DELUSION (woman as a saturated phenomenon)


DELUSION (woman as a saturated phenomenon)
DELUSION (woman as a saturated phenomenon)
curators: Aneta Marcinkowska-Muszynska, dr Kazimierz Piotrowski
exhibitions with publication ( 80 pages with polish and english texts, colour)
A multimedia exhibition debating the issue of the woman’s position in society, the scope
of her privileges, the area of culturally subordinated functions and imposed duties. This
subject is still controversial, still under the influence of everyday events, therefore it’s
necessary to show its current aspects in the art of the XXI century.
THE DELUSION -views in the gallery / the first picture: KANTOR -films, LUGOWSKI - installation; the second picture: -GRABOWSKI -folk sculpture, LÓDZ KALISKA - objects/
SZUKALSKI -Miodynia, ca.1920
LÓDZ KALISKA -Weak chests II, 1995
The first section of the three-part project
– “The Delusion” – shows the woman in
the eyes of the men: a vision of a cosmic
force, a mother, a lover, a muse or an
object to manipulate. It’s a point of view
based on masculine tradition, but
surprisingly it reveals more about men
than women – the truth about men’s
fears, complexes, obsessions and
The artists invited to this first section
include Wojciech Bruszewski, Artur
Grabowski, Lódz Kaliska, Tadeusz
Kantor, Piotr Lachmann, Zbigniew Libera,
Ryszard Lugowski, Józef Robakowski,
Andrzej Rózycki, Marek Sobczyk,
Krzysztof Solowiej, Stanislaw Szukalski,
Ryszard Wozniak, Krzysztof Zarebski,
Wojciech Zasadni.
ROBAKOWSKI -Mother’s foot, 1959
Gen.Andersa Str. 20, 00-201 WARSAW, POLAND
tel. 0048/22/6354044 fax. 0048/22/635867
[email protected]
SKA -Spinka 2006, installation
The second section of the show “Lilith” – named after ancient
rebellious female demon – completely
changes the perspective. It’s a voice of
women artists with a radical opinion
about their femininity and its socialcultural context. Those are the works
of young as well as older artists, such
as: Anna Baumgart, Dorota Chiliñska,
Katarzyna Górna, Izabella Gustowska,
Zuzanna Janin, Katarzyna Kozyra,
Natalia Lach-Lachowicz, Malgorzata
Markiewicz, Anna Orlikowska,
Aleksandra Polisiewicz, Marta
Pszonak, Aleksandra Ska, Anna
Syczewska and Agata Zbylut. This part
of the exhibition poses question: what
is the image of a woman, constructed
by those polish female artists, which
clearly reject the previous male, but
also catholic-patriarchal and statecontrolled point of view, fighting even
with men or, as Kozyra, ridicule
Nietzsche - this frenzied critic of
feminism. Is this image real and fair
this time or is it false again?
JANIN -Ring. I love you too 2001 , film DVD
NATALIA LL -film’s projection, PSZONAK - Spring, sculpture
KOZYRA - Appearances as Lou Salome 2005, DVD
BAUMGART - Dark Lady 2006
Gen.Andersa Str. 20, 00-201 WARSAW, POLAND
tel. 0048/22/6354044 fax. 0048/22/635867
[email protected]
The third act of the show – “St. Bernadette” –
with Hubert Czerepok, Marcin Berdyszak,
Izabella Gustowska, Zuzanna Janin, Andrzej
Rózycki, Leszek Knaflewski, Kamil Kuskowski,
Malgorzata Markiewicz, Agata Michowska, Marta
Pszonak, Wawrzek Sawicki, Aleksandra Ska,
Ryszard Wozniak, Agata Zbylut is an attempt to
reconcile the opposed stands. This presentation
focuses on the phenomenon of the miracle of St.
Bernadette, whose body since 1879 resists to
decompose, and stays fresh and beautiful till the
present day. This spectacular Nature’s
masterpiece, created only for the manifestation
of Beauty and Loftiness, free from any idolatric
ideology, remains an evidence of delaying death
and destruction.
CHILINSKA -Walkirie 2006, film DVD
ZBYLUT -Still Life, photography
LUGOWSKI-Repositum 2005, installation
RZEPECKI- Portrait of Polish Father
Gen.Andersa Str. 20, 00-201 WARSAW, POLAND
tel. 0048/22/6354044 fax. 0048/22/635867
[email protected]
GORNA-Madonnas, Pieta, photography
PSZONAK - The Spring, sculpture