1. Match the words from column A with the words from column B.
(Dopasuj wyrazy z kolumny A do wyrazów z kolumny B.)
1. delayed/ cancelled/ number 324
2. car/ train/ plane
3. motor/ high
4. single/ return
5. first/ business/ economy
6. single/ double
7. railway/ bus/ petrol
a). station
b). journey
c). class
d). ticket
e). room
f). way
g). flight
2. Listen to the pilot’s information using RealMedia or Window Media and answer the
(Posłuchaj informacji pilota samolotu za pomocą RealMedia lub Window Media i
odpowiedz na pytania .)
1. What’s the number of the flight?
a). 80
b). 18
c). 8
2. How long is the flight?
a). 2 hours 14 minutes
b). 2 hours 40 minutes
c). 2 hours 4 minutes
3. What’s the altitude the plane is going to fly on?
a). 20 and 9000 Ft
b). 2900 Ft
c). 29000 Ft
4. What’s the time in Seattle?
a). quarter past twelve
b). 10:15
c). 11:45
5. What will they be announcing on their approach to the airport?
a). Connecting flights.
b). Bus connections to Seattle.
c). Other flight details.
Autor: Agnieszka Szefer
Konsultant: Bartosz Kuczyński
3. Five sentences (or parts of them) have been removed from the text. Decide where
they should be found.
(Pięć zdań lub ich części zostało usuniętych z tekstu. Zdecyduj gdzie powinny się one
The text adapted from:
Whether you are a frequent traveller or not, travelling light i.e. with only as much as required for
the trip is a huge favour you will do to yourself and people accompanying you.
………… 1 ………. that people think they might need everything or to be put correctly 'need
can arise'. However if these people look back on their trips, they would realize that the need
probably aroused 2-5% of the time in total. Conclusion - you wasted so much effort, time (trying
to pack unpack and carry) and money ………… 2 ……….
So here are some easy tips you can keep in mind about how to travel light in future:
- Make a checklist of events that are in agenda - pack according to the things you will require for
- ……….. 3 ………- a lot of people overload because they cant afford laundry services in hotels,
so they want to carry all clothes they can. Just carry a small iron. It will save you a lot of effort.
- Carry day wise - if you are going on a trip for 7 days take 8 shirts, 3 pants, ………. 4 ………..
- Invest in a small toiletries bag. Don't stuff the luggage with full size bottles every day.
In the end, please don't panic about not being able to pack or having forgotten something ……… 5 ……….
2 jeans and so on.
Carry an iron.
you'll find almost everything you ever needed in almost every part of the world.
(on tipping the porter)
The main issue about not being able to travel light is
Autor: Agnieszka Szefer
Konsultant: Bartosz Kuczyński

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