagination – THE LIVING, MOVING BODY
13:30 - 16:30 Council of Societies Review
13:30 - 16:30 Meeting of Candidates and Routers
“Our candidacy Experience: thoughts and discussion
around our life as students, its past, present and
13:30 - 16:30 Meeting of ISST
18:00 - 20:00 Opening Reception
20:00 AGAP Dinner and Business Meeting
CNASJA Meeting
Call for translators/interpretors
If you would like to assist on a voluntary basis in the plenary sessions by
translating between the official IAAP-languages English, German, French,
Italian, and Spanish as well as other languages, such as Russian, Portuguese, Japanese etc. you are kindly asked to send an email to the chair of
the Organizing Committee Misser Berg [email protected]
During the discussions we will need simultaneous interpretations as there is
only text translation on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Instructions
will be given at the Congress.
At the Congress itself this call will be repeated and further instructions wil be given.
XIXth International Congress for Analytical Psychology 4
Pre-Congress Workshop on Movement as Active Imagination:
Origins, Innovations and Controversies (1913-2013).
The difficulty that movements cannot easily be remembered must be met by concentrating on the movements afterwards
and practicing them so that they shall not escape the memory.
– C. G. Jung 1916/1957
The Transcendent Function (booklet), p. 18)
Co-leaders: Antonella Adorisio (CIPA-Rome), Joan Chodorow (CGJISF-San Francisco), Jacqueline Gerson
(IM-Mexico City), Anita Greene (NESJA-Amherst), Margarita Mendez (SVAJ-Caracas), Renate Oppikofer (SGAPGeneva) & Tina Stromsted (CGJISF-San Francisco).(see Pre-Congress Workshop online)
Inspired by the 2013 IAAP Congress theme: 100 years on Origins, Innovations and Controversies,
we trace the psychoanalytic roots of using the body to express imagination to Jung’s early
interest in the multi-sensory, emotional, living, active and receptive body and his discovery of
active imagination. These dynamic elements surely energized and shaped the development
of Analytical Psychology. We link Jung’s contributions involving multi-sensory images and
emotions to recent neurobiological research.Throughout the day, we present and explore
developments over the past 100 years from a new perspective, as Jung put it circa 1914: ‘The
task is to give birth to the old in a new time’ (2009, The Red Book, p. 311, par 138).
The mover-witness relationship offers a way to explore the nonverbal world of implicit experience, expression and communication underlying analytic conversation. Analysts use the connection between body and psyche as a central clinical tool, yet there may be few opportunities to further develop this dimension. This workshop offers a structure within which analysts
can both have a practical experience of their own moving imagination as well as enrich their
understanding of its application in analytic practice.
Jung’s painting of Pragâpati (the
creator) who bows down in homage
to Agni (the fire he created). From
the Red Book, Liber Secundus p.64
Morning and afternoon sessions include short papers, discussion, bodily awareness and
movement experience. Participants are invited to bring a notebook and/or drawing materials
to record their images and experiences.
Overview of Program for the Pre-Congress Workshop on
Movement as Active Imagination, Sunday Aug 18:
09:00 -12:15 Morning Session:
• Welcome and Introduction, Joan Chodorow and Co-leaders
• The Story of an Ear: Body-Psyche Playful Relation (paper/discussion), Jacqueline
• Beyond the Individual, the Group (paper/discussion), Renate Oppikofer
• Neurons and the Soul: What Neuroscience has Discovered about the Embodied Psyche (talk/experiential), Anita Greene
• Introduction to Danced and Moving Active Imagination (experiential/discussion),
Joan Chodorow
Below: Two images of dancers in Bushman Art
Mantis Dance
12:15 - 13:30 Lunch Break
13:30 - 17.15 Afternoon Session
• Jung’s ‘From Infrared to Ultraviolet’ (paper/experiental/discussion), Margarita Méndez
• Body-Psyche Archeology: The Myth of the Goddess & the Archetype of the Feminine
Healer in Mediterranean Area (images/paper/experiential/discussion), Antonella Adorisio
• Embodied Alchemy (introduction/experiential/discussion), Tina Stromsted
• Integrative Discussion and Closing Circle
Group Dance
Pre-Congress Workshop Registration Fee: EUR 125. Please see the late registration fees and the procedure for registration
on the last page of this program.
Space is limited, so register early! Priority will be given to full congress participants. All others will be placed on a waiting
list in case of last minute cancellations.
Please note: Lunch is not included. Please see the information on page 4 about different possibilities for lunch.
For further information about the Pre-Congress Workshop, including text and photos, please go to the Congress website (click on the English flag at the top right) and make your way to the Pre-Congress Workshop online.
NOTE: The Pre-Congress Workshop is not a commercial enterprise. As co-leaders, we cover our own expenses and
donate our time. Workshop fee pays for the meeting room and AV equipment, with the balance to benefit IAAP.
100 years on: Origins, Innovations and Controversies
General Schedule of Plenary Sessions, Break-Out Sessions,
Lunches and Evening Events
Monday 19th
Tuesday 20th
Wednesday 21st
Thursday 22nd
Friday 23rd
7:00 Morgan Stebbins
(JPA): A daily yoga class
7:00 Morgan Stebbins
(JPA): A daily yoga class
7:00 Morgan Stebbins
(JPA): A daily yoga class
7:00 Morgan Stebbins
(JPA): A daily yoga class
7:00 Morgan Stebbins
(JPA): A daily yoga class
7:30 Ali Zabafi (SAP)
and Amelia Noack
(BAP)Social Dreaming
7:30 Ali Zabafi (SAP)
and Amelia Noack
(BAP)Social Dreaming
7:30 Ali Zabafi (SAP)
and Amelia Noack
(BAP)Social Dreaming
7:30 Ali Zabafi (SAP)
and Amelia Noack
(BAP)Social Dreaming
7:30 Ali Zabafi (SAP)
and Amelia Noack
(BAP)Social Dreaming
8:45 Welcome Address
8:45 Announcements
8:45 Announcements
8:45 Announcements
8:45 Announcements
Master of Ceremony:
David Tresan
Master of Ceremony:
Robert Wimmer
Master of Ceremony:
Pilar Amezaga
Master of Ceremony:
François MartinVallas (SFPA)
Master of Ceremony:
Caterina Vezzoli
9:15 Aksel Haaning:
C.G. Jung’s quest for
“Aurora consurgens” and
the unnoted manuscript
at the Royal Library in
The diagnosis of the
modern mind in the
1930s and the discovery
of alchemy.
9:00 PANEL:
Jean Kirsch (CGJISF)
Panel Leader / Moderator; Stan Marlan
Saban (IGAP); Susan
Rowland (IAJS and
Pacifica Graduate
Institute); David Tacey
(IAJS): How and Why
We Still Read Jung: a
panel of personal and
professional reflections.
9:00 Eduardo Carvallo
(SVAJ) and Eva Pattis
Zoja (OGAP, CIPA):
Sandwork: An experience
working with Colombian
vulnerable population.
Una experiencia trabajando con una población
colombiana vulnerable.
9:00 Yehuda
Abramovitch (IIJP):
Jung’s Understanding
of Schizophrenia - Is
it Still Relevant in the
“Era of The Brain”?
9:00 Cinzia Bressi
(BAP) and Nadia Fina
“Heard with the eyes”:
Personal equation and
fluid self-state communication in the therapeutic relationship.
Heyong Shen (IMChina) and Patrizia G.
Michan (IRSJA)
Alvaro Ancona de
Faria (SBrPA)
Moderator: Catherine
Crowther (SAP)
10:30 Coffee Break
10:30 Coffee Break
10:15 Coffee Break
10:00 Coffee Break
10:15 Coffee Break
11:00 Gustav Bovensiepen (DGAP):
Der analytische Prozess als Spiel wechselnder Perspektiven
im Analytiker.
The analytical process
as a playing of changing perspectives in the
11:00 Pia Skogemann
(DSAP): The Double
Conjunction Tales.
A structuring model for
fairy tales.
10:30 PANEL: Beverley Zabriskie (JPA),
Suzanne Gieser,
Roderick Main, and
Harald Atmanspacher:
From Copenhagen to
the Consulting Room:
Complementarity, Synchronicity, and Neural
10:45 Judith Woodhead (SAP): Moments
of Embodiment
Verena Kast (SGAP,
Christopher Hauke
10:45 Vito Marino de
Marinis (CIPA) and
Gianni Nagliero (AIPA):
Dalla scissione alla
collaborazione: il processo di riparazione del
conflitto fra associazioni.
From Splits to Collaboration: The Process of
Resolving Conflicts
between Societies
Stefano Carta (AIPA)
Moderator: George
Hogenson (CSJA)
Lisbet Myers Zacho
12:00 Lunch / Events
12:00 Lunch / Events
12:00 Lunch / Events
12:00 Lunch /Events
12:00 Lunch /Events
13:30 First Period
13:30 First Period
13:30 First Period
13:30 Break-Outs
15:00 Coffee Break
15:00 Coffee Break
IAAP Meeting of
15:00 Coffee Break
15:00 Coffee Break
15:30 Second Period
15:30 Second Period
15:30 Second Period
15:30 Closing Ceremony
17:00 Coffee Break
17:00 Coffee Break
17:00 Coffee Break
17:15 Third Period
17:15 Third Period
17:15 Third Period
17:30 Book-launch
19:30 Book-launch
18:00 Book-launch
Spring Journal Books
and Chiron
19:00 Book-launch
Fisher King Press
19:00 Book-launch
Angiola Iapoce (CIPA
20:00 Bettina Wilhelm
FILM: ‘Wisdom of
Changes – Richard Wilhelm and the I CHING’
Below: From the film
19:30 Private Invitations
The Danish Society for
Analytical Psychology
(DSAP) and the C.G. Jung
Institute in Copenhagen
invite you to an evening
with music and dinner with
the local Jungian Analysts.
20:00 Ingela Romare
the Feminine. Marion
Woodman in a talk with
Ingela Romare.
20:00 Laurie Layton
Schapira (NYAAP):
FILM: Voluspa: The
Prophecy of the Seeress.
John Beebe (CGJISF)
20:00 Margaret Klenck
(JPA, PAJA) with Allison
Avery and Bill Baker:
The Rest is Silence. A
Staged Reading of Selected Letters Between
Freud and Jung.
Marion Woodman
20:00 Elizabeth ClarkStern: On the Doorstep
of the Castle, a play
with music and dance by
Elizabeth Clark-Stern,
Featuring Lindsey Rosen
and the author.
19:00 Gala Dinner: The
Gala Dinner is held right
beside the little mermaid
who has 100 years birthday on exactly this day.
22:00 Members Gala:
Music, Singing and Poems.
With Members of IAAP
XIXth International Congress for Analytical Psychology 6
Monday Break-Out Sessions
First Period 13:30 - 15:00
Second Period 15:30 - 17:00
Third Period 17:15 - 18:45
• Betsy Cohen (CGJISF): Dr. Jung and
his Patients.
Beth Darlington (NYAAP): Dr. Kristine Mann: Jung’s “Miss X” in “A study
in the Process of Individuation,” CW
9i, para. 525-626.
• Henrik Okboel (DSAP): The Red Book –
Science or Fairytale?
Sylvester Wojtkowski (JPA): Marriage of
Madness and Reason: The Red Book and
the Invention of Active Imagination.
• Tamar Kron and David Wieler (ILJP,
NIJS): Erich Neumann: A Jungian Dialogical Existentialist.
• Thomas Singer (CGJISF), Amanda
Dowd (ANZSJA), Jecqueline Gerson
(IM) and Axel Capriles (SVAJ, AGAP):
Listening to the Collective Psyche -Towards a Theory of Cultural Complexes
based on Case Studies from Australia,
Latin America and other parts of the World
• Helga Thomas (DGAP): The little mermaid – An old symbol and the steps of its
Luisa Zoppi (AIPA): The horrific world of
Hänsel and Gretel: Controversies around
amputation, survival and the internal
saboteur (With Donald Kalsched)
Mandala by one of Jung’s patients
• Rosario Puglisi (CIPA): From Jung to
neuroscience: laboratory of the word art,
sounds and music. ITALIAN
• Andrew Samuels (SAP): Diversity Matters: Exclusion, Power, Prejudice and Sexual
Conformism in Analytical Psychology Today
– Planning for a More Open Profession.
• Maria Taveras (NYAAP): A Jungian
Aesthetic: Art, Active Imagination, and the
Creative Process.
Mary Wells Barron (AGAP, IRSJA): A
Tear in the Veil: Beauty and Shadow in the
Imagination of Alexander Mc Queen.
• John Merchant (ANZSJA): Jung and the
Wounded Healer Origin: an Update.
Ann W. Norton (NESJA, AGAP): The Sun,
the Horse, and Mongolian Shamanism.
• Ruth Ammann (SGAP): From Analysis
to Synthesis: Developments in Sandplay
Therapy- possible developments in verbal
Analysis. WORKSHOP
• Judith Pickering (ANZSJA): The unknown
guest: Towards an Ethic of Analytic Hospitality.
• Patrizia Peresso (AIPA): Narrative
Competence and Prospective Memory: A
Glance from the Past to the Future.
• Stephan Alder (DGAP): Group-Analysis
as a Part of the Identity of Analytical
Psychology – as Persona, as Shadow, as
Anima or as a part of the Self.
• Francesco Bisagni (SAP): Models and
Methods for a Child Analytic Training: Analysis, Observation, Supervision and Theory.
• Harriet Friedman (CGJILA): Jungian
SandPlay Therapy: Origins, Innovations
and Controversies. With Rie Rogers
Mitchell, Co-President of ISST.
• Krysztof Rutkowski (IM): Reflections on
the long term impact of the cultural trauma
on the collective memory and its functions
in individual development. With Malgorzata Kalinowska, Clinical Psychologist.
• Romano Madera (AIPA): Lack of transcendence and sources of a renewed spirituality.
John Dourley (OAJA, AGAP): Conspiracies of Immanence, Jung, Tillich and
Teilhard de Chardin.
• Jan Wiener (SAP) and Angela Connolly
(CIPA): Education Committee. General
• Denise Ramos (SBrPA) and Toshio
Kawai (AJAJ): Academic Sub-Committee.
Neurosciences and Analytical Psychology:
Challenges and Opportunities. With:
George Hogenson (CSJA) and Vittorio
Sinigaglia. Chair: Denise Ramos
• Mariya Lomova (IM, RSAP): Russian
soul in English and German ‘interpretation’.
Tristan Troudart (IIJP): Social change,
inner transformation and Jungian psychology.
Grazina Gudaite (LAAP): The Dynamic
of Authority images in the Context of
Consequences of Collective trauma.
• Pasqualino Ancona (CIPA): La tragedia
greca ponte tra memora e futuro. ITALIAN
Davide Favero (ARPA): Trasformazioni e
continuità nella pratica analitica: da Bloch
al World Wide Web. ITALIAN
• Steven Nouriani (CGJISF): The Meeting
of Two Rivers: Analytical Psychology and
Mystical Islam.
• Mark Winborn (IRSJA): The Centrality
of the Aesthetic Impulse to the Analytic
Susanne Eberhard Petersen (DSAP,
AGAP): Weaving the Threads of Danish
History: Cultural Complexes in the New
Tapestries to the Queen.
• David Gerbi (IIJP, LIRPA) with Joan
Chodorow (CGIJSF): ): REFUGEE:
Exploration of the wounds of exile, healing
and the 2011 Libyan Revolution from
Depth Psychological Perspectives.
• Magda Farré (ICGJ) & Pedro Yscadar
Rojas: La función trasncendente en el
tiempo analítico actual /Transcendent function in the current analytical time. SPANISH
Pablo Raydán (SVAJ): La Retórica en la
Psicoterapia: El discurso como imagen.
• Jan Wiener (SAP) and Angela Connolly
(CIPA): Education Committee General
• Ann Casement (BAP, JPA), Christian
Gaillard (SFPA), Carole Beebe Tarantelli (CIPA), Erel Shalit (IIJP), Sonoko
Toyoda(AJAJ/AGAP), Christopher
Beach (NESJA/AGAP): Ethics Committee:
IAAP members and training candidates to
bring ethical situations.
Justitia. Frankfurt, Germany
The Queen’s Tapestries.
The Middle Ages.
• Liza Ravitz (CGJISF): Transference
and Countertransferene in Sandplay:
A Sacred, Alchemical Mix of Inner and
Outer Space.
• Walter Boechat (AJB): Editors Meeting
• Joe Cambray (NESJA, JPA), Tom Kelly
(IRSJA, AGAP), Marianne Mueller
(SGAP): Consultation Service. With a
10-minute introduction by Marianne Müller
about consultation.
• Ann Casement (BAP, JPA), Christian
Gaillard (SFPA), Carole Beebe Tarantelli (CIPA), Erel Shalit (IIJP), Sonoko
Toyoda(AJAJ/AGAP), Christopher
Beach (NESJA/AGAP): Ethics Committee:
IAAP members and training candidates to
bring ethical situations.
• Meeting of the Presidents of Group Members from the Southern Hemisphere.
100 years on: Origins, Innovations and Controversies
Tuesday Break-Out Sessions
First Period 13:30 - 15:00
Second Period 15:30 - 17:00
Third Period 17:15 - 18.45
• Angela Graf-Nold (SGAP): Association
experiments with the galvanometer: A
turning point in psychological science and
in C.G. Jung’s intellectual history.
• William Meredith-Owen (SAP): The
historical roots of our analytical identity:
Jung, narcissism and the crisis of 1913.
• Sheila Dickman Zarrow (CGJSC): Expert Witness: Jung at the Trial of Hamlet
for Murder.
• Shmuel Bernstein (ISAP): The role of
the psychotherapist in a society with diminished initiation rites.
Martin Skala (IM): Crises of Passage.
• Peter Ammann (AGAP, SGAP): The Origin of Consciousness as told and reflected
in early African Stories.
Astrid Berg (SAAJA): Ubuntu – from
cultural complex to universal humanity
• Robert Tyminski (CGJISF): The Medea
Complex Revisited: Destructiveness
within Mother-Son Relations.
• Allan Guggenbühl (AGAP): The Power of
Stories: Mythodramatic Group Therapy in Georgia (Caucasus). Helping traumaticised children
and adolescents. A joint project by Swiss and
Georgian Psychologists and IAAP routers.
• Morgan Stebbins (JPA): The 21st
Century Vas: Confidentiality, Archetypal
Gossip and Patient Material.
• Sherry Salman (JPA): Dreams of Totality:
Where We Are When There’s Nothing at
the Center?
• Kristina Schellinski (SGAP, AGAP):
When Psyche mutters through matter.
Richard Wainwright (AJA): Imagination
and the Living Body.
• Rosa Napoliello Balfour (CIPA): The
play and the relationship : Jung from
alchemy to neurosciences.
Ashok Bedi (CSJA): The Indian Origins,
Asclepiad Modulation and Contemporary
Neuro-scientific Innovations of the Healing
Arts from an analytical perspective.
From The Red Book,
Liber Secundus p. 105
• Hechmi Dhaoui (IM): Du faux printemps
au vrai hiver arabe. FRENCH
• Kim Bangshoej (DSAP): Time, symbol
and complex in a modern culture of
consciousness. Analytical, cognitive and
mindful therapy in dialogue.
• Antonella Adorisio (CIPA): Sacrifice and
Fertility: the Archetype of the Feminine
Healer in the Mediterranean Area.
Francesca Picone (CIPA): The Mediterranean Feminine and its Shadow: the
clinical experience through the Myth.
• Volker Münch (DGAP): Splitting or
unification? – Symptoms, symbols and
archetypes of the digital world.
Henry Gros (SSPA): Internet: Inconscient
– online?
• Olivia del Castillo (SEPA): Manteniendo
el vacío y la duda en Psicología Analítica.
La experiencia de la acción analítica.
• Hans van den Hooff (IGAP, NAAP):
Quantum Physics and Psyche: a possible
common formula.
From The Red Book, Liber Secundus p. 135
• Jan Wiener (SAP) and Angela Connolly
(CIPA): Education Committee. Meeting of
IAAP Routers.
• Jules Cashford (AJA): Catharsis and Trans- • Walter Boechat (AJB, AGAP), Donald
formation: Cleansing the Doors of Perception.
Williams (IRSJA, AGAP), Emilja Kiehl
(BAP): Publications Sub-Committee.
• Chiara Tozzi (AIPA): En route: from active
imagination to film language.
• Ann Casement (BAP, JPA), Christian
Gaillard (SFPA), Carole Beebe Taran• Shaogang Yang: Chinese Alchemy: A
telli (CIPA), Erel Shalit (IIJP), Sonoko
Historical Reflection from the Perspective
Toyoda(AJAJ/AGAP), Christopher
of Jungian Analytical Psychology.
Beach (NESJA/AGAP): IAAP Ethics
Boseop Lee (KAJA, AGAP): “the way of
Committee meeting with Chairs of Ethics
sun” and shamanic initiation in Korea.
Committees of Group Members.
• Joe Cambray (NESJA, JPA), Tom Kelly
(IRSJA, AGAP), Marianne Mueller (SGAP),
John Desteian (AGAP): Constitutional
Working Party, presentation and discussion.
• Joe Cambray (NESJA, JPA), Tom Kelly
(IRSJA, AGAP), Marianne Mueller (SGAP),
John Desteian (AGAP): Constitutional
Working Party, presentation and discussion.
Detail from Lucanian calyx-crater c. 400 BC
• Maria José Gomez Segarra (SEPA): The
anguish of the lack of the symbol.
• Erel Shalit (IIJS) and Nancy Swift
Furlotti (IRSJA): Restorying the Self.
Transiency and Healing in the PostModern Condition.
• Marijana Popovic (IM) and Velimir Popovic (IM): Jungian Identity: Does it really
exist or is it a fiction?
Kathryn Madden (IAJS): The Relativized
Ego in Jungian Identity: Cracks in the
• Ingela Romare (AGAP): Film and discussion. Marion Woodman in discussion with
women all over the world.
• Jan Wiener (SAP) and Angela Connolly
(CIPA): Education Committee. Meeting
of Developing Groups Presidents and
Laiason Persons.
• Meeting of the Presidents of the European Group Members.
Mandalas by Gaudi. Park Güell, Barcelona
XIXth International Congress for Analytical Psychology 8
Thursday Break-Out Sessions
First Period 13:30 - 15:00
Second Period 15:30 - 17:00
Third Period 17:15 - 18:45
• Günter Langwieler (DGAP): Mundus
imaginalis: The creative and sense making
power of the unconscious.
Gerhard Burda (OGAP): Mundus imaginalis:
realism, scepticism and the psychoid psyche.
• Brian Feldman (CGJISF, IRSJA): The
Aesthetic and Spiritual Life of the Infant:
Towards a Jungian Theory of the Origins
of the Symbolic Life.
• A performance of Scenes from Jung’s
Red Book with Murray Stein (SGAP,
AGAP, CSJA), Paul Brutsche (SGAP,
AGAP), Dariane Pictet (AGAP, SGAP,
IGAP)and John Hill (AGAP, SGAP)
• Tina Stromsted (CGJISF): Embodied
Alchemy: Awakening Spirit in the Body.
• Ann Belford Ulanov (JPA): Origins: “In
the end is my beginning.”
• Giles Clark (ANZSJA): Psychoid Relations in the Transferiental/Countertransferiental Field of Personality Disorders.
Katherine Killick (SAP): Soundless
Screaming: Psychotic Anxiety and Analytic
• Frances Parks (IRSJA): Ethics and Efficacy in Jungian Practice.
Christian Roesler (DGAP): Empirical
evidence for the effectiveness of Jungian
psychotherapy. State of the art in research.
• Ole Vedfelt (DSAP): The phenomenology of
the Spirit in Childhood Memories – Early Numinous Experiences in a De-sacralized World.
• Liliana Wahba(SBrPA): The End of
David Rosen (PNSJA): Jung and Levinas:
War and Ethics.
• Elizabeth Bauch Zimmermann and
Marion Rauscher Gallbach (AJB,
SBrPA): Body-Active-Imagination and
Creative Meditative Dance as Innovative
Therapeutic Resources in Analytical
Psychology. Workshop.
• Claire Alphin (CGJISF): Whither Analytic
Identity When Aging Interferes?
Claus Braun (DGAP): Jungian
Psychoanalysis, Age and Individuation
– a contribution to a theory of analytical
• Jean Shinoda Bolen (CGJISF) and Pilar
Montero (CGJISF): Emergence of Empowered Conscious Feminine: Women,
Archetypes, Planetary Crisis - a Jungian
• Andréa Fiuza Hunt (JPA): The Voice of
Humbertho Oliveira Pinto (AJB): Brazilian mythological popular culture: the
struggles of building hope.
• Margaret Wilkinson (SAP), Judith
Woodhead (SAP), Professor Ruth
Lanius, Harris Woodman, the University of Western Ontario, (Advisor to
the Project: Joe Cambray, President,
IAAP): Report on a Jungian oriented,
laboratory based, research project
designed to explore dissociative splits
in patients with PTSD and possible links
to diminished functioning of the default
network of human brain.
• Tuula Haukioja (DSJA, AGAP) with
Robert Klein: Typology, Individuation &
The 5 pictures from The Red Book
(Liber Secundus pp. 55, 64, 105, 135 and
154): (c) 2009 Foundation of the Works
of C.G. Jung, Zürich. First published
by W.W. Norton & Co., New York
• Giorgio Cavallari (CIPA): Tuning and
focusing as the roots of creativity in the
analytical process: a Jungian perspective.
• Phyllis Marie Jensen (AGAP): Migration Complex in Canada: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Generation.
• Chiara Rogora (AIPA, CIPA): workshop,
aimed at the comparison between
colleagues who are working on early
childhood. With W. Grosso, N.Neri, A.
Michelini Tocci, B. Gallerano.
• John Gosling (SAAJA): An Innovative
Training Model.
• Donna Cozort (DSJA): Healing Through
the Archetype of Job: an Innovative Application of Jungian Analysis in the Case of PostTraumatic Stress Disorder. Joy Schaverien
(SAP): Boarding School Syndrome: a
Hidden Trauma – The Clinical Picture.
• Joe Cambray (NESJA, JPA), Tom Kelly
(IRSJA, AGAP): Meeting with the previous
and the new Executive Committee.
• Marian Dunlea (IM): Body Dreaming
• Cheol Joong Kang (KAJA): Auspicious
Site, a Symbol of the Self: Archetypal
Landscape of Psychic Totality.
• Durval Luiz de Faria (AJB): Malandro: a
Brazilian trickster SPANISH
FromThe Red Book, Liber Secundus p. 55
• Christian Gaillard (SFPA/IAAP) and Alain
Gibault (Parisian Society of Psychoanalysis/IPA) (Co-Chairs): Panel of Jungian
analysts and Freudian analysts. With Dimitri
Zalessky (KDG/IAAP) and Soren Aagaard
(Danish Society of Psychoanalysis/IPA)
FromThe Red Book, Liber Secundus
p. 154
• Helen Freeman (IGAP): The Symbol of
the Double: A mythological and psychological investigation of the individuation
process in twins
Apollo and Artemis
• Henry Abramovitch (IIJP): Finding
Siblings in Analysis and Myth.
Lara Newton (IRSJA): Brother and
Sister: an ancient and new model
for outer relationship and inner transformation.
• JoAnn Culbert-Koehn (CGJILA, IRSJA):
Child and Adolescent Working Party.
• Tom Kelly (IRSJA, AGAP): Meeting with
the new Executive Committee.
Romulus and Remus,
• Tom Kelly (IRSJA, AGAP): Meeting with
the new Executive Committee.
100 years on: Origins, Innovations and Controversies
Friday Break-Out Sessions
13:30 - 15:00
• Murray Stein (SGAP, AGAP, CSJA): Past • August Cwik (CSJA): Case and Group:
The Role and Importance of Group ProPresidents of the IAAP Thinking Ahead.
cess in Case Presentation.
PANEL With Thomas Kirsch (CGJISF,
SGAP)(1989-1995), Verena Kast (SGAP,
• Axel Capriles (SVAJ): Biases, Heuristics
AGAP)(1995-1998), Luigi Zoja (AGAP,
and Archetypes. Analytical Psychology
CIPA)(1998-2001), Murray Stein (SGAP,
and Contemporary controversies in EcoAGAP, CSJA)(2001-2004), Christian
nomic Psychology.
Gaillard (SFPA)(2004-2007), and Hester
Solomon (BAP)(2007-2010).
• Maria Teresa Noguera Turbau (AVPA)
with Irene Henche: Cuentos de Hadas Ar• Jörg Rasche (DGAP): Europäische
quetipos y Psicodrama Simbòlico. SPANISH
Kulturelle Komplexe. GERMAN
The Academic Sub-Committee will give a price for the two best
posters at the Congress.
• Susan C. Roberts (IRSJA): The Power of
the Ancestors:The Family Unconscious as
a Source of Wounding and Healing.
• Hanne Urhoej (DSAP): Archetypal Pairs
of Opposites behind the Drama in a
Portrait of Bob Dylan.
• Aleksandra Szczepaniak, Krystyna
Weglowska-Rzepa (Routers, Polish
Association of Analytical Psychology):
The archetype of Wanderer - discovering
of unknown lands.
• Giedre Bulotiene (Router): Archetypal Images in the Dreams of Women with Cancer.
• Elisabeth Kampmann (DSAP/AGAP):
Kierkegaard and Modernity.
• Harri Virtanen (DSAP): I am your Unconsciousness.
• Chang Lijun (Macau City University):
The Evolution of Qilin’s Image and Culture
• Laner Cassar (Malta Jungian Developing Group): Shades of Red: Jung’s
Technique in the Red Book and Desoille’s
R.E.D (Rêve-éveillé-dirigé) Method.
Evening Events
Monday the 19 :
17:30 Book-launch by Routledge.
Routledge will launch the following books:
• Yasuhiro Tanaka (AJAJ): Do adult PDD
patients dream of papier-mâché sheep?
• Patricia Berry (IRSJA, NESJA): Psychopoetics and Jung.
Lunch and dinner
Lunch. The restaurant at Scandic serves a delicious lunch-buffet incl. ice-water for EUR 30.
You can alternatively order a sandwich-box
with a sandwich, a soft drink and a fruit for
EUR 15 and enjoy it on a bench at the lake
right beside the hotel. The lunch and the sandwich-box can be prebooked on the registration
form or at the Congress desk.
Dinner. Dinner kan be enjoyed in the restaurant or in one of the numerous restaurants, cafees etc. in the area.
Again we have a Social Dreaming Matrix at
the Congress. The Matrix will be convened by
Ali Zabafi (SAP) and Amelia Noack (BAP).
The Social Dreaming Matrix will run from 7:30
- 8:30 each morning of the Congress.
Tivoli Gardens.
There are also a lot
of restaurants inside Tivoli Gardens,
a 5-minute walk from
the Congress Hotel.
Tivoli is a magical
green garden with lakes, lights, flowers, fountains, amusement park, pantomime theater
and more. There is an entrance fee to Tivoli,
but you can prebook tickets with 25% reduction on the registration form or buy them at the
Congress desk.
Attendance to the Social Dreaming Matrix is
free and there should be room enough for
the various planned events.
A Daily Yoga Class Social Dreaming
At this Congress we will, for the first time, introduce a daily yoga class, lead by Morgan
Stebbins (JPA) and his wife who is a yoga
instructor. The yoga class will run from 7:00
- 8:00 every morning of the Congress. There
will be be a small registration fee of in all EUR 25
for all 5 days. The space is limited so register
early! For registration go to
(click on the English flag at the top right)
• Anna Panepucci (AIPA) with Harald Atmanspacher: Psyche and matter can be
considered virtually identical, writes Jung
to Pauli in 1953. What are the current
thoughts? A dialogue between a physicist
and an analyst.
Please look at the Congress Website and see
And the book: The Red Book: Reflections Tuesday the 20th:
on C.G. Jung’s Liber Novus, Edited by
Thomas B. Kirsch and George B. Hogenson. 18:00 Book-launch by Spring Journal Books
and Chiron.
Spring Journal Books will launch the follow19:30: Book Launch by RPA, Revue de
ing books:
Psychologie Analytique.
20:00 Film: Bettina Wilhelm: Richard Wilhelm
and the I CHING. Wisdom of Changes.
The film tells the story of Richard Wilhelm from
today’s perspective of Wilhelm’s granddaughter, Bettina Wilhelm. She explores his eventful
life during a time of dramatic change and the
influence the profound, humane and timeless
Chinese wisdom of the I Ching which can still
serve as a guide in our own volatile times.
Gods and Diseases, Making
Sense of our Physical and
Mental Wellbeing, by David
Tacey, The Darkening Spirit:
Jung, spirituality, religion,
Edited by David Tacey, The
Jung Reader, Edited by David
Tacey. How and Why We Still
Read Jung: Personal and
Professional Reflections by
Jean Kirsch and Murray Stein
Dreams of Totality: Where We Are When
There’s Nothing at the Center by Sherry
Salman, Jungian analyst, New York, New
York, USA. Trauma and Beyond: The Mystery of Transformation by Ursula Wirtz,
Jungian analyst, Zurich, Switzerland. Jung
in India by Sulagna Sengupta, independent
scholar, Bangalore, India.
Chiron will launch: Hauntings: Dispelling
the Ghosts Who Run our Lives, by James
Hollis, Ph.D.
XIXth International Congress for Analytical Psychology 10
19:30 Private Invitations
The Danish Society for Analytical Psychology
(DSAP) and the C.G. Jung Institute in Copenhagen would like to invite our fellow IAAP
members to an evening in the spectacular
Vejleaa Church south of Copenhagen. The
invitation includes picking you up at the hotel
and taking you by bus to the church where the
evening will start with a short organ concert
and a view of the beautiful glass-paintings.
After this a buffet dinner will be served at
tables with a DSAP member at each table.
Below is a photo of the organ with a glasspainting behind.
In a warm and lively talk (in 3 parts) Marion
tells about her view on the Feminine, the
Soul to Soul Relation and the Importance of
22:00 Members Gala: Music, Singing and
Poems. With Members of IAAP. Enjoy classical piano and cello, opera singing, poetry,
guitars etc., jazz and good spirit.
Thursday the 22nd:
Friday the 23rd.
19:00: Book-launch: Understanding Jung,
Edited by Angiola Iapoce. Contributors: Luigi
Aversa, Massimo Caci, Angela Connolly, Marino De Marinis, Anna Gianni, Massimo Giannoni, Maria Ilena Marozza, Enzo Vittorio
Trapanese, analysts from the Rome Institute
of CIPA.The volume contains an up to date
20:00 Theatre: The Rest is Silence.
reading of Jungian theory and clinical practice
A Staged Reading of Selected Letters and is in both English and Italian in the hope
Between Freud and Jung. With Margaret of stimulating interest and permitting a fruitful
Klenck, MDiv, LP (JPA, PAJA), Elliot Adler, confrontation with our colleagues.
PhD, ABPP, Allison F. Avery, MA (JPA), William
Baker, PsyD (JPA), Louise de Costa, PhD.
A collaboration between 3 Jungians and 2 20:00 Film: Voluspa: The Prophecy of
Freudians, this staged reading brings to life the Seeress. By Laurie Layton Schapira
the complex, and ‘complexed’ relationship (NYAAP)
between Freud and Jung during those tumul- An ancient Viking Seeress predicts the destructuous years 1906-1912 through an explora- tion of the world. Her voice reaches across the
tion of their letters.
centuries to tell us of the perils of our own time.
Can we heed her dire warnings? Two parallel
stories – mythic and modern – intertwine in this
40 minute film based on Voluspa (Old Norse
for The Prophecy of the Seeress), the first in
a compilation of epic poems called the Poetic
Edda first recorded in Iceland a thousand years
Wednesday the 21 :
19:00 Book-launch by Fisher King Press.
Two books will be launched: The Dream and
its Amplification ed. Erel Shalit and Nancy
Swift Furlotti and Marked by Fire, ed. Patricia Damery and Naomi Ruth Lowinski.
20:00 Theatre: On the Doorstep of the Castle,
a play with music and dance by Elizabeth
Clark-Stern, Featuring Lindsey Rosen and
the author.
Our setting is 16th century Spain. The Inquisition has expelled the Jews or forced them to
convert.Teresa of Avila
is igniting the imagination of the country as
the nun who receives
messages directly from
A young Jewish converso appears on Teresa’s doorstep,
ing to become a novice
in her care. Their relationship explores the feminine archetypes
20:00 Film: On the Feminine. Marion Wood- of the Amazon, and the Medial Woman, and
man in a talk with Ingela Romare (AGAP)
foundations of psyche’s movement toward
On a balcony in Zürich Marion Woodman meets wholeness: Kabbalah, and Christian rapture,
with the Swedish film director and Jungian ana- in an oppressive yet luminous time.
lyst Ingela Romare.
19:00 Gala Dinner
The Gala Dinner will take place on Friday
evening the 23rd at Langelinie Pavillonen. The
restaurant is a beautiful example of Danish
Architecture and design from the 1950thies.
Register online ( or at the
Congress desk. If you register before August
1st the price is EUR 100, covering bus transportation from the Congress Hotel and back,
a three course dinner, wine, beer and soft
drinks ad libitum and an orchestra playing up
for dancing after dinner. If you register after
August 1st and at the Congress desk, the
price will be EUR 125.
Busses will take off from the Scandic Hotel
(the Congress Hotel) at 19.00. From 22.0024.00 busses will shuttle from the restaurant
back to the hotel.
The Little Mermaid
Langelinie Pavillonen is situated right at the
seaside, and just a stone’s throw away from
the famous statue of The Little Mermaid.
On the very same day of the Gala Dinner she
can celebrate her 100 years birthday!
The Congress Website:
Click on the British flag at the top right.
100 years on: Origins, Innovations and Controversies 11
Congress registration
Registration for the XIXth International Congress for Analytical Psychology will be an online process. Please consult the IAAP
website at or go directly to the Congress Website (click on the English flag at the top right)
Registration Fees
Early Fees
Before June 15,
Fees between
June 15 - Aug. 1
Late Fees
After Aug. 1,
IAAP Members.
Members of IAJS, ISST, Marion Woodman Foundation
Local Mental Health Professionals
Invited Guests (non-members)
EUR 600
EUR 700
EUR 750
Candidates in Training
Individual membership Routers
Provisional Individual Members
Members of Developing Groups
EUR 300
EUR 400
EUR 450
EUR 125
Pre-Congress Workshop
EUR 165
EUR 180
Gala dinner
EUR 100
EUR 125
EUR 100
Additional prices Contact
Regarding registration and other practical matters
please contact the Professional Congress Organizer:
International Conference Services
ICS-Motivational Events
Tel.: +45 3946 0500 E-mail: [email protected]
Regarding the program please contact [email protected]
Daily Yoga Class EUR 25 in all.
Lunch - buffet EUR 30 per day.
Lunch-box EUR 15 per each.
Entrance pass for Tivoli EUR 10 per each.
In Copenhagen you can:
Go shopping on the
pedestrian street...
look at the many
historic buildings..
take a canal-tour..
relax in a
visit the National
Museum and see the a park...
- or take a swim
in the harbour
Here are the tours planned especially for the Congress. Please go to the Congress Website and read more..
A Viking-tour.
A Museum-tour.
A Kierkegaard-tour.
A Castle-tour.
We will on this tour visit the
vikingship museum and the
old city in Roskilde. This tour
to Roskilde will reveal many
secrets about the daily life
of the Danish forefathers.
The tour will take you to the
amazing Louisiana museum
with a spectacular collection
of contemporary art. On the
way back we visit Karen
Blixen’s Rungstedlund.
The tour will take you by foot
round in Copenhagen to visit
the places where Søren Kierkegaard lived and worked. 2013 is
the 200 year’s anniversery for
Søren Kierkegaard’s birth.
First we go to Frederiksborg
Castle with its galleries and the
magnificent garden. Then we
pass Fredensborg Castle and
end the tour with a long visit at
Kronborg, Hamlet’s castle.

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