Video Conferencing


Video Conferencing
How Polycom Video Conferencing helps in HassleFree Video Conferencing Globally
With the advancement in technology and the evolving concept of globalization, conference video
calls have become one of the important activities performed by both modern big companies and
small business firms.
Overview of Video Conferencing
Video conferencing/conference call or telepresence refers to a two-way interactive
communication done over video calls. The activity lets geographically dispersed callers connect
in any live meeting without bearing a huge cost or spending valuable time related to traveling to
a specific destination. The best thing about Video Conferencing is that it allows participants to
see their facial expressions and related non-verbal cues in the same way as if they do while
communicating in the same room.
Role of a Video Conferencing Solution
Based on the definition of telepresence or conference video call, we can say that the activity of
conference video call requires high-speed, reliable and efficient systems to continue video calls
without any interruption or compromising on the call quality. Here comes the role of video
conferencing solutions, which let business owners and managers conduct video conferences on
a round-the-clock basis in a hassle-free way.
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In other words, we should say that conference solutions help in driving huge productivity and
bring customer satisfaction. However, not all of the video conferencing software solutions are
able to deliver you the same level of efficiency to conduct international calls. Because of this,
you have to know a few important things before choosing a specific type of conferencing
solution. Particularly, you should choose for service providers offering video conference
solutions powered by Polycom.
Why Polycom powered Systems are Preferable
Today, video collaboration or video conference requires advanced technology in the form of
polycom video conferencing solutions. With the aim to stay ahead in the competition, any
business firm requires to adopt innovative methods to stay in touch with its clients, satellite
offices, inter-office departments, and other people.
Moreover, the modern workplace consists of distributed environments, where communication
acts as a prime way to perform daily operations in a smooth way and in turn, to achieve huge
amounts of profit. Whether huddle meetings or big theaters, companies need adaptive technology
for communication and easily usable with the help of large screens, laptops, tablets, and
Smartphone devices. Positively, the technology of Polycom video conference survives virtually
in almost every industry, whether it is an educational institute, hospital, corporate organization or
medical facilities. If this is not enough, Polycom helps in sharing of both content and information
with almost every individual and at every possible place depending on the requirement.

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