xiv edycja - Łowcy talentów Jersz


xiv edycja - Łowcy talentów Jersz
Arkusz testowy zawiera
informacje prawnie chronione
do momentu rozpoczęcia
GM 3
10 GRUDNIA 2014
Czas pracy: 45 minut
Sprawdź, czy arkusz testowy jest dopasowany do Twojej kategorii wiekowej i czy jest obustronnie zadrukowany. W każdym pytaniu
poprawna jest tylko jedna odpowiedź. Za brak odpowiedzi otrzymujesz 0 punktów. Za odpowiedź błędną otrzymujesz punkty
ujemne równe ¼ liczby punktów przewidzianych dla danego zadania. W czasie konkursu nie wolno wykorzystywać słowników,
notatek, podręczników i innych pomocy naukowych. O szczegółach i wydarzeniach konkursu czytaj na stronie www.jersz.pl
i fb.com/LowcyTalentowJersz. Wyniki konkursu będą dostępne 6 tygodni po konkursie. Spróbuj swoich sił w konkursie English Ace
i konkursie filmowym Filman oraz w pozostałych konkursach programu edukacyjnego Łowimy Talenty.
Życzymy sukcesów i zapraszamy do testu konkursowego English High Flier!
1. The highest mountain in Wales is … .
A. Ben Nevis
B. Scafell Pike
C. Slieve Donard
D. Snowdon
E. Ben Macdui
C. in / hers
D. --- / ours house
E. on / mine
2. Your house is huge … comparison with … .
A. to / my
B. with / their house
3. Don’t touch the pen! – The teacher asked the pupil … .
A. to not touch the pen
D. not to touch the pen
B. to touch the pen
E. not touch the pen
C. that he didn’t touch the pen
4. The Statue of Liberty is New York's famous … .
A. landscape
B. sightseeing
C. upshot
D. spotlight
E. landmark
C. Hastings
D. Snowdon
E. the Falkland Islands
C. won’t be able to
D. will not
E. may
C. speaker
D. menu E. venue
5. Where was William Shakespeare born?
A. the Isle of Wight
B. Stratford-upon-Avon
6. I'll draw a map for you in case you … find our house.
A. can’t
B. didn’t
7. Which word is not connected to computers?
A. trash
B. cable
8. The door must have been opened … somebody … a key.
A. by / by
B. with / in
C. --- / with
D. with / ---
E. by / with
D. had been / have
E. is / would have
C. had driven
D. had been driving
E. were driving
C. haven’t read
D. will have read
E. will be read
D. Arabic
E. Hindi
9. It … the first time I … talked to Garry outside the office.
A. is / had
B. was / have
C. was / had
10. We … for about two hours when the car suddenly stopped.
A. have been driving
B. have driven
11. By the time you get home, I … the whole book.
A. will be reading
B. am going to
12. From which language did the word ‘hara-kiri’ come into English?
A. Turkish
B. Chinese
C. Japanese
13. I’m sorry to say that but I think this burglary was …, masterminded by one of your own workers.
A. an inside job
B. a rotten apple
C. cut and run
D. by the book
E. off guard
C. Thunder
D. Thunderous
E. Thunderclap
14. … applause followed the speech.
A. Thundery
B. Thunderstorm
15. I asked two people the way to the station but … them knew.
A. neither of
B. neither
C. either
D. both of
E. no one
16. Which sentence is correct?
A. Great Britain is the fourteenth largest island in the world.
B. The largest British island is Great Britain.
C. The smallest British island is the Isle of Man.
D. The British Isles do not include the dependencies of the British Crown.
E. Great Britain is an island in the North Pacific.
17. Which word does not suit the sentence: “ It’s a key … in my life.”?
A. decision
B. moment
C. issue
D. question
E. time
18. You can't go in, except if you are a member of the staff. = …
A. You can go in unless you are a member of the staff.
C. This entrance is not only for members of the staff.
E. Provided that you are a member of the staff, you can’t go in.
B. You can go in only if you are a member.
D. You can go in if you are not a member of the staff.
19. Which place is one of the most important financial centres in the world?
A. the City of Westminster
D. the City of London
B. Buckingham Palace
E. Birmingham
C. 10 Downing Street
20. Wine is made … grapes.
A. with
B. by
C. from
D. of
E. in
21. Mark seems so … . I don’t think it’s a good idea to be so old-fashioned these days.
A. fuddy-duddy
B. higgledy-piggledy
C. nitty-gritty
D. pitter-patter
E. helter-skelter
C. high-rise flat
D. vulture
E. council estate
C. the Lake District
D. the Highlands
E. Gibraltar
C. distinct
D. discrete
E. dissimilar
C. state-of-the-art
D. the tip of the iceberg
E. all the rage
C. Tay
D. Severn
E. Wye
22. Which word / expression is not connected with different homestyles?
A. squat
B. Feng Shui
23. Which region is called ‘the Garden of England’?
A. the Midlands
B. Kent
24. Which word does not refer to differences?
A. diverse
B. disjointed
25. I hope that ecological cars will soon become …
A. old hat
B. from scratch
26. Which river does not belong to the UK?
A. Shannon
B. Avon
27. The river Thames …
A. flows through northern England.
D. has a name derived from a Latin word.
B. is the longest river in the UK.
C. flows into the Irish Sea.
E. is mentioned in Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome.
28. – My mum’s dog is worth 15 thousand quid.
– Yeah, right! …
A. You can squeeze in between us.
D. It’s good bedtime reading.
B. I wasn’t born yesterday.
E. Let me get this.
C. Help yourself to some nibbles.
29. He … the record in 1987 and has … it ever since. No one can … him!
A. made / kept / win
B. set / had / bite
C. broke / held / beat
D. got / won / fight
E. did / got / outperform
C. mugged
D. bow-legged
E. begged
30. Which word rhymes with ‘jagged’?
A. dragged
B. played